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Birmingham’s Tornado and Mobile’s Rain – Caused by Geo-engineering? Introduction to Conspiracy Theory


A tornado hit the Birmingham area on June 22, 2017

 by Mary Maxwell, currently a candidate for US Senate

 This just in from the Alabama Farmers Federation:

“While remaining rainfall from Tropical Storm Cindy whirls farther north, Alabama farmers are assessing damage to fruits, vegetables and row crops following the downpour. This year’s fruit and vegetable season started off promising at Sessions Farm in Mobile County, but 30 inches of rain in the past 30 days caused water-damaged produce to split and ruin. “We had the prettiest crop we’ve ever had,” said Art Sessions of Sessions Farm in Mobile County. “Now it’s gone.”

Also yesterday, June 22, there was a tornado near Birmingham. I believe the proper course – now that there are so many terrible weather events – must be to consider all possible causes, including geoengineering. I have long suspected that the word “manmade” would fit many events: earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, fires, tornadoes.

In 1996, some colonels and majors of the US Air Force published a paper entitled “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025.” The Air Force probably does own the weather by now.

Logical explanations for things may sound foolish to some people if they are categorized as “conspiracy theory.”

I am a prolific writer of books that look at malice. Many malicious events have come about because some individuals – our dear human brethren – conspired to bring them about.  “Conspire” should not be considered a way-out word. You probably conspired with someone in the last 24 hours if only to decide where to park your car!

Basic Conspiracy Theory

Anyone with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science should be able to rattle off the following 10-point guide to “the activities of the powerful”:

1. Slyness in politics did not end with the Borgia’s and the Medici in the fifteenth century. Nor did it begin with the Borgia’s and the Medici. It is a universal human trait and is ongoing.

2. Humans apparently have an innate urge for morality. When a few people decide to do something unscrupulous even they are uncomfortable about it, but they can cover up badness by re-interpreting it as good. (All of us can do this.)

3. Once the evil individuals have found a way to “get off” on their evil, they do what philosophers do, they expand their ideas. They start to cover new areas with the theory that “evil is lovely.”

4. Still, they need to keep most of their doings secret. They realize the majority would strangle them if their activities were thoroughly exposed. This leads to a tendency to kill whistle blowers, and various lesser things to keep the mob at bay.

5. For example: A. Entertain the mob with sport, celebrities, worries about debt, etc; B. Establish organizations that look charitable and which seem to be solving social problems (ha ha); and C. Create false images of enemies within the society, so stories about these enemies will be the focus of any talk about how violent humans can be.

6. In 1770, if not earlier, there has been a secret society, like a club, in which – apparently – members vow to stick together (as in the mafia). Also, they pool their interests.

7. That group rules probably the world today. It can do so by buying off, or killing off, all potential rivals. It can knock out whole national governments. This can be done violently through war, or slowly by planting cultural change and loading people with disinformation.

8. The club that started in 1770 was associated with an international banker, Mayer Rothschild – international because he had 5 sons who could run a “central” bank in each of several countries. He also had 5 daughters who, with family money, could marry into royal families.

9. Once thus ensconced, the Rothschild’s henchmen (Schiff, Morgan, Rockefeller etc) could pull strings within the governments of many nations. They could get privileges for themselves, such as tax exemptions, and draw natural resources from one nation to another. They could also legislate restrictions on the lives of the populace.

10. One pivotal year was 1890 when “The Round Table” in London coordinated with Cecil Rhodes to grab the wealth of South Africa. Another year was 1913 when Nelson Aldrich (US Senate from 1881 to 1911) Paul Warburg, and others met at Jekyll Island to set up the Federal Reserve Bank. Another was 1917 when “Wall St” supplied the manpower and the strategy to create the Bolshevik Revolution.

My opinion is that once you are in the saddle you have to do a lot of things, even crazy things, just to stay in the saddle. In the last few decades I believe whoever is on top has gathered all interested players into the one club. (It’s only a guess.)

All of them at, or near, the top are so compromised that it may not be possible for one faction to stage a gang war against another, without risking exposure to the public as to just how much they do control us.  But could the public respond anyway? We are by now very dependent on the way businesses and governments are run. We are in “follower” mode.

Some Outrages

My research over the last 12 years has led me to believe that a large number of actions have been carried out by the “club” that rules the world. Let me express them roughly, in the form of a list. The cumulative effect could shine light on our reality.

Note: There’s no room here to show the proofs. I argue them in books such as Prosecution for Treason. For now, take them or leave them a you will.

11. Wars, including three world wars – Number 3 will occur soon – got planed by the club for its own purposes, rather than because Nation A came to loggerheads with Nation B. And what is the club’s purpose? It is to keep us busy and frightened and dependent, to knock off many soldiers and disable many psychologically, to put nations in debt, etc.

12. People have to be dumbed down. This occurs on the US by a federal takeover of education (which is unconstitutional), in which states and local schoolboards lose any semblance of control of curriculum. They need “funding” and so do whatever they are told.

13. Illness is important, both to keep doctors busy and to scare everyone as to their future health problems. Illnesses were spread by the smallpox vaccine starting in 1798. The polio vaccine of the 1950s spread a very slow-acting cancer. AIDS is a laboratory engineered genocidal disease.

14. Economies are to be mocked by monopolies everywhere. Airlines are merging; communications companies are nearly unified, agriculture is in the hands of very few. The bosses of any company are now nameless; citizens are not permitted to interact with them.

15. The pluralism of a democratic government must give way to uniformity. New ideas are anathema. All “elected” persons are in fact recruited, so they are safe for the bosses.

16. Entertainment is to be provided round-the-clock. New styles are set by the top. It is known that people simply want whatever is said to be the new trend. Thoughtful criticism is labelled “deviance” and those who speak out are said to be bad neighbors.

17. Local enmities are to be kept in full view at all times as if they are the main source of social life. They move history – first in favour of one ethnic group or ideology, then another. Considering them in a wider perspective is politically incorrect and “hurts” people.

18. Families are “old-fashioned.” Who needs ’em? The division of labor by which females raise the children and males defend the tribe is “unfair” and thus can’t possibly be the way of the future. We aim toward atomization. “Society” is a chimera — if you need human company, just play games on the computer.

19. People need to be terrorized; it is the cheapest way to coordinate the population’s activity and to confirm the right of the authorities to bully everyone. Best of all it keeps each person apprehensive as to what his neighbour might be cooking up. Why do anything sensible like gt together with friends to think of solutions? Just be depressed or panicked.

20. This final item is a very odd one – it suggests that the club is made up of people who have lost touch with biological reality. Their plan is to wreck the habitat. This is done by rapid destruction of species, including microscopic ones whose value we have not yet learned. It is done by poisoning the land and polluting the oceans. It involves geo-engineering, from earthquakes, to hurricanes, to forest fires.

As I said, some US Air Force men boasted that “we will own the weather by 2025.” But what is the military?  Is it really a group subject to civilian control, via the White House, or is it a combination of weapons manufacturers, media, and banks?

Thomas Barnett said, in his book The Pentagon’s New Map, that the actual campus of the Pentagon is not mainly occupied by Defense Department but by private corporations! He wrote that in 2004. Barnett himself was employed at the Pentagon by Enterra Solutions “a Cognitive Computing Company that specializes in Big Data Analytics and Insights”.

Are these companies in any way loyal to America? How would we know if they are or are not, since lying has become the new virtue and secrecy is de rigueur?

Attention, Citizens – your attention to conspiracies is vital. For Pete’s sake, don’t be so afraid to be called “paranoid” that you fail to notice all the things you should be seriously worried about.


Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB, is the author of 12 books, as displayed on her campaign website www.maxwellForSenate.com . She wants to hear from you.


Photo credit: WBRC Fox6 News


  1. The Campaign Trail

    If y’all are in Tuscaloosa, please meet me today on the steps of the UA Law Library. That’s Saturday June 24, at 3pm. If it’s raining (not to mention tornado-ing), kindly come to the lobby.

  2. The commentary of Mary is to vast to comment on as it is opening Pandora’s Box, one comment I will make upon Mary’s letter is on WW3, according to Pilger, WW3 is between America Russia, China, do you think America has the technology to survive this war without America suffering a serious collapse? or put in another way is Russian technology a chance when I think Americas spending about 10 times on what Russia does if America did nuke Russia in a surprise attack would America find the land useful, but most important is this likely?

    • Good heavens, Don, since when is GumshoeNews averse to opening Pandora’s box? It’s our main mission. Your ideas brought to my mind that the late Sherman Skolnick (what a guy!) had said during the Clinton era that many members of the Chinese military had security clearances at US Air Force bases.
      The amount of treachery that has been going on is phantasmagorical. I can’t verify what Skolnick said, but it sounds typical — if there is a world government, as I believe there is. Oops, just now I went to look for Skolnick’s item and found this one by him instead — re the 1995 OKC bombing:

      “We said that multiple weapons were used to take down the building in Oklahoma City. We later interviewed some of those who came from some distance as volunteer rescuers with their sniffing dogs, searching for possible survivors. We found later that some of them were suffering from radioactive fallout ailments. AND, that their skilled dogs thereafter died. For various reasons becoming suspicious, the volunteers dug up the carcasses of the dead animals and a laboratory determined they had huge amounts of radioactive material in their lungs.”

      • Don, in 2013, The Tech (magazine at MIT) published the ethnic breakdown of the 1548 students admitted to the Class of 2017:

        “24 percent are underrepresented minorities: 9 percent African-American, 15 percent Hispanic, 1 percent Native American — plus 36 percent Caucasians, 30 percent Asian-Americans, and 8 percent international students.”

        At Berkeley, Asian-Americans are 42% I quote those figures re your question about who’s ahead in war? I suppose it does not matter if there is a World Government! n Orwell clearly stated in his novel “1984” (written in 1949) that the leaders of each of the three empires make war constantly but purposelessly, to keep the people busy.

        I assume that means if one boss owns them all, loyalty is meaningless. Note Skolnick’s allegation of the security clearances of Chinese in US. But he meant Chinese “from Red China” — the MIT figures are of Asian-Americans.

        American leaders seem to think nothing of harming their own (which, again, makes sense if the real boss of America is not American). At a campaign meeting I went to recently, one bloke quoted “a dramatic drop in suicides in the US military.” Are you ready for this figure? He said (I’m unable to vouch) that the rate had dropped from 22 a day to ONLY TWENTY A DAY.

          • aus·pi·cious, adjective
            conducive to success; favorable.
            “it was not the most auspicious moment to hold an election”

            synonyms: favorable, propitious, rosy, good, encouraging;

            giving or being a sign of future success.
            “they said it was an auspicious moon—it was rising”

            Don, I’m like Huh?

  3. As to Point 19, “People need to be terrorised”(even just a bit, as per Dr. Richard Day), the media hype about the ISIS terror guy Neil Prakash, currently in a Turkish gaol being sought for extradition to Australia for a good and proper Aussie bollicking, at Aussie taxpayer expense makes me laugh out loud. Does he even exist?? It looks like more FAKE NEWS to convince Australians that we have a Home Grown terror problem, and that ASIO and Gang need bigger budgets and more surveillance laws. Hell, we’re told he was born in Melbourne, converted from Buddhism to Islam, has a strange “not born in Australia” accent, and someone (probably Rita Katz) made a polished video of him urging his “bruvvers in Islam” to attack the infidel before the infidel attacks you.
    Check it out:(courtesy Fairfax Media) I say TOTAL BULLSHIT!


    Anyone care to comment?

  4. Interesting that you should hit on the weather because nothing encapsulates mankind’s power & lack thereof more precisely re any sort of conspiracy.

    • Influence shouldn’t be confused with control:The world is the way it is because most folk refuse to take responsibility for the former.

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