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The Three Silver Cars, The “Blue Man” and Peekay


Editor’s note: I have had a “request” to re-run this article which appeared on February 6, 2017. I am looking for information about the three silver cars.

by Dee McLachlan

The picture above. I screen-grabbed it from YouTube video. Channel 7 filmed the three silver unmarked cars and the white race from the balcony of the Town Hall.  They were following the red car — driven by the accused killer Dimitrious “Jimmy” Gargasoulas.

This was never mentioned by mainstream media!

The screengrab of footage shown on Channel 7 — taken by the media attending the Mayor’s press conference at the Town Hall

Why was a Channel 7 cameraman so well positioned to catch the event? He or she  was attending a Mayoral press conference on that very balcony. It had begun at 1.15pm. Jimmy Gargasoulas’s car entered Swanston St around 1.30pm. The killing was reported shortly thereafter.

On January 22, 2017 I published “Who Is The “Blue Man” Waving Instructions To Gargasoulas Before The Killing Spree?” To my surprise it got over 150,000 views and 266 comments.  My article has been inspired by Gumshoe commenter Gary who noticed that a man dressed in blue was waving to Gargasoulas — who was driving the stolen red Holden.

Gargasoulas was illegally “doing donuts” (making 360 degree turns) at the intersection of Flinders and Swanston Streets. Other commenters thought the blue man was helping to direct Jimmy.

It looked like the blue man encouraged Gargasoulas to do circles, then directed him down Swanston Street.  The Holden then mounted the sidewalk and turned left into Bourke Street — to run over various people.  Six people were reported to have been killed.

It now looks to me that certain questions are important.

  1. Who drove the three silvery cars – the ones near the blue man during the donut episode? Are they plain-clothes police? Are they Commonwealth cars? What licence plate numbers?
  1. How is it that Tony Gough of News Corps was at the intersection of Swanston and Flinders when the donutting occurred? I emailed him politely with that question, but have not had a reply.
  1. Who organised the mayoral press conference for 1.15pm, and on the portico overlooking Swanston? I phoned the Mayor’s office to ask, and was told it is not unusual for the balcony to be used, or for 1.15pm to be a time for that sort of thing. (Note: the subject of the press conference was Homelessness.)
  1. Why has the public been shown the CCTV footage from only three cameras when there are so many? The most recent is of the car racing down the side walk of Swanston Street (video here). The frame rates are being questioned, but could this be due to reduced frame rates of the CCTV capture?
  1. What about shopkeepers along the direct line of the tragedy? Last week I phoned a Jeweler in Bourke Street, as I presumed they would have CCTV footage. The woman who answered was extremely stressed while talking to me! When I asked, she said the car did race past their windows, and “yes”, people were injured near them. With regard to their CCTV footage: they gave it to the police.
  1. Who is the blue man? Many readers wrote in to Gumshoe to say that he is a homeless “nutbag” who camps near the Flinders St Station. Gumshoe’s Mary Maxwell went looking for him there on January 27, but did not see him. I will write to the police asking for his identity. It did seem odd to me that the blue man walked right in front of one the silvery cars, as they moved up to follow Gargasoulas — and those drivers appeared to take no interest.222-1
  1. What happened in Bourke Street, and how did he damage his car? After all, Gargasoulas is now awaiting trial and such footage would be evidence. We briefly saw snippets of the car chase down Swanston — with the Holden going up onto the pavement, but little else.
  1. Quite a few people said there were helicopters overhead. When did they get airborne that day?
  1. Gargasoulas allegedly caused a stir at the Dogs Bar, then stabbed his brother late into the night before. He is then seen on camera (Channel 9), in the early morning, when they were reporting the stabbing.
  1. It is reported, too, that his girlfriend was with him that morning, but that she got out of his car while he was on the Bolte bridge. She said that he had been saying for hours that he would kill people. Once she was liberated from the car, was she picked up by police? Did she reveal that warning? (The police had apparently been following him for hours before the donut incident.)

Now for those who were in the city that day — and especially those families directly affected — this is truly tragic. And a shock. After all, Melbourne has been named many times as the “most livable city in the world.” But the media coverage has some oddities, plus the usual distractions.

The News Coverage

The coverage on this event has been exceptionally limited. Are the police and the press being deliberately restrained at withholding traumatic footage?

The police might also be withholding footage, so as not to fuel further public anger of their “time is on your side” pursuit policy.

And why have the mainstream media (MSM) not commented on the way the three silver cars that neatly curve around behind the Holden,   slowly down Swanston?

The MSM seem to focus on the laying of memorial flowers, families waiting at hospital, the tragedy of the little girl (Ms Hakin), interviews with Gargasoulas’s mother, and discussion about the bail laws. And the media took the focus away from street interviews with people who claimed Gargasoulas yelled Allahu Akbar (God is great) back at the donutting scene.

There has been very little coverage of the many persons who were injured on the footpath, though we were briefly shown footage of the carnage, and a SES van arriving. It reminded me of the “mortuary” truck used at Port Arthur.


There is coverage about police incompetence, based on the fact that they did not get him in time. They followed their rule of avoiding hot pursuit as chases sometimes result in others being injured or killed.

But the actions of the three silvery cars go unexplained.

Was this another “Permission denied — this has to happen” event?

A Word about Peekay.

Peekay has a Youtube channel with 18,000 subscribers. He says he lives in Melbourne but I have not seen him videoing any of this live.  He uses, as I did myself, existing footage.

His style is always to blow the matter up as a crisis actor performance. In most videos he does this very soon after the event takes place, leaving little time to research the facts. However, in this instance he posted several days later. He also makes very insulting remarks about the alleged victims.

(In his coverage of the Lindt Café siege, his only name for one of the heavy-built lady hostages is “that cow.” Astonishing!)

peekayIs this Peekay — the Melbourne man Peter Kusznir in 2004 (R)?

My opinion at this point is that he has been thrown in to create a bad name for those of us who are really “gumshoe-ing” a possible terrorist or staged event.

Back in the days of his coverage of the Marathon and Sandy Hook, Mary W Maxwell accused Peekay of being a misinformation artist, as is published in our book Truth in Journalism. (See free download at this website).

In the Melbourne incident, Peekay claims that some passing pedestrians, the victims, and most of the personnel attending to the wounded in Melbourne are fakes — all crisis actors. Wow — a huge production of hundreds of actors. What is the word — Bollocks!

I can inform Peekay, that having been a film director on sets for over 30 years, I have a keen eye for determining a staged event. On a film set, one has the privilege of doing more than one take, and it is extremely hard to make a scene look real — especially a crowd scene with hundreds of extras.

So what is Peekay’s game? In the article by news.co.au, “Australian actor impersonated family of Bourke St victims in calls to hospitals,” they write about his attempt to pry into a victim’s privacy in hospital. They said:

“Neighbours and Underbelly bit-part actor Peter Kusznir… was reportedly instructed by police to pull down at least three lengthy videos where he vilified several victims who were killed and injured in the tragedy.”

There are some serious questions to be asked about that day, but Peekay confuses the process by calling it all fake. I wonder if someone is paying him to comment on conspiracy theories and then go the extra mile — just to DISCREDIT anyone and everyone that is honestly questioning the official account.

Doubtless he is providing grounds for legislation to inhibit alternative reporting in the future, as the news.co.au alluded to.

I think if there were crisis actors connected to the Bourke St rampage, the most likely candidates are Gargasoulas and Peekay himself.



  1. Dee, I think Gumshoe has some new American readers, owing to my candidacy for the US Senate. So allow me to explain to them the picture at the top of this article.

    First, look at the tram and the cars to the “right” of the tram in this photo. They are all on the “wrong side” as compared to US traffic. They are coming toward us. But that’s legal in Australia of course.

    Now look at the other lane, near the red car. You see a silvery car (circled in pen) coming toward us. Whoops, he does not belong there. For Australian traffic he is facing the wrong way. I call him Wrong Way Corrigan.

    Furthermore, it must have taken a bit of organization for Corrigan to be there – no one is fighting against his illegal behaviour, nor did he cause any accidents. So did they foresee that there was going to be some donut0making that day? (I venture a ‘Yes’.)

    It does at least seem that someone had the situation under wraps before “the red man” (allegedly Gargasoulas) started to do donuts. It could be the Victoria police, or maybe ASIO, i.e. Oz’s CIA – or God help us, a private entity.

    And, as Dee, says, “Corrigan” is part of a set of triplets. He and the other two silver cars made a smooth convoy, following red-man into Swanston St. I had a chance to attend that intersection a week or so later, at midday, and found both the automobile traffic and pedestrian traffic very heavy and fast-moving.

    Further confusion — a white car is also encircled in the top photo. It too was in cahoots. Surely — SURELY — we can find out who is driving that car.

    Note; if you’ve got beady, beady eyesight maybe you can read the license plate. A prize will be offered here. A honey donut.

      • Second go.
        I find it rediculois that three silver commodores driven by trained persons could not have surrounded donate man before one circle was accomplished by donate man. Let alone when he did several 360 degrees on the one intersection.
        The whole circumstance stinks like the Lindt cafe failure to activate resources.
        Anyone who owns a commodore knows. that when it is floored it is a rocket, even with only six cylinders.

        • Right. Donut!
          Counsel for the victims better be on their toes when the Coroner’s hearing is running.
          If not, they risk dangers of being incompetent and at risk, especially with the matters raised here at gumshoe.

  2. So when is the Coroner’s inquest to start the hearing?
    Has the Coroner been appointed and if so who is he or she?
    What is the present progress in the Gargasoulas charges and what are the particulars of those charges?
    Who is appearing for any prosecution?
    Where is Gargasoulas?
    Who is appearing for Gargasoulas?
    Who are the legal representives for the victims?
    Come on msm, tell us, have they identified the blue man, who is he?
    What is the providence of the three silver commodores and what is the identity of the occupants of each.
    Where is the transcript and recordings of all radio communications held relating to all police messages relating to the first sighting/reports of Gargasoulas to his arrest?
    MSM, Faine! You there ABC?
    Lot of research to be done, is there not?

  3. Significant info holes also remain in the 18 June ’07 broad daylight/downtown Melbourne homicide, e. g. there’s never been any explanation as to exactly how Christopher Wayne Hudson came into possession of the respective handgun: I can’t help but think that he was an undercover Po agent who’d managed to infiltrate the ranks of the Hells Angels.

  4. If anyone could prove that someone was actually killed in any of these events, I might change my mind — but I have seen absolutely no proof whatsoever of this. I know very little about the Melbourne event, but Peekay has been following these things very closely since Sandy Hook (I believe), does apparently have experience in movie work as well, and actually points out a lot of things that people really need to know.

    I don’t know what Peekay’s intentions are or whether someone has put him onto this work and I agree that his “style” may leave something to be desired. But since the Boston Marathon fiasco, it’s clear that crisis actors are used in these types of events.

    Does anyone follow Ole Dammegard? He’s a great researcher and has a lot of information on this.

    • The only people that I believe have been killed in these incidents were victims of law enforcement or other forces, such as Tamerlan Tsarnaev, and this I can only judge from the photographs that were released by someone showing an apparently dead body.

      • Either way you look at it, so-called “law enforcement”remains directly answerable for what took place on Bourke St;no conspiracy can be pulled off without the full cooperation of those at ground level.

      • I have not really followed his predictions closely, but he’s been researching for a very long time into some of the same types of material that you do. All interviews I’ve seen reveal lots of information.

        • Note for visitors: Gumshoe has been investigating conspiracies since around 2014. See the menu above for a guide.

          Dee (the owner of the website) has specialised in 9-11 truth, particularly regarding the collapse of Building 7; the 1967 attack on the American naval ship Liberty by Israel; the crash of MH17 in the Ukraine and Oz’s secrecy about it and about Syria; the funding of ISIS by Guess Whom; the 2017 Bourke St rampage, etc. She and I are co-authors of the free book “Port Arthur: Enough Is Enough”.

          My specialty is the Inquest into the Sydney Siege; the Boston Marathon; MK-Ultra; suppressed cancer cures; and shenanigans by judges generally. (Yes, they are in the conspiracy category. I’m not interested in “corruption” as such.)

          Other “conspiracists” gracing our pages include Mal Hughes who aims his gun at Port Arthur and the Monis affair, and Phil Hingston who goes bananas about geo-engineering and Pedo-gate.

          Not an exhaustive list. Just to say we are not ashamed of the label “conspiracy theorist” — aka “conspiracy realist.”

          Ned and Dee think the MSM is one big conspiracy. I mean seriously, how could it be otherwise? Poor shock jokes, poor ABC (as in Australian Broadcasting, not the US ABC). Poor Rupert. Pooooor Rupert.

  5. I’m curious whether anyone has seen the multi-part documentary titled “The Keepers.” For anyone interested in the Pedo-Gate or Vatican-type conspiracies would be probably be interested. I watched it on Netflix here in the states. Incredibly interesting.

    If you haven’t seen it, I’ll give you an idea what it’s about. There’s a Catholic high school for girls in Baltimore, Maryland that had a nun-in-training working as an English teacher in the 1960s who discovered there were male officials in the school who were sexually abusing some of the girls. It’s believed the Sister intended to blow the whistle on this situation. The Sister went missing and was eventually found dead. Two women who were students at the time this nun was teaching decide to research this cold case after retiring from their careers. A journalist begins to work with them to try to find out what happened to Sister Cathy, and this is where the story begins.

    The abuse is wrenching at some points, but this is a very interesting mystery. Lots of sort of “loose ends” lying around. It’s definitely worth watching.

  6. “reportedly ‘instructed’ by police”?????
    “they ‘gave’ it (their CCTV footage) to the police” ?????????

    • The choice of words is really telling. Post Arthur & Sandy Hook have also been ubiquitously written off as “tragedies”, the overarching assumption being that the perpetrator was just some sort of sad victim.

      I can only think of one reason why any unprovoked act of violence, random or otherwise, would be called anything less than an atrocity.

  7. I suggest you ask Lord Mayor Robert Doyle, ex Commissioner Christine Nixon, or current Police Commissioner Graham Ashton, they all played a role in the ‘staged event where there is no hard evidence that anyone was hit by a car despite the lunchtime crowd in Bourke St. all having cameras in their pockets.

  8. I agree with some things which are said in the article about Peekay and I agree he is out of line when he makes degradidng remarks about victims.

    However; In the space of watching 3 videos of peekays regarding the Nice truck driver attacks he did an excellant job.

    None of the security cameras caught anything despite being placed about every hundred or so meteres apart.

    The crowds were scattered by police action about 30 minutes before the truck went down the street at no more than about trotting speed.

    The only person who filmed the truck did from inside their hotel room. This footage clearly shows the video of the truck was speeded up and it was his lady partner who claimed she was only metres from the Brussles airport blast despite the fact the blast came from the cieling. Both of these people are prominent people in the Israeli govt.

    There is very clear video of the driver of the truck being hauled away from the truck despite claims he was shot dead.

    The only dead and or injured people that can be seen are close to the truck when it came to a halt.

    Where all the ‘bystanders’ got all the clean sheets from to put over dead/injured people has never been explained etc, etc.

    I doubt any of this would have come to light had it not been for Peekay’s videos

    Yes he’s quick to call FF and he ought to learn from this Melbourne event that making degrading remarks about people who appear to injured instaead of waiting until the facts is verified, is not good form.

  9. What are the odds that Gargasoulas will ever actually appear in court, or that real photographic and CCTV video evidence featuring ex. Police Commissioner Christine Nixon narrowly avoiding the fate of baby in pram that was killed but disappeared. ?
    I would love to be in court that day, hearing Robert Doyle explain how he saw people run down in Bourke St. from the town hall balcony in Swanston St.

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