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Made My Day!


by Mary Maxwell, current Republican candidate for US Senate

“President Trump shared a video Sunday on Twitter of himself slamming WWE President Vince McMahon to the ground and punching him, with the CNN logo superimposed over McMahon’s head, escalating his recent attacks aimed at the news media.”

Total happiness here in Tuscaloosa, Alabama! The man in the White House has done the right thing. I can’t ever remember a president doing the right thing like that. Maybe that’s ‘cuz our US presidents and the mainstream media have worked for the same boss. 

Ever since October when the Trump campaign got strong, I harboured a hope that Trump was NOT working for that boss. But it was a tentative hope. I couldn’t be at all sure.

About 15 hours ago a READER AT GumshoeNEWS.COM — “Johno” — kindly commented “Please Senator-in-waiting Miss Mary, sic ’em.”  He was referring to a sic’ing of Big Pharma but I twisted it and said “Oh to sic the MSM.”

Now I open the Yahoo page and what do I see? Mr President sic’ing CNN in no uncertain terms. This is fabulous. It’s better than sacking stupid Comey. I mean it doesn’t even compare.  It’s better than our excellent withdrawal from the deceitful Paris pact. It’s better than Melania’s blue dress, and that’s saying something!

Note: if I understand correctly, it is an old 2007 clip and I can’t see if it is a stuntman or a wholly photo-shopped job, but I don’t care.  The president of the United States — “land of the free” (remember that one?) — is rising above the media which has, for all of my lifetime at least, been above the president.

This is victory. It’s triumph. It’s everything!  It means Donald has figured out who the enemy is.

Glory Hallelujah!  Hail to the Chief-ity-chief-chief.  You go boy!  I love you!






  1. Trumps main enemy is not CNN but the lower classes as with all first world leaders are, this does not mean one supports communism on the contrary both systems are leading or are a disaster, but much of capitalism has many similarities to communism.
    See Barry Cassidy on Sundays interview with a Greens MP, to see his contempt for socialism, at $250,000.00 per annum plus.

    • Don, Orwell says the proles will never do anything — 85% of the population. Have you got any opinion on that?

      It’s has never really been measured altho I think in US and Oz today 99% are doing nothing.

      Trance city.

  2. Orwell’s proles in terms of analysis is different from mine, the 1% have cohorts of 10% whom are militant to support the 1%, another 30% are so completely stuffed as a result of some centuries of the ruling elite destroying their will, health physical and mental, that recovery is doubtful from this condition, another 35% are not completely deranged and a write off as humans, but having been subject to Tavistock, think tanks, are committed to hedonism, drugs, sex, fashion and keeping up, knowing something is weird with our planetary culture are living it up because they see the work to be done is insurmountable and idealistic, therefore are lost, the remaining 25% are worried and are gripped by great fear but in the main in a varied state of denial and from this group their are 15% to 18% whom all the conditions stated are apparent.
    The hard core group whom are all part of instigators of the present planetary condition, such as constant war and the idea of constant growth and so on, the group whom are some 15% will have to persuade some of the elite to defect as also the elite know there are deep flaws within the program and the system of the elite is a narrow trajectory and the mind set of the ruling despot class having a basis that is a difficulty of entropy.
    As with Marx and Hitler and many others, paradise becomes increasingly elusive? is the ultimate state of conquest to lol around in Galleries such as the Tate, ogling Renoir’s from the couch say?

  3. Perhaps I ought to have used a more respectful term to address you Mary, such as: Madam Senator-in-waiting?
    Whichever, too bad I can’t vote for you, being an Australian. But please, when you are elected, do sic the lot of the blackguards!

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