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Manna from Heaven! —  A Radio Jock Takes Candidate Maxwell Down Conspiracy Lane


From the movie,  The Godfather

by Mary Maxwell, PhD, LLB

The campaign trail has had an unexpected development. Candidates for US Senate, from both parties, were invited to speak at a church in northern Alabama. The church has huge styro-foam letters spelling JESUS in its lobby.  By the way, I find it pleasing in Alabama to hear men, young and old, refer to God in ordinary conversation. I guess I had developed a suspicion of people “using” religion, but I don’t pick up any of that here. Let’s call this the un-jading of Mary.

Inside the church auditorium, hundreds of people were waiting to test our mettle. I think I answered the questions sharply. The emcee was wonderfully strict with keeping us (8 guys, one gal) to the time limit, even unto turning the mike “cold” if one tried to get an extra second in. When I got back to my hotel, there was an enthusiastic  message from a radio station, saying I was wanted on the morning show.  Yay! (or so I thought).

Hate on Tap

The guy started Maxwell’s segment of the show with throaty noises. He had an indeterminate accent, not a drawl. He was full of venom and vitriol – quite out of the blue (and at 8.20 in the morn!). Let me deliver this as a paraphrase, abridged.  I’ll call the man Jock, as in Shock Jock, and call myself Hope, as in Hopeful Senator.

Jock: I went to the debate last night. Why are you wasting everybody’s time as you have no hope of winning?

Hope; You mean you think only the two front-runners [Rep. Mo Brooks and Judge Roy Moore] should be allowed to speak?

Jock: I mean you are wasting our time. You shoudln’t be there.

Hope: Well, ten people came over to me after the meeting to thank me for speaking up about vaccinations and autism. They said they had seen the movie “Vaxxed.”

Jock: You’re running around Alabama, living in hotels.

Hope: For one night yes, because the meeting finished too late for me to get a Greyhound back to Tuscaloosa.

Jock: Don’t you own a car?

Hope: Not yet.

Jock: Can you drive? [Do we seem to have got away from the vax subject?]

The Rand Paul Caucus

Hope: I can drive, but I don’t relish being on the big Interstates where I might be sandwiched in between two trailer trucks.

Jock: If that is too stressful for you, how could you handle the senate job? What could you do in the senate?

Hope: I would multiply Rand Paul, so instead of Rand being one against 99 colleagues it would be the two of us against only 98.

Jock [not asking “What is it that you and Rand agree on?”] Oh, so the Rand Paul Caucus of One would increase. [All of this in a contemptuous voice]

Later in the day, I told a local about “Jock” and she said “Oh, he’s a hate jock.” Note: in Oz I hadn’t listened to radio in years (Editor Dee listens enough for everybody.)  I am amazed to learn that there is “hate on tap.” This guy, Jock, surely did not care personally about the horribleness of Candidate Maxwell. If he’d been given the opposite instructions — to “build me up” — all would have gone sweet.

A Stroll Down Conspiracy Lane

But then came the part in which he was (apparently) instructed to trip me up and reveal me as a conspiracy theorist!  Can he, or his boss, be so thick as to not know that I have been dying for this opportunity?

After the commercial break, Jock started the “destroy Mary” questions:

Jock: You say autism is caused by vaccination but it is a fact that it is not.

Hope: How would you know? Have you done any research on this? I’ve researched it for over a year.

Jock: The doctors who claimed it later apologized.

Hope: No. There were 12 of them. One [Wakefield] lost his license to practise. The other older man, Walker-Smith git his license reinstated. The ten young men were intimidated and decided to capitulate to The Lancet’s removal of the article.

Jock: What about Obama? Was he born in US or Kenya?

Hope: I assume he was born in US or Canada. His mom was enrolled in a school in Canada at the time.

Jock: Then you’re a birther!

Hope: Sort of.  [I didn’t have a chance to say that Candidate Barack, in 2008, spent millions of dollars squelching lawsuits about his ineligibility for the Top Job, rather than hand over the all-illuminating birth certificate.]

Jock: Do you think Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK? [He really said that! In this day and age! Phenomenal!]

Hope: No.

Jock: Oh, so there were multiple shooters then?

Hope: Yes, multiple shooters. A congressional committee around 1992 determined that it was “probably a conspiracy.”

Jock: Princess Diana, was it the paparazzi?

Hope: I have no knowledge of that one.

Jock: You say no one died at Sandy Hook.

Hope: No, no, I don’t say that. Everybody else says it but I say those children did die.

Jock: You say no-one died at the Holocaust?

Hope; No, I don’t say that.

[At this point any heretofore uneducated listeners were getting an earful!]

Jock: You say 9-11 was a false flag.

Hope: Yes, defo. [OK, I actually said “definitely,” did not want to push the Oz connection, and by the way he apparently hasn’t got “Lindt Café” in his quiver, or the Assachusetts affair either.]

Hurricane Katrina, 2005

Jock: You’re a conspiracy theorist so you think FEMA blew the levees in New Orleans.

Hope: Yes, definitely. Oh, wait, I don’t mean FEMA [that was the first I had heard of this particular suspect, Jock is spreading rumors!] — I just mean the levees were blown.

Jock: Then you think Covert Commando did it [Covert Commando is a cartoon character].

Hope: It’s not just the levees. I think Katrina itself was done by some facility such as HAARP in Alaska.

Jock: You said Covert Commando did it.

Hope: The US Air Force has said “We will own the weather by 2025,” so they must be fairly far along to that goal. And I don’t mean simple stuff that we’ve admitted to such as flooding the Viet Cong in 1962.


Jock: What about 9-11?

Hope: What about it?

Jock: Why do you say it is a conspiracy?

Hope: Of course it was a false flag. Why else would the Air Force not have gone aloft?

Jock: Who do you blame? [I’m gonna let the “whom” go]

Hope: Cheney

Jock: What about Bush?

Hope: Well, he must have known, as he didn’t spring into action when he was at that school reading to the children.

Jock: He wouldn’t reckon he was in immediate danger. [I am Australizing Jock out of a sort of affection; he didn’t really say ‘reckon’]

Hope: It’s not up to him to figure it out. The Secret Service is in charge.

Jock: Was 9-11 an intelligence failure?

Hope: Please.

Jock: Then you say Cheney knowingly did it?

Hope: Yes.

Note for Gumshoe reader Ned: One of the ladies who greeted me afterward said “There’s an Agatha Christie character you remind me of, but you probably don’t know her”. I said “Would it be Miss Marple?” Yes! Also, one lady said she remembered my 2006 campaign “You spoke straight out, very clear.” Will wonders never cease. Eleven years ago!


To my surprise, not to say my great delight, “Jock” brought up the hot subject.

Jock: So you think Hillary Clinton and John Podesta were down in the deep dungeon of Comet Pizza Parlor doing terrible things to children?

Hope: I don’t know about the pizza parlor in particular, but I think John Podesta should be arrested for child trafficking. His own emails can be used to indict him.

Jock then wrapped up the program by reminding everyone that Mary had wasted everyone’s time [never mind that he had just subject the population to an additional 40 minutes of the same cruel treatment!]. And that Mary thinks “Covert Commando” laid the explosives under the levees in N’Orleans, and that “in the Sixties we made floods in the Nam.”

I ended by advising Jock that he should watch the Youtube video “Tuscaloosa Happy” and then go to Tuscaloosa and pick up some happiness.


About 20 minutes after the show, Jock emailed me using a different name. Here is the text:

Do I consider that a veiled threat? Yes, I do. Of course I don’t think the Hate-on-Tap man composed it, but his boss. (Jock doesn’t strike me as having the finesse for the “favour’ comment.)

What should I do?  If I wake up to find a horse’s head in my bed I may get the message, but for now I don’t really know what to do.

I plan to report the threat to police. That’s what I tell everybody else to do. Could be embarrassing if it’s on record.

–Mary Maxwell is campaigning for the US Senate from the state of Alabama. Please see her website www.MaxwellForSenate.com. The Book page gives out PDF’s of her many conspiracy books, such as Marathon Bombing: Indicting the Players.




      • The following is dated 2016. I think her sentence was suspended. She is 88.

        “A court in Detmold on Friday sentenced Ursula Haverbeck to eight months in jail on charges of sedition. [Can you imagine.]

        “The presiding judge ruled out the possibility of parole and said that Haverbeck had a lack of any kind of respect’…” [To me she seems respectful]

        “Haverbeck is expected to appeal against the sentencing. In Germany, anyone who publicly denies, endorses or plays down the extermination of Jews during Adolf Hitler’s regime can be sentenced to a maximum of five years in jail.

        “Haverbeck was found guilty of writing a letter to Detmold’s mayor, Rainer Heller, saying it was ‘clearly recognizable’ that Auschwitz was nothing more than a labor camp.”

      • As for “conspiracy theories” I seriously question the claim that Hitler survived Operation Valkyrie. Makes a lot more sense that he was simply kept alive, like Bin Laden, per political convenience.

        • Hitler stayed alive for another 15 years, lived in Switzerland, Eva Hitler and crew lived on U boats for 6 months, Eva died of appendicitis 3 months out, they had to dock and bury her, then move on. The pasty for Hitler was laughable, wrong body weight, length, false moustache etc etc, he apparently took the bullet with no effort, big story……

        • Well, Mr.Grinch oops” I mean Hinch, put me down terribly with the Martin Bryant case, said I was an incompetent woman, stupid, blind and much more, demanded me to get him off this ridiculous, fraudulent claim. Hinch said, I saw the woman who spoke about Bryant coming towards her, he had a gun, she said! it was Bryant!,( now whose fraudulent) well it all turns out it wasn’t Martin at all…..I personally feel Hinch knows more….
          Great work Mary, take care
          Cherri 🙂

          • “I feel Hinch knows more.” Right. And Ray Groom knows more. We could start with those two. Actually, Hinch is my preference since he made his way into Parliament on the basis of being anti-pedophile. Come on, seeeeriously, folks.

            Cherri, his shutting you up is obstruction of justice, That is a felony. I also think it is treason. Anyone who is perpetuating the Martin Bryant story is “waging war” on Australia. Treason.

            Search the Gumshoe website for my articles on treason and sedition laws in Australia. Cherri, we have some new American visitors here, staunch Constitutionalists, so I am going to play them your song (below).

          • Cherri -can we meet -i am currently based in melbourne–work best face to face–Dissociative identity response disorder

  1. Mary, apparently you have some people or somebody worried. They are concerned that you, in public, are discussing subjects that they are not happy about. (Subjects that are TABOO!)

    As you pointed out, our shock Jock, was not willing to take the subjects further, so that you could inform the public more fully.

  2. That e-mail from ‘John’ reminds me of the mass media campaign againsr Trump and its predictions of the US election result.
    Keith; you beat me with ‘Faine joke’. Lol.
    But there is a story for Faine of our ABC to interview Mary on her candidature, as a public interest topic if he is game.
    This is surely a interesting topic and a first for Australians…… having a possible representative in the US Senate and considering that we do not have a decent one in our own place.
    It would be a gem of an interview.
    My bet is on Ms. Marple, whilst Faine would end up like the brainless horse.

  3. Thankfully, we have a few very brave people, like Ursula, in our World, who are not afraid to question, research and make public, facts of historical lies. These lies are easy to lay bare if people are willing to open their minds.

    Throughout most of the World most people are supposed to be more educated than our forebears. But it appears that on a percentage basis, many are more unaware of what is happening on their planet, than their parents.

    Most people are too willing to accept what they are told by the MSM and fictional books, as fact, without thinking the statements through. It is a lot easier than using your own brain and working out that scientifically these incidents could not have happened. Take the fairy tale of 9/11 for instance. Another is the Port Arthur massacre. Martin Bryant is serving many life term sentences, for a crime he could not and did not commit.

    The problem which arises is that, when these false stories are believed, the real perpetrators get off “Scot-free”.

  4. That’s a big wow Mary. I note the all encompassing “Holocaust” card was played. That is the loyalty litmus.

    • Paul, I always want to know: are we aiming high enough? Ursula takes aim at the German government — for, say, having paid enormous reparations to Israel — and for persecuting her colleagues in the revisionist camp. (That includes, by extension, I suppose, Faurrison in France and Toben in Australia.)

      But is that high enough? Who makes Germany do that? I realize you take it to be “Jewry” or the state of Israel. Don’t be so sure. Who makes stupid American Congressmen accept the bad rule of their corporate bosses?

      Huge congratulations are due to the baddies for figuring out so much of the way the human mind works. They are able to make us self-censor. Dee says that under apartheid she and the rest of the crowd blocked their minds.

      I’ll grant that it is disgusting and outrageous to see “Congress” give the leader of another nation a standing ovation – over no identifiable achievement at all (you know I mean “Bibi”). But that could all be a show to distract from even bigger baddies, couldn’t it?

      And again I ask, who’s controlling Germany? Who’s controlling academia? Why did Dr Day, a Rockefeller employee, say “Everything’s in Place and Nothing Can Stop Us Now?” Is it all but a Zionist plot? Paul, I respect your opinion. Please take me on.

      • Wasn’t there a well-known historical political figure (not well enough known right now obviously) who referenced a shadowy group so powerful and pervasive that even the World’s most powerful rulers feared said group? Were they Masons? Zionists? Satanists? Muslims? We never knew because he who said this (may have been Kennedy?) didn’t identify them, only to say they existed. I know all Jews aren’t necessarily Zionists, and sometimes I’m not even sure what best defines a Zionist. I just know that for a persecuted minority of innocent love-able Seinfelds, they have a ludicrous amount of clout as a collective. Hell, I’d love to find a Jewish Grandmother somewhere in my past so I could get into the in-group myself. I always wanted a career in music. I would imagine that were I to find I was of the Chosen I could get that career without having to metaphorically go under the desk for Mr Pearlman (as so many Caucasian boy-band wannabes did in the late 90s/early 2000s).

        Are they Zionists who seek to divide and rule us? I saw a great quote from someone who defined Israel as a well-armed criminal hideout with the advantage of sovereignty. Maybe achieving modern Israel wasn’t the end but the beginning. Its notable that ISIS at its peak seemed to have staked out pretty precisely the area set aside for Greater Israel via the still very live Yinon Plan. Israel does appear to provide air support and hospital services to ISIS on a semi-regular basis.

        “They are able to make us self-censor” You know, you can slime Muslims, Blacks, Trannies etc in casual conversation, on public media, in practically any forum you can think of and you’ll maybe get a bit of “steady on!”, but speak ill of the Chosen in the public space and see what happens. You could conduct an experiment on this in your current pursuit, that’s if you get bored and want to end it all on a dime. Jock would love it. (BTW who was this Jock, and which Station was he with. It would be interesting to know the ownership).

        • Ludicrous amount of clout? I think the clue lies in your “I’d love to find a Jewish Grandmother” remark.

          Like most folk, I don’t know anything about my origins beyond grandparents. My late husband was a foster child who never even managed to get hold of basic info re natural parentage. In the last decade the MSM has been pushing the idea that such data is readily available; just one more politically driven LIE!

          The 20th century destruction of aboriginal societies is living proof that disconnection is the root cause of disadvantage. The only difference between Jew & gentile is that the former’s forbears managed to put up some sort of resistance

    • Why do they continully keep raising that irrelevant topic (holocaust) to a separate matter being dicussed. They may as well raise the weather.
      Why not raise the genocide of the Armenians (?) or of the reported 20 million christians in the Ukraine by the Bolsheviks or Poll Pott’s criminality and the rest.
      Bloody boring.
      Then the moon landing is raised as well, just as boring. (Look up the Orion project by NASA to breach Van Allen’s radiated belt, presently under way costing multi millions when the 1960’s technical details for travelling to, landing on the moon and returning is gathering dust down in the NASA library. Ask the libarian!

      • Ned, I think Daniele Ganser’s book, “NATO’s Secret Armies.” puts the Pol Pot “blame” on Hank’s shoulders.

        I went to the Genocide Museum in Cambodia. Almost the entire contents of the museum were bulletin boards with mugshots of thousands of innocent people on their way to death. Total terror in every face. Really, any other “exhibit” in the museum would have been superfluous.

        Thanks for reminding us, Ned. Our time is comin’ soon.

        • Paul, you may be referring to a Woodrow Wilson 1913 quote:

          “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

  5. I quote Aussiemal below:
    “Throughout most of the World most people are supposed to be more educated than our forebears. But it appears that on a percentage basis, many are more unaware of what is happening on their planet, than their parents.”

    OK, my darling readers. I have a request for y’all.
    Please put your thinking caps on and if you come up with results please snd them to Her Bossness: dee@thepicturetank.com.

    In giving my talks here I have become aware of what Mal says — that very few are aware of what’s happening.

    That makes me realise how spoiled we all are at GumshoeNews.com because Dee jumps right in to get at the truth about the Syrian chemical weapons, the GMO’s or whatever. So my question is: can you think of a way to help her?

    And a way to spread her work around? I’m not saying she is the ONLY one. Some other alt-media work hard. But Gumshoe covers many areas THAT PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT. What can YOU do to put this precious package of information “out there”?

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