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"The Octopus" and the “Suicide” of Investigative Journalist Danny Casolaro


(L) Journalist Gary Webb shot himself twice in the head when he “suicided”, and (R) Danny Casolaro 

by Dee McLachlan

Joseph Daniel Casolaro (June 16, 1947 – August 10, 1991) was an American freelance writer who was found dead in a bathtub in the Sheraton Hotel in Martinsburg, West Virginia. His wrists were slashed 10–12 times and a note was found. It was ruled a suicide, but the evidence points to murder.

Casolaro was working on “The Octopus” — an interlocking network of a criminal cabal that reached into every branch and agency of the US government, and many other national governments. Just before his life ended, he told his friends he was meeting an informant, to “bring back the head of the Octopus”.

Casolaro’s family argued that he had been murdered, and that before he left for Martinsburg, he had apparently told his brother that if something were to happen to him, it would not be an accident. He had been receiving harassing and threatening phone calls late at night.

The ‘crime’ scene was professionally cleaned, and his body quickly embalmed before the family were notified. It is not a surprise that Casolaro’s work was never found — only a note left in his shoe.

James Corbett has put together of a two part documentary series, called Requiem for the Suicided: Danny Casolaro. (Interestingly Australia’s Nine Network report is featured in part one).

Part 1

Part 2

It seems Danny was carrying his information around in print form. Thank goodness, in the digital age, we can distribute information to tens of thousands of people instantly.



  1. This is another outrageous situation that has huge implications and will eventually help bring down the psychopathic maniacs who run things in the U.S. and around the world. It certainly seems the tentacles of the “octopus” extend into every aspect of crime and corruption. You’ve got the “government” Department of Justice, the FBI, the mafia, Indian Reservations, Wackenhut, in it so far and you just know there is so much more to it and so many more threads to be unraveled.

  2. I think Madam Senator-in-waiting Mary knows how to take care, it will be the ‘baddies’ who’ll have to take care if they take on Mary!

    • Aw, thanks, Johno.
      But I was just thinking maybe if I got killed it would give my campaign some Umph, which it badly needs.

      Now that you say it, I’d like to tell the baddies that they should try to get me elected as it would be safer for them if I were in the senate than out on the street rounding up Grand Juries to indict them. Yay!

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