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Health Care, Part 4:  Obamacare Out, Charity In


Jesus healed ten lepers

by Mary W Maxwell, currently a candidate for US Senate

This article recaps the three earlier parts of my Health Care series, and makes a comment on helping the sick by charity. Part 1said please look at power plays.  Part 2 spotlighted our habit of shying away from calling Dr Bradstreet’s death an out-and-out murder even though there is no chance of it being anything other than an out-and-out murder. Heck, we don’t even demand that the “logical” culprits be brought in for questioning. This is a big mistake — anger toward a wrongdoer is one of the main ways to get a behavior changed. Part 3 covered the heroic life of Nick Gonzalez, MD, working for cancer patients. 

What Is the Rockefeller Institute’s Cancer Cure?

Recall that Dr Richard Day had the colossal gall to stand up at a meeting in 1969 and say that the cure for most cancers is “on file” at the Rockefeller Institute. Per Wikipedia:

The Rockefeller University was founded in June 1901 as The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research—often called simply The Rockefeller Institute—by John D. Rockefeller, who had founded the University of Chicago in 1889. Greatly elevating the prestige of American science and medicine, it was America’s first biomedical institute, like France’s Pasteur Institute (1888) and Germany’s Robert Koch Institute (1891).

(In my opinion, the Pasteur and Koch institutes are of the same nature as the Rockefeller. I think they all answer to the same boss. I assume they all cheated on real science for purposes of controlling their populations. In particular, they promoted a wrong theory of germs. Please see articles by myself and by Alan Cantwell, MD on the subject of pleomorphism, at GumshoeNews.com)

Eighteen Medical Cures for Cancer

There are many different cancer cures that work. This series of articles on Health Care does not undertake to examine the cures as such. Let me give a very abbreviated description of the 18 cures that I report in my book Consider the Lilies: A Review of 18 Cures for Cancer and Their Legal Status – to demonstrate that we’re not talking about flimsy stuff.

Note: an underlined name of the doctor means the cure is still available. An asterisk means maybe this is the cure Dr Day was referring to – but that is only a guess by me.

  1. Virginia Livingston, MD: Culture the microbe from patient’s urine; make vaccine.*
  2. Stan Burzynski, MD, PhD: Infuse, intra-lymphatically, the missing amino acid.
  3. Gaston Naessens: Infuse, intra-paranodularly, 714-x nitrogen-in-camphor.
  4. Evangelos Michelakis, MD: Consume dichloroacetate to help mitochondria signal.
  5. Royal Rife, DSc: Track a cancer microbe and zap it with radio frequency.
  6. Robert O Becker, MD: Put electrode-generated silver ions into the cancer.
  7. Georges Lakhovsky: Use antennae or oscillator to neutralize cosmic rays.
  8. George Crile, MD: Equalize the negativity of cancer cell and adjacent cells.
  9. Robert Olney, MD: Treat blood with UV light; this helps immune system.*
  10. John Ott: Get the correct part of the light spectrum into eyes, skin.
  11. John Beard, DSC: Prescribe pancreatic enzymes: trypsin and amylopsin.
  12. Johanna Budwig, PhD: Blend flaxseed with ricotta cheese, it helps lipids.
  13. William Coley, MD: Induce hypothermia with erysipelas and B. prodigiosus.*
  14. Max Gerson, MD: Get nutrients from veggie juice; detoxify with enemas.
  15. Thomas Glover, MD: Culture cancer microbe, make serum in horses, inject it.*
  16. Robert Lincoln, MD: Inhale germs in order to evoke natural bacteriophaging.*
  17. Emanuel Revici, MD: Manipulate the acid or alkaline imbalance; stop the pain.
  18. Ryke Hamer, MD: Psychologically undo effects of emotional shock or loss.

Of course, if the Rockefellers were able to “cure most cancers” by the year 1969 – and didn’t do so – they are responsible for massive suffering. And that suffering continues today. So let us now turn to the question: How, in 2017, do these cruel folks manage to prevent doctors from using the many excellent cures?

Answer: the Rockefeller family took great interest in “cleaning up” medical schools — such that by 1920 only the schools they controlled were giving accredited MD degrees. This was accomplished by controlling each of the 50 states politically.

The American Medical Association

As stated in my book, Consider the Lilies, some of the curers had their license to practice medicine taken away by the state. For instance, California took Virginia Livingston’s and New York took Emanuel Revici’s. The nation of Norway took Ryke Hamer’s but he sued them over it!

In what way do state legislatures feel qualified to say that only the Big Three cancer treatments are acceptable – chemo, radiation and surgery? I mean wouldn’t a doctor be better able than a politician to judge this?  Ah, but never discount the cleverness of the Rockefellers. They arranged that the states give the local AMA some scope in deciding such things.

Thus when Virginia Livingston, who was definitely curing terminal cases of cancer, was told she had deviated from protocol, it was really the AMA of California that was behind her troubles.

Granted it is a state’s ethics board, or Office of Professional Responsibility, that may seem to sign the decree that strikes the doctor off the register. But the rules that the board is applying, in relation to cancer treatment, were set forth by the state’s AMA. Note: the local group pretty much follows a model offered by the national body. That’s also true of the American Bar Association.

When the issue is cancer, there is also the ACS — The American Cancer Society. Although it is a wholly private body, a state may fit its rules under the ACS, by allowing doctors to use only methods that have been given the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, so to speak, by the ACS.  The American Cancer Society is accountable to no one. We can deduce that “the Rockefellers of this world” have control over the ACS, as they couldn’t very well let such an organization operate freely.

I also take the Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital to be a gate-keeper, like the ACS, in suppressing cures. William Coley’s daughter tried in vain to get SKM to check the records of her Dad’s accomplished cures. (Hello? Would that be asking too much?)

Commerce Clause, the FDA, the NIH, Bioweapons

Here I will recap what Parts 1-3 said about the mechanisms for government control of health. Most of them violate the Constitution’s Article I, section 8, that limits Congress’ “jurisdiction.”

In Part 2 we saw that Clause 3 of that section, known as the Commerce Clause, does allow intervention in trade actions that cross state borders. But in commerce-clause lawsuits, the plaintiff rarely wins. I mean he doesn’t win a trimming back to what the Framers meant by Congress’s power to regulate COMMERCE (not “business in general”, not labor, not manufacture).

Two cases actually did win.  In Lopez (1995) it was found that the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990 was unsupportable by the Commerce clause, since gun-carrying is not related to trade. In Morrison (2000), the US Supreme Court knocked down the Violence against Women Act of 1994, both on Commerce-clause grounds and by saying the 14th amendment did not justify such a federal Act.

I suspect judges are instructed NOT to protect states’ rights, which are, of course a pillar of the Constitution. This affects medicine insofar as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, which is supposed to protect consumers) can use the labelling rule to control doctors. The law says that a doctor mustn’t indicate on a product’s label that it is a treatment for such-and-such unless that treatment is “approved.” As far as I know, that was the FDA’s “case” against Jeff Bradstreet regarding his new cure for autism, a protein known as GcMAF.

Part 3 showed how the Public Health Service came about in a sneaky way. The USPHS grew out of the Marine Hospital for merchant seamen – and so did the concept of a US “Surgeon General.” What a hoot.

As for the NIH, it should not exist. We cannot have a National Institute of Health if there is no federal grant of power in the Constitution for the subject matter “health.’’ Sorry, no can do. Yet the NIH has heaps of money and thus controls what areas a scientist is “allowed” to do research in.

From there we moved to my broad-brush claims about bioweapons, even dating back to the bubonic plague of 1667. I admitted that only a few cases are proven, such as the deliberate spreading of smallpox to native Americans and the apologized-for event in Guatemala where we gave people syphilis.

Note: my 2013 book, Consider the Lilies: A Review of 18 Cures for Cancer and Their Legal Status, amasses some data about other genocides. I think the thalidomide accident was deliberate, and use of hoof-and-mouth disease is a form of economic sabotage. I feel certain that Williams syndrome, a new disease involving personality, was spread “experimentally.”

You do not need to believe me on any of this, but why take the stance that it’s normal for people to forego available weapons? There is no historical record of that kind of holdback!


So now to the matter of the US legislators trying to create a new type of health insurance scheme after the repeal of the Affordable Health Care Act, known as Obamacare.  I see that one of the candidates competing with me for the US Senate has listed a gift of $10,000 from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama. Naturally any interest group that has a stake in “the health care industry” will try to sweeten up the senators.

I guess they won’t be giving me a red cent as I do not approve of federal health stuff. In 1965, LBJ – President Lyndon Johnson – talked about making “the Great Society” (like JFK made the New Frontier, FDR made the New Deal, etc.). Johnson brought in Medicare for persons age 65 or over. My Dad was 66 and we all thought (thoughtlessly) that that was nice.

The first thing you can know about Medicare, even if you never studied it, is that the push would not have come from the people or their representatives. It would have been foisted on us by the usual suspects. Let me repeat one of Dr Day’s arrogant ideas, recorded by Dr Dunegan:

“There would be profound changes in the practice of medicine. Overall, it would be much more tightly controlled. ‘Congress is not going to go along with national health insurance, it is now, abundantly evident. But it’s not necessary, we have other ways to control health care.’ Costs would be forced up so that people won’t be able to afford to go without insurance. People pay for it, You’re entitled to it. Your role being responsible for your own care would be diminished.”

A similar thing happened in Australia. Those of us who had been buying private health insurance all along suddenly got a tax rebate for doing so. This was a way to ease everyone into getting private health insurance. Yay! A tax rebate!

Of course once the big boys from Blue Cross or from Health Maintenance Organizations get into the act they gain a lot of control over which medical treatment you get, if for no other reason than they can decided whether they will “cover” it.


In Matthew 8: 2-3 we read:

And, behold, there came a leper and worshipped him, saying, Lord, if thou wilt, Thou canst make me clean.  And Jesus put forth his hand, and touched him, saying, I will; be thou clean. And immediately his leprosy was cleansed.”

In my Catholic upbringing, the care of the sick was a duty of the Church. Many girls joined the convent to become nursing Sisters, to perform God’s work of healing. In the last 30 years or so, the religious hospitals have been funded by government. So, just as the doctors obey the state, we find nuns doing the same.

In Australia, nearly all the charity work done by nuns is now government-funded. As is the work done by charities such as the Salvation Army. This cannot but remove some of the altruism and religious motivation of the care-giver.

Note: the other night in Huntsville, I saw a troubled-looking man on the street. The next thing you know, a van from the Rock Family Worship centre showed up to help him. Boy was I impressed. The Rock also runs a genuine soup kitchen.

I said at the beginning of this series of articles that the decision by legislators today should not mix the question of generosity with the question of health care. I realize that after many years of (unconstitutional) federal involvement in health, many people are dependent on free medical care. They certainly need protection, but I do not see why it could not become again a matter of charity. Altruism holds a society together.

Finally, I ask once again: Given the “government’s” record in such things as the wholesale suppression of cures for cancer and the murder of a man who is curing autism (Jeff Bradstreet, MD), is there reason to trust government-influenced health “care”?

–Mary Maxwell, PhD, LLB, is competing in the August 15, 2017 primary in Alabama for the US Senate seat that was vacated when Senator Jeff Sessions became US Attorney General


Photo credit: St. Josemaria Institute


  1. The creation of the Jesus mythology is had to be made into a superman which is where Superman came from, America still has a vast public that requires a superman, Trump is a latter day superman, eventually the critical state of mass will see he is just another flawed human being, as the saying goes you can fool most people, and so on, the American intelligence, the few, will eventually know how to use the language of containing Trump and eventually bring his downfall.

    • If you care to say, Don, did you have heroes when you were growing up? Maybe a fictional character such as Robinson Crusoe or a real one such as Wellington?

      Pity the heroes have disappeared.

      Re Trump, I want to believe that he’s a closet Gumshoer and knows what we know and wants to turn the thing around. If only he can keep his pecker up long enough to swat some of the major criminals!

      Yes, the secret traitors may get him. Dr Day said “Everything is in place and nothing can stop us now.” But if folks would develop some confidence….maybe…..

      • No I did not have heroes that I remember when growing up, although coming from Bombed North London, WW2, from the paved streets of London and dreary terraced houses, finding the wilds of nature when evacuated was exhilarating, not exactly a hero but a sort of relief from civilization, maybe Desperate Dan from comics emerged, he was ugly but the name says something.
        My aversion to Trump, is he got got in on the Rust Belt, having gained the disenfranchised vote by default for the motive of getting in, could do little for the these voters or worst will cut back on medical for the under dog and other cut backs.
        America is not a corporation as such, Trump has been involved with corporations and the political history aspires to a vision of The New World, after shaking off the shackles of oppression by the British and European monarchy, although excluding France which America owes maybe everything to, as a result of rivalry between two significant Imperialist powers.
        The American Constitution is a inspiration to those who are oppressed throughout the world, as a vision, for Trump, to gain real estate of golf courses around the world such as in Indonesia is a indictment of a chauvinist and a individual who is feathering the nest of his family, exploiting his position as a president, is not what we need, this reflects a man whom has such inferiority that often talks of blood directed to the female is a indictment of integrity, the shaking of hands to demonstrate his male ego is what you expect of a teenager who is seeking to find his identity, the aloofness, the arrogance and the superiority of a male ego, is over whelming.
        I suggest Mary we have had our disagreements in the past, I also have no problem with your integrity, I note that you have from memory thought I am anti Monarchy, I can only say if I were president of Britain, I would keep the monarchy going, to dismantle would be too great a problem, and dismantling the rituals around this establishment would eventually create a back lash, important as you being a Republican can understand why you support Trump, to have Hillary in would be as bad or worst than Trump, I get all that.
        I am extremely sorry to cross swords with you Mary as I love you, nevertheless will try to work with you always, as long as we can keep a conversation going will surmount all obstacles that appear as polarities of the mind, beyond such impediments hope of a new dawn is yet possible.

        • Hey Don, crossed swords are good swords at Gumshoe.

          I was born in 1947. My friend born in 1932 was evacuated from London to Aberdeen, a traumatic separation from Mumsie at age 8. I see that Jim and Gerry, authors of Hidden History, are coming out with a book “Prolonging the Agony” about how a few individuals in UK deliberately prolonged the soldiers’ stay in the trenches — by years. Bastards.

          I had not known that the Donald “picked up” golf courses in Indonesia. Thanks for helping me to see what is going on, as in the Adelaide case of Singapore “picking up” the city land. I am opposing globalism while campaigning. Let’s call it pillage. Let’s call it planetary mental illness.

          The reason I posted Rabbi Sacks’ Ted talk below is that I was in a webinar with the Federalist Society yesterday on the subject of eminent domain and it reminded me of Sack’s 2002 book, “The Politics of Hope.” He raptures about Regent’s Park. I have seen many happy family scenes in Regent’s, London, and agree with him that the park is owned by all.

          Actually it is owned by the Queen. Don, go to the website:


          where you will discover that one can learn to fly with a trapeze at “The Gorilla Circus Flying Trapeze School” — and you’re just the man to do it.

          Speaking of Her Maj, the vice-regal Governor of South Australia, Hieu Van Le, immigrated from Viet Nam. Couldn’t he break out in a rash (as my mother would say) and walk across the street (North Terrace) and say “Stop!” to those builders of that eyesore? As kids, we learned this poem: “Woodsman, spare that tree! Touch not a single bough. In youth it sheltered me, an I’ll protect it now!”

          Go on, Your Excellency, Mr Van Le. You think you can’t do it but you can! Remember what “the allies” did to your nation, and that it arose from the false flag of the Gulf of Tonkin? Remember how Phoenix operatives drilled holes into the heads of your rellies, sans anesthesia? Cross the street! Cross the street!

          Nothing is impossible, least of all a rollback of globalism and a smackdown on false flags. And a quelling of cruelty. Right?

          Oh, and thanks for the love, Don. Back atcha!

          • There was news on the pristine area inhabited by local villagers that are going to be “sided” to allow for the glamour and glitz… I do not like this side of Trump, nor his support for fracking… but Hillary—NO

          • The restaurant I started Manna, 1967 69. Erskine Road, a short walk from Regents Park. was it champ a gorilla in a cage which was from memory little more than the span of ones stretched out span of ones hands that Her Majesty should bow her head in shame for owning this Park but to imprison our ancestry in such confinement is unforgivable.

      • Mary Don -I was born into East End of London and Little Orphan Annie and Daddy Warbucks, from a 1930’s comic strip were part of our indoctination as local Dickseniam heroes. The film “Annie” and stage show promote this little orphan kid to this day.Warberg Finances banks-google
        Check out Middie’s Memoirs: A Personal Journey of Discovery
        By Middie Lee Stetter–check it out to connect the dots, it makes a rich tapestrty–
        in Eustace Mullins chapter 7-Secrets of Federal Reserve-“in 1938 the London Shroder Bank became Germany’s financial agent in Great Britain” “Chinese mining companies”-“slave workers in the Congo”—”Herbert Hoover-Americas president 1929-1933 was backed by Schroder bank people who also financed Hitler in his rise to power”
        Believe me it is bigger than us—Try Solar and Stellar Astro physics. “The temporal evolution of a solar prominence inserted in a three-dimensional magnetic flux rope is investigated numerically.” Part of Monarch MKUltra programming.
        Frequency programming.–a bit scrambled-so is my brain but my mind works in a holographic big picture expansive dimension.
        peace and love

  2. We? appreciate Rabbi Sacks talk on self or the selfie? as contrast to we? although I am comparatively nothing as nothing becomes of significance, if as a individual I should become we? if as I what ever I am? exit, must conform to all forces of the Universe as being, if I am insignificant so is the Universe, when I am no longer here as what I think I am? the Universe no longer exists, although it does? how? come We?

  3. “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. “ JOHN 14;12

    But the white robe does strike me, like Don below, as being a bit of a myth. I mean, I don’t think they had MIRACLE-WASH in those days

    • Berry, the following comment is sartorial, not theological:

      I lived in the United Arab Emirates from 1988 to 1993 and all Emirati guys wore white. The younger ones had “access to detergent” but the older men had been nomads before the 1972 discovery of oil and probably never heard of a washing machine. Still they all wore white.

      The gals all wore black.

  4. Oops, wait a minute, wait a minute, Don. I’m not sure I can accept your love offer.

    Trump is supposedly up for impeachment (or jailhouse rock or something) because he, while campaigning, took “something of value” from a foreigner. It does not have to be money. In his case it was a promised piece of goss about Hillery.

    I shall have to consult fec.gov (federal election “commission”) to see if there is any precedent re taking love from a Brit/Oz person.

    Letcha know.

    • Sad, Don. The FEC has spoken. “Love is too valuable.”
      But be consoled by a bit of G&S:

      MR. W. Hate me! I drop my H’s–have through life!
      LADY S. Love me! I’ll drop them too!

      MR. W. Hate me! I always eat peas with a knife!
      LADY S. Love me! I’ll eat like you!

      MR. W. Hate me! I spend the day at Rosherville!
      LADY S. Love me! that joy I’ll share!

      MR. W. Hate me! I often roll down One Tree Hill!
      LADY S. Love me! I’ll join you there!

      • Mary, did you read RDLaing’s Knots? your commentary reminds me so, and look what happened to him? He never had a chance to write his obituary, Death on the Tennis Court, some say he died of a broken heart? I think he had had enough and being a MD, must have known He was at his end or became spiritually bankrupt, he signified a era and psychiatry had come to a end, meaning no one of substance believed in this discipline other than the gullible.
        We have individuals such as Arthur Balaskas for his contribution on Laing’s demise, the Dharma Pada and all such teachings became quaint, also Ram Duss, became historical gnomes, to be relegated to the garden along with Snowy and all part of the rubbish heap of yesterdays icons.
        Almost forgot Mr T Leary.

        • Don, the hustings are calling so I can’t delve into RD Laing research today but I vaguely recall that his “everybody is a mental case” notion was part of the Tavistock/Stanford program to throw things into disarray.

          Diane will know more about that. All part of a great plan in which Dr Dax was the Aussie component, to make changes in the field of psychiatry (which hadn’t been a specialty for long anyway).

          My generation in America assumed that there was something in T Leary where really there was nothing. Right? You could check the many Mae Brussell Youtube’s to see if she commented. I have never found her wrong on anything.

          She paid a big price for speaking out.

          • Don, Don, update on the love thing! I just read at Constitutioncentre.org that there is precedent, albeit it occurred when the US had only “Articles of Confederation” — `not yet the 1787 Constitution:

            “When the King of France gave Benjamin Franklin a very expensive diamond encrusted snuff box, there were some public murmurings, but the Articles Congress ultimately permitted Franklin to keep the gift.” Wow. Diamonds!

            Um. I’ve always been a little worried about what Benjy was doing in France. Tom Jefferson was over there, too, and it caused him to miss the Big Summer in Philadelphia.

            So glad I am not missing the BBBIIIIGGGGG Summer in Alabama. Praise God! Hallelujah!

          • Whilst on about France, how much does America owe to France to be America?
            Just attempted to check military cost of militarism world wide, I make it one million dollars every 12.5 seconds, not counting costs of destruction, have you any figure on this?

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