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Recent Deathbed Confessions from MI5 and CIA Agents


Deathbed confessors — (L)  Hopkins, the MI5 guy, and (R) Howard, the CIA guy (What’s with the blue pillow and the yellow bedspread?)

by Dee McLachlan

A month ago there was the deathbed confession of an 80-year-old retired MI5 Agent, John Hopkins. The article was entitled: ‘I Killed Princess Diana’.

Then, a few days ago, a flurry of news circulated about Building 7. Now it’s a CIA agent — 79-year-old retired CIA agent, Malcolm Howard. Baxter Dmitry also published this second article entitled: CIA Agent Confesses On Deathbed: ‘We Blew Up WTC7 On 9/11’.

It feels like we’re being taken on a ride here. 

Dmitry claims that Malcolm Howard made a series of astonishing claims after being released from hospital in New Jersey on Friday. With, allegedly, only weeks to live, Howard claims he was involved in the “controlled demolition” of World Trade Center 7 on September 11, 2001.

The article goes on to say that  Howard, who had an engineering and demolition background, had worked for the CIA for 36 years as an operative.

This article is what many 9-11 truthers out there have been waiting for.  Well, in the case of Building 7, it would be nice to hear from the whistle-blowers, but Howard is only telling us something many of us already knew. Based on what our reality dictates, there is only one option — Building 7 was demolished.

However, Dmitry writes:

“The 79-year-old New Jersey native says he worked on the CIA operation they dubbed “New Century” between May 1997 and September 2001, during a time he says the CIA “was still taking orders from the top.” Mr. Howard says he was part of a cell of 4 operatives tasked with ensuring the demolition was successful.

“… Everything went exactly to plan. It was so smooth… We kept watching replays of the demolition, we had the whiskey and cigars out, and then all of a sudden the strangest thing happened. We all started to worry that it looked a bit too smooth’.”

As many commenters wrote: They would like to see video evidence of Howard telling his story.

I decided to ask one of my sources (who has contributed here on Gumshoe) about this report. This is what he had to say:

“The 9/11 Industry has spawned many pundits, and a library of ‘expert’ intellectualised books and videos — as well as a flying circus talk theatre. 99% of which is total bullshit…

“The perpetrators rely on them as does the Alternative idiot brigades, diverting fact and reality as they do. It’s comedy hour to those who know. None of the pundits are close to anything.”


Back to Malcolm Howard, the man giving the confession. His advice for investigators seeking to understand the entire puzzle, is to “Follow the money.” He is quoted as saying:

“When you want to find out who is behind something, just follow the money… Look at the trades made just before 9/11. These are the guys that knew what was coming… They all got rich [from] the wars and the kickbacks. It was insider trading.”

I personally don’t think following the money will solve the puzzle. It might identify who had some knowledge, but for the “owners” there are easier ways to make a trillion dollars. 9-11 must have been done to implement a much grander scheme. And as my source says:

“These are not revelations. Even Slick Willy slipped and mentioned the bomb at The Pentagon, in an interview.”

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  1. Dee, you asked “Why the blue pillow?” I’m thinkin’ maybe to add verisimilitude?

    Ko-Ko. Well, a nice mess you’ve got us into, with your nodding head and the deference due to a man of pedigree!

    Pooh-Bah. Merely corroborative detail, intended to give artistic verisimilitude to an otherwise bald and unconvincing narrative.

    Pitti-Sing. Corroborative detail indeed! Corroborative fiddlestick!

    Ko-Ko. And you’re just as bad as he is with your cock-and-a-bull stories about catching his eye and his whistling an air. But that’s so like you! You must put in your oar!

    Pooh-Bah. But how about your big right arm?

    Pitti-Sing. Yes, and your snickersnee!

    • And he shed ‘tears’ at Harold Holt’s funeral.
      Good tv viewing I thought, watching him at the time. (Silly me)
      Good use of Dee’s sliced onion in a top pocket?

  2. “Hopkins claims to have been involved in 23 assassinations for the British intelligence agency between 1973 and 1999, including Princess Diana.”

    The problem with these reports is that they mess with the reality around us.

  3. “…none of the pundits are close to anything..” (about 911)
    Yep, there is much obfuscation, deceit, denials, misleading material, lies, distractions, mines laid, rumors and rumours upon rumours etc., making understanding the mass murders and the criminal cover up complex.
    But we Know one aspect:
    AND anyone who believes the official fairy tale 911 nonsense has either; a serious intellectual deficiency or provides; aid comfort and protection to the terrorist mass murderers who planned and carried it out and those who cover (still!) for the killers
    These people are responsible for the support given for causing the millions dead and injured in the Middle East ever since…………….. SIXTEEN YEARS OF KILLING!
    MSM, Shock Jones, politicians et.al. ………………YOU lot are responsible for the continuing tragedy in the Middle East.
    When will you all have the guts and spine to own up and stop it?

    • There is typo in my comment.
      “…….. shock jones…” should be “shock jokes”.
      Lest anyone at radio 2GB in Sydney confuses the comment with their breakfast commentor; Alan Jones.
      I may say; he is one of the very few ” jocks” who exercises a hard workin intellectual brain.
      Unfortunately, he apparenty has not awakened to the official 911 fairy tale bullshit. Or has he? In due course, be it on his death bed, he will tell us all why. I think we know!
      Best of luck with the Barbarians Alan. (:-}

    • al jebr…the patriot hasn’t sussed it yet / But embusques smirk on the tv sets / Was the missing iece of the jigsaw jets:
      I have seen the enemy..the enemy is we

  4. Seems everything is scripted even our responses to have us fiddle while Rome burns. The confessions are part of the script. Bert Rossi and Toni Gambino have both recently confessed to their roles exposing the mafia underworld – a changing of the Guard. [at Buckingham Palace ??}
    I found this interesting article:Politicians fiddling while Rome burns? December 10, 2014 Simona Guerra
    Lecturer in Politics, University of Leicester -excerpt- “Italian politics has been rocked by a scandal in the country’s capital. Politicians stand accused of working within a pervasive and wide-reaching criminal network dubbed “Mafia Capitale” to skim money from public services and bribe officials. And it may have been going on for years.
    So far 37 people have been arrested in relation to the scandal and around 100 are under investigation, including politicians and known criminals. Many are accused of bribery and corruption. Around €200m euros in assets have been frozen but it is thought the actual breadth and depth of this network could be much more significant.
    Money intended for basic services such as refuse collection and vital projects such as community centres for refugees and Roma was being embezzled by the people supposed to be in charge of the capital city. Basic and often vital city services were being compromised while the rich and powerful reaped the benefits.”

  5. Many of us would agree with the ‘inside job’ scenario as far as 9/11 goes, as to who actually organized and had it carried out though, is still a matter of argument and will remain so due to so much ‘disinformation’ about that event that effectively muddies the waters for the serious investigator.

    I don’t see any reason for not believing the CIA spook’s death bed confession – it would only be a matter of checking his bona fides and his history as to establishing the integrity of what he has uttered.

    Many folk have no real clue as to how the CIA operates, they might hear stories from time to time that implicates the CIA, MI5 or MI6, but in reality, if you ask a member of the public what they think exactly goes on within those agencies on a day to day basis, they couldn’t tell you.

    As for the MI5 spook’s confession, well one may wish to look up the author, Alan Power, the writer of the book, The Princess Diana Conspiracy, and what the ‘powers to be’ have done to him in order to shut him down short of actually killing him to realize that we should all appreciate the power that is ‘out there’ and that is only too willing to go to extreme lengths in order to keep their secrets.

    And I guess, that is about all we get to take away from this post.

    • Nemesis — 9-11 was probably an inside, outside, inside, central job to make it impossible to pin the tail on the donkey.

    • ‘By way of deception thou shall make war’,
      CIA, MI5, 6 or whatever you mention.
      Nemi son you missed one whose motto is referred to above.
      So who gains by 911 getting our kids killed in the ME and destroying it and our taxpayers paying interest on debt to bankers for wars?
      Identify the character and interests of the NECONS who planned the take down of seven countries (ref: General Wesley Clark to Amy Goodman in March 2007) in five years relying on a catatstrophic event like Pearl Harbour? (911!)
      What have our Aussie widows and family gained by wars in the ME.
      Are you Aussie?
      When was the last time we were invaded by countries from the ME? Other than by Muslim ‘refugees’ escaping the obliteration of their homelands.
      When was the last time the Persians invaded anyone?
      Who has a reported a couple of hundred nuclear weapons in the ME? Now reincarcerated by Israel.
      Who refuses to join the nuclear arms treaty?
      Get lost Nemisis the world is awakening and take your msm with you.

      • By the way, pick the fellow who controlled the 911 official bullshit comision report is interesting.
        Does Zelokov (sp.) ring a bell?
        He did not notice, even mention, the weird freefall fall of building 7 in the report.
        Does he have a intellectual defficiency problem.
        Do you also?
        Try harder Nemisis, get better instructions, wedge for
        a wage increase, your retirement is imenint.

      • Neminis.
        Recite the USS Liberty mistake story to us again and follow up with the operation Susanah recital.
        I love bedtime stories of the underdogs.
        The King David murders eventully put me to sleep thinking of the nasty MI 5s, sixes and CIA.
        All for one and one for all.
        We are sick of the crap.
        Give humanity a go, we think we can do better.

  6. An interesting question: Are insurance companies in the loop during these false flag operations? There is always an insurance payout involved whenever there is one of these events, either for property damage or death, but usually for both.

    At this time, most insurance companies and banks are entwined. People think that if there is a big payout by an insurance company, that company is unhappy. In fact, it doesn’t make much difference to their bottom line, as all future premiums are jacked up. It is virtually compulsorily for businesses and the population to have several insurance policies. If you are short of cash, just add to your credit card, which makes the banks very happy.

    The reason I ask the above question, is I can’t work out why, when it has been admitted by Larry Silverstein, in public, that he knew the buildings in the 9/11 event, were “pulled”, he and partner Frank Lowry have not been charged with what is probably the biggest insurance fraud in history. Why has not, the insurance company taken court action against that pair. To me it appears to be a “no lose”case. That is of course, if the courts can be trusted.

    • Mal, please pursue it and write an article for Gumshoe. I recall a shareholder of one of the 9-11 insurers suing because there was no investigation. I am pretty sure he sued the company.

      I know he lost, even tho there was no basis for him to lose. I seem to think the judge was Michael Mukasey who subsequently became US AG. (not sure ??)

      You are so right to think of this angle to the 9-11 story.

    • Brilliant point Mal.
      Yes — it has always puzzled me.
      But, let me explain what I was told about INSURANCE PAY-OFFS–POLITICO 101
      I was told by an investigator working on crime (bosses) in the 80s and 90s. Happened many times in NSW.

      Modus Operandi
      1. Corporation needs an advantage to expand.
      2. They identify a Politician that will assist.
      3. But now he needs to get “paid” (can’t be donations or contributions)
      4. A media outlet prints a false disparaging story
      5. Politician sues
      6. They settle out of court (confidentially)
      7. Media pays out
      8. Corporation sends the money to the media

      He said he knew of several transactions of around $200,000 plus.

      Maybe there’s a money circle that Larry tapped into.

    • Who was the “fire commander” to whom Lucky Larry spoke who mutually who agreed that because there had been “…such a loss of lives…” they should “pull it”. There had been no loss of lives of anyone employed in WTC 7 or any firefighters either.
      Why has this alleged “fire commander” never been identified or interviewed‽ And how would NYFD Commanders like magic have 47 story building collapse in at free fall speed.

    • Berry,
      you might find something about death bed confessions/evidence here.
      Of course you would be aware of the death bed evidence/accusation by constable Drury (Michael) used to charge Roger Rogerson (ex copper Det sgt) . (none the less Rogerson was acquitted of attempting to murder Drury)
      Court cases are the place to go for the good oil on that class of evidence…………………..they definitely exist despite what your referred article implies.
      Also, the ‘last will and testament’ cases by the dying are usually good for a family stoush running up legal costs.

      • I’m not dissing the GIST of the two stories, I’m questioning the role the two dying guys actually played. Where are the in-person interviews ? Looks to me like someone’s decided “Too many people are onto what went down so the only way of protecting ourselves is to create a dead-end trail via a ‘controlled leak’”.

        I also have a strong suspicion that Snowden & Manning were counter-intelligence.

        • One can imagine that a person wanting to spill all on their deathbed — might want to document it somehow. If one is video shy — at least record something on a phone. One has to wonder how much of Snowden etc is a secret battle we are not privy too.
          I often wondered whether Facebook was designed by Intel agencies and fed to Zuckerberg. Or maybe they were looking for the right program — and Facebook was the one that ticked the boxes. It is the perfect surveillance tool — that enlists a billion data researchers. A Stasi state staffed by gullible volunteers.

  7. The guy on the blue pillow was in a report in 2010.

    He is allegedly 87-year-old war veteran — Kevin Park — that had to use his own mobile phone to call triple-0 from his hospital bed because he couldn’t get help from nursing staff — here in Australia (Lismore Hospital)
    “Asbestosis sufferer Kevin Park was left languishing in Lismore Base Hospital earlier this month after waking in, in the middle of the night, soaked in sweat.”
    “Scared, confused and alone, Mr Park was at his wit’s end after 45 minutes of ringing when he finally decided to call triple-0 on his mobile.”

  8. Blue pillow yellow bedspread and M. PARK.
    Dee, you are a genius, Ms Marple has taught you well.
    The comments in the original story were apt…….. where is the video?
    Hard to beat rhe internet with misinformation, there are millions of sleuths. Just look at 911.
    In Mr Dimitry’s original article someone reported other suspect articles by him, including one on Princess Dianna
    To give the article a sembelence of authenticity it would seem that he searched for a photograph of someone to appear to be Mr Howard.
    Well, who would have thought that anyone in the US would discover the falsity……. after all, this is Australia and who reads the Telegraph in the US.
    I find that with far away articles it is wise to read comments first to test the ground……… as I did with the original article and reserved judgement.
    It has served its purpose; it confirms that bs is not reserved for the msm.
    BTW. Once I had to ring the club bar to get a drink brought over. (:- good on Mr Park.

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