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Servant Leadership – Resonating with Tulsi Gabbard


by Julius Skoolafish

Every now and then, someone comes to our attention that we simply resonate with.  What is it about them that creates this resonance?  Perhaps they exude a certain simplicity and truthfulness –and have qualities that go with that – empathy, compassion and goodwill towards all other people, creatures and the planet itself.

Tulsi Gabbard is one such person.

  • Born in 1981, in Leloaloa, ‘American Samoa’, the fourth of five children.
  • Moved to Hawaii at age 2.
  • Father is of Samoan and European ancestry, born in Samoa.
  • Mother is of European descent and a practicing Hindu
  • Joined the US military and served two deployments in the Middle East.
  • Since 2013 has been a US Congresswoman from Hawaii

On January 4, 2017, Gabbard introduced legislation by which the US should stop funding ISIS! She got several Democrats to co-sponsor this bill, and in the Senate Rand Paul has obliged by introducing an identical act. It is called “the Stop Arming Terrorists Act.”

It seeks to prohibit the use of United States Government money to provide assistance in the form of funding and the provision of armaments, intelligence, and training to terrorist groups. Rep Tulsi Gabbard particularly cites Al Qaeda, Jabhat Fateh al-Sham, and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), The law would also stop funding countries that support those organisations directly or indirectly.

In announcing the legislation, she said:

“If you or I gave money, weapons or support to al-Qaeda or ISIS, we would be thrown in jail.  Yet the U.S. government has been violating this law for years, quietly supporting allies and partners of al-Qaeda, ISIL … and other terrorist groups with money, weapons and intelligence support, in their fight to overthrow the Syrian government.” [notice that Gabbard used the word “government”]

During the 2016 Democratic primaries she resigned from her position as vice-chair of the DNC, the Democratic National Committee. She did this in defiance of (the now thoroughly exposed and discredited) Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the election-rigging antics of the Hillary Clinton camp (Tulsi supported Bernie Sanders by the way).

“It’s very dangerous when we have people in positions of leadership who use their power to try to quiet those who disagree with them.  When I signed up to be vice-chair of the DNC, no one told me I would be relinquishing my freedom of speech and checking it at the door …”

Tulsi also visited Syria and spoke to the people on the street and to President al Assad himself – naturally, she came under intense, vitriolic criticism. (They can’t have the truth getting out, now can they?)

In regard to Standing Rock, the South Dakota Pipeline protests – Tulsi was there supporting the Sioux native landowners for their right to a clean water supply.  On Climate Change – I suggest she is a genuine environmentalist, not a climate hoaxologist.

Of course no-one is perfectly informed or aligned on every single topic (on 9/11 she says “It was al Qaeda who attacked us on 9/11 – so why are we arming them and supporting them now?” – maybe she was just being clever and throwing the double-talk back in their face and keeping her powder dry (?)).  As a politician, she often has to keep her powder dry on ‘delicate’ topics concerning political correctness and the counter narrative …

But her own words best sum up her personal philosophy and her deep sense of spirituality …

“The whole world today is in dire need of servant leaders – leaders who out of love for God and others work for the wellbeing of the people, and indeed our planet …”

Clearly, the US needs a “regime-change” policy domestically … here’s hoping that this one woman, US Congressperson Tulsi Gabbard, and likeminded people such as Rand Paul and ‘our’ own Mary W Maxwell, through their words and actions can demonstrate how a people of simple integrity can change the world.

As a Comment to her video about Memorial Day in May, 2017, someone named  Ranger55Delta wrote:

Americans desire a non interventionist policy but anyone who promotes that gets called a coward by the establishment and media. Tulsi being a veteran not only understands the cost of war but her service allows her to speak on foreign policy and be immune from the war hungry Republicans who desire to send poor Americans to die all over the world for their donors’ profits. Also, she wants to legalize marijuana and invest in American infrastructure. She will be president!

Rep Gabbard’s theme of “servant leadership” keeps shining through – she is inspired and inspiring – certainly someone worth resonating with. Here she talks about the Gita:

–Julius Schoolafish is a keen reader and occasional commenter at GumshoeNews.com



  1. In the Senate, Mr Paul introduced the equivalent Gabbard bill on March 10, 2017 (S 532) which says:

    A BILL to
    prohibit the use of United States Government funds to provide assistance to Al Qaeda, Jabhat Fateh al- Sham, and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and to countries supporting those organizations, and for other purposes.

  2. Mr Skoolafish, I like the way you gave us a taster along with the link to a video. I wish all linkers would do that in Comments, even if only a few words.
    OK. Here’s a taster from the website US History.org, that discusses why Hawaii became the 50th state of the US (in 1960):

    “By the time the United States got serious about looking beyond its own borders to conquer new lands, much of the world had already been claimed. Only a few distant territories in Africa and Asia and remote islands in the Pacific remained free from imperial grasp. Hawaii was one such plum.”

    Hungry for more? Go to

    • Great link – thank you, Mary …

      • “When war broke out with Spain in 1898, the military significance of Hawaiian naval bases as a way station to the SPANISH PHILIPPINES outweighed all other considerations.“

      Tulsi often makes reference to ties with the Filipino people. Speaking of knowing their history and being a Servant Leader … President Rodrigo Duterte:


  3. If only the teachings of Krsna , who is Jesus , were followed by humanity instead of the talmud there would be no wars unnecessary suffering exploitation and mass migration .
    All glories to Our Heavenly Father .

  4. Through the ‘Stop Arming [/Funding] Terrorists Act’, Tulsi Gabbard very much shines a light on the diabolical attempts to destroy the state of Syria – its people and their government. Here is a bit more light …

    • Mike Robinson (UK Column) interviews Patrick Henningsen and Vanessa Beeley (21st Century Wire)

    They discuss the following article in particular (and the broader topic of government(s) funding of terrorism including White Helmets and various NGOs – near the end they touch on the human tragedy in Yemen)


    This video by Khaled Iskef is featured exposing the Bana propaganda fraud (I wonder what J K Rowling has to say …)


    • Beware ex-military with road to Damascus conversions…all contingencies are catered for in this game. Notably the limited hangout:

  5. Julius, I see you lined us to a very fresh item July 17, 2017. The reporting from NewsWire UK is very good.

    Dee ought to check on this story of the little girl. There is another little girl who gives the opposite. (From Turkey, with her Mom)

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