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Australia's Minister for Resources Needs to be Re-educated


Senator Matt Canavan

by Dee McLachlan

On Monday night National Party Senator Matt Canavan was on the panel of ABC’s Q&A program. British (Al Jazeera English)  journalist Mehdi Hasan, and columnist for The Intercept, was also on the panel. Sen Canavan is our RESOURCES Minister

After listening to these two men debate, it was soon evident that Senator Canavan was out of his depth when it came to global affairs. That in itself might not be a concern, but it seems the Minister of Resources has absolutely no understanding about powers that create wars to pillage the resources of other nations.

I was shocked to hear that the minister still believes that George Bush (along with his willing partners) invaded Iraq to export DEMOCRACY to that nation. He seems to have no understanding about why we (Australia) were involved in a war that killed over a million people.

Regardless of the minister’s meteoric rise up the Canberra power ladder to become the Minister for Resources, he needs to be re-educated.

ABC’s Q&A Program

Let me quote from the transcript of Monday night’s show on ABC. The conversation started with a question directed at Mehdi Hasan about Islamophobia. The discussion then led from the Bali bombings to 9-11:

WOMAN IN AUDIENCE …since the advent of 9/11, we have had at least 1.7 million people lose their lives in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

Tony Jones (the host) directs the conversation to panelist, John Stackhouse.

JOHN STACKHOUSE …we’re now talking about military-scale engagements – this isn’t terrorism anymore, right? This is actually warfare.

TONY JONES – Some of which occurred as a direct result of terrorism. So, in other words, the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War, they were in response to terrorist attacks.

MEHDI HASAN – Actually, the Iraq War wasn’t in response to terrorist acts, it was based on a bunch of lies about terrorism that didn’t exist. Al-Qaeda wasn’t in Iraq. We put Al-Qaeda in Iraq. ISIS wasn’t in Iraq. We put ISIS in Iraq. [Note: when Mehdi says “we” he is referring to the UK.]

MATT CANAVAN – Are you saying that Al-Qaeda and Afghanistan didn’t cause September 11? 

MEHDI HASAN – I said Iraq, Matt. I specifically said… mentioned the Iraq War, which is the biggest blunder and the biggest recruiting sergeant for terrorism in our lifetimes. [Canavan mumbles his disapproval]

The Q&A debate continued:

MEHDI HASAN …countries like Australia shouldn’t, therefore, be supporting horrific governments in the Middle East that don’t support those values, that do behave horrifically, that are dictatorships… [Applause] that are incubators for terrorism? Australia supports countries like Saudi Arabia, which has done more to spread that ideology than any country in the world…

MATT CANAVAN …Well, before, earlier, you were lambasting the Bush administration for going to Iraq… Whatever you thought of George W Bush’s policy, it was identifiably and directly to try and partly spread democracy in the Middle East. That’s what he wanted to do. [Crowd groans]

MEHDI HASAN …Tell that to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

MATT CANAVAN – Hang on, Mehdi… We shouldn’t be going around meddling in other countries, right? It’s not our – that would be counterproductive, as it’s proven to be in the Middle East… let’s just all focus on making sure we make this place [Australia] as safe and secure and as prosperous…

It is clear that the Minister of Resources has no idea why Australia was dragged into a war in Iraq.

And he obviously believes the official narrative regarding 9-11 — that 19 Arabs knocked down three towers and penetrating purportedly “most guarded building in the world.” One would be sure that he has never heard of Building 7.

So Senator, please watch this on Building 7, and let me direct you to a Youtube video of General Wesley Clark explaining that during the Bush administration in 2001, the Neocons in the Pentagon were already planning the war and destruction of Iraq.

Dr Roberts on Iraq

Senator, what about reading an article by Dr Paul Craig Roberts. Roberts was awarded the Treasury Department’s Meritorious Service Award for “his outstanding contributions to the formulation of United States economic policy.” This is what he wrote in 2013 about Iraq:

“Ten years ago today the Bush regime invaded Iraq. It is known that the justification for the invasion was a packet of lies orchestrated by the neoconservative Bush regime in order to deceive the United Nations and the American people.

“The US Secretary of State at that time, General Colin Powell, has expressed his regrets that he was used by the Bush regime to deceive the United Nations with fake intelligence that the Bush and Blair regimes knew to be fake. But the despicable presstitute media has not apologized to the American people for serving the corrupt Bush regime as its Ministry of Propaganda and Lies.

“It is difficult to discern which is the most despicable, the corrupt Bush regime, the presstitutes that enabled it, or the corrupt Obama regime that refuses to prosecute the Bush regime for its unambiguous war crimes, crimes against the US Constitution, crimes against US statutory law, and crimes against humanity.”

And what about reading Nicholas J. Davies’ book, “Blood on our Hands – the American Invasion and Destruction of Iraq”. He wrote:

“The Fallujah Compensation Committee reported in March 2005 that the assault destroyed 36,000 homes, 9,000 shops, 65 mosques, 60 schools, both train stations, one of the two bridges, two power stations, three water treatment plants and the city’s entire sanitation and telephone systems.”

And Don’t Forget Libya?

And Senator, being a National Party politician, these are ten things that you may not have known about Libya BEFORE it was destroyed (items courtesy of globalresearch).

1. A home in Libya was considered a natural human right. “The house is a basic need of both the individual and the family, therefore it should not be owned by others,” (Gaddafi’s Green Book).

2. Education and medical treatment were all free — boasting one of the best healthcare services in the Middle East and Africa.

3. Gaddafi carried out the world’s largest irrigation project.

4. It was free to start a farming business. If any Libyan wanted to start a farm they were given land, stock and seeds free of charge.

5. A bursary ($5,000) was given to mothers with newborn babies.

6. Electricity was free.

7.  Petrol was cheap — often as low as US$0.14 per litre.

8. Gaddafi raised the level of education from 25% to 87%, with 25% earning university degrees.

9. Libya had its own state bank — providing loans at zero percent interest, by law.

10. Gaddafi was trying to introduce a single African currency linked to gold – a move that would have assisted African nations to free their nations from the Western debt-poverty cycle. It has been said that the gold Dinar was the real reason for the NATO led rebellion, in a bid to oust the outspoken leader.

Senator, imagine how your constituents in Queensland would react to free farmland, free electricity and cheap petrol — or a zero interest loan?

I and many Gumshoe readers would be happy to meet with you — to arm you with more information to help make Australia become a more responsible and considered nation.

Readers, you can contact the Senator here: senator.canavan@aph.gov.au



    • Dee, it would be impossible to satirise Canavan. He is satire.

      Dee, can you go back and find the Youtube that shows the PM of Canada and the PM of Oz (Howard) giving identical speeches about the need to enter Iraq?

      I have said this before: Adelaidians are not protestors. They don’t come out in droves, they come out in dozens or less, but on the Sunday before the Parliamentary decision to invade Iraq in 2003, there were 100,000 souls on North Terrace, all saying NO.

      Parliament proceeded unabashedly to say YES.
      So for whom do the Parliamentarians work?

      • Please, Harper was the Conservative Leader of the Opposition, not the Liberal PM, who was Jean Chrétien, and Canada did not go in.

        • Thanks for correction.

          But — That’s a concern — if he was PM in 2003, maybe Canada would have gone in. (Harper served as the 22nd Prime Minister of Canada, from February 6, 2006 to November 4, 2015.) How in the world did he land up with the same speech as Howard.

          Jean Chrétien might have been given the same speech (who knows) but didn’t read it out. He “announced in Parliament on 17 March 2003 that Canada would not participate in the pending invasion. Nevertheless, he offered the US and its soldiers his moral support.”

  1. Did I read that right? “We shouldn’t be going around meddling in other countries, right?”

    What does he think US, UK and Australia have been doing for years?

    Isn’t this what his real bosses, the Central Bankers, have been ordering him and his colleagues to do all along?

    Is he really that stupid?

  2. And this ignorant idiot is suppported by Malcolm Turnbull and/or Barnaby Joyce to be a cabinet member of our government.
    What do our government members do during party meetings?
    Smoke pot?
    The ignorant idiots (and msm) are going to get us killed.
    The Labor opposition is just as culpable.
    They should all be required to be subjected to a independent profesional psychiatric examination to determine their sanity.

    • Ned , if only they smoked . Our politicksians , of compromised behaviour , are probably on “the real thing”.
      I agree with all of you . This place is a democracy in name only . Debt usury and voting with pencils is a dictatorship of slavery . Always been that way here . We may have had peace here but always at the tragedy of suffering in the nations that our mercenary “defence” forces invade .
      Things can only get worse (if we let them) cause it looks like the new boss
      is communism . Like I’ve said before ,
      great country even better people but our leaders are deviants .

  3. Did anyone else catch Dutton on the ABC last night, failing to give a credible public justification for the creation of his new super-agency? He referenced “keeping the Australian people safe” about five times in the ten minute interview. That became the sole justification in the end.

  4. This LETTER was sent to the minister by one of our readers:

    Senator Canavan and staff.

    Dear Senator and staff,

    Re: Time that our parliamentary representatives realise that they are appearing ignorant and silly.

    As an introduction, before reading what follows please view the video of an interview by Amy Goodman with General Wesley Clark, (ret) former supreme commander of NATO wherein, he advises that the US plan prior to 911 was (is!) to go invade and take down 7 countries in five years and he names the countries.

    (In other words; to go invade kill and plunder whilst destroying seven countries, willingly joined by Australia following the Howard Liberal Government sponsored by Australia’s fake main-stream media)

    The fake mass media and shock jokes have not and will not tell the public about this interview and no doubt there would hardly be one of our federal politicians who will face the facts.

    Senator Canavan; please exercise a backbone and earn part of your pay carrying out your duties for two minutes listening to General Wesley Clark at this link below.
    If you do not, why are you pretending to represent Australians?
    Of course that duty includes a duty upon all staff members of all politicians who are also paid by the Australian taxpayers.


    I refer to the article linked below relating to your recent appearance on the ABC media watch program.

    Whilst I do not watch much television for obvious reasons the report of your comments, if accurate, demonstrating your attitude and lack of knowledge is distressing.

    The comments in the article linked below are regrettably, also applicable to many of your colleagues…even up to the Prime Minister and all his cabinet.

    It is difficult to understand how so many of our representatives could be so uninformed about reality.

    Thus the political decisions are based on false premises…like going killing in Iraq based on complete lies and bullshit resulting in millions dead and injured…FOR the last 14 years for Iraq and 16 for Afghanistan.

    The bottom line on that is that our representatives basically went and killed human beings and destroyed so many countries causing Muslim ‘refugees’ to spread throughout the Western world.

    Well they may as well just have gone over there and shot people at random and done home invasions to thieve.

    One would have thought that from the Howard Iraq example that our present representatives would be more astute and base their statements and attitudes on more research and common sense.

    The link to the article at gumshoe news.com is hereunder.

    When is our great country going to be led by people who oppose invading, theft and killing by researching the realities?

    Sender: Edited out

  5. Right.
    I note the letter and sentiments.
    Now what are you going to to do?
    One thing; don’t whinge and whimper if we get into more war and killing because you did not copy the letter or express similar sentiments; to everyone you know and to those who are supposed to represent humanity.
    Everyone has their own paid politician with staff lurking around each electorate.
    Why not inform and remind your parliamentary member of some facts and their duties?
    Whilst many may wish to contact the fake mass media, do not be surprised if they do not respond, they have ignored General Clarke’s exposure since the interview in March 2007.
    If that does not demonstrate to readers, serial longtime deceit and fakery by the msm, the ABC and SBS, then we have a sad ignorant distracted populace and a serious problem for our hopes for a alert demoocracy.
    “If you do not use it, you lose it”. (AS RUGBY FANS HAVE BEEN TAUGHT)

  6. Dee, the above mention of ‘presstitutes’ puts me in mind of http://www.presstitutes.org , another good site attacking mass media whores.

    Gee, at least real whores do real ‘work’ earning an honest dollar, if they are self-employed, part of a co-op or work at a legal brothel. They must feel insulted being mentioned in the same breath as journalists or politicians!

  7. Well the latest on Canavan is that he is also an Italian citizen and he did not know it.
    He has resigned from cabinet, so that fixes that.
    He might now have some time to consider and answer some correspondence.
    One might hope that he moves to Italy and goes for a job in the Italian government.

    • Ned, is a by-election scheduled? Would some Gumshoe readers please stand for the seat?

      Come on, I’m doin’ it and you can do it too.
      It won’t kill you. How about Ned? How about Dee? How about Fair Dinkum?
      How about Christopher’s daughter the singer?

      I sang at a campaign meeting the other night. And I’m not dead yet. (Far as I know.)

      • Some way to go to sort this all out.
        If the opportunity arises and you are avaiiable, renounce the US and give it a go.
        You could name change to Pauline Marple?

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