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The Rise and Rise of the Regime Renovators


by Greg Maybury (The full article is published on Greg’s site here at Poxamerikana)

“…I’ve seen that we do not intend to free, but to subjugate [people]….We’ve gone there to conquer, not to redeem. It should be our pleasure and duty to make people free, and let them deal with their own domestic questions in their own way….[I] am opposed to having the eagle put its talons on any other land.”  Comments by Mark Twain, anti-imperialist, reflecting on the real objectives of America’s war with Spain.

For those Americans au fait with their country’s fondness for engineering coups, ousting democratically elected leaders, and interfering in the political affairs of other nations – to all intents the perennial bedrock principle of U.S. foreign policy — Iran is a well-documented exemplar.

Given the supreme ironies inherent in the political imbroglio in the U.S. attending Russia’s alleged meddling in the 2016 presidential elections, along with America’s resolve to seek once again regime change in Russia’s ally Iran, it’s timely we revisit this slice of history. Doing so presents us an opportunity to view the so-called ‘Russia-gate’ furore, the Iran regime change ambitions, and the increasingly bloody war in Syria – itself an ally of both Russia and Iran — within a broader, more nuanced historical context.

From there we might derive a more informed perspective on the contemporary geopolitical zeitgeist and the hegemonic forces that have fashioned it. And attending that deeper perspective should be a sure sign of the existential dangers for civilization and humanity at large of allowing our leaders in the West to continue down this path unchallenged, one that is as well-worn as it’s fraught with peril.

In Regime Change, We Trust

Insofar as Russia’s alleged meddling in U.S. politics goes and the animus that attends the hysteria, as Oliver Stone discovered during his recent appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert – itself hot on the heels of his much publicised four hour meet ‘n greet with Russian president Vladimir Putin wherein it was earlier raised – he was at pains to impress upon his host that Israel had a much bigger case to answer than did Russia.

Of course Stone was on the money here.

The unalloyed reality of the power and influence that Israel exerts within and across the morally and ethically desertified landscape that is the nation’s capital is a given, with the Middle East’s only ‘democratic’ settler-colonizer apartheid regime leaving few stones unturned – and exhibiting little discretion and subtlety but equal parts chutzpah and subterfuge — in how it wields then leverages that influence (sometimes treacherously so) to its advantage and against the interests of its principal patron and benefactor.

But that’s clearly a narrative that doesn’t bode well in the Beltway at the best of times, and more rational, clear-eyed folks know the reasons why.

For one, the corporate media, for the most part doesn’t entertain such verities. Even if they were inclined, the omnipotent Israel Lobby would cut them off at the knees.

And for his part, the ever smarmy Colbert, presumably aware which side his bread is buttered on, was reluctant to take Stone’s bait, much it seemed to his interviewee’s frustration. Beyond just interfering in U.S. politics, along with the parent Empire la perfide Albion, one of America’s steadfast partners-in-crime in the regime renovation business are the ubiquitous and iniquitous Israelis, an observation underscored by Against our Better Judgment author Alison Weir on her blog If Americans Knew.

Long targeted by Israel, for Weir, Iran especially provides an instructive example herein. With the Saudis as back-up, it is Israel — ably supported by its Praetorian Guard AIPAC and its ilk along with its shills in Congress – that’s been the hard-core driver of Washington’s seemingly irrational animus towards all things Iran. Along with underscoring Israel’s clout in Washington, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s 2015 Congressional dog ‘n pony show fiercely opposing the Iran Nuclear agreement then being negotiated by the Obama administration provides some of the best evidence for this.

Indeed, it’s another of Washington’s worst best-kept secrets that – the nuclear agreement aside — Iran remains a high priority on the ‘to do’ list for the Regime Renovators. (See also herehere, and here.)

In addition to the relentless propaganda campaign pursued by Israel the aim of which is to paint Iran as the existential threat du jour, despite the fact that U.S. intelligence agencies and others in the know don’t support the allegations about its mythical nuclear weapons program, Weir had the following to say:

“Israel and the U.S. deployed a computer virus against Iran in what’s been called the world’s first digital weapon. Iranian nuclear physicists [were] assassinated by Israel, and the U.S. instituted a blockade against Iran that caused food insecurity and mass suffering among the country’s civilians. [Such a blockade can be seen as an act of war.] Democratic Congressman and Israel partisan Brad Sherman admitted the objective of the sanctions: ‘Critics of sanctions argue that these measures will hurt the Iranian people. Quite frankly, we need to do just that’.”

Most folks then who don’t dine out on the McDonald’s (‘would you like lies with that?’) media diet that is the corporate news are as well aware of Uncle Sam’s recidivistic predisposition towards meddling in the affairs of other nations, engineering coups and colour revolutions, and ousting democratically elected leaders as they are of the bespoke misinformation and disinformation – the ‘real’ fake news – that’s tailored to suit the official narrative that goes with it.

Along with the ongoing Syrian War, the 2014 Ukraine coup is one of the most egregious, more recent example of this, with again Stone’s confab with Putin providing an alternative perspective on both counts. Yet even here the majority of Americans would attribute the Ukraine crisis to “Russian aggression” and the Syrian War largely to Bashir Assad’s ‘despotism’; it’s simply what they are told by the MSM, and insofar as they’re concerned [they] have little reason to doubt this. Much the same goes for the Iran WMD narrative, despite the fact that we’ve heard that one before with Iraq around fifteen years ago.

The full article here.

–Greg Maybury is an Australian based freelance journalist, alternative media entrepreneur, filmmaker and blogger, and partially rehabbed history teacher.

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and poxamerikana


  1. in allowing me to indulge in my selective snarkiness, it would be remiss of me if I didnt express my gratitude to Greg Maybury here and Dee for their excellent, comprehensive work.

    i look forward to sharing the uplifting enlightenment from the http://poxamerikana.com website with friends as i do with https://gumshoenews.com

    look forward to sharing it with non friends too. It is hardly enough, but thank you.

  2. I wonder if the author of this article would care to expand on the following by providing some examples of what he puts forward?

    …….with the Middle East’s only ‘democracy’ settler-colonizer apartheid regime leaving few stones unturned……….

    And, in the case of Iran, perhaps the author would be better informed if he studied up on what an Islamic Republic represents to those who are forced to live with it, and the ambitions that Iran has been advertising for the world since the Islamic ‘revolution’ of 1979 in that country?

  3. This article reads like an msm sports report. Performance enhancing drugs are apparently only villainous if you’re a winner.

      • So what’s the difference between vilifying Nazi Germany & vilifying Israel? Everyone knows that Brit/Yankee/Aussie policy was driven by eugenics circa 1939 and that the Krauts weren’t demonsied for any reason other than they were better at it.

        But it appears that most folk still can’t get a grip on the fact that the NWO was put together by way of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, that said entity can only be dismantled by way of transcending the good guy/bad guy mentality.

  4. It appears that the author of this article is not going to answer my request. I will now put forward FACT based arguments that underline the author’s ignorance regarding what he has written.

    Point 1. The Author states: ‘Israel is a colonizer-apartheid regime’.

    FACT. Israel has no colonies (one can only be a colonizer if one has actually colonized) nor does it practice ‘apartheid’ which is the deliberate segregation of races, if there is an apartheid practice in place, as the author suggests within Israel, then why is it that the Israeli Knesset (democratic parliament not a regime) has two (Balad and Ta’al) Arab political parties vying for the Arab votes who are Israeli citizens living within Israel, the very descendants of those Arabs who chose to live as Israeli citizens rather than join with their own kind, who rejected the state of Israel, after the UN resolution of Partition in 1947 that paved the way for the creation of Israel?

    Point 2. The author demonstrates his lack of understanding of geopolitical issues when he states;…’Iran especially provides an instructive example herein. With the Saudi’s as back up, it is Israel – ably supported by its Praetorian Guard AIPAC and its ilk along with its shills in Congress – that’s been the hard core driver of Washington’s seemingly irrational animus toward all things Iran.

    FACT: Whatever the machinations of the overthrow of a democratically elected Prime Minister in Persia during 1953 (and this critic does not agree with them) what occurred in 1979 with the overthrow of the Shah of Persia completely changed the political landscape within the Middle East due to Persia – from then on being referred to as Iran – turning retrogressively into an Islamic Republic, and please note: Anyone who has not studied the political ideology that is Islam – it ain’t no religion, but is a system of political/social dictates that is fundamental to the progression of Islam as a colonizing force more in keeping with Nazi/Communist ideology than what is valued within Western civilization – will never understand the implications that an Iranian Islamic Republic brings with it.

    Trump is only now realizing the problem that Iran now presents, not only to the Middle East with its proxy army, Hezbollah, ensconced in Syria and Lebanon, but to the entire world as it supplies technology, arms and training, to that other rogue state, North Korea. Obama’s agenda was directly from the playbook of the Globalists as he then deliberately promoted Iran and its nuclear ambitions which are first; to destroy Israel and then to destroy the United States and if anyone doubts that the the Mad Mullahs have been continually uttering this goal since 1979, it is just a matter for the doubters to research what the Islamic Republic – now there is a contradiction in terms – of Iran actually means as the U.S. Navy sailors found out when ‘captured’ by the Iranian navy in international waters during 2016 and that Obama paid the jizya (arabic for ransom) for the release of.

    If the author believes that Iran is the victim in all this geopoliticking then I would suggest he has a lot more research to do!

    In conclusion, the author demonstrates a certain naivety in how the American government and its military have largely become puppets to the will of a group of people who direct their agenda while remaining behind the curtain – much as the Wizard of Oz was prone to doing – but, it they ain’t the Jews, as is generally bandied about, but some very well known gentile people who have been running some very old institutions on a hand me down basis for hundreds of years.

    Yes, the American military/industrial/intelligence complex has much to answer for in what it has been up to for well over 100 years, but it is their ‘controllers’ now known as the Globalist Deep State, who should be targeted.

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