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A Slew of Deathbed Confessions — Analyzing Content Clutter


Howard, Hopkins, Hodges. What! Gotcha!

by Dee McLachlan

I noticed that my recent article, entitled “Recent Deathbed Confessions from MI5 and CIA Agents,” had an unusual number of hits.

The reason I wrote it was that it seemed somewhat convenient that certain recent deathbed confessions surfaced from similar sources — and without much corroborating evidence. Well, as I learned later, the gent lying on the blue pillow was not the MI6 agent, John Hopkins– confessing to murdering Princess Diana — but was asbestosis sufferer Kevin Parks in Lismore Hospital, Australia, back in 2010.

Interesting too, is that many of these people providing deathbed confessions had names starting in “H“.  E.g. Hopkins (Princess Diana), Howard Hunt (JFK), Hodges (Marilyn Monroe), and Howard (Building 7).

Each of these stories may be true. Each, or some of them, may be false. But I have wondered if someone is placing an “H-factor’ in all the new confessions for the purpose of diluting the one deathbed story that looks the most genuine — the E  Howard Hunt one.

Content Clutter

We are AWASH with content. According to Eric Schmidt, when he was the CEO of Google in 2010, we create as much information every two days as we did from the dawn of civilization, up until 2003. There is so much information, society can’t seem to deal with it.

One might expect that an earth shattering confession should, if true, have consequences — but they don’t. It seems we are in a “content clutter game” that is so convoluted and confusing, it has become almost impossible to action anything, or right any wrong. Possibly an all-important confession is being drowned out by other fake confessions, or maybe fake photos have been planted over real confessions. There is a lot of disinformation and distraction.

If there was a bona fide deathbed confession — what would the authorities do anyway? Call for a new investigation into the collapse of Building 7?  Call Larry Silverstein and the Bush government employees to an inquiry?  No way. That’s just not happening.

Kevin Parks and Baxter Dmitry

Well is it Baxter Dmitry, or David Hardy? (same person apparently)

A few days ago, when I wrote my article, Dmitry’s June 19, 2017  Yournewswire article had a photograph of an elderly gent (allegedly MI5 Agent John Hopkins) lying on a blue pillow.

On checking the article yesterday, Parks’ photo has been replaced with a plain hospital bed. That seemed strange. Via Snopes I found that the man in this photo was apparently Kevin Parks, the 87-year-old war veteran. It was a 2010 report that described how Parks had to use his own mobile phone to call triple-0 from his hospital bed, because he couldn’t get help from nursing staff in the middle of the night. But his photo still appears on this Facebook page — the Hidden Truth. (Yes, the truth is hidden.)

(L) Kevin Parks, replaced by the new picture

Dmitry has damaged the MI5 Agent’s story — true or false.

H for Howard

Then on July 13, 2017, Dmitry published this article of a CIA Agent’s deathbed confession. This time, 79-year-old retired CIA agent, Malcom Howard (with the yellow bedspread).

This is how the host of K2D4 Network reacted (from a transcript of the video show):

“I give a shout out to my co-host Pete Hall for posting this article on the K2D4 Network Facebook page. This is so mind-blowing. Let’s get right into the article. CIA agent confesses on deathbed ‘we blew up WTC 7 on 9/11’. BOOM crazy…”

Many cling, with hope, to these confessions — but these reports are vacuumed up in the huge, unmanageable pool of content. For any of these confessions to have any actionable quality, and to be taken seriously, maybe one needs to tackle this differently.

Dmitry also reported on another Ex-CIA bedside confession, “Aliens Exist, CIA Agent’s Area 51 Deathbed Confession Goes Viral”. It is a video of researcher Richard Dolan interviewing an elderly gent about President Eisenhower and Area 51 (I’ll be expanding on this in another article). The video, with nearly 5 million views, was posted in 2013, but Dmitry reports this four years later — on June 17, 2017 — all in a month of many bedside confessions.

Another H in Hospital

Worldnewsdailyreport.com reported in July 16, 2017 that a 78-year old retired officer of the CIA, Normand Hodges, has made a series of astonishing confessions since being admitted to the Sentara General Hospital on Monday — claiming to have assassinated 37 people for the US government between 1959 and 1972 — including Marilyn Monroe.

Michael Tyrell — not CIA man, Hodges.

But there is a problem. This old man is wearing handcuffs. The Guardian wrote up a piece in November 2013 about sick prisoners being handcuffed in hospital. His name was Michael Tyrrell. The daughter took some photographs — shocked that her dying father had been handcuffed.

The real H — E Howard Hunt

In 2007, CIA operative E. Howard Hunt admitted to being part of a CIA assassination team to kill US President John F. Kennedy. This was significant for researchers and historians — confirming, for them, that the John F. Kennedy assassination did not happen as was reported by the mainstream media.

Hunt portrayed in the Rolling Stone 2007 article

As Rense wrote on the subject:

“…Hunt’s confession, which was taken by his son, St. John (“Saint”) Hunt, over the course of many personal and carefully planned father-son meetings… [implicated Lyndon B. Johnson and many others]

Rense concluded.

“Beyond any reasonable doubt, the US government murdered John F. Kennedy. There are people still alive today who were involved directly and indirectly implicated. Some are probably even serving in positions of high influence. Some still have never been identified or touched.”

Well, nothing happens — confession or no confession.

So where does that leave us?

A Numb (and Dumb) Society

I’d say, if anyone is thinking of a deathbed confession — call a live press conference on a false premise. Get them there — then spill the real beans — live. Put it on video (like Dolan did), audio and on twitter. Like Kevin Parks in Lismore Hospital, call triple-0 — then report yourself. Call in an attorney to witness the video recording. Surely there must be many ways to fake-proof these confessions — to stir action (if they are real).

It seems society is numb — drawn into a quagmire of content — and unable to make corrections. In general people have accepted that governments and power structures are corrupt to the core — leaving society unable to prosecute the most important of crimes.

Maybe we are not ready. (And are some things too awful and daunting for society to deal with? Ask Fiona Barnett.)

However, I do believe in the Hundredth Monkey Effect... that “once a critical number of members of one group exhibit the new behavior or acknowledge the new idea…” other groups begin to spontaneously embrace the new behaviour or idea — inexplicably.

There is still hope in numbers and tipping points.




    • Quoting MaryFerrell.org:

      In notes and conversations with his son Saint John, and in an audiotape he created in 2004 to be played after his death, Hunt described being invited into the “big event” at a Miami safehouse in 1963. Others named in the plot:

      ¥ Frank Sturgis, an anti-Castro paramilitary closely associated with Hunt. Sturgis was one of the Watergate burglars.
      ¥ David Morales, Chief of Operations at the CIA’s JMWAVE station in Miami. Morales himself told a few close associates of his involvement.
      ¥ David Phillips, CIA propaganda specialist and later Chief of Western Hemisphere Division. Phillips was assigned to Mexico City during the mysterious trip of Lee Harvey Oswald, or someone using his name, to that city in the fall of 1963.
      ¥ Antonio Veciana, Cuban exile leader of Alpha 66. Veciana told the HSCA that a “Maurice Bishop,” thought by many to be Phillips, pointed out Lee Harvey Oswald to him.
      ¥ William Harvey, a CIA officer who ran the ZR/RIFLE “executive action” program. Harvey fell out of favor with the Kennedys when he sent sabotage teams into Cuba during the 1962 Missile Crisis.
      ¥ Cord Meyer, a high-level CIA officer whose ex-wife Mary Meyer was having an affair with JFK.
      ¥ French Gunman Grassy Knoll. Hunt’s chart included an unnamed French hit man on the infamous grassy knoll.
      ¥ Lyndon Johnson, Vice-President.
      Hunt says he declined active participation but did have a “benchwarmer” role in the plot. In the tape excerpt made available so far, Hunt made no claims which would prove his allegations.

  1. Dee, Years ago Rodney Stich called my attention to the deathbed confession by Albert Carone that was reported under oath by his daughter Desiree (nickname Dee) Ferdinand.
    It is 20,000 words so I will only quote a passage. Albert was an orphaned child who was adopted by a mafia family. He became a worker for the US military and the NYPD (and the mafia):

    DF:      There are a couple of banks that he had mentioned and written down with the bank accounts on them, okay, but unless it is sitting in front of me, you know, Cayman Islands was a good one too.
    RK:      Bank of Zurich?
    DF:      Yes.
    RK:      Nat West?
    DF:      Definitely.
    RK:      Have you heard of…..
    DF:      Also the World Bank.
    RK:      The World Bank?
    DF:      Yes.
    RK:      Okay.  Have you heard your father refer to a Mr. Pingeron?
    DF:      Pincheron.  Now this is funny you should say that because Gunther Rossbacher came back and stated that one of my father’s names that he went by was Pincheron.
    RK:      So your father used aliases?  Was that what Mr. Rossbacher was referring to?
    DF:      Yes.
    RK:      Now you know that because of the conversation with Mr. Rossbacher?
    DF:      I never spoke to him. He spoke through Rodney Stitch and Rodney Stitch would call me.
    RK:      Okay, so Rodney would tell you.  So you really don’t know if your father used aliases or not?
    DF:      No, the only thing I can tell you is that Gunther went back to Rodney and told him that my father went by the name of Pincheron supposedly in the Chicago area.
    RK:      Just a couple of more things.  So your father basically was involved with organized crime and assisted them in various and sundry crimes?
    DF:      Yes.
    RK:      He was a bagman?
    DF:      Yes he was.
    RK:      And the usual connotation of a bagman is….
    DF:      He paid people off.
    RK:      Paying off….
    DF:      To look the other way.
    RK:      The usual connotation is illegal?
    DF:      He paid certain people off in NYPD for the drugs that they were bringing in from South America through the Central Intelligence Agency to look the other way.  He paid people off to do things in this country that they used the Mafia for at times that were working for the CIA to do criminal activities in this country.

    INote: the above came from a 1998 deposition in the US Court in Assachusetts. I found it at whale.to, which is a treasure trove of dissident documents: http://www.whale.to/b/ferdinand.html

  2. Even though Hunt made no claims which would prove his allegations, were any official inquiries made as to the possible truth? Were any of the people named, who were still alive, questioned?

    • Mal, Mal, you know better than to ask that, but thanks for asking. Keep asking!

      Have a look at this amazing 1988 interview with John Stockwell who had been in the CIA during Katanga, and Vietnam, and Angola. I recommend start at 8 minutes.

  3. As my days pass to the inevitable end I will provide my confession formally, as to the true circumstances of Cock Robin’s murder.
    It really was not the sparrow and the bow and arrow allegedy used is a fiction.
    When the time approaches I will tell all.
    I hope this goes viral on the net.

    • Ned, TODAY IS JAHAR TSARNAEV’S 24TH BIRTHDAY,. to be spent on Death Row.

      Let’s all write to FBI agent Richard DesLauriers who now works for. private Security firm and ask him to make a deathbed confession. I quote from http://www.archives.fbi.gov:

      “In announcing his retirement, Mr. DesLauriers noted, “It has been a distinct honor and privilege to serve for the past three years as SAC of the Boston Division of the FBI. I thank the very hard working women and men of the FBI for their dedicated public service to our great nation, and I thank our many law enforcement and United States Attorney’s Office partners for their enduring friendship and countless contributions to enhancing public safety and security across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Maine.”

      “Mr. DesLauriers has received numerous professional awards and commendations during his career and last month received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from his alma mater Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts, where he served as the 2013 commencement speaker.” Just imagine.

      • This day will be Dzhokhar,s fifth birthday locked in a cement cage. How sickening for anyone, but even more so for the innocent. DesLauriers had a lot to do with this injustice. He very quickly wrote the criminal complaint while Dzhokhar was still unconscious at Beth Israel. DesLauriers, like many of the co-conspirators of the official story, quickly left boston for a new job. He did receive many accolades etc, which is a tell tale sign of a corrupt official. He also participated in the sleezy docu-drama on the boston marathon bombing which aired on the Nat Geo channel, before the trial and was rife with deception and lies. He is about as low a person as you can get. Him receiving an “honorary Doctor of Laws degree” from his alma mater is more than appalling. It holds less weight than when the wizard of OZ gave scarecrow a degree. I don’t think that even a deathbed confession could save his cold petrified soul. Others who are working on this case continually will help Dzhokhar be exonerated long before that scum dies.

      • Given that it is Jahar’s birthday, Ned, I’m thinking’ if the fish claims to have caught the blood with a dish, does he have a receipt for the said dish? Did he pay cash at Saugus Mall? Did the store clerk give testimony at the fish’s trial?

        DID THE FISH USE GPS to get to Saugus?
        Was the dish still in the car when Dun Meg ex-caped at the Mobil station? Is the video date-stamped?
        Was the fish cross-examined about the blood-catching method?

        Ned, instead of waiting for your deathbed, Please give us a hint now — WHO killed Cock Robin?
        Millions want to know. Much depends on it.

  4. Dee I think your analysis is excellent and hope you will put a name to it. Then I could apply the idea to this news story about a soldier on Hawaii who has just been charged by the DoJ for allegedly selling equipment to ISIS.


    What I mean is, we could use Dee’s form of questioning: Is this incident one that has been set-up to distract from and/or diminish the importance of Rep Tulsi Gabbard’s proposed legislation to prevent the US itself from arming ISIS.

    Betcha 5 dollars it is. And offhand I don’t see why the man was not court-martialled.

    • Dee, hurry, hurry, think up a label for it, as another example has just popped into my mind. The AIDS epidemic was surely a man-made genocide. (See my book Consider the Lilies, a free downloads at http://www.maxwellforsenate.com). This led to many distractor articles of the type you mention.

      Some of the distractor research appears “scholarly. ” For example, there’s a 1999 book, “the River,” whose author Edward Hooper says that Dr. Hilary Koprowski of the Wistar Research Institute unintentionally caused the AIDS epidemic by using chimp kidneys to produce an oral polio vaccine.

      I paid “good money” to buy that book. I declare it to be full of obfuscation.

      Hurry, Dee.

  5. As mankind has an infinite capacity for discernment I’m convinced that being disinformed is, without exception, a personal choice.

    And being informed doesn’t necessarily have any bearing on justice being served.

    For anyone who’s not prepared to accommodate gross corruption & injustice there are numerous options: Fear is the only obstacle.

  6. More confession coming?
    Paul Mccartney was killed
    in November 1966 and was replaced by Billy Shears, now Sir Paul.
    Boy does the ABC have a lot of cash …. billions!

    • I forgot to mention that from my “in confidence” negotiations with a ABC radio guru on the ‘sparrow’ disclosures I have ascertained that the ABC has billions. (:-
      We, the taxpayer provide the money to run complete ABC bs for the new Dutton scenario. (Ask the ABC guru about building 7!)
      Why has Dutton not been given the Federal Communications gig as well?
      Malcolm; who continues the ABC propaganda portfolio now?
      Dutton, you have been shelved, the public is controlled by inventing false public perceptions to occupy you.
      The msm and public broadcaster is where the bicky is, you are just on ‘point’ duty mopping up the consequences.
      Enjoy! Keep us safe!

        • Yep, a bottomless trough probably explains why only their little ears may be seen above the swill with their wiggly tails of joy at the other end just above where their reports appear.
          They can neither see nor hear reality and merely obey their paymasters agenda in Canberra.

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