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Haiti’s Earthquake and the Clinton Foundation: a Double Disaster


by Malcolm R. Hughes

On 12th January 2010, the island nation of Haiti was hit by a devastating natural or man-made earthquake. French-speaking Haiti is on the west portion of an island in the Caribbean, of which the east side is occupied by the Spanish-speaking Dominican Republic. Haiti’s capital, Port Au Prince, was hit severely, with most houses being demolished, leaving hillocks of rubble. Many people were killed instantly.

As usual after such a disaster, the World’s population put their hands in their pockets and donated eleven billion  dollars. Many were people who have very little themselves. However, the earthquake was not the worst part of the disaster. That happened when Bill Clinton, who had been US president from 1993-2001, was given the control of the clean-up and reconstruction of Haiti.


The United Nations assigned him to this job as “Special Envoy”. Just imagine, eleven billion dollars donated by citizens and businesses worldwide was put into the manipulating hands of Bill Clinton. It is rumored that “Clinton Friends” were the favoured contractors in the Haiti clean-up project.

This project was supposedly going to build a modern Haiti, with new infrastructure. However, there is very little difference between the old and the new, after “spending” a huge amount of donated money.

The Clinton Foundation itself received donations of about $30 million dollars for this one event.  Allowing for other NGO’s (non-governmental organisations) and governments, the total figure controlled by the Special Envoy climbed to a few more billion dollars.

What Is a Foundation?

The Clinton Foundation is supposed to be a public foundation, thereby regulated by certain criteria. In the United States a foundation is a type of charitable organisation and, depending on its charter, is either a public or private foundation. There are differing taxation rulings than normal, for both the foundation and its donors.

The reason that public foundations are given taxation incentives is that there are benefits to society, substituted for tax-payer government funding. Foundations should lower government costs.

Public foundations are not to be involved in any (no matter how minor) illegal activity whatsoever.

Public foundations are not to be run by the family who set it up. They must have trustees, to prevent personal gain of money or advantages. (i.e. political gain) or any conflict  of interest to those that set up the foundation.

Public foundations must be independent of government.

Public foundations must acquire at least a third of donations from the public.

Public foundations are required to furnish audited accounting documents to the public and the IRS.

Public foundations are required to inform regulators of any intended changes to their charter before any changes in operation are made.

On the above regulations alone it appears that the Clinton Foundation has not been following the law. A very reliable expert, Charles Ortel, has looked into the matter of the non-regulation of the Clinton Foundation. I will place his Youtube interview below and strongly urge you to invest 30 minutes in watching it. A real eye-opener.

Charles Ortel Investigates

Thus, there is no accounting whatsoever for most of the money distributed by these foundations! All of the information I am providing here is available from several reports made by Charles Ortel a private investor, investigative reporter. Here is one of his video reports:

On the webpage of the Clinton Foundation, at the bottom right, is what appears to be a link to 2014 consolidated expenditure. However, this link does not open. Another bit of dishonesty?

 Red Cross and Oxfam

In my research for this article I’ve learned that some of the NGO’s that we hear of often, that are forever pleading for our money, do not appear to be doing what is best for those who they are collecting on behalf of.

The people of Haiti were desperate for water. The Red Cross Association, with what looked like a very new water tanker outfit, was delivering water. The water was undrinkable. It made the drinker sick. When a Red Cross official was questioned on site about this situation, he acknowledged that the water was undrinkable.

When asked why drinking water wasn’t being delivered, he gave an unbelievable answer — “that it was too expensive”. What? Between 6 and 15 billion dollars raised and drinking water wasn’t on the menu.

Oxfam had lavatories supplied. Except these lavatories have no plumbing, no water, only a timber frame with galvanized sheeting forming walls, and a door, with no roof. People were able to have use of these shams, if they brought and took away their own bucket. One of these “buildings” shown could be built in Australia, I estimate for less than $A100.00.

The United Nations Organisation was also very “helpful.” They supplied what looked like several hundred armed to the teeth servicemen, who stood around scaring the life out of the already traumatised population.

But wait! Some of this army of guerrillas, brought with them from Nepal, cholera. There had never been a case of cholera in Haiti previously. The toilet block in the UN compound had malfunctioned, so a trench was dug to allow the overflow into a natural water hole that was used by locals for bathing. Of course, now there is a cholera epidemic.

Hillary Clinton’s brother’s company has got control of gold mining and oil leases. Most people are unaware of Haiti’s rich potential of raw materials. There is reportedly more oil than in Venezuela and it is very rich in gold and other minerals.

After 2 years of “living it up in the best hotels of Haiti, and partying regularly as though they were tourists”, as one local reported, the Clinton Foundation staff left Haiti in no better state than when they had arrived. The reason given for leaving, was that all the money had been used up.

At this stage the local refugees are without proper housing, still in temporary makeshift accommodation on ground that the owners now want back, and are demanding that the refugees go elsewhere. But where?

–Malcolm R. Hughes of Western Australia is a retired pensioner, interested in a fairer world.

Adapted photo credit: NYT


    • Mal, can you get any info on how “the United Nations” — God help us — came to appoint Clinton as the Haiti dispenser of money?

      Did they appoint Clinton as an individual or appoint his Foundation?

      Heck, they could have called on Kenneth Feinberg of 9-11 fame AND Boston fame. Not to say Agent Orange fame.

      And was it the UN General Assembly or the Secy General? Oh, surely the GA would have been too skeptical to do that. Only hours after the earthquake struck, Venezuela was saying this natural disaster was about as natural as… oh never mind.

      • Mary , glad you mentioned agent orange . Did you know it was manufactured in Meadowbank Sydney . As a result all the Italian fishermens families got cancers .
        Sixties seventies eighties and so on .

        • 56,
          Union Carbide. They made batteries as I recall.
          Met one of theirs back in about 68 at Thedbo.
          Time to disclose the story.
          People are buying/living in that area.
          I recall some NSW bureacrat stating that one should not eat fish from West of the harbour bridge.
          Do not get me on to the ‘informed sellout’ of a site in Hunter’s Hiil. Goes right to the top in NSW (and Fed) with undisclosed compo (?)

          • Ned ,
            there’s an old saying “the fish always stinks from the head”.
            Now just like in “Animal Farm” they are inviting communist party officials from the globe to expand their pigs utopia .
            Connected corruption at the top and slave workers feeding them . The “fair go” replaced by “fare go” .

  1. Now remind us how much our Dullard and Runt gave to the Clingons from money we borrowed from the shysters at interest.

    • Ok. Try; many tens of millions of borrowed money,
      Just search something like: ‘Gillard and Rudd donations to the Clinton foundation’
      Have to love the msms, they were on to this theft of our taxpayer monies.
      Well, the msm had to, did it not?
      Those of the internet were on to it and as usual the msm was stuck. It had to report it.
      As a rule of thumb the msms are about three days behind selling their stories………. that it has to face and own up to.
      I recall our Julie stating that we cannot get it back.
      Why not Julie?
      Our Ex prime ministers were dudded and squandered our borrowed money.
      Why should recompense with interest not come out of their pensions?

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