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Idiocies and Unaccountability

(L) The Kremlin, (R) The White House

by G5

One of the arrogant stupidities that emerged from The Benghazi Affair was a [security] recommendation from the prior Inman Report concerning the 23/10/1983 American Barracks Bombing in Beirut (as with The Oklahoma City Bombing the real perpetrators were not those nominated).

They were both False Flags — as indeed were The USS Cole and USS Liberty affairs.

It was put forward as a practice — bearing in mind the two following East African, American Embassy Bombings — that ‘Host Nations’ should accept ‘their responsibilities’.

Libya was invaded by America to steal its oil, and maintain the Petrodollar fraud, and a hidden notion of empire by conquest. Its long-term non-confrontational leader was murdered, to the idiotic high-fiving of Sick Mama. A nation with a relatively high standard of living was socially and economically destroyed by an invading force. And the arrogance of ‘Host Nation’ and ‘their responsibility’ is put forward as some relevance.

We heard the same nonsense concerning Russia not ‘meeting its responsibilities’ with regard to the American false flag of Khan Sheikoun [the chemical attack], and the prior American false flag of Ghouta. (Sheikoun is currently Shaykhun, with editors likely hiding information through altered spellings. There are many examples.)

We also saw this [altered spelling] concerning the other two American false flags of Lockerbie and the Yvonne Fletcher Murder. But America previously murdering Ghadaffi’s young children was fine.

Then we heard the same arrogant narrative concerning China not accepting ‘its responsibilities’ concerning North Korea.

As the American cartel, funds its continuance, IS [ISIS] has only been countered by Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and Russia.

And allowing the Pentagon to be tied down by LGBT ‘imperatives’ keeps it subservient to Russia and China.

Democracy and Russia

Russia lends a hand TOWARDS the democracy of America — not AWAY from it. The century of devastation suffered by Orthodox Russia, did not make it want to cause the same to others. Christians are Christians.

Islamic Kosovo perpetrated a genocide against Serbian Orthodox Christians. The Clintons (Huma Abedin) pushed as NATO and America used chemical weapons against the Serbs. The Greek Military could not hold the position. Russia intervened and began dropping USAF ‘Stealth’ Fighters and Bombers, as they appeared.

America ran — as it had done in Vietnam, Korea, and Germany (WWII). As a take-way ‘closure’, America postured that Serbia had gassed Kosovo, and America defended those people. Milosovic et al  were victimised by America, and the  Western suckers went back to the sports section.

I have written previously how Russia has supplied the Trump Administration with all Clinton’s missing emails — and any other relevant material requested.

Russia (and China) hack EVERYTHING that passes through The American Government. Just as well for America and the American People, that it does.

The spin that Russia interferes in America — through elections or by the convenient misinterpretations of meetings and communications — is today’s big lie. To clean its house, America needs Russia.

Russia did not ‘interfere’ in the Trump Election. It was obvious to the sane that he would win. However if Clinton had won, events compelling to even the American MSM would have begun rolling to destabilize and remove her.

If Congress or the Executive Branch are obstructed by ‘Government’ apparatchiks, in the performance of their Constitutional and lawful duties — representing The People of The United States — then indeed they should ask Russia to supply them with what they need. After all, Russian Intel feeds Assange. Where else do you think such volumes of information would come from? Whistle-blowers? Manning and Snowden are not the answers. Obama’s reputation concerning whistle-blowers is legend. A Liberal open society? Hardly.

Snowden was fed by the CIA, against The NSA. It concerned their ongoing war — which Rogers and Pompeo don’t admit.

All the screeching and obstructionism to one side — the Government of America has been hijacked by an apparatchik elite acting as the agents of The Owners of America. They are all immune. The enemies of America and its People are unaccountable.

I have previously written that the break in The Deep State Swamp to which America mutated (The Apparatchik Elite) was by pitting one against the other. I have also written that the liars Comey and Lynch would be the first line to break.

This is not specifically about Clinton, Lynch, or Comey. It’s about recovering America from the state to which it was allowed to slide. The state to which The Western World was allowed to slide. Russia recovered after a century of Bolshevik devastation. The timeline for America has been about the same. Russia paid a much heavier domestic price. America’s price has been spread throughout its allowed global influence.

The $5 trillion referred to in the following clip concerns the two American mortgage guarantee agencies, commandeered by Obama.

I have written previously about how Obama ran out of money to fund the insanities of His Government. As did Slick Willy. Actually it is a complex issue involving The Fed. And on that light — Loretta Lynch was a former Board Member of The (Rockefeller) New York Fed.

Obama savaged the two main mortgage guarantee funds to pay for the continuance of the insane and resilient parasite of Obamacare.

(Watch videoJason Chaffetz Finds Out Taxpayers Get Charged For Information They Already Own)

In the six months to date — allowing for the deceptions of The Fed and The US Treasury, the Trump Administration has cut some $1 trillion from government expenditure. The Elitists are not amused.

They are pouting and stomping their feet refusing to co-operate with Congress — blocking Trump through Junk Law decisions, ignoring subpoenas to appear and to produce, destroying subpoenaed evidence, lying under oath, taking The 5th, and being arrogant.

At one recent Congressional Hearing it was revealed that the six Congressional Liaison Officers being questioned, were the obstructions to Congress, while being paid over a million a year each to actually liaise with Congress. They even had to be threatened to have them appear.

Similarly, the Inspectors General of the major departments had no idea what was actually happening on their watch.

Apart from sacking tens of thousands of federal public servants, and deporting tens of thousands of illegal immigrants — on the quiet side, despite the postured notions — Trump has contained The US Military. The greatest directly destructive element to the American Economy.

It’s a very difficult balancing act involving: America, Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Israel.

The following mentions $6 billion ‘lost’ in Sick Mama’s State Department. It was actually over $1 trillion. $2 billion also passed through The Clinton Foundation — which also diverted Congressional Aid and private donations to Haiti for Earthquake Relief. Previously, Congressional Aid sent to Honduras, was stolen through USAid (State Department functionary) and channeled to Iran-Contra.

Only .6% if the $500 million-plus raised for Haiti reached the target.




  1. Milosevics associates , that emigrated here after that war ,
    have been nicely rewarded for their experience in security .
    I am not criticising Serbians , only the communist party elite.
    The elite are international and come from all nations .

    • Tell ya what’s weird, 56. This “selection” of leaders may be a century two old but not more, because there were not big bureaucracies like that.

      And in a related article, Diane commented that Union Carbide and Unilever were involved in Big Malice. Yet there were no chemical manufacturers of that type in the 1700s — it’s all so new.

      So how is it that an aspect of human nature finds such a good fit? Could it be something as simple as our desire to obey? So when a new recruit (male) gets invited in, he just puts on his obedience hat, and all follows from there?

      • Mary ,
        good points . Between gadgets computers and
        the fight for survival in the matrix debt system
        the only way ahead , for the youth , is to subscribe
        or get left behind .
        You know what’s really scary , now that robots are
        manufacturing nearly everything , the machines are
        moving into the operating theatres and our surgeons
        are told they will have more free time on the Internet .
        Soon there will no jobs left bar cleaning snooping
        and being part of the war industry . I wonder how many
        more women and men are in the military compared to twenty
        years ago ?
        It is evil how killing is becoming a career choice for them ,
        trained before they walk by computer games and movies .

        • I sense that something is terribly wrong when future youth will be unable to purchase a home (e.g. a refuge). It seems — as long as you have a phone that links one into the cloud — who needs a home on the ground?

        • 56, If, as you imply, the numbers in the military are greater today then previously, IF thatwere true, there would be no need for mercenaries.
          I do recall, Trumpf complaining the poor numbers in the military after Obuma allegedly allowed it to run down.
          One would think the populace of the U.S. has wised up after allegedly fighting a war in Afghanistan for 16 years now, (far longer than the Vietnam episode) and in the Vietnam war they had conscription.
          Just between you and me, I do not for a second, believe the tripe that we are fed, that the U.S. could actually involve it’self in a war with a country that is capable of defending it’self.
          That’s why they are so terrified of a piddling tiny country like N.K. LOL.

          • Ed ,
            does North Korea have oil drugs and other profitable natural
            resources . If not I don’t think the neo-cons are interested .
            Sadly , communists are not the enemy , they are the new boss.

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