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Bravo to Dylan Voller on His Candidacy, and a Word about Tavistock

(L) Dylan Vollers in detention at Don Dale Detention Center in the NT, and (R) Taking a selfie

by Mary Maxwell, currently a candidate for US Senate in Alabama

During my campaign I have been constantly surprised by the willingness of intelligent, educated people to accept whatever is dished out to us by The Powers That Be. My experience in Australia was the same; I don’t think I ever made a convert on my theme of “Arrest the bastards.”  You may say “Oh Mary dear, many people turned out for your Fringe drama, A Moot Court Trial for Martin Bryant. No, that doesn’t alter my “statistic.” No one got converted during the play; rather those who attended (travelling even from WA, TAS, and NSW) were already persuaded of Bryant’s innocence.

Today there’s a spot of good news. It is about an Aussie lad who is not in prison. Well he was, but now he’s out. Dylan Voller was in the dreadful Don Dale “Children’s Prison” in Berrimah, east of Darwin. You don’t get into Don Dale by being healthy and happy. There must already be bad things happening in your life. But when Dylan got out, he got out with AT-TI-TUDE.

He Could Be a Pollie!

So, the nice news is that the 19-year-old Dylan is pulling the same stunt as the 70-year-old Mary – running for public office. At least it may look like a stunt (in both cases?) but what else can you do when you live in a society governed in a crazy way. When you find you can’t lick ’em, you have to join ’em!  So this young man, released from detention, has said he would be a candidate for City Council in Alice Springs.

I quote Corey Sinclair’s article in the July 19 NT News:

“DYLAN Voller has announced he will stand in the 2017 Alice Springs Town Council elections so he can give the youths of Central Australia a voice. … “I’m running for the election so I can get the voices of young people, who don’t have much of a voice, out there,” Voller said.“I wouldn’t be doing this for myself, I’d be doing it for everyone else in the community who doesn’t have a voice.”… “

“A lot of people have been telling me they would support me (if I run),” Voller said. “Young people know what young people’s problems are and what they need.”

Mayor Damien Ryan refused to comment on specific candidates, but said young voices in council would be good. “There’s a few young tradesmen who are going to stand for council — their life experience would be pretty damn good,” Mr Ryan said.

Nominations for the election close midday, August 3.


So We Have Spit-hoods?

Let’s spend a moment on a description of what Dylan went through. I have not researched his background, and don’t know if he committed the violent acts with which he was charged.  So, for the time being, I’ll make the presumption that they are valid charges. He was convicted of them. (One of them was “recklessly causing risk to a policeman”. Hmm.)

The famous photo of him in restraints led to a Royal Commission. The fact that he is wearing a spit-hood in the photo is reportedly to prevent guards from having to suffer the unpleasantness of being spat at. Again I’ll accept the “worst case scenario” and assume that Dylan did do some spitting. Nonetheless, it is of course very disturbing to a child – legally he was a child – to be in restraints, never mind a hood.

If you wish to read about the torture to which he was allegedly subjected, go here.  I will merely give the flavor of the semantic fancy footwork the NT Royal Commission heard. The following quote from an April 19, 2017 article refers to a guard named Conan Zamolo:

Helen Davisdon, reporting in The Guardian:

Current and former staff members of Northern Territory juvenile detention centres have defended themselves against allegations of violence and intimidation made by Dylan Voller at the royal commission in Darwin.

Witnesses include former guards Conan Zamolo, Ben Kelleher, and Derek Tasker [I almost thought that said ‘Taser’]

Zamolo and Kelleher gave differing testimony about an August 2014 incident at Don Dale caught on CCTV, which cost Zamolo his job. [Stunning! He got fired!]

In footage shown to the commission, Zamolo stood guard while Kelleher entered Voller’s cell, threw a pear at the door and twice threw wet paper at the camera before leaning over Voller and talking to him [shades of Jahar Tsarnaev’s giving a camera the finger].

Kelleher also denied he was attempting to conceal anything from the camera, telling the commission he threw the paper to clean the camera because detainees often covered it up. [See what I mean about semantics?]

Kelleher told the commission he had a good relationship with Voller, and that while he was “having a go” at the detainee but didn’t regret telling Voller that he had done the wrong thing.

“I’ve known the guy a long time, we had a great relationship up until that point, and I was disappointed in the way he acted continually, especially after the positive gains we had made in his behaviour,” Kelleher said. [I think Kelleher may be in the right here. But dunno.]   Kelleher said he came from a similar background to many of the detainees, and sought to help them.

Zamolo, who infamously filmed detainees going to the toilet and filmed himself using derogatory language and asking detainees to “suck my dick you little cunt”, told the hearing he regretted his actions but they were never designed to humiliate, but rather help.”

Was It a Tavi Situation?

In my book, Deliverance!, I quote a British woman, code-named Aishe Spark, who has not yet published her life story.  She immigrated to Oz, and like Fiona Barnett she works hard to enlighten us about terrible evils here.  Because her grandmother was in cahoots with Dr Eric Dax (a major colleague of Tavistock’s John Rawlings Rees), Aishe knows a lot about the “nodes” of Tavistock that were established in Oz during the 1940s, especially one in Geelong.

She says the adolescent-days travails of Martin Bryant are related to Dr Dax’s presence as a psychiatrist in Tasmania.)  Aishe herself was MK-Ultra’d, or Tavi’d or whatever you call it. She is therefore suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder.

If Tavi got a foothold here in the 1940s, and was associated with university departments of psychiatry in the 1980s, it is very likely that its programs are still here. Thus, it’s a reasonable guess that the control methods used on children at Don Dale are Tavistockian. When a detention facility claims to be helping the child, there would be no place for humiliation.

I suggest we consider that Dylan Voller may have gone through mind-control programming.

(L) Dylan Voller, (R) Mary Maxwell


Although my Senate candidacy is still proceeding in the US (the Republican Primary is August 15), Dylan has now said he is dropping out of the race in Australia. A main reason he cited was the brouhaha that came about when someone published a photo of him in a car with a gun on the seat next to him.

Gee, maybe he’s in the wrong country. Over here a gun would raise his standing in the Republican party out of sight.

(By the way, of the 8 lads that I am running against — Beretta, Breault, Brinson, Brooks, Moore, Peeples, Pittman, and Strange — the one named Beretta is from the family that invented the beretta. Yes.  Among us Second-Amendment aficionados, he ought to be a shoe-in. He also races Corvettes.)

So now to give my heartiest congratulations to Dylan Voller — he of the spit-hood — for spitting back at evil and for thinking positive about the future.

Dear young Dylan, maybe at 19 you’re not quite, quite ready.  Don’t worry – you’ll have other chances and it was ingenious of you to think of standing for City Council at all.

Goodonya, Mate.

–Mary Maxwell is the author of “Deliverance! A Royal Commission and Pizzagate Reveal Society’s Hidden Rulers.” It’s a free download at GumshoeNews.com.



  1. You cannot imagine the BARRAGE of media lies they are assaulting us with in the US.

    Just to give you one example: NYT or one of those outlets is referring to “Trumps’ cyberbullying of Sessions.”

    Cyberbullying. Newspeak. Anything goes. Arrrgghh.

    That settles it. I am going to start The Language Academy. No matter how humble. There has to be an identifiable “institution” to make reply to the BARRAGE. Will you join me?

    Or maybe just call it The Oldspeak Club….

    • Mary, would you be able to so easily identify those lies you are reffering to, if you had not spent so much time living outside the U.S. ????

      • Thanks Eddy. Jacqueline Kennedy may have got trained at Miss Porter’s Finishing School but I got trained at Gumshoe Top-It-Off School which, as you indicate, is in Australia.

        Now in regard to the Little Darlings on the bus, I agree that kids can be harmful. Some are totally uncontrollable. I was trying to see if the Don Dale Detention Centre is run in accord with Oz’s secret heritage from Tavistock. Please read my Deliverance book to see if I have made the case. Or search Gumshoe for article on Anne Hamilton-Byrne.

        Also, somebody please try to spread the movie around — “The Family” about Anne. It is NOT conspiratorial. It just shows the kids she adopted and what they went thru. I believe it was Tavi-related and that the Governor-General of the day was a sponsor. Recall that “the aunties” were his friends in his latter days.

  2. I wonder how many who take to criticizing the system of ‘justice’ we now have really understand what some ‘criminals’ are capable of within the system as they get to ‘learn’ how easy it is to manipulate ‘incidents’ while incarcerated to their own advantage.

    Having had my own experience of how the ‘correctional centres’ (which is really a contradiction in terms, especially when one can get hold of the recidivist list from any state) by escorting Prisoners from Court to Jail and vice versa. Like the wider population, one can expect to deal with the courteous and compliant, the antagonistic and the down right aggressive Prisoner on such transfers and age or gender of the Prisoner as to his/her behaviour is irrelevant in most cases.

    For instance: I was tasked to escort three male juveniles, all under 14 years of age, to Frank Baxter Juvenile Centre on the Central Coast of New South Wales. All had been found guilty of the brutal bashing and sexual assault (multiple raping) of an 11 year old girl. While in the ‘Newcastle Children’s Court’ – and along with the Young Offenders Act of 1997, what a joke of an establishment that is – all three young criminals laughed and joked their way through their appearance for sentencing. So, even before I, and my partner on the day, had loaded our ‘charges’ into the back of a standard NSW Police caged truck for their journey into ‘captivity’ we both knew they would be trouble on the way. And sure enough, they did not let us down.

    The caged police truck was then, a Holden Rodeo utility vehicle that had placed on the tray an accessible metal cage via a steel rear door and was canvas covered against inclement weather. Along both sides of the vehicle was a stainless steel bench seat for the prisoner to sit on, not comfortable, but better than standing in a vehicle noted for its body roll.

    During the trip south to Frank Baxter our young trio of criminals decided to start rocking the vehicle by standing up together using their combined weight against one side of the truck and then the other. When incidents like this occurred – and this kind of thing was quite regular, the standard procedure that I adopted was to stop the vehicle and verbally warn the Prisoner/s that to continue with such stupidity – and these vehicles could easily have been rolled over through such actions – would earn them some unwanted attention.

    Having issued their warning I resumed driving only to have the little darlings continue their rocking of the truck, but this time with more vigour than they had previously used and as we were rounding a bend in the road at the time I almost lost control of the truck. So while I stood guard at the rear door of the police truck my partner issued some quick justice to those young people, and who in all probability, had never been physically disciplined in their lives.

    Well, and as a general rule, we didn’t get another peep from them from then on.

    There are worse Prisoner related incidents than this one I have written on, but those incidents would take far more writing to explain.

    My point in this comment is to demonstrate that those who have never had experience of how the criminal can behave at times should never put themselves in a position of championing people that have no empathy at all for others, lack any personal discipline and will go out of their way to cause trouble for those who are employed to guard them because they know that the system now in place does not use any form of physical punishment that was once used as an effective deterrent for those the system could not control.

    • Good post Nemesis, it would seem folks are under the impression Mummies little darlings wouldnt pull the wings of flies, they are so innocent.
      As a member of the public transport system in my state, I was given the opportunity to observe many times, the tender inncoent behaviour of such Mummies little darlings.
      On one occassion, an elderly lady advised me of a youth swinging his legs and striking her kees every time he swung them, she asked him to desist, he laughed at her and continued but hitter her harder. She contacted me, (the driver with her complaint) I took appropiate action, offender was removed by securityservices and held whilst his Mummy was contacted.
      She refused to accept her little darling, (at 17 years of age ) was guilty of striking this elderly lady, her darling simply would not behave in such a manner. Of course he little darling also denied ever doing such a thing. We then played the recorded CCTV surveilence tape and asked who the character was in the video clip who was annoying the elderly lady.
      You could have heard a pin drop, Mummy went red as a overipe tomatoe, and her dear little darling tried to crawl under the desk.
      No comment was ever made by Mummy, her darling was charged with assault and sentenced to do 100 hrs of community service.
      So, before many people jump and beat their chests when such young people are incarcerated, they need to consider the reasons why they were incarcerated in the first instance.

      • good post? it was as pathetic as yours. I doubt either of your stories happened anywhere but your shared wet dreams, though I have no doubt at all that nemesis would be able to pysically tackle a child himself without getting the crap kicked out of him, so that bit about him “standing guard” doesnt sound outlandish at all.

      • Thank you Eddy. Seems some folk wouldn’t know their arse from their elbow when it comes to those who have no respect at all for any one else but themselves.

    • So why were such offenders allowed to remain in each other’s company in the first place ?

      As the World System is wholly dependent on flabby parenting & peer dependence it stands to reason that no State-controlled facility is set up to deal with either and that Dylan Voller-type scoops are just another gratuitous form of entertainment.

        • A good question Berry. Those male kids today who are raised in single parent homes, and that tends to be with the Mother, if the Mother is not a strong willed person, then those of her children who are male will in all probability fall by the wayside because there is nothing in place today to give the male child from a single parent background (mother) any helpful guidance as to choosing their path in life.

          It was a daunting experience as a father of five children, and as a cop, to have to deal with kids (mostly male as females tend to stick with their mothers) who had no role model (father) with which to learn from. A tragedy of our times that has been deliberately forced upon us. And I have no doubt whatsoever, that if those kids had a reasonable kind of father or even some other male role model who could guide them, then those kids would not have turned to criminality and a life of crime.

      • Berry, after sentencing, that is, a custodial sentence that requires 24/7 lockup for a set period of time, they are all thrown in together on their way to the ‘little house’ as for those I have written about. And today, I have no doubt, that going on their behaviour at that time, they would now be locked up in the ‘Big house’.

    • Totally with you here Nemesis. I’ve worked in Mental Health myself which much of the time was only one easily led Doctor away from being the Prison System. After De-institutionalization in the 80s/90s the two became largely interchangeable. Voller didn’t earn that restraint and spit-hood for being too free with his compliments and love.

      I love how the parent/parents/wider fambly suddenly become interested in social justice when the ghetto-lottery wheel starts spinning.

      • Paul, when I congratulated Vollers for “spitting back at evil” you know I was being metaphorical.

        And what is the evil? T-A-V-I-S-T-O-C-K — evil crystallised.

        Ask Fiona. These evils are planned; they are not spontaneous. (Which is to to deny that a particular person’s aggression may be spontaneous). The Anne Hamilton-Byrne thing was a cult if ever there was a cult. All diabolically designed to hurt. LSD was routinely given to 12-year-olds. Fathom it.

        Hey, you kids who are feeling happy and healthy, stand for Parliament. It’s your world.

        • One would hope that standing for Parliament would result in a learning and maturing process, one that the parents couldn’t seem to find time for when it was needed. Evil isn’t fought unless good has its own house in order. We either decide what it is and defend it or we lose it, and so far, we are losing. Dylan Voller and his eternal victimhood family is a symptom of all that.

          I often say of Medical establishments that you can tell what has gone wrong previously just by flicking through their policy manuals with a suspicious mind. Same can obviously apply to law enforcement/incarceration. Reactive policy making always leads to worse outcomes all round, but it’s the only kind that seems to happen. Maybe that’s why false flags are so popular with Governments all around…it helps break things down further through reactive (though not really) decision-making. Again Tavistock in action.

        • Mary thought you might be interested: re Anne Hamilton Byrne and the property she and her husband are said to own in Kent -it is on the market–This is the house Sarah Moore describes where she underwent leucotomies–and drug “treatment”—at the age of 14—definite connection to MC experiments.

          Broom Farm, Broom Lane, Langton Green, Tunbridge Wells TN3 9JL
          TN3 9JL, Broom Lane, Langton Green, Tunbridge Wells, TN3, Tunbridge Wells house price
          Estimated Price:£1,264,469

      • Thank you Paul, and as you would then probably know, that when a Schedule 2 comes under police attention – and I had many of those! The cops get taken off the ‘beat’ and are made babysitters for those who would be better catered for by an ambulance crew, unless of course they tend to violence and police would be called to restrain them – which was rare in my experience.

        But, in my opinion, the system of assessing the so called ‘mentally unstable’ is more a requisite than a needs based protocol that any well trained Nurse could handle. I know that the ‘mentally unstable’ can be unpredictable at times, but hospitals employ security for any such eventualities.

        And as for the ‘Voller’ type of poisonallity (deliberate) because those like that little shite are a danger to the peaceable part of our society, it is way past time to get back to the old habits of making people like Voller accountable for their actions.

        • In the old days the likes of Voller would just cop a few beatings to be “brought into line” and all would continue like nothing happened, then the nature of these places and systems began to become more widely known about so the “public” (whoever they were) demanded more compassionate systems, so the beatings from Staff stopped, replaced by policy and process. Of course trouble-makers remain trouble-makers and soon realize that their isn’t really any meaningful sanction against bad behaviour. Compassion is seen as weakness, be it through the eyes of Dylan Voller or Dick Cheney. Thus do things escalate. I worked in the psych area and witnessed plenty of predatory and violent behaviour by Staff members. I also witnessed wicked behaviour by in-mates against Staff and each other, such is the toxic nature of these places. A juvenile prison, a psychiatric hospital…its all pretty much the same. No one has ever been able to control these places. not with violence, not with bureaucracy, and not with compassion. Its an idea that doesn’t work, and yet we need incarceration because we don’t want the inconvenience of raising our children.

          You keep saying it Mary: They win because we let them.

    • Oh thanks for that, Diane. Anyone else out there who will read Deliverance, and Truth in journalism cover-to-cover, let me know and I will Fed-ex you a popsicle, in dry ice.

      Or read Prosecution for Treason and win a Mercedes.

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