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Regime Change: Will the “Martians” Really Do It to America?


Whispering to Vito Corleone in “The Godfather”

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

The question to be posed here is: is there a foreign entity working to unseat President Trump? The “foreign entity” need not be a nation, or an alliance of nations. It could be a private club. And it mightn’t be really foreign but domestic. Even if it’s domestic I shall refer to it as foreign or outsider-ish. I think the human brain can’t take in the prospect of mass treason by one’s “nice” compatriots.

(Hey, it might even pay to call the interferers “Martians” – that way there would be no sympathy for them. I will occasionally refer to them as Martians to make the point.)

As a current candidate for a seat in the US Senate, I’m appalled by how little our Congressmen know about the possibility of, indeed the likelihood of, interference in the White House – or in Congress itself, by outsiders. Thus the members are not alert to protect the president.

The Media’s Real Role

To hear CNN tell the story you’d think there are barrack-room brawls going on in the Capitol building on the subject of support for Trump, or opposition to him. I’ll bet the media (many of whom are Martians, please note) are trying to get as many distractions in as possible. Meanwhile, the true danger is being ignored. The outsiders may be planning a real coup.

The president himself has said “Republicans are not giving me enough protection.” It’s true. Both Dems and Repubs should be worried. How worried? Very worried. Worried enough to put other cares aside and talk openly, loudly, about this.

So, for starters in identifying the enemy, I identify the mainstream media. The goal of the MSM, according to scholarly studies, is to “Block and flood.” Flood people with irrelevancies. On Yahoo.com, the emphasis is on street murders, the marital spats of celebrities, and the latest miracle for losing weight.

This very flooding serves also to block.  You can be sure, however, that the media owners also have guards on duty specifically to block good information from coming in. Journalists could have spread news of my campaign speeches these last few weeks. It would be normal for them to do so — I am a candidate with strong and often entertaining remarks to share. But with the exception of Adam Smith at the Athens News Courier, all is silent.


The Ability To See

It would be good for the US Senate to gain a new member who had an American childhood — and therefore has the Constitution running in her veins — but who, as an adult, lived outside. I’m able to see the US as outsiders see it. I’ve listened many times to Australians talking about the US government in ways that would never occur to US natives.

More importantly, thanks to living abroad for decades (1980-2017, except 2005-208), I can see how America is subjected to World Government. Anyone can see the “subjection” of a poor nation by a globalist force such as the IMF. When talking of, say, Portugal or El Salvador being targeted by the IMF, no one demands proof. But the US? You would be laughed at.

Likewise, it’s easy to see one nation pushing another around.  Australians have at various times complained that Britain or the US pushes Australia around.  But for Americans it is simply inconceivable that there is a “Daddy who can beat our Daddy up.” Our Daddy is invincible “as the whole world recognizes.”

World Government

While we have no trouble understanding that many a nation is run by a puppet, very few Americans have a clue that many of our “leaders” in Washington DC are puppets. And who pulls the puppet strings? I’m quite sure it is World Government.

The entity that I call World Government (or the cabal, or, for today, “Martians”) has received many other names such as: the Invisible Government, the Permanent Government, the Deep State, and the New World Order.

This entity is not of recent origin. It has existed perhaps for centuries. We can be sure it existed for at least the last 104 years – in  1913 the cabal was powerful enough to maneuver Congress into passing the Federal Reserve Act. That’s a wholly unconstitutional apparatus that gives private bankers a major say-so over our economic life. (Rep Ron Paul carried on a fight against it for many years.)

Only a year after the Federal Reserve Act, in 1914, World War I began. Historians Gerry Docherty and Jim MacGregor have shown in their amazing book Hidden History, that advance planning for this “Great War” was entirely done in Britain by a handful of people behind-the-scenes, such as Lord Esher, Earl Grey, and Bertie, the king.  Were these plotters “world government”?  Yes, they were able to govern the world at least to the extent of causing dozens of nations to fight a purposeless war.

Trump’s Win Upset the Apple Cart

Now back to the current shenanigans by the media over the presidency of Donald Trump. The media’s behaviour looks odd to me. I’m old enough to remember “normal” journalism. The newspaper would allow two sides to an argument, and the editor himself wouldn’t get into the fray. But here we have an assault by media owners on the president; they are players in what’s going on.

The media’s commentary is cloaked in righteousness. It contains hints of great wrongdoing in the White House, or perhaps in Trump Tower prior to last November’s election. What baffles me is how World Government, in 2016, allowed things to proceed to the stage where Trump actually won.

Ever since reading Jim Collier’s book Votescam years ago, I have known that voting machines are rigged. And today hacking is almost limitless. Thanks to the ability to change vote counts, I venture to guess that every one of the last 9 presidents got in with “special help” from World Government — LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, “W”, and Obama.

Each of those men, by the way, had been either a member of Congress or a state governor. Very likely their initial election, also, was fixed up by the Biggies.

Trump may be the exception — he had money galore with which to buy publicity, and his personality made a winning impression on people. He speaks with self-confidence and superiority.  So maybe he got in over the cabal’s dead body?

November Surprise

From the day after the November 8th election, we saw virtually all anchor-persons on the TV news throwing fits that Trump had won. Their chatter had an ideological theme: Trump would harm the poor, he would whack immigrants, he would, God forbid, take us out of the climate-change treaty.

Such a consistent response on all TV channels bespeaks a distributing of “talking points” to media personnel. In other words, the grief-stricken reporters must have been coached to express opposition to Trump’s victory.  Many left-wing organizations put on rallies — as if their protest would be able to prevent Donald’s ascending the throne — a “We shall overcome” type thing.

Since May, that sort of weeping and wailing has been largely displaced by a new approach. The media, especially CNN, have become bullies, constantly making it seem that Trump is a fugitive from the law. They also lashed into Trump’s election-assistant Jeff Sessions, who became US Attorney General in February.

(Note: within the Senate Judiciary Committee that must approve appointments, the vote for Jeff was party-predictable, with all Republicans saying Yea and all Democrats saying Nay.)

The barrage of accusations led to an embarrassing – but to me, revealing – 3-hour grilling of Sessions on his contacts with Russians. He answered questions straight, with a clear conscience.  Of course, owing to protocol, Sessions did not say “Will you idiots please notice that even if I did talk to Russians there is nothing illegal or unethical in that for Pete’s sake.”

Assassination, Anyone?

I am serious when I say the president is in danger. Can you see from the non-stop attacks on him that there must be a panic of some sort in the halls of World Government? (OK I know there are no “halls,” as the people who participate in the decisions do not, as far as we know, have a stable meeting place.  They “sleep around,” so to speak.)

Coups d’etat have happened in America before, when a president had a mind of his own. The last such instance was John F Kennedy. He dared to take some anti-cabal actions. First, he appointed his bro, Robert F Kennedy, as Attorney General.  (It always helps when you have a council of family members. Ask Mayer Rothschild.)

Second, he fired the Director of the CIA, Allen Dulles (whose brother John Foster Dulles had been Secretary of State under Eisenhower.) Allen Dulles worked in the 1940s for powerful forces in Europe. Although JFK may not have known it, Dulles was majorly involved in mind control. From that we should deduce that he worked for the British-led World Government.

Note: I don’t mean Britain-led. I mean British-led.  Whoever it was, Allen Dulles was clearly not acting for America.

Third, Kennedy swaggered around thinking he could buck the money-control of the leading bankers. Fourth, he bucked the cabal’s plans for a Vietnam war.

And the next thing you know his motorcade was sent to Dealey Plaza, November 22, 1963. Regime change, pure and simple.

Will the Martians Do It Again?

In the title of this article, I ask: Will the Martians do a regime change? Today they seem to be hoping that they can do it bloodlessly by wearing the president down – perhaps over financial sins. They’ve already set the stage by getting Americans to think Trump has a lot to hide. They even pull stunts like indicating that his wife doesn’t want him anymore. Oh God.

It’s also possible that they have to toss him out because, as occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, and as the very person of whom the Constitution says “He shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed,” Trump could call for the arrest of many World Government persons.

See? I have always yelled that Law is a powerful thing and can protect America to the nth degree.  We tend to think of John Podesta or Hillary Clinton as the ones who are diving for cover, regarding Pizzagate, but surely it is the way-high-ups that are trying to keep Hillary out of the spotlight.

In Australia, the main whistle blower, a fearless girl named Fiona Barnett, has been out of sight since January. It’s a reasonable guess that the cabal couldn’t risk any further revelations from her and so disappeared her. Standard Office Procedure, no? 

What Can Be Done To Stop the Martians?

In order to prevent the World Government from bringing down the current president, I recommend:

  1. Tell Jeff Sessions to reclaim every aspect of his role in the Department of Justice other than that related to “a probe of Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election.”
  2. Tell citizens not to get their knickers in a knot over financial sins of the Chief. Let them hear how Obama had his hand in the till and how Bill Clinton, after leaving office, did some scandalous thieving via the Clinton Foundation. Everything can all be sorted out, and the crims duly punished, but it’s not an emergency.
  3. Realize that it is definitely an emergency that outside forces are attacking the US government. CALL UP THE TROOPS.
  4. Attend to the fact that children are still being trafficked, and tortured, by the whacko pedophiles whom World Government always protects.
  5. Tell citizens and any genuine leaders not to panic, and to realize that we have to face this even if it means bloodshed. To run away from it will only give the cabal time to invent more ways to make our lives difficult.

–Mary Maxwell is on the case. Her book about Pizzagate is a free download at www.MaxwellForSenate.com.




    • Just for the heck of it, I’m repeating the opening paragraph of my article:

      The question to be posed here is: is there a foreign entity working to unseat President Trump? The “foreign entity” need not be a nation, or an alliance of nations. It could be a private club. And it mightn’t be really foreign but domestic. Even if it’s domestic I shall refer to it as foreign or outsider-ish. I THINK THE HUMAN BRAIN CAN’T TAKE IN THE PROSPECT OF MASS TREASON BY ONE’S “NICE” COMPATRIOTS.

      • That is a very good question Mary. Perhaps if those who controlled this world were easily identified, the question you pose would not need to be asked.

        Kennedy paid with his life for daring to expose what I would term, The Globalist Agenda, and the agenda is Global in its ambition and it touches so many countries, their institutions and establishments, that the ardent investigator is often sidetracked by the many ‘red herring detours’ that are deliberately placed in the way to confound his/her persistence in sleuthing.

        Compartmentalized secrecy has stood the test of time in precluding the exposure of those who have been hiding behind the curtain like the Wizard of Oz, and there are many ‘Wizards’ and from many establishments, such as the Vatican, who have been colluding for a long, long time in controlling the rest of us.

        What better way to hide an establishment agenda than by having two faces, a Janus, whose public face provides succour and ‘spiritual guidance’ to the gullible, while the other hidden face slowly enslaves them into falling for the lies as they are coerced into a rigid system of obedience and alms for the Church.

        And the most wealthy establishment on this planet is the Roman Church that still oversees billions of poor who subscribe to what the Church tells them and without question or even realizing their own enslavement to it.

        And the Vatican is just one part of the Globalist Empire.

        Trump is in grave danger and has been ever since he announced his running for President. But unlike Kennedy who was too trusting of others, Trump ain’t as stupid as many in the MSM would have their gullible viewers and listeners believe. He is only too aware of the agenda to bring him down and by any means necessary – as the destructive Left like to impress with. IMO, it is just a matter of time before a serious attempt – and by serious I mean some big weaponry – is made against him. The Globalists cannot claim success in their agenda until they control everything and everyone and have ‘seen off’ those whom they consider to be their ideological and mortal enemies – those who have been warning about Globalism and One World Government.

        If Trump is removed from office and a civil war does not erupt because of his removal, then those of us who have been putting forth our views on how this world truly works will be done in one way or another.

    • Thank you, Mal. You might give this video a whirl. Start at 52 minutes and if you like it go back to 26.

      Allott is my friend at Trinity College Cambridge. Now the author of Eutopia. Knows whereof he speaks.

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