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The Handmaid's Tale — "They Blame Terrorists To Suspend The Constitution"

The Handmaids hang out at the wall while a transgressor is hanged in the background

by Dee McLachlan

In the near future, fertility rates have collapsed as a result of environmental pollution and sexually transmitted diseases. Much of the land has been decimated, and, within this chaos, a totalitarian, Christian-like theonomic government has taken over the former United States in a quick and frightening coup.

I don’t normally write about television or film, but a new series, called “The Handmaid’s Tale,” from a 1985 novel written by Canadian Margaret Atwood (b. 1939) is the topic of my post today.

When the main character, June, tries to buy a coffee on her bank card, she realises her bank accounts have been frozen. It all happens so quickly, and she is fired along with the other women in her company. She soon finds herself living in a society organized by power-driven leaders of a new, patriarchal, militarized regime.

In this new society, women are subjugated and not allowed to work, own property, control money, or read. The few remaining fertile women in the land of “Gilead” are called handmaids, and are assigned to the elite — to become sexual servants to their masters to bear children for them.

It’s creepy. The series has created a 1984-esque society that seems to blend the worst of all the fanatical religions. It has Christian biblical references, but portrays a society more what living under a strict Islamist society, like the Taliban, might be like.

And that is why it gets under your skin — it feels real.

What struck me are the references to the “eye”. I am not sure whether the executives of MGM and Hulu, the production companies, fully understand the messages in the story — but there are many cabal-like references to the Order, and the (all seeing) “eye”.

In the series, the handmaids have to be escorted or walk in pairs, and they have very specific greetings — like “Under his eye,” and “Blessed be the fruit.”

There are lines from June, like “when they blame terrorists to suspended the Constitution, we didn’t wake up either then… now I’m awake.” And to “make the world better place… better, does not mean better for everyone,” is another. These concepts put forward by the creators don’t go unnoticed.

It shows that the dangerous and unordinary… quickly becomes normalised and ordinary.

I think this series is a message to it’s audience to “wake up.”

You can watch the series on SBS On Demand (in Australia).




  1. It willl be ironic when the msm journalists are sacked and their credit denied.
    The message is clear.
    An adaption from a old commie’s pronouncement is: Presently the journos et. al., are providing the totalitarians with the rope for their own hanging.
    Poor dumb traitors!

    • May I propose a scenario to an old soldier who fought the Japanese on the Kokada track in New Guinea in WW11.
      You were sacrificing to defend Australia and our sovereignty.
      You had mates behind covering your advance.
      You had mates behind who would save you when injured and carry you to safety.
      Knowing what we now know about our traitor politicians and new world order fascist corporate msm journalists and the self massaging shock jocks,, what would do?
      Say stuff im , it is a waste of time or turn around and deal with the the traitorous arseholes.
      That is the challenge for those digger’s descendants inheriting Australia in these days.
      Would one WW11 veteran now trust a politician or MSM faker in his platoon?
      Not bloody likely son!

    • Now for our light horse brigade in WW1 sacrificing and assisting clearing out the Turks from PALESTINE and dying for the Balfour Declaration, only to see our allies subjected to the terrorist murders for theft and control of land which is continuing
      From memory, Nemi the ‘terrorists’ were not Muslims.
      Time Mr PM Turnbull, get out we did our job, we were used so wake up, get out of the ME, it is not worth ‘one finger nail’ (search for the author!) of an Aussie.

  2. Most of the human race deserve to die out including or as most importantly the elite, death as a conclusion to bad Karma, unfortunately the elite survives as a virus that lives off the host and death of the host becomes imminent, yet the virus keeps mutating as a type of half life,neither dead nor alive.

      • As Margaret Atwood says when she was at Harvard, she was expected to make tea and biscuits for the up and coming, elite,
        Universities are the place where hazing begins, it is a the breeding ground of those who decide who will live and die, radicalization in not only practiced in some mosques but also in Western Universities.

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