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Who Did 9-11?



by Mary Maxwell, current candidate for US Senate in Alabama

Above, I have put my own mug with the famous 19, to claim that all 20 faces in that group are innocent of 9-11. Yes, all of them.

So who did the damage in New York and at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001? While on the campaign trail in Alabama this summer, I haven’t had a moment to talk about 9-11. (I emphasize other things such as torture, Pizzagate, and mandatory vaccination.) This article repeats much of the review of Kevin Ryan’s book that I wrote at Gumshoe in January 2015. Sadly, none of the miscreants has since felt the weight of the law on him. Ryan’s book is entitled “Another Nineteen: Investigating Legitimate 9-11 Suspects” (2013). For the benefit of my sharing this quickly in Alabama, I list only five of Ryan’s 19 “legitimate suspects.”

Namely: Duane Andrews of SAIC, Peter Janson of AMEC, Brian Jenkins of RAND, Barry McDaniel of Stratesec, and Wirt Walker of KuwAm. These men’s careers, and those hidden organizations, provide a big explanation of what goes on in “deep state” as Ryan puts it.

Five Whom We Can Arrest without Further Ado

Here I propose that all five men could be arrested immediately under the Material Witness Act. That is not the same as charging them with a crime. The Material Witness Act has been on the books in the US since 1793. It can be used when someone is a flight risk. These five men certainly do possess vital information.

An interesting point about Wirt Walker is that he and his wife were identified by the Securities and Exchange Commission as possible insider traders regarding 9-11. They purchased 56,00 shares of Stratesec on September 6, 2001. I hadn’t realized that anyone had been named. I though the famous put-option thing was, like so much else (the videotapes of the Pentagon hit?), under wraps – permanent, illegal, outrageous wraps.

Let’s go alphabetical.

Duane Andrews is the Chief Operations Officer (the “COO”) of SAIC. You might pronounce it “Say Ik.” It does just about everything worthy of its name: Science Applications International Corporation. Who created the national database that tracks terrorists? Say Ik. Who supplied airports with screening equipment? (I always wondered about that.) Say Ik. Who helped create the official account of what happened at the WTC? Go on, say it. _____

When Duane Andrews (I will call him Duane) was commissioned in the US Air Force in 1967, he thought he was going to be doing bacteriological warfare (the kind that is being practiced against us in the US even as we speak) but instead went to Vietnam, perhaps in the brutal Phoenix Program.

Ever wonder what kind of person is a Congressional staffer? Are they just secretaries you can get by calling a temp agency? Apparently not.  Duane was such a staffer during the Reagan years (1981-89). Working for a particular House committee — the Intelligence Committee, natch — he got to see (or suppress as the case may be) many a CIA secret, “congressionally.”

He then became Assistant Defense Secretary, wouldn’t you know. And are you old enough to remember who was Reagan’s Secretary of Defense? (Think Nicaragua, Angola, Grenada) Why, it was Cheney.

(Bush, Sr was VP under Reagan and then he, Poppy, became prexy in 1988, and took Quayle for his VP as a sort of insurance policy. Then, in 2001, Cheney became VP for Bush’s son, L’il Bush. Although Cheney was only VP on 9-11, he appeared to be the person to be in charge that day.)

Foreign Hands, But Not the Ones You Imagined

Next up, for going to jail as a material witness, is Peter Janson of AMEC. That’s a British company that guards Aramco in Riyadh, Saudi. I visited there once and learned that the houses of American workers have a “workroom,” i.e., a still. I mean some people can be dry for only so long….

AMEC’s subsidiary company, “AMEC Construction,” was in charge of renovating the Pentagon. They decided to steel-reinforce, against a potential hit, the outer wall. The author of the book I am dealing with here, Kevin Ryan, knows full well that the hit was not “potential.” That is, the builders were thinking of what they were gonna do on 9-11. Yes, true.

Thanks to his employment with AMEC, Peter was thus in control of that part of the building for many months leading up to 9-11. Indeed Ryan says Peter Janson was in the correct room 12 minutes before the hit, “fixing the air conditioner.” I call that ‘unmitigated cheek.’

Now for Brian Jenkins of RAND. I personally think RAND is in charge of dispensing AIDS and other diseases. RAND used to be part of the US government but, like almost all the parts that do naughty things, it has been privatized.

Brian is not someone you want to meet in a dark alley. By the age of 23 he was in the US Special Forces in Guatemala, which in 1965, was death-squad territory. In 1971, he wrote a paper for RAND on how to ‘Vietnamize’ the Indochinese war. By the 1980s he (Jenkins) was an architect of the Contra war in Nicaragua, which was aimed aim at civilians and infrastructure.

God forgive us all.

The Achille Lauro Did Not Have GPS? 

As of 1986, Brian was advising the Secretary of State on terrorism!  And who was that Secretary? I’ll give a hint. He is the one who said in his memoirs that he didn’t chase after the Achille Lauro cruise ship from which Ralph Klinghoffer was thrown overboard for being a Jew, as it was somewhere in the Mediterranean and the Sec’y of Defense Cap Weinberger couldn’t find it.

I am so glad Schultz put that preposterous statement in his memoirs, as it clarified what I had already thought of that incident, which is that it was of the killer bee variety. Psy-war is everything, you know. And taxpayer funded, to boot.

(Oops, I just looked up RAND’s website. The heading is “A Passion for Changing the World” and the first “policy focus” listed on the menu is “Children and Families.” Oh-oh.)

In 2000, Brian became an advisor to the Hart-Rudman Commission (I wonder who commissioned that commission) on Homeland Security, of which Lynne Cheney was a member. So was Lee Hamilton, later the head of the 9-11 Commission. God help us.

The fourth of our five selectees, from Ryan’s book “Another Nineteen,” is Barry McDaniel. He works for Stratesec (which I pronounce like “Straight Security”). Barry was Deputy Director for Readiness at the US Army Material Command. Then he became vice-president at BDM International, a subsidiary of the Carlyle Group. The term ‘revolving door’ hardly does justice.

Pipelines, in Both Senses of the Word

When McDaniel left the army in 1988, Barry had said that an important task of his had been the Southwest Asian Petroleum Distribution Project. (Did you know that the Army does things like that?) Ryan assumes it has to do with pipelines in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and speculates that it may have included arming the Mujahadin with “material” from the US Army Material Command. Why not? Brzezinski said Go for it.

Stratesec has such clients as United Airlines and the Los Alamos Laboratories. For our purposes, it ran the security at … ta-da… the twin towers — and also Dulles Airport. Thus, Barrry McDaniel had a ringside seat. Ryan mentions in passing that a security company gets access to all the records. So whatever is going on at, say, Dulles, Stratesec knows of it.

Which Dulles brother was the airport named for, anyway? John Foster or Allen? Haven’t we got any heroes that qualify for such a remembrance? How about “the Gary Webb Airport”?

Finally to the put-option suspect, Wirt Walker. His company is KuwAm. I pass over the fact that he is Bush’s cousin and I pass over the fact that he is also related to Judge Walker who nixed the appeal of April Gallop in Gallop v Cheney, and I pass over the amazing fact that he seems to have digs near Oklahoma City. Nudge, nudge.

The reason I am passing over all that, and much more, is to get quickly to the full spelling of KuwAm. It is: Kuwait America.

And thereby hangs a tale. Ryan’s book emphasizes the big doings that go on between some of our military and the kingdom of Kuwait.

Diagonal Drilling across an Ocean?

Basically the Kuwaitis own the corporation that owns Stratesec. So if there was foreign control on the famous day, it was that of Kuwait. Many people have said that security at the WTC was run by Israelis. Ryan thinks otherwise. His book is extremely well foot-noted. Please give it a go.

I have not scratched the surface here. You will be amazed at how real is the “deep state,” as Kevin Ryan calls it. An old boy network in which you can move around from one directorship to a colonelship in the blink of an eye.

–Mary Maxwell invites you to www.MaxwellForSenate.com



      • Here iis part of David Chandler’s 2013 Amazon review of Ryan’s book:

        How much do you know about Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Frank Carlucci of the Carlyle Group, Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage, FBI Director Louis Freeh, CIA Director George Tenet, “Counterterrorism Czar” Richard Clarke, FAA hijack coordinator Michael Canavan, FAA Command Center operations manager Benedict Sliney, General Ralph Eberhart of NORAD, Carl Truscott of the Secret Service, former CIA Director John Deutch, Undersecretary of Defense John Hamre, Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitiz, Peter Janson of AMEC Construction, Iraq Occupation Governor L. Paul Bremer, New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Congressman Porter Goss (That’s more than 19, and there are actually more mentioned in the book.)

        Did you know that L. Paul Bremer’s parent company occupied the exact floors where the North Tower was struck by Flight 11, or that another company Bremer directed patented a thermite demolition device?

        A common objection to the idea of insider participation in 9/11 is that people cannot imagine Americans who would actually do such a thing. This book makes insider participation much more understandable and believable. The result is not to close the book on who did 9/11; it rather opens the book, exposes the players, and calls for a real investigation. It is a masterpiece of deep reporting.
        — end of Chandler review of Ryan’s book “Another Nineteen”

        • Let us post books to our politicians and radio hosts. Maybe it might dent or even crack their delusional world. The people conducting politics as usual on the hill in Canberra should be ashamed of themselves.

          • Not likely, they know no shame and celebrate their deceptions by the success of their planned fascist manipulations, deceit and propaganda to create a public in fear of ‘them’.

  1. “Who did 9/11 ????
    Easy, who benefited the most ????? Answer that and you’ve found the perpe”trator”. Emphasis on the last part.

  2. Dear oh dear, more conspiracy stuff. Jonathon Faine must be eating his heart out?
    The official government 911 conspiracy theory is simply that 19 mad Muslims hijacked 4 commercial passenger aircraft, two hit two buildings at the WTC, one hit the Pentagon and one crashed into a field. Another 47 story bulding No 7 fell down in 6.5 seconds because of thermal expansion at column 79 when a joist fell out, it was not hit by a aircraft.
    Bin Laden planned it all and as he was hiding out in Afghanistan, we went in to catch him and bombed them, even untill recently with the mother of all bombs. ‘Booooom’! Take that Afghanistan, we have more from where that came from.
    They deserve to have the crap bombed out of them and one day we will achieve a victory and finish off the Afghan murdering bastards ………., and Iraq, and Sudan and Somalia and Libya and Syria and those Iranian recalcitrants and we may have to do in Lebanon as well. Not sure why, even the fellow disclosing ‘the plan’ to General Wesley Clark at the Pentagon just after 911 had no idea why.
    Anyway, not to worry, the Russians will just be ‘Putin Pusseys’ and we can fix them up too if they stick their noses in to the ME.
    Turnbull and Bishop will fix up Vlad…….. you just watch.
    We all know about the truth of 911. Just ask; any of our lawyers, politicians, shock jokes, MSMs journos and even our reverred and most respected and credible Australian Broadcasting Commission personal and reporters etc. Jonathon Faine of radio ABC in Melbourne has told everyone often and he bloody well knows everything about other silly tin foil hat luny 911 conspiracy theories.
    But I will confuse you all a bit because I really know who really, really did it.
    Simply because; the scientific reality gives it all away.
    Think, if the physics and scientific laws of gavity and freefall etc., were superseded/overidden as for example when building 7 collapsed at freefall speed.
    Then there being a master of the universe being he (or she) whom writes and applies the laws of physics, it follows as a matter of logic that he (or she, it or whatever) is responsible and must have been running the conspiracy plan for mass murder and assisted his or her mate Bin Laden to accomplish it.
    God did it!

  3. The fourteen young males in protest against Saudi Arabia government, tortured and may be beheaded, As well known the Imperialists love Saudi Arabia, not just Trump also Britain both supply arms to this country, these governments love tyrannical and puppet governments,Why? because behind the charade of being the nice guys of morality are all part of the despotic regime with a thin veneer of democracy and justice, true to say justice is consistent with truth and noble creeds, alas only a few can afford this luxury and often money perverts justice, overwhelming is the dark side outweighs of light, we are still ruled by the cunning and perverts who are the mainstay of power as can be seen by the destruction of cultures and any group or body that gets in the way of the program of oppression.

    • General Myers Interviewed in October, 2001:

      Q: If we could go back to September 11th, what do you remember about that day?
      A: I remember it was like watching a bad movie. I was on Capitol Hill. I was about ready to meet with Senator Cleland. I was meeting with him in preparation for my hearing, my confirmation hearing to be the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. And I remember before we walked in there was a TV that was playing and somebody has said, “An airplane has hit one of the World Trade Center towers.” They thought it was an airplane, and they thought it was a small airplane or something like that. So we walked in and we did the office call with Senator Cleland. 
      Sometime during that office call the second tower was hit. Nobody informed us of that. But when we came out, that was obvious. Then, right at that time, somebody said the Pentagon has been hit.
      … I went back in the building to the Command Center and was joined shortly thereafter by the Secretary of Defense. We did what had to be done in terms of the command and control of the day. [Such as ???]

      Q: Could you believe that it was actually a terrorist attack?
      A: …General Eberhart was working with the Federal Aviation Agency trying to figure out the logical steps at this point. We had some fighters airborne at that time in case we had some hijacked airplanes that were possibly a threat to other institutions or structures, [excuse me ???]

      but it was initially pretty confusing. You hate to admit it, but we hadn’t thought about this.

      • Hi Mary and thanks for the article. A couple of interesting points i’m sure your aware:
        Zim Israel American Shipping Co leased the 16-17 floors of the north tower. Just weeks before 911 they broke their lease and moved out paying the $50,000 penalty. Zim Israel Shipping Co is owned by Zim Israel Navigation which in turn is owned by the State of Israel.
        Zionist Lewis Eisenburg became chairman of the New York/New Jersey Port Authority prior to the hand over, from public to private, to Silverstien and Lowry at the low rate of 3.3 billion. Silverstein only paid $15 mill up front before he pulled the proverbial pin.
        Stratasec would have been employed by the owners don’t you think?

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