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No Country Can Serve Two Masters

On the campaign trail as photo’d by RollCall – (L) Mo Brooks (R) Luther Strange

by Mary Maxwell, current candidate for US Senate in Alabama

I notice that Australians have been doing a bit of self-flagellating on the pages of GumshoeNews.com lately. For example, by clarifying the fact that Pine Gap’s occupation of a piece of land in central Australia is symptomatic of Canberra’s submissiveness to the US.

That, plus the frequent comments at Gumshoe that people are unable to stand up to their own government – or to the quasi-government public radio, ABC – as the “guards on duty” won’t let them approach.

I find the exact same thing here. The above photos of the two big candidates in the race that I am in for a US senate seat appeared in a Washington DC online mag called RollCall. It carried the headline “In Alabama Senate Special Election, Candidates Try to Stand Out.”

So one might guess that the might of the Fourth Estate would be coming to the rescue of the small candidates? All up, 8 Repubs and 7 Democrats are running. But no. “RollCall” did not mention that any soul other than The Favored Ones even existed.

As with the Jon Faine in Melbourne (ABC radio morning host), the editor of RollCall has specific missions to perform and educating the listeners or viewers ain’t one of them. You’re probably thinking I’m just a sore loser. Maybe I feel that RollCall should have announced, that someone said, after my last debate (to a huge audience), “Mary, by acclaim, and lynch the rest of them.”

Mary Maxwell [Editor’s note: Lynch the rest of them]

But one would, of course, think “The mainstream press could never say such a thing. Mary is into truth telling and that’s anathema city, man.” RollCall is an instrument of the Powers That Be and we had better resign ourselves to it.

Recall my article “We Are All Aborigines Now.” In 1788 when the native Australians saw the tall ships, and soon felt the force of the men thereon, they must have figured out fairly soon that they did not stand a chance. My claim, made in 2015 (it was at Adelaide Writers’ Week) was that we, the white-skinned in Australia, can now see that we too have fallen to the conquerors.

I did not mean we Aussies have fallen to the Americans. I have never accepted that it is “the U.S.” that is bossing Oz – even though it may look like it. I say both countries are under the thumb of the cabal, the World Government, the mafia, whatever.

To bring it back to the very simple instance at hand, the persons who own the RollCall magazine are under instructions to present certain things and not others, and “you just can’t buck them.” You are helpless against their will.

This article is about resignation, or its alternative.

Who Can Win?

A certain person said, many generations ago:

“If there are men in this country big enough to own the government of the United States, they are going to own it. What we have to determine now is whether we are big enough, whether we are men enough, whether we are free enough, to take possession again of the government which is ours.”

Today I feel that such a remark captures the situation nicely. There seem to be two opposing camps – the persons “in power” and “the population in general.” As we often say here at GumshoeNews, the population is still holding onto old ideals. Those ideals make sense, in fact they reflect the wisdom of centuries of trying to figure out how people can live together.

Thus it seems crazy to capitulate to “the powerful,” as the powerful are not offering a good way of life, even for their own kith and kin. They are rejecting all that wisdom in favour of … of what?

Trapped at the Top

It is my theory that the men at the top are trapped. I mean the ones at the very top. It is probably like the alpha male in non-human species — he gets there by fighting and dreads the moment when the underling will successfully challenge him. Everything in him says “Avoid that day as long as you possible can.”

If I’m right, there’s a bunch of alphas sitting on a yacht somewhere making any plan they can think of to keep ahead of their huge group of challengers. They may not realize they have become desperadoes but the set-up is such that they have no escape. So they are desperadoes.

I am dying for people to realize this. I mean I want the public to know it so as to reduce their awe of these clowns. But naturally I want the clowns to know it, too, so they will stop destroying humanity.

A list of the crazy things they have done in aid of furthering their survival includes:

1. Playing divide-and-rule by stirring up every possible pair of social groups,

2. Overseeing the dumbing down of nations in order to prevent a smartypants challenger,

3. Using up the whole planet’s resources merely to pay bounty to their servants,

4. Disbursing diseases like there was no tomorrow,

5. Insulting Mother Nature with “genetic modification” of species. (Yick!)

The Biology of Tribal Warfare

At this point I want to introduce another factor, namely that the clash between the two forces – a powerful cabal and a mass of citizens – does not fit into our innate programming. We evolved to fight group-to-group, and we do it well with great emotion and motivation.

But in that prehistoric scheme, “our” group was a definable society, a tribe, and the other group was another tribe. Above it was mentioned that Aboriginal society (or at least the tribe that lived near “Botany Bay”) was a unified entity against the clearly unified entity of the men aboard the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. Oops I mean the HMS Supply and the HMS Sirius.

Had they had fairly equal weaponry, they could have fought it out. Hearts on both sides would swell with the urge of defending their people. This is such a normal tribal instinct that we see it readily transferred to two football teams with the spectators enjoying the whole thing by proxy.

Me Against Mo Brooks and Luther Strange

But as I said the RollCall magazine affair bespeaks a different division of labor, a different structure of clash. The newsmen of RollCall are simply obeying their boss. They happily toss overboard the – dare I say it – Ethics of Journalism. The result for me is a sharp awareness of the un-level playing field on which I am running for office.

The two big candidates, Mo (a Congressman) and Luther (currently holding the desired Senate seat by way of temporary appointment from the governor) are each receiving millions in donations. That is par for the course in American politics.

So let’s say “the people” wanted to go against that set-up. What could they do? They could not get out their guns and shoot the owners of RollCall. Well, maybe they could but even there they would have to know who the owners are. Most corporations have thousands of shareholders. Should they all be shot?

The Two Sides Are on Different Missions

Here, then, is my point. We are in a new situation. There is no tribal clash – that would be easy. Rather (if I am correct) the “side” that consists of the general public is desirous of its society’s normal ideals. The other side consists of a very few at the top who control many under them. As a result, the “many under them” are also members of the general public. Quel mess!

For one thing, it appears that the “many under them” do not vote for the things that the cabal does (e.g., the dumbing down, the disbursing of diseases). Most likely they’re not even aware of what the cabal does. They may be quite unaware that there is a cabal at all.

Instead their guideline is the “norm” of going about one’s business to make a living. Persons who work for newspapers know from Day One whom to obey at the press and could even get along simply by picking up the office culture. If it is a schoolteacher following the dumb-down instructions, she may even believe the propaganda that these methods help the children.

If they discover that there’s a Maxwell-type out there, pointing to their treachery – they are, after all, betraying the ideals that they claim to honor – they would be pretty confused.

No Country Can Serve Two Masters

Here is my country today, the US. I assume it contains many people who would like to be faithful and many who are compromised by doing the bidding of the Big Bad masters. All these people seem to be as one. When we pledge allegiance here, we feel united. (“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”)

But we are not as one. No country can serve two masters.

The initial way to fix our odd division is to acknowledge that it exists. I now repeat the quote above. Sorry to say it came from Woodrow Wilson, who did not exactly practice what he preached:

“If there are men in this country big enough to own the government of the United States, they are going to own it. What we have to determine now is whether we are big enough, whether we are men enough, whether we are free enough, to take possession again of the government which is ours.”

Aussies, please just substitute the word “Australia” for “the United States” and have a go.

–Mary Maxwell is on the hustings. Please visit www.MaxwellForSenate.com



  1. I called Mary in her motel in Montgomery about an hour . She said she had just been visited by two pest controllers. They needed to check out her room.
    Question to Mary: What time of the day did these two gents arrive? What were they wearing? Can you remember any badges… or equipment they brought in?

    • Dee, Dee, you’re taking it too seriously. One wore blue. The other had a patch over his ear.

      Come to think of it they didn’t spray anything. They said I complained about cockroaches but i didn’t. I like cockroaches.

  2. Mary,
    Find a pray can for insects and cockroaches and next time they call, spray the vermin.
    Try something tnat Monsanto manufactures, a sure way to erradicate pests and everthing else in the vicinity. Wear a mask!

  3. Another good article Mary. Here’s part of what you stated ‘……….”the powerful”, as the powerful are not offering, a good way of life, even for their own kith and kin. They are rejecting all that wisdom in favour of…….of what?’

    I have found LarouchePAC. com a very informative site you may wish to visit. Too, SGTreport.com is very informative also.

    And this next paragraph is for those who have a tendency to run with what they choose to believe and not what the evidence may tell them.

    One should exercise their scepticism in believing everything that they may read, watch or listen to as being factually based. One should weigh up all that they learn from doing their own research before forming opinions, and even after being satisfied with one’s opinion on any subject, one should then maintain an open mind that the opinion formed from one’s research, may still need to be fine tuned.

    Terrence Odgers, August, 2017.

    • I am in deep doubt at all times. One has only to look up at the stars at night to know one could not possibly be “in the know.”

      Still, one can “know” a few things, such as that the US had no call to kill Gadaffi. Just no call, period.

  4. With your reference Mary of serving two masters? I suggest Australia is not serving two masters but many, when Whitlam was overthrown, he had at the time at least two, that is the CIA representing American interests and also the attorney general, representing British interests.
    When I inquired on Quora as to why America had little interest in their national debt as opposed to Australia having by comparison a very small national debt and the constant reference of concern by Australians and our politicians, the most significant response was America owned the debt as opposed to Australia who owed the money to overseas interests.
    I believe Whitlam did want the Australian debt to be owned by Australia insofar as he when sopping around in I think the Middle East for money the press called this funny money? i am uncertain as to what is meant by funny money other than the Australian press also being anything known as free press having interpreted this as a move of either what now is called fake press or propaganda?
    If where we as a First world are interpreting where we are going wrong as say the secrecy of historical circumstance of a Cabal, this is not a satisfactory solution because it was at one time thought the world was flat and eventually it clicked it was a myth, to suggest a cabal is alive and well through historical circumstances is no plausible, the blame has to be more to the point the Imperialist regime to hold on to power having to resort to militaristic force and maintain power is destroying our planets cultures, economies we disapprove of, and any considered weak enough that can be destroyed in particular those whom do not display our values.
    This has some degree of credence as to being historical as a significant role the development of technology in particular to war technology.
    Our problem today is the few whom this serves well as opposed to the welfare of the many, this all forms part of the CEOs such as those in the Commonwealth Bank having a system whereby this institution being able to funnel money to corrupt organizations as ISIS, and the CEO is rewarded by some tens of millions of dollars annually, it suggests those whom are considered criminal by many with impunity can on a daily basis be involved with crime and yet be above the law?
    The fact that so many struggle with hardship created by a contemporary cabal is not a cabal vested within a historical framework but more so a cabal that is understood by the passing of the mantle within a short space of time such as those programed within the network of the higher so called educational system, Trump had something similar in his education, that is alienation from his family and a instilling of a systematic programing that if he followed the ruled the reward will be great? and presto, America cannot afford to look dumb and having no recourse other than supporting a lame duck and a mix of pride.

    • Don, I am with you for most of this.
      I can’t figure whom Trump works for.
      One of our commenters the other day said that Trump and Pauline Hanson found our what happens if you rise above your assigned station.
      I am pretty sure I understand Pauline as we are two of a kind.
      But what gets that other guy up in the morning?

      You wouldn’t believe the barrage Trump gets EVERY DAY for the last 3 months. The most cynical interpretation I could put on it is that he is playing an assigned part and the goal is the destabilization of America.

      But it looks more like he is really struggling against them.

      i was allowed to yak on radio today to my heart’s content. The population here is educated and “with it.” When I say “here” I mean in this particular state: ‘Bama. What it’s like in Bostoniensis I don’t know. By the way I am not allowed to say Assachusetts on radio.

      Profanity is forbidden and the Greyhound driver says “No smoking, no loud cell phones, and don’t let anything and everything flow from your mouth.”

      Got it. I am learning to be a good girl.

      • On further reflection, Don, I agree with you that the modern heirs to the cabal’s “wisdom” seem to have lost their moorings. (And absurdity sure is not an easy thing to be moored to.)

        Trying to swat a couple of skeeters in your motel room (as I am doing at the moment) is one thing. Trying to whack down 7 billion of your conspecifics is quite the undertaking!

        I say to any cabaliers who are reading this: we can negotiate. We can help you poor buggers.

        Also, we offer a neutral-tasting Demise Pill, on special this week only.

    • Don,
      There is only one master and it is he who controls the money and resources.
      Those who support the master merely gorge what is fed by the master into their troughs to get fat……. ‘gold in their sacks’ ring a political bell?

    • donwreford. I would be looking at how the Vatican has made the Catholic Church the most wealthiest establishment on this planet while still managing to keep most of its flock as poor as church mice.

      Too, the Vatican holds many secrets that it closely guards – why would an establishment supposedly in place for the ‘benefit’ of mankind wish to hide secrets that could release mankind from their poverty of thinking and material gains?

      I am not suggesting that it is only the Vatican that is the controlling interest in what you find disturbing, but what I am suggesting, is that the Vatican is just part of a much larger Cabal that has been exercising its political and financial power for a very long time.

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