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The "Polish" Problem


by Mary W Maxwell

This is our shortest Gumshoe article ever. It is a 30 second commercial ad, being run on a Montgomery, Alabama radio station even as we speak.

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  1. I found this on somebody else’s Youtube video (contributed by Edward William Case):

    “Look, WWII and Vietnam and Korea were all set-ups as was 9/11. It was an inside job as sick as the truth is.

    “Get over it we have been lied to about EVERYTHING!!!!! History, Science you name it. WAKE UP smell the coffee and learn.

    “The people who run the government run the media, the CIA infiltrated the media long ago. They lie aabout everything. The terrorists were in the White House. They should be prosecuted!!!!!”

  2. I am reading Kevin Ryan’s account of who was behind the attack on 9/11. He states several names of those who should be forced under oath to account for their actions before, during and after the attack. The government of the US appears to be a revolving door of criminals who are worse than any mafia mobsters.

    • As i have often said, Mal, they can be arrested under the Material Witness Act of 1793. This does not entail blaming them for anything; no evidence of their guilt is needed. The arrest has to do with capturing information from them.

      During the months after “9/11”, the US rounded up many Muslims and arrested them ON THIS VERY PROVISION.

      • SIT, PRAY, CRY

        This is on page 17 of my 2011 book Prosecution for Treason:

        According to a report by Human Rights Watch and the American Civil Liberties Union, Tarek Albasti said this about his October 2001 experience of being held in solitary confinement – as a material witness:

        “After I got in the cell I went kind of crazy. I was calling the guards to find out exactly what was my crime. Where’s my lawyer if I have a lawyer. Because nobody told us anything. What’s going to happen or what’s going on. Nobody answered me so I kept banging on the door. Of course I started crying… The guard came. He starts yelling at me. I yelled back and I said I need to know why I am here. I need to talk to somebody. He said we don’t know, once we know, we will let you know. I felt he didn’t know why we were being held. I had nothing to do but sit and cry. That’s technically all we did. Sit and pray and cry.” (6-27-05) alipac.us

        • Mal, I think all persons who have held the office of Inspector General in any part of the US Govt since 1990 should now be arrested per the MWA.

          They need only bring a toothbrush for an overnight stay, as they could quickly cough up the information — they spent years sifting through it.

          Many of them might be greatly relieved to have it demanded from them.

          Either that or the people start up a Truth and Reconciliation panel and offer mercy to those who will volunteer the info.
          Thanks for your remark, Mal. Here is Gumshoe’s recent article on the Kevin Ryan book. I named 5 people who are little-known. Have you chosen some other faves?


  3. With regard to a show down of Britain and Poland, re the Mary Maxwells Polish mess and Britain, the British owe a debt to Poland that has never been paid, during WW2 and being omitted from the thanks giving parade in London, after the war, it is somewhat unfortunate Britain having done so little for so many and so much for the few.

    • Not just Poland donwreford, but this country’s sacrifices for the ‘motherland’ during WW1 as well.

      For example: I spent some time in London in 2008 being the interested tourist that London has much to show that keeps the tourist interested.

      Having a keen interest in everything Aussie and all that Aussies have done around the world since this country was founded, I found myself at the Imperial War Museum looking over some very interesting displays of weaponry and some well done dioramas, much like the Canberra War Museum, depicting famous battles.

      Anyone being familiar with the exploits of the ANZACs during World War One – and for those who are not, I would suggest Les Carlyon’s very graphic and well written historical tome, The Great War, which i believe leaves no stone unturned in what the British owe us as a nation – would expect to see at the very least an acknowledgement of some kind for the sacrifice given to the ‘motherland’ of over 60,000 young Australian soldiers killed and over 150,000 wounded, some dying months after being repatriated of their wounds, and all for Britain’s glory – and one must remember that the Australian population at the time was less than six million!

      So, per head of population our participation and casualty rate in that war was more than any other ‘allied’ nation.

      But, all I could find to commemorate the great sacrifice that a young nation put forward to save the ‘motherland’ was a couple of dummies wearing Aussie uniforms and a short footnote thanking those who ‘served’ for their service.

      What I thought of that obvious omission by the Imperial War Museum as to the major part played by the ANZACs and General John Monash in defeating the Germans during WW1 in Europe is not printable!

      Without the Aussies they would have lost that war.

      • And if they had lost that war there wouldn’t have been any Third Reich, etc, etc.

        And lest we forget, all the Aussies who fought in that war were volunteers, just like all the volunteers since Vietnam.

        • Berry, it has never been made plain by any historical researcher exactly why Der Kaiser and his military chose to go to war against the British Empire – there have been given many and varied reasons for such an ‘adventure’, the most absurd of course, being the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire – but no one of note has ever presented any compelling evidence for why Wilhelm and company would deliberately go to war.

          My ‘educated’ guess is that ol’ KIng George was being pushed by his Globalist financial backers and political interests to overthrow the last effective remaining monarchies in Europe – the German and Russian Monarchies – in order to shore up ‘his’ empire. What ol’ King George did not realize though, was that he was being played like the proverbial fiddle by the Globalists who had ever bigger plans than him.

  4. What then?

    They would then bring down a high court ruling declaring that the chief perpetrator(s) could not be tried (it’s called “the rule of law”), while declaring the water fit to drink anyway.

    Without mentioning the “Poles” in Yugoslavia (where they needed to destroy its infrastructure and civilian population), Iraq, Libya Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela … ?Bolivia …, they would then create another “enemy” (or several). They could start slowly with sanctions, then work their way up by declaring that all “Polish” athletes are “drug cheats” (mcclaren “report”) and then go all out with a narrative about ”Polish” hacking” (the steele / mccain dossier).

    Meanwhile, they would unleash/re-deploy their mercenaries around the globe and once they have made an initial impact and gained a foothold, would offer (sic) to commence air strikes to tackle the problem of isis in, say, the Philippines – it would be “regrettable” of course if President Duterte along with all hospitals, schools, vital infrastructure and much of the civilian population were accidentally annihilated in the process – a la Mosul, Raqqa etc.

    Then the “prime minister of Australia” would join the media propaganda circus, declaring that the DPRK was a “threat to the stability of the region – and indeed the whole world” … and that maybe we should DESTROY North Korea, its infrastructure and its civilian population with “FIRE AND FURY” and blame it on a “Pole”.

    * http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-08-09/nbcs-brian-williams-our-job-scare-people-death-over-north-korea

    * http://exploredprk.com/articles/u-s-sanctions-against-dprk-are-culmination-of-acts-against-humanity-and-civilization/

    After all, North Korea (as were all of the aforementioned) is clearly “in violation of international norms” by providing free education and health care, ensuring safe comfortable housing for every citizen, caring for the aged and disabled, promoting universal equality, freedoms and human rights, extolling and supporting the idea of motherhood and regarding their children as national treasures and ensuring their welfare and highest standard of education and cultural enrichment…

    * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Kh58uLFPTM

    Instead of cowardly war, maybe we should promote cultural exchange … (I could just see James Morrison jamming with this duo …)

    * https://youtu.be/-dnWzobejH8

    Or maybe we need an Andronicus File for the psychopathic perpetrators.

  5. Re: shocking stories of Abu Grahib prisoners. This needs a Trigger Warning Mary–to all those who know of Torture and Genocide-the two words that will lead to a Truth Telling necessary for a process of Makarrata-Truth-Accountability and then Holistic Restoration.
    I refer to our abu Grahib-Four corners footage Australias Shame
    How do Australian citizens feel about this?– How do survivors of Monarch programming deal with this? How do politicians respond to this? How do First Nations Peoples hold those in power accountable and put the heling Makarrata process into practice.
    News›Asia›Australasia Tuesday, 26 July, 2016,
    Australia’s shame: ‘Abu Ghraib’-style images of children in detention triggers public inquiry
    The ABC’s Four Corners current affairs programme shows footage of offenders, many indigenous, being stripped naked, tear-gassed and held in solitary confinement for weeks

    Australia’s prime minister has launched a public inquiry after the broadcast of footage of children in detention being abused, hooded and bound in a manner likened to Abu Ghraib and Guantánamo Bay.

    The Great Australian Silence–Ignorance–I Rage

    • Diane, I gave up watching or listening to any broadcast from the ABC, SBS or any other ‘main stream’ media outlet years ago simply because of the propaganda being pedalled and the lies through omissions being sold.

      If you can comment on this site then you have access to much more ‘information’ here and on the internet being available than from the co-opted MSM.

      But, a word of caution; do your own research in order to form any opinion from what you choose to explore.

  6. Topical …

    “So we went over there and fought the war and eventually burnt down every town in North Korea. Over a period of three years or so we killed off … twenty percent of the population of Korea as direct casualties of war or from starvation and exposure .. “ … (US) Gen. Curtis LeMay

    Leon Allan Davis gives a very scholarly historical background to the “problem” of North Korea


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