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Female Defence Ministers Please Apply — Male Soldier Applications Closed

Trailblazer Lieutenant Kate Munari, Australian Navy helicopter pilot , (courtesy ABC)

by Dee McLachlan

I can do four press ups — easily — so I’m off to join the army. (But I’m sure to be rejected on my age.)

A  Daily Telegraph article, “Australian Army bans male recruits to get female numbers up,” is about the new targets sent out to ADF recruiters. The focus seems to be all about recruiting women immediately. An ADF recruiter allegedly told The Telegraph: “Yes they [men] can apply – but only women will get the job,” — and that there are no vacancies for men in the next 12 months. The article continues:

“The recruiter said he had also been ordered to tell any male already recruited for a combat role, but not yet in training, to change their choice of job to make way for women recruits.

“Former Army officer and Australian Conservatives member Bernie Gaynor said, ‘Recruiting officers have been directed not to process applications from males for combat roles over the next 12 months. Males will simply not get the jobs while females will be fast-tracked through the system’.”

Miranda Devine in another Telegraph article writes:

“To overcome such common sense thinking, diversity experts have designed a $30,000 program effectively to brainwash young leaders in the Army to become “champions of change” and stamp out the ‘white Anglo-Saxon male’ culture they are told no longer has a place in the military.

I wonder if this is a legal? This, below, from the Anti-discrimination Board of New South Wales:

“Under federal and state laws, it is against the law for employers to discriminate [against] employees and job applicants, or allow discrimination and harassment to occur with their organisations. In NSW, employers must not treat job applicants and employees unfairly or harass them because of their: age, carer’s responsibilities, disability, homosexuality, marital or domestic status, race, sex (Including pregnancy and breastfeeding), or transgender status.”

Maybe they need to change this log line on defence jobs, where it says  “Equal opportunities — In the ADF, you are promoted and recognised based on your ability, not your gender.”

A Comment on the Film Industry

Gender diversity is part of a new push by all Federal and state film agencies, too. Screen Australia recently announced a five point, $5 million plan over three years for Gender Matters — a suite of initiatives that address the gender imbalance within the Australian screen industry.

Screen Australia’s CEO Graeme Mason said on the 12th of July (2017),

“Our focus is on female led creative teams rather than individuals. We are aiming to ensure our production funding is targeted to creative teams (writer, producer, director and protagonist) that are at least 50% female by 2018 year end.”

This is an attempt to balance what has been a “boys’ club” for a long time.

I worked with an experienced cinematographer recently, and for most of the year he’s been unemployed. Many of the projects he is attached to seem to be getting no traction in Australia — as they have been told (by the funding agencies) that they don’t have enough women in their team (even though the one film has a female protagonist).

After sipping his coffee, he says wryly, “If you’re white, male and over 50… you’re an endangered species.”

On arrival in Australia, I discovered quickly that the film industry was beyond gender — it was more like a “club” — and if you’re not invited to “the party”, be content with feeding on the crumbs on the outside. I imagine most industries work like this.

Are quotas the way to address the imbalance?

But, back to war and defence. Why the Army?

The Ministers of Defence

Across the world there has been a recent trend to appoint women into defence ministries.

There have been past Minister of Defence appointments, like Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi (India, 1975), and Kim Campbell (Canada, 1993) — but why the recent global trend? I have only picked six women (in the photo) below, but there are many more. The first in Europe was Finland’s Elisabeth Rehn in 1990. Since then, 18 European countries have appointed women to the top defence job. A few more examples:

  • Ine Marie Eriksen Søreide — Norwegian Minister of Defence. She took office in 2013.
  • Andreja Katič is the current Minister of Defence of the Republic of Slovenia.
  • Karin Märta Elisabeth Enström, served as Minister for Defence in the Sweden 2012.
  • Marina Pendeš  serves as Minister of Defence, Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, appointed in March 2015.

Top, Left to Right: Mimi Kodheli, appointed Minister of Defense of Albania in September 2013; the same year Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen was the German Minister of Defence; Roberta Pinotti, the Italian Minister of Defence (February 2014);

Bottom, Left to Right: May 2015, Penelope Mary Mordaunt was appointed UK Minister of State for the Armed Forces; Senator Marise Payne became the first female Minister for Defence in September 2015; María Dolores Cospedal García appointed Minister of Defense of Spain in November 2016.

Let me say here, that I hate violence, detest wars and killing. I think past (male) leaders have used wars in an immoral way, and I would be glad to see a change in how Ministers of Defence viewed war. On the surface, appointing a woman as Defence Minister might give the idea that she may take a less war-like approach. But I don’t think that is the case. The ministries still don’t understand how wars and governments are being manipulated.

This trend is not a random coincidence.

This seems to have been globally orchestrated. A directive from somewhere?

In a Bloomberg article — “Why Europe Puts Women in Top Defense Roles” — it sounds all so wonderful. The article reflects on a meeting of Europe’s five female defense ministers and their changing priorities and vision of the military’s role. May 18, 2017:

“At Thursday’s meeting of European Union defense ministers all five of the bloc’s biggest economies (minus the U.K.) were represented by women… This remarkable evolution of what was a traditionally male portfolio reflects the current European attitude toward military force and its raison d’etre.

“…They’re political appointees — but it’s hardly accidental that they ended up with defense portfolios at the same time…  more than 40 countries have done this so far, some 30 of them picking the first woman for the post after 2000.”

This may appear as a new vision for a more peaceful and equitable future, but what is really happening here? What is being planned for us in the future?

Dr Day had predicted war in the future would be obsolete, and this is what Dr Dunegan recalled him saying at his 1969 lecture:

“Anyhow, the new system would be brought in, if not by peaceful co-operation with everybody willingly yielding national sovereignty and then by bringing the nation to the brink of nuclear war. Everybody would be so fearful as hysteria is created by the possibility of nuclear war that there would be a strong public outcry to negotiate a public peace and people would willingly give up national sovereignty in order to achieve peace, and thereby this would bring in the ‘New International Political System’.”

Is the global trend to appoint female defence ministers a good thing, or is it part of a plan to disarm nations, and eventually privatize the military under one globally governing body — for a glorious New World Order.



  1. Where are we now at this point in time .
    The women go to war and the men cook and , hopefully , raise the children at home . Everything has been inverted .
    ” The lie has become so huge that it is almost indistinguishable from the truth ” .
    The hidden hand ( globalism ) is the iron fist of injustice .
    They started ww1 and all conflicts since then .

    • Ah no!
      Dads will become redundent as the children will be regarded as a state asset for training, education and service to the state. Sound ramiliar?
      Well at least to when they reach 75 years, then it is NWO Dr Day’s ‘demise pill’ for them at the used by date. [As recalled by Dr. Dunegan]
      Strangely, I recall a television segment many decades back when this policy was represented.
      Strange that the information just disappeared.
      Does any one recall the program/report complete with members of family and an actor representing the proposed to be ‘demised’ person who was at 75 years and the preparations for the killing and after party? (Rupert was not the actor representing he who was to be ‘demised’ (:-)

      • In regard to Dr Day saying girls would not play with baby dolls anymore, I checked with a 26-year-old in Tuscaloosa. I said “You didn’t have baby dolls when you were a child, did you?”
        She said “Oh, yes, I did.”

        I said “Really?”

        She said “You mean Barbie dolls, right?”

  2. Is there such an imbalance in numbers of males versus females in the world, that we now need to use war deaths to wipe out a large number of females to come back into equilibrium?

    If females are supposed to be the more gentle and sensitive sex why are all these ambitious women pushing themselves into this barbaric human profession?

    In regard to the One World Government idea, we know that only the unethical and immoral types, whether male or female force themselves into positions of leadership. Imagine a one world government ruled by the most evil beings on this planet, whereby every individual worldwide has no alternative leader.

    At least now we have numerous evil people ruling our countries but sometimes there are some that are less evil than the others.

    • Mal, I recommend that the Vietnam Veterans of Australia, of which you are one, hold a series of meetings (perhaps by Skype) to demand that this nonsense stop, and that its designers be exposed and punished.

      • With all due respect Mary, we have fought our fight, some of us are still fighting it today. I am not prepared to continue the fight for our youth who MUST step up to the plate and fight for what they have, or lose it.
        Just today, exiting a shopping mall I was approached by a youth, (indigenous) of approx 16 years old wearing clothiong my kids would have died for, but could never have afford, asking for a hand out ?????? I kid you not. With youths of this calibre, (not even prepared to offer work in exchange ) and not prepared to carry the load that we did, I can foresee a murky future for Australia indeed.

  3. This is nothing less than the continued feminization of the West. One only need review over the past two decades what has become the female heroine in movies and TV shows to understand the psychology of promoting women in such roles over the traditional male.

    Women are being promoted as equal to or better than, their male counterparts, when in the real world, women and men are psychologically and physiologically different by necessary design for the propagation of the species – the two genders can never be equal, no matter how much wishful thinking and promotion is involved to discount the reality!

    If one or two Western countries were doing this one could simply pass it off as stupidity, but it has been deliberately employed and promoted in all Western countries, and only in Western countries – and that therefore, makes it an agenda!

    Great article Dee – perhaps your next article could be why are we doing this to ourselves?

    • Absolutely spot on mate. As a veteran of the Vietnam debacle, I can say without fear of contradiction, no female I know, would ever have done the things we did in Vietnam willingly and still retain their sanity.
      It’s obvious to me, our military has a major recruitment problem and their only recourse is to capture females in it’s net to make up the numbers.The people altering the rules to allow this to happen, have no military experience whatever and have never served themselves, thus have no idea of what’s entailed, simply making agendas on the run.
      Recently we had the Australian series of Ninga Warrior, which proved one thing ;
      Not matter how fit a woman is, (and these contestents were IMHO, very bloody fit indeed ) they could not make up the shortfall their bodies did not have the muscular power or reach that males did. Even the Australian champion rock climber, failed in her efforts due to her feminine body restrictions./
      I’m all for equality, especially when it comes to wages, but no matter how much we would like to see this eventuate, in the military ,no matter how much the beurocrats would like to see females in equal number in the military, it simply does not wash.
      I fear for our military males if they need to rely for their survival on a female who is not up to par for the job.

      • Eddy, I did three years in an infantry battalion – 5/7 RAR Holsworthy, during the early 70s. Exercises were infrequent, but generally lengthy when held, and up to six weeks duration. I cannot imagine any female, no matter how tough she thinks she is, putting up with living like a pig in a hole in the ground, without showering or even washing oneself for six weeks let alone two or three months on active duty somewhere.

        And to carry into combat around 25 – 30 kilo back pack as well as two full water bottles, ammunition, and a HMG like the old M60. I don’t think so!

        I note in a report on thegatewaypundit that the only female SEAL to ever attempt to do that selection course has now dropped out – I wonder why? Sarc!

        • Sort of implies that defense of the Nation is now not considered as important as flogging the rainbow unicorn of diversity for diversity’s sake.

          • Paul, it’s more an agenda than an implication. If you look back just over the past 60 years as to what we once were and what we have now become, I believe the evidence is overwhelming for a Marxist based driven agenda.

          • Some deep thinking required here Paul, re Charlottesville. The media just love to label those who take to the streets, apart from Antifa and Socialist Alliance, as being of the ‘far right wing’, but the question should be, are they?

          • As the ABC & Co. portrayed Right Sector as the “good guys” re the Ukraine saga the coverage on Charlottesville evidently isn’t based on any sort of moral or political conviction

          • Berry, Charlottesville was an ideological setup from the start. Of what harm are inanimate statures to anyone but rabid Lefties out to destroy what they hate?

      • Agree with you Eddy, I spent 4 years in the USMC 2 of them in Vietnam. One night I was woken up to take my turn on forward listening post and there was a large rat chewing through my jacket pocket after food in it. The bunkers were teeming with rats, I was bitten 3 times by them.
        There is no way I would want my Granddaughters to go in a combat unit. The bathing facilities…………….?
        Stories like men with diarrehea cutting the crotch out of their trousers so they would not have to take off all their equipment every time.
        Even so this is not the main reason I would not want them in the military_
        this is,
        Bankers wars
        Deep state
        False flags
        Satanist NWO Globalists
        Stay out of the military unless it is strictly for local defence.
        Look after your own family and community.
        Above all pray to God to help us deal with what is coming.

        • “Stories like men with diarrehea cutting the crotch out of their trousers so they would not have to take off all their equipment every time.”

          Yeah, that’s an old trick for in the field. Until you have dysentery you can’t imagine how it affects you. The first time I had it I was pulled from flight duty – and then sitting on my cot, I used to make sure no one was in the latrines before I drank some kool-aid, then I could get up, walk down and ‘discharge’ it. In the final stages, I actually went and sat on the latrine to drink the kool-aid as it would start discharging before I could finish the canteen cup.

          Many of the ‘grunts’ I saw back in ’68 had been wearing the same set of fatigues for 3-4 months. Dirty, holes in the uniform – living under stretched out ponchos – a poncho liner for the lucky. The ‘100 yard stare’ indicated they didn’t even care about their living conditions.

          Good luck girls…

        • John, until the political mindset can be ‘reset’ I would suggest just staying out of the military period. Our own Australian Defence Force has been used many times in ‘international events’ since becoming a ‘self-defence force’ back in the 1980s. So, that strictly ‘self-defence’ misnomer has not stopped our politicians from exercising the military for whatever they are ‘instructed’ to exercise the military for.

          We all need to form local militias for our own local defence.

  4. “The recruiter said he had also been ordered to tell any male already recruited for a combat role, but not yet in training, to change their choice of job to make way for women recruits.”

    Combat role? Girls only need apply? Good Gawd, maybe they should have the girls that want to apply try digging a foxhole and filling sandbags for a day.

    There’s plenty of jobs women can do, being a pilot is one of them. Although, as a former helicopter pilot, flying the old iron, there were times, like during a hydraulic failure or ‘cyclic feedback’, that required a lot of strength and I wished I had more at the time. Carrying and loading our own 17lb warhead rockets (38 of them), etc. also took a bit of strength. But, maybe it is all ‘fly by wire’ now.

    Only girls need apply, I wonder if we are going to see all women infantry units in the near future.

    At least the men that return from combat will have some female companions available that understand PTSD.

    • There is always a ‘outside the box’ plan that goes with the policy.
      What decent male soldier would not surrender and be ‘taken’ by a platoon of females?

      • i told a taxi driver here that “no women in the military” is a plank in my platform, and he said “Right. I weigh 245 pounds and if I’m wounded a hundred pound girl is going to carry me out?”

  5. This is just a continuation of the attack on intuition. Intuition is the mortal enemy of the control freaks. Unlike our logical left brains our right side intuitive brains don’t require evidence it knows can be faked. Instead it’s focus is on motivation. It looks beyond the seeming and into the periphery. Sadly, it’s not generally heard above the cacophony of feminism and gender identity, media and education, and fashion and celebrity used to deafe(n)at it as well as that other left brained power: sport. Women fight club, women rugby codes, women AFL all testosterone laden collision sports serving to distract women from their intuitive essence. Intuition has always been foreign to most men. Still if men could refine their logic into a more sacred purpose their control tendencies would dissipate somewhat. Either that or the armed forces plan on introducing the Amazonian weapon of snoo snoo into it arsenal.

    • Intuition is no more intrinsically righteous than aggression, control,nurture or any other human quality;it all depends on what use its put to.

      The nature of the phenomena in question is known by:
      1) The fact that its being driven by an entity that’s hell-bent on demonising,restricting &prohibiting equal access to the most equalising tool ever invented.
      2) Each and every one of the above and below observations.

      And I’d add to (2): The proficiency of said enity is evidenced by the fact that women are having to squeeze themselves into men’s body armour. For heavens sake Joan of Arc had a better deal!

  6. To have more women in military will create more female death statistically, we need to slow down on population growth, this would be a contribution to excess human flesh production causing diminishing resources.

    • Every Greyhound Bus ticket I have bought in the US comes with this ad:

      “Here’s how you can earn an extra $60,000.00

      Step 1. Sign with the National Guard

      Step 2. Serve first with the Active Army for 4 years = $40, 000 bonus.

      Step 3. Transition into the Guard after your Army service. Serve part-time and collect an extra $20,000.”

      Note: If you are a foreigner, such as from Russia or El Salvador, seeking US citizenship, you can get it by serving in the US military (I think it takes 6 years).

  7. The desire to preserve national identity and to protect our women and children has been manipulated in the past to make us go to war. Now that war seems to be more about protecting “world peace” against “terror”, maybe they are looking for a different sort of soldier. So if we still wish to fight for their nation who should we fight? our own women? I don’t care to debate the potential of female soldiers, but I know that they would make excellent hostages.

  8. My son just mentioned that ALL government operatives now appear to be largely staffed by women.

    It’d be interesting to know the exact stats

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