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Good Versus Evil: How To Level the Playing Field

The haka — an ancient Māori war dance displaying strength and unity, performed by New Zealand’s All Blacks rugby team (courtesy Rugby.com.au)

by Mary Maxwell, currently a candidate for the US Senate

My 3-month campaign for a place in Congress is about to end. It has been a blessed experience. One thing I learned is that the people of Alabama, both black and white, are decent and strong individuals. They carry religion around with them in a most sincere and appropriate way.

But, unless I’m wrong – I hope I’m wrong – their goodness cannot rise up. No matter what percent of the people are good – and I think it’s a huge percent (you would really stick out around here if you were not good!), their morality cannot do the job against today’s evils.

I have concluded that the reason for that is that the evils are secret. And very few names can be connected with the evils. So we can’t chase after them. Moreover, the offending few don’t look evil. I’ll bet they are, in most cases, indistinguishable from their neighbors. They have good manners and they, too, talk about American ideals and about God.

Holding Back

That’s a terrible situation. I have long thought that politeness rules the roost much more than we realize. It is painful to accuse a person of a sin unless you have all the proofs of his/her guilt. And it’s best for you to do your accusing as a group and not proceed alone. So for now, it seems to me that the bad guys are protected largely by our holding back.

But there’s also the problem of whose OFFICIAL duty it is to deal with evil. Clearly it is the persons we have appointed as prosecutors or investigators or whatever. They are not doing their job. Is it politeness that holds them back? Well, to some extent, yes, because if we are all steeped in a culture of politeness, that will have an effect.

Mind you, prosecutors have no restraint when it comes to punishing street criminals. It’s VIPs they hesitate to punish. Patently, it’s now “organized” that our justice employees will pass over – or protect with false stories – anyone who is a VIP. So who’s a VIP? Pardon the circularity but it’s “the ones whom the officials protect.”

We have often seen the AMAZING chutzpah of the “DoJ” (Department of Justice, what a name!). Its members, such as Carmen Ortiz or Janet Reno, appear to have not the tiniest scruple about protecting evildoers. But now I am leaving the topic of “restraint because of politeness” and entering “conspiracy to keep the evil ones in power.”

A Conspiracy To Protect

Wow, what a situation. Bad, terrible things are happening and we have put into place in America a great system for dealing with that, but “employees” are blocking it.  Why would they do that? Why would Carmen Ortiz pull a brilliant stunt to accuse Jahar Tsarnaev of the Boston marathon bombing? (He is on Death Row for it.) Ortiz no doubt perceives it as her duty to do the all-important protecting of the evildoers.

It cannot possibly be that she innocently thinks Jahar did it, as she went to obvious lengths to get around the problem of exculpatory evidence. They all do it, including the so-called Defense Team.

Recall that Jahar’s Aunt Maret informed the judge that the Defenders made 14 trips to Jahar’s parents in Russia to dissuade them from “resisting conviction.” So at least the judge knows that terrible thing and could not care less to do anything about correcting it. By the way, I have twice sent that Court a petition for a Writ of Error Coram Nobis and have not had even a perfunctory reply.

They Get Away with It Because Officialdom is Honored and Trusted

As I said in regard to Alabama, morality – on a personal level – is in good shape.  So why don’t a bunch of citizens take off their belts to do a good whipping of the naughty Carmen Ortizes of this world? They certainly understand that this is a standard method of getting miscreants back into line., don’t they?

One answer is that any person in high office is naturally intimidating. Our human brain makes us look up to high mucky-mucks automatically. Bad leaders regularly reap the benefit of that human habit. Carmen Ortiz may deep down worry that she will be prosecuted, but she probably doesn’t think anyone in society is going to use a belt on her.

Our forebears gave us the useful set-up of police, judges, priests, parole boards, etc. Thus we subconsciously understand that that function is “taken care of.”  I see this as a tremendous problem. It prevents us from using our belt or our gun or slashing the person’s tires or anything. “All is fine; it’s under control. Some intelligent people are paid to make the law stick.”

They Get Away with It by the Public’s Being in Denial

As we have so often discussed at GumshoeNews, the main reason we do not see heads roll, over the 9-11 crimes or other famous events, is that a majority of people have shut their minds to the possibility that the (hilarious) official story is false.

Just think of what a crazy situation this is. A government harms a city, New York, with the greatest possible violence, but the citizens, instead of turning on them (for example on Richard Cheney) they fall instead for the “sequellae.” I described the sequellae recently.  It includes the rapid production of legislation aimed at protecting citizens “from each other.”

Luckily, the numbers of sceptics have changed, thanks to the Internet, and maybe the being-in-denial thing will cease to be such a problem.

The Coalescing of Good

The theme of this article is that despite there being a mass of good people (in the case of Alabama, ones who can cite the most pertinent moral guidance from the Bible), this has not worked to combat evil. As I put it in a recent speech in Shelby County, evil rises up and coalesces. Good does not do so. Thus the good people are no match for the baddies.

Wait a minute. I said above that good does coalesce. Our forebears designed institutions to carry out the conquering of crime.  Perhaps they did not aim specifically at “great evil”. After all, how could they have even become aware of the things we now take in stride, such as pedo-gate or the false excuses given for horrendous war?

But the forbears did know how to make moral philosophy apply. They captured the spirit of the law intelligently. We can use their work.

By the way, one of my competitors for the Senate job is a former Chief Justice of Alabama, Roy Moore,  who, at meetings, gives out copies if Blackstone’s Commentaries (abridged, of course). I don’t think Blackstone has ever been bested or ever can be. One of his ideas in the 18th century was THE USE OF LAW TO PROTECT THE LAW, AS SUCH.

The Coalescing of Evil

Apparently a mathematical genius equal to Blackstone did or does exist. But not to help good coalesce. Rather, to encourage evil to coalesce. Some of the basics are laid out in Machiavelli’s The Prince, and in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Not in any particular order the basics are:

  1. Form a men’s coalition and swear all members to secrecy (tattler to die),
  2. Understand that scruple is not just stupid but wrong,
  3. Go overboard with violence to the people – it’ll help the plan stick,
  4. Control the voice of the people by planting your messages as if they are coming from the people,
  5. Create dissension at every turn, so as to keep everyone busy.

And so forth.

Today in America (my new country, my old country!), I see the coalescing of evil – based on what I know was predicted both by George Orwell in his “novel’ 1984, and by Richard Day, MD in his 1969 speech to medical students. Wow, do these things – all planned carefully with an eye to enslaving mankind – have an evil tone of overthrowing humanity.

Among the plans:

  1. To decimate the Church
  2. To destroy the family and with it the emotion of loyalty
  3. To invade everyone’s privacy and dignity by total surveillance
  4. To modify nationalism in favour of internationalism
  5. To cause a steady apprehension about illness and/or accidents
  6. To make sex public so as to kill intimacy
  7. To control the weather
  8. To use constant war as a way of absorbing resources
  9. To get female to stop being interested in the female role
  10. To globalize the economy and make society cashless.

The Vital Role of Secrecy

The theme of this article is “Goodness Cannot Coalesce If the Power of the Few Is an Obstinate Secret.” As noted, goodness can coalesce – think Bible, think Blackstone’s Commentaries. But if most members of society are “out to lunch” as to what is going on around them, there won’t be proper support for the tasks to be done by these institutions.

Clearly, the institutions of goodness cannot work if we can’t identify the criminals.  That’s obvious. And as I said, they don’t work where they are populated with infiltrators who wittingly or unwittingly (in Carmen Otiz’ case, wittingly) are carrying out orders from the evil ones.

The institutions of goodness also can’t do their assigned work, if plans like the ten listed above are truly kept secret. Today it is customary to ridicule citizens who figure out the evil plans as “conspiracy theorists” or mental cases.  This must stop.

Shakespeare wrote, in The Merchant of Venice, “Truth will come to light; murder cannot be hid long….”

Are we ready to let truth come to light now?  I think so.

And there’s a mountain of goodness standing by, to help us.

Have a nice day at Mary’s website, www.MaxwellForSenate.com





    • Dee, in line with your preceding article on the assault on masculinity I link this Gingerbread haka thing. But I’m not knockin’ the women. And the leader here looks fierce and determined:

      • Go for it!




        AH… U – PA – NE ! AH… HU – PA – NE

        • Back in the nineties I pinned PSALM 18:37 to my kitchen wall:
          “I have pursued mine enemies, and overtaken them: neither did I turn again till they were consumed”
          It was a bit disappointing that nobody seemed to quite grasp the concept:

          • Thanks a mil, Berry, especially for the Psalm. I found this Comment from a Kiwi, under the video:

            “My godfather used to sing this to me when I stayed with his family in the early 60s. I was the only whitey among 9 (I think, may have been more) little brown faces. It was a huge source of fun to ask him what was for dinner, and he’d look at me and roll his big white eyes and start singing “puha & pakeha”. I think it scared me a little but in a good way. One of my everlasting memories of some wonderful childhood times.”

            Go Maori’s!

    • Gee, Dee, thanks for askin’.
      Her Bossness is giving me an opening wedge. As I told her earlier, the biggest media here, AL.com, has been publishing all weekend about “the three Republican candidates for Senate” as if there were not 8 of us.
      So they asked “the three candidates” what they have learned — — and provided their [colorless] statements. I then went to the Comments section and said this:

      “You ask: What will we learn from this senate race? One of the candidates (Yours Truly) has a campaign website from which you can learn heaps. For example, you can learn the real dirt on the death of footballer Pat Tillman. I mean you can learn how Congress (whom I call Une Odelisque) just lay there and took it. Yours Truly does not lie there and take anything. Please visit http://www.MaxwellForSenate.com and vote accordingly.”

      So when I got to my next hotel I was keen to drop a few more pearls, but now, when I click on AL.com, I can read the articles but cannot access the comments section. I credit Rupert for this and thank him for indicating that I am a threat.

      Is it humanly possible that they DO NOT have control of the vote-count (as they do in Australia — how else would Prof Dean Jensch of Flinders Uni have called every electorate result accurately for many years?)

      Fair Dinkum, the Gumshoe man who knows how to do graphics, if you can insert an image of Odelisque belowI would appreciate it.

      48 hours from now the polls close. Yay. They can bump me off more discreetly next week than if they did it today. Go Rupe!

  1. One newspaper that I saw here today (maybe Birmingham?) actually did give a photo of all 8 candidates, with a “bio” under the picture.
    Mine said “This 70-year-old writes for a blog.”

    Not really inaccurate I suppose.

  2. I think societies big problem is that good people do not think too much about the antics of the evil ones until the evil-doers affect that innocent person, directly. If it is only someone else being attacked why worry? As in Martin Bryant’s case, ” he was intellectually handicapped and of no value to society, so why worry”.

    This way of thinking doesn’t take into account that according to the Cabal, no individual is of any value. Just think of evil personified, Henry Kissinger’s, statement about we being “useless eaters”. So any one of we “useless eaters” could be the next dupe used in a false flag event.

    So wake up and start to protest against evil people and events.
    You could be next on the chopping block.

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