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Will You Be Living in a City That Is Really a Digital Prison?

(L) Early vaccinations, and (R) Amal Graafstra holding a syringe used to inject an RFID chip.

By Dee McLachlan

Thanks to an email that I received from Gumshoe reader David, I have rethought my earlier posts about driver-less cars, smartphones, vaccinations, and a few other things. Let me take you down the Dr Day road once again, and suggest that we are headed for a new type of prison existence, one in which we entrap ourselves by accepting every technological “improvement” that comes along.

As you can easily find here, Gumshoe has covered Dr. Lawrence Dunegan’s recollections of a lecture he attended on March 20, 1969 at a meeting of the Pittsburgh Pediatric Society. The speaker was Richard Day, MD.  Dunegan later made a radio recording of as much as he remembered.

I begin with the section about implants and surveillance, then will go on to describe transport, “financial punishment”, vaccines, and finally, implants.

“Shortly after I became familiar with it and the significance of what he said really was striking. I’ll never forget it. There was some mention, also, of implants that would lend themselves to surveillance by providing radio signals.

“This could be under the skin or a dental implant, put in like a filling so that either fugitives or possibly other citizens could be identified by a certain frequency from his personal transmitter and could be located at any time or any place by any authority who wanted to find him. This would be particularly useful for somebody who broke out of prison.”

Day was suggesting surveillance on an individual basis. The mobile phone is presently a substitute for this personal surveillance tool. To continue:

“There was more discussion of personal surveillance. One more thing was said, ‘You’ll be watching television and somebody will be watching you at the same time at a central monitoring station.’ Television sets would have a device to enable this. The T.V. set would not have to be on in order for this to be operative. Also, the television set can be used to monitor what you are watching.” [This was in 1969]

All this has come to fruition. The Daily Mail wrote in 2013, “…many new TVs can watch you – telling advertisers your favourite shows or even filming you on the sofa. And there’s no off switch!” Back to Dr Day:

“…By the time people found out that this monitoring was going on, they would also be very dependent…  You wouldn’t have to leave your home to purchase… This would be both convenient, but it would also make you dependent… [Your mobile phone is now your television and business centre]

“There was some discussion of audio monitors too, just in case the authorities wanted to hear what was going on in rooms other than where the television monitor was. In regard to this the statement was made, ‘Any wire that went into your house, for example your telephone wire, could be used this way’… “

How stunningly accurate so many decades before. What fascinates me, is that this plan seems to be generational. What does not happen in this generation, it will most likely to happen in the next.


Dr Day said more about transport, and that travel is a privilege:

“Travel would be easier, less expensive, for a while…

“…travel then would become very restricted. People would need permission to travel and they would need a good reason to travel… and everyone would need ID. This would at first be an ID card you would carry on your person and you must show when you are asked for it.”

This sounds extraordinary. But I was brought up in South Africa, where travel restrictions, like this, were imposed on the African populations. Truly appalling. Don’t believe that it can’t happen again.

To continue with Dr Day, we see that your whereabouts must always be known to the controllers.

“It was already planned that later on some sort of device would be developed to be implanted under the skin that would be coded specifically to identify the individual. This would eliminate the possibility of false ID… The difficulty about these skin implants was… getting material that would stay in or under the skin …without rejection and to be able to retain information retrievable by electronic means.” [This was solved a long time ago]

When I was living in the US in the mid 90s, I was told by a Motorola employee that the company had perfected implants (to initially hold medical information).

Financial Punishment

I think we are being prepared for a new world — a place where everything appears convenient and technically advantageous — but cities in the future might be more like prisons. And if you don’t comply with the regulations, and fully submit to the city protocols, the fines imposed will cripple you financially.

Do you remember the 2014 case of the mother that accrued $342,050 in fines for driving along the EastLink and CityLink toll road? Toll dodger, Isabelle Maree Weir, a single mum of an autistic child, allegedly crossed the toll about one thousand times. These fines always catch the poorest and weakest.

Compare this with another 2014 case. 71 year-old John Gay, chairman of a failed timber company, was fined $50,000 for insider trading — but did not have to hand back the $800,000 he made from the shady transaction.

And Dr Day’s travel restrictions might not be far away. In June 2014, the Herald Sun reported that a Sentencing Advisory Council in Victoria put forward 49 proposals. These were a few of the ideas proposed:

“…introducing a HECS-style initiative to have the ATO collect outstanding fines… [and that]

“…fine dodgers be barred from travelling overseas and have their passports flagged…

State governments and councils are operationally dependent on fines.

Mandatory Vaccines 

In Melbourne at the moment, GP, Dr John Piesse, is facing prosecution and deregistration for the “crime” of supporting parental vaccination choice — and writing medical exemption forms for families whose children are at risk of serious reactions.

This is what Dr Piesse wrote:

“I have been encountering cases of vaccine injury for over 40 years. In June it was a happy, healthy nearly 5-year-old whose parents were required to put her on a catch-up schedule, in order to get her into kindergarten. She won’t be going to kinder. She’s in a wheel-chair, brain-damaged. Her life ruined. Then came a friend’s father who died after a flu vaccine, and last week a 4 year old boy, made autistic by a catch-up schedule.”

The authorities are throwing everything at the doctor. They want 100% compliance — in the compulsory and legal push to have everyone vaccinated.

Implants – A Step Away

Chips or implants will initially be sold as a medical “saving” device — then used for banking and tax purposes. If we are being forced to give a newborn a Hep B shot — it is not a big step for the authorities to say, “as part of the Hep B shot, we are planting a chip — a few millimeters in size — to monitor your baby’s health and keep her safe (from abduction).

Disclosetv wrote about the National Medical Device Registry and the “Class II Device That is Implantable”:

“…this bill offers guidance for FDA staff. It is not just a tracking device, but this microchip would have the ability to control the food and money of the people on a grand scale. It has even been indicated that it would be possible to kill using this implant if people didn’t obey orders. The possibility for this chi[p to be implanted in every citizen of the United States is very real. Citizens are urged to read through pages 1501 to 1510 inclusive and look at the evidence themselves…”

In May, 2015, the Australian wrote:

“A subcutaneous chip would let consumers pay at a retail terminal without a wallet, credit card, smartphone or smartwatch. They would simply wave their bare hand over a terminal.

“The finding was revealed as Visa and University of Technology Sydney announced a partnership to explore the future of wearable technology. Visa’s research looked at the wearable technology Australian consumers were interested in using for payments.”

And several people and companies have volunteered to trial the technology and have implants. One firm in Sweden has employees that can access buildings, use photocopiers, and pay canteen bills with implants.

The chips work by using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and the applications are endless; transport, manufacturing, banking, tracking, tracing, stocktaking and medical storage. But from surveys done, society is not ready and willing to accept this transition yet. But one can be sure a series of false flags are being planned to help guide public opinion towards a chipped society.

If everyone had a chip, the population would be perfectly controllable. Your identity and location would be tracked 24/7, and any transgressions dealt with. All taxes and fines would be automatically deducted. We would be prisoners living in modern city prisons.

In many states in Australia and in many countries across the world micro-chipping cats and dogs is mandatory. So beware — if there are a sudden spate of (false flag) newborn abductions in several NATO countries, you can expect what will be coming next. The MSM probably already have the press releases that promote RFID chips to keep our babies safe.

Please note: I believe that getting society to accept mandatory vaccines is the first major step in paving the way for people to accept mandatory personal RFID chips. That is why the vaccine campaign is so determined to crush informed consent.


Photo credit: LA Healthy Living, and SMH


  1. I sincerely hope and pray, I’ll be worm food before any of this insanity is instituted.
    But, cannot resist inserting my view on the ALLEGED driverless cars or public transport.
    Years ago was given the opportunity to ride in the cab of the driver less mono rail in Sydney. This train had no driver but was controlled from a remote location. However, insurance laws stipulated an official was required to be present on this service in case things went wrong. So in effect, it wasnt really driver less at all.
    Now the issue of driver less cars and/or public transport. I worked on our Public transport system for 10 years, and the anti social behaviour I witnessed during those times, still haunts me to this day.
    There is no way in hell, any driver less car or public transport will ever be successful, as IMHO they will be vandalised and trashed the moment they hit the streets.
    You only need to see the free bicycle system recently introduced in Melbourne, where the majority of bikes were vandalised and destroyed.
    So, in closing, the pipe dream of driver less cars/public transport, is IMHO just that, a pipe dream.

    • Not only this. Theyre coming out now with brainwashing sly propaganda in the MSM gearing us towards the driverless car future, tying it in with the MMGW guilt lies. ANd its getting discussed wondering how Government will respond, with car scrappage schemes, to make way for electric cars all the big car manufacturers are planning for now, to do away with combustion engines.
      One might get confused, thinking this is surely a good step, electric cars everywhere? Its not because, these will have SMart features and be part of the matrix and the State could even take control of the car if they wanted. (I know this tech exists now in post 2006 cars)
      Also. Its the goal of Government to make the simple man and local mechanic unable to repair and replace cheaply parts on their own car. This is unacceptable.
      I encourage everyone to try and resist incentive scrappage schemes. Try and get older pre 2006 cars.
      Open SOurce technology is whats needed. We dont want the State having any control over our personal transport systems at all.
      Hopefully there will be Open Source electrical cars using basic technology that the State cannot control us with, that we can repair ourselves

      • That’s a great idea. Open source electric cars. What happened to the “water” car. I think the guy was murdered. But open source is the answer.
        I’ve been racking my brains to work out open source banking.

        • Thanks, cars using as many mechanical parts as possible, simple, easy to replace, 3D printable at home. The least amount or even zero fancy electronics in. Hopefully some decentralised thinking people will come up with cars that can be made like this anywhere. Then perhaps an open source non Smart BS battery powering it. Or the usual combustion engine. This will kick the Establishment in the knees hard, trying to sly us into a driverless Smart 1984 future.
          Hopefully water powered car, this tech is going to find its way out soon.
          In the meantime, the paul pantone GEET self buildable plasma free energy reactor devices, using cheap materials, retrofitting generators, is definite way forward. I’m starting my own company to try and disseminate this.
          It is theoretically possible too to retrofit car engines with GEET. but in reality very awkward, with modern cars, as so much electronics is stuffed into the engine.
          I think 1980s and 1990s cars are going to become very valuable.

          Using GEET for home generators is a good step. It decentralises and puts the power of creating their own device, into the hands of the individual. decentralising and empowering. Its not much good if evil government admits to making free energy at huge power stations, and slyly controls society to the extent everyones numbed down and electricitys v cheap or free.

          GEET can use anything, whether cocacola, crude oil, pickle juice, salt water, or even pure water vapours, that feed into the reactor then the GEET plasma gas goes into the generator. And KW can be drawn off the reactor via copper wire wrapped round ceramic.

          I hope open source banking issue , theres a good solution to this. I don’t know much about bitcoin or other things but feel mistrustful. Perhaps with quantum multidimensional computing, encryption etc. Some bulletproof method of bitcoin might happen one day, that Government deep state cant interfere with. But spiritual awakening, sharing lo ve and good intent, decentralisation, and getting self buildable free energy into the hands of the people and awakening their minds, will be a big step forward.

          The lack of earths curvature too, is surely another huge catalyst once it catches on amongst humanity, that ‘something is up’ and I don’t see how our ‘leaders’ will withstand the public gaze once the lack of earths curvature, and its implications, get more known about and pondered. So hopefully there are various Achilles Heels.

          • your cashless future, of course has an “up” side:

            news.com.au. Sept 1, 2017:
            A FEDERAL government trial of cashless debit cards for welfare recipients in remote communities is being hailed as a success as the government expands the sites to the West Australian Goldfields.
            Human Services Minister Alan Tudge is due to release a report on the trials in WA’s Kimberley and Ceduna in South Australia on Friday.
            The report comes as Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is also set to announce an expansion of the trial to the WA Goldfields during a visit to Kalgoorlie. “The status quo is not working,” he told The West Australian before the announcement.
            “I will not stand by and watch this happen. We must do more, we must try innovative and different approaches and the cashless debit card has proven very successful so far.”

            “Mr Tudge says the government will roll out the next trial around Kalgoorlie because there is a demonstrable need in the community, particularly given the harm caused by drugs.”

          • mary w maxwell – As long as the welfare debit card is limited to remote communities. For most people on welfare it will make budgeting more difficult. People will be restricted to larger businesses, and often be unable to buy the cheapest goods or services. They won’t be able to pay significant debts they have – they’ll have to declare bankruptcy.

  2. Control of the general public will become most likely through bureaucratic control in rules and regulatory practice and services which will be high cost and the enforcement of these procedures will become exorbitant, this will become the prison which will be sold to the public as freedom but will be a open prison being constructed and cheaper than orthodox prison.
    I is not a future possibility it is here now, consumption of stuff will take some pain of existence away with help from drugs, and other diversions, tattoos, sport and general family entertainment of puns, trivia, and jokes, fashion, becoming as a normal existence whereby one can check the price of gold daily and so on, as a distraction from world events such as genocide, nuclear shells, for the other half of our world who are to us scum.
    The misfortune of this world arrangement is the insidious effects to us is the cost we all pay in taxes to destroy people and destruction is a cost to taxpayers for those who make big money from the many foe the few, the cost is to much for us to stay within the dream state for the state as a half dead individual slave functioning as death warmed up.

  3. Dee, at the end you mused about the Hep-B-at-birth shot being a way to give everyone the chip.
    I don’t think you meant that it is actually done with the hep-b shot but now that you mention it, I suspect it is.

    As I have said before (mainly having heard it from mothers such as at Ageofautism.com), hospital nurses are instructed to give Hep-B vaccine to every baby within an hour of birth. This requires, legally, that the mother has signed a Yes permission before she entered hospital. If she did not sign, the nurse “accidentally” gives the baby the shot.

    Why would so many nurses make that mistake?


  4. The Tom Hanks Movie “Circle” is either a propaganda pitch for total control (surveillance) of EVERYone, or a serious warning about what the future holds – or both. In the movie, the current generation is into “group think” (rather than thining for themselves) and buys it because everyone is “connected” and “friends.” So why not make it compulsory for EVERYone to have a “True You” (Facebook?) account, loaded with all personal I/D, medical records etc etc – to keep you SAFE – and chip the newborn to “cut abductions by 99 per cent”… and then be REQUIRED to vote…because that would “be TRUE democracy.”
    ‘Struth! What the hell sort of beer are Aussies drinking these days? The sort that makes them zombie-like so they don’t argue against killing kids with vaccinations? The sort that will have them accept all this high-tech imprisonment? And it’s not just Aussies. This tech-apocalypse is going global….because a few behind the “top” have planned it that way. Maybe you should read the new Kindle book (coming out in print very soon) “President Trump and the New World Order” for a hint or two about what the future holds – and some of it is really good – a real counter-plan to what these “elite” snakes have in mind.
    Yes, I wrote the book – after 50 years of awareness and research. Because somebody has to pull the lid off the pyramid …

    Michael Knight

    • Your book “President Trump And The New World Order”: (a unique perspective on the past, the present, and the future.
      Taking the lid off the pyramid of power) — looks most interesting… You obviously write about the pyramid or power, Rothchilds etc. I have often thought that in the visible — the most powerful are at the very tip of the pyramid. But like the pyramid of Giza, it feels like the deep state and controllers are deep inside the pyramid — like in the King’s Chamber.

      • The Deep State is exactly as you say – entrenched within the power structure, including such as the heads of agencies and their subordinates several levels deep., Being either appointed or unelected they have great influence over many aspects of …control … surveillance … health (FDA and CDC) etc etc.
        And Big Pharma, (vaccines) Big Business (Roundup and GMOs)

        Oh yes…and the media, from Murdoch to Turner to a whole raft of “personalities” and talking heads.

        Okay, so a lot of people know all this, but for a couple of generations technology has been dumbing down the newcomers, which is why the Tom Hanks “Circle” movie is so “real” and yet so spooky at the same time.

        Much of “President Trump and the New World Order” is based on a book I came across many years ago after I had overcome my deep skepticism about “channelling” by making a personal trip as an investigative reporter to prove for myself whether this Ramtha entity was a fraud. It was prophetic at the time, and the title, “Last Waltz of the Tyrants,” is extremely apt under today’s circumstances.

        As Ramtha has said, evil can hide within good – which is precisely the modus operandi of the “elite” – but at the same time, good can come out of chaos – which is exactly where the world is at these days.

        Thanks for taking the time to respond to my earlier comment.

        Having worked in Australia as a journo (TVW7/6IX Perth) in 69/70, I have a soft spot for Oz – but the mainstream media has gone to hell all around the world, which is why
        I’m a Gumshoe regular.

        As a parting thought – have you all considered turning your many excellent articles into either Kindle or print books, or both?

        That’s what I’ve done with the Ramtha Revealed series, using articles I write in my weekly newsletter, and then that evolved into the latest one-subject book about Trump.



        • It may be worth hearing Robert Fisk, war correspondent, having lived for four decades in Lebanon, on ABC “Conversation Hour”, 4th September, with I think Jon Faine? a conversation that is not for ABCs TV “Breakfast” as it presents to some extent a challenge to those whom require a non upsetting sequel to having their breakfast of a lulled sense of sensitivity that may upset the appetite and digestive system of higher evolved human beings and too controversial that could give those a condition of irritable bowel syndrome.
          Fisk, does appear at times short with Dr Andrea Carson, Fisk, supports education as in Ireland but thought Brexit came about by a uneducated lower class decision and thought British education had gone down, which is interesting that the controlling vestiges of the British Elite no doubt to control the public mind set had inadvertently empowering the lower classes against establishment mind control. who did not desire the outcome of Brexit, a interesting conundrum of power backfiring.

      • Hello Dee, that’s an interesting thing I never thought of, the real controllers reside deep inside the pyramid in the kings chamber.
        And I wonder if theres some deep significance of that, because the KC, and the shafts aligned with the stars, was it orion or Sirius etc. Sacred geometry technology I think the centre of the pyramid could have been an interdimensional, stargate/portal to Sirius. Which translates well that its been the elites withholding so many physics and spiritual truths from humanity, keeping them for themselves. Hopefully the playing field is being levelled now which the elites can do nothing about

        This is an inspiring uplifting image, https://talesfromtheloublog.files.wordpress.com/2017/08/s-1-35-e1503283371681.jpg?w=690&h=475
        I sometimes forget just how powerful our own thoughts and minds actually are, in the reality around us, in this spiritual war 🙂

      • Like a stone in my shoe, as I try and take in and make sense of this complex reality. I’m starting to think, the lack of/absence,of any earths curvature, to anyone who examines the topic deeply with an open mind.
        Raises very interesting questions about this physics reality , the air in front of our faces, too. it might be too simplistic to infer from all this, that we are on a ‘flat disc’. Instead, I think it forces us to start thinking of this world, as a particular ‘dimension’.
        And there is no such thing as hopping into a spaceship like you would a car, and going to ‘Mars’, or ‘Venus’.
        I think instead these ‘planets’, are actually other dimensions. And no curvature on them either.
        Its beyond this comment and not for this thread, to go into all the reasons why NASA might have lie, but its to hide our dimensional, multidimensional existence, and fill our heads with sci fi aliens instead, I think.
        SO thinking about the kings chamber aligned with the stars, and lack of curvature, its interesting to ponder.

        I think any ‘space travel’ the elites with their secret projects might have, is all transdimensional travel based. Considering these things helps to empower us in lots of nother ways, I think

    • Its been uplifting to read that last part of your comment, thanks, that there are hopefully good things coming with Trump. CCRG blog does speak of him as a natural ‘wrecking ball’ of things

  5. I read earlier in the year Australia will be the first to trial biometric and molecule scanners at airports. Finger prints, iris and face recognition technology is being tested to replace the physical passport. And just the other day I read in the local Brisbane paper, these trials are happening right now at Brisbane airport.

    I rang the ATO the other day and they wanted to record my voice and do voice recognition for extra security now. Because it will make thing easier and more secure they say. Hmm. Nope

    Here’s a link to an article about human trials for bioelectronic implants 2017. Something the size of a grain of rice can attach itself to your nervous system and have control of it. There’s a few thing in that article I find disturbing.


  6. Dee, you could always do as the central banksters do, plucked a figure out of the air and place it in your bank account.

    The big problem with this idea of implanting chips into the body, is that the body does not like this interference. Cancer can be the result of foreign bodies in an animate body. Has anyone done research on the number of pets being taken out with cancer in recent times?

    The second problem, also cancer causing, is the affect of radio frequencies to the flesh and muscles (brain) of animated beings. I know these affects would not be a concern to the “elite”, but knowledge of these problems put to the population could maybe create a rejection of this plan.

  7. How do we know that they haven’t been microchiping our children when they are born in hospitals . We don’t know . If it’s been done to pets , for the past two or three decades , then I’m certain they’re doing it to us . The devils technology and the military industrial is killing us . The system is evil . Everything about life today is contradictory to Gods creation . Pray for peace .

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