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Call to Action


by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Certain behaviors by governments and by private industry have become shockingly anti-society in the last few decades, growing noticeably worse since the turn of the 21st century. Where will it end? Can it continue to get worse?  How much worse? Is there any reason for us to expect a turn-around or at least a let-up?

If the anti-society trends we observe today were the products of willy-nilly change, one could hope that some new trend will come about take their place. But I think these trends were all planned in detail, from the top. They were never willy-nilly.

My suggestion is that we grasp what is happening, and create our own plans for a new trend that opposes the various anti-society trends.

There is good reason to act quickly now. It’s that the planners are planning to control our minds. This is already going on in many ways, including by literally changing our brains, so in future, we may not be able to oppose these persons. So hop aboard the action train, please.

Ignore the Slow Pokes

Thomas Jefferson said “Experience hath shewn that men will long endure an unsufferable situation” – or words to that effect. Indeed, almost everyone is willing to “stick it out for another 24 hours” – and then another 24 and another 24. Right now most people are not feeling “called to action.” I advise that we simply ignore them. Don’t stop and try to recruit the reluctant.

Many of us have worked hard trying to recruit the reluctant by informing them that 9/11 was an Inside Job. Speaking personally, I have never made a convert to the cause.  Most folks who see the light about 9/11 come to it indirectly and voluntarily.

The rest probably do know it was an Inside Job but “can’t handle it.” I suspect their ability to handle it might manifest itself rapidly if they noticed people offering an alternative way of dealing with such governmental crime.

Note: it’s easy for people to believe an Inside-Job interpretation of the behaviour of a foreign government. So when hinting about the Boston Marathon, to a Boston audience, it may pay to refer to the obvious lies in the case of the Sydney siege.  Vice versa, too. Aussies won’t get their knickers in a knot on hearing that Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s death in custody was an FBI initiative. What they are averse to hearing is that the Sydney-siege death of Tori Johnson was scripted.

Are Words, Action?

Ask any parent of a four-year-old if words by the parent are “action,” in the same sense that a spanking is action.  I think they will say Yes, and that they feel more “active” when using words than when hitting the kid. I, too, think harsh words are vital.

Americans generally disapprove of violent action against the powerful. This is a foolish cultural tenet. The powerful use violence all the time. They even spread disease – including inventing the disease in the first place. They create, when they feel like it, hurricanes, earthquakes, and droughts, unabashedly playing God with the forces of Nature.

The powerful import drugs (the CIA does this on a vast scale since at least the 1960s). Then they throw into a violent prison the “riffraff” of society who have fallen into drug addiction. They teach American soldiers to use torture even though this be highly illegal.

And so forth.


When I was in high school, we learned that some brave souls had “got at” the powerful by going on strikes (known in Australia as “industrial action”), and arranging for a boycott of certain businesses. At that point — in the 1960s — it started to be popular to hold rallies and marches to protest the Vietnam war. The people felt powerful.

(Note: in the case of the “ouster” of Nixon from the presidency, we were led to believe that our disapproval of “Tricky Dick” is what did the job.  Only later did we learn that Nelson Rockefeller had engendered the fall of Nixon, and had possibly plotted Nixon’s rise to the White House in the first place. He also saw to the ouster of Vice President Agnew, following which Nelson stepped in as Ford’s Vice President.)

It wouldn’t surprise me if the above methods of curtailing the power of business or government were organized by those entities themselves. Unionization of labor works well for the powerful as they can pick the relevant labor leaders.

These examples certainly taught my generation that non-violence was essential. This was also the theme that Martin Luther King brought in, frequently referencing Holy Scripture as the guide. The civil rights movement, to obtain voting rights and other rights for the descendants of slaves,  was largely law-based. The action was in the courtroom.


The proper way, I mean the established way, to deal with an enemy is by war, with only slight restriction on the use of violence. When people give diseases to the populace, and hit them with earthquakes, this clearly shows them to be the enemy.

Ni argue that no matter how a dictionary may define “war” as something that occurs between two nations, an expression of violence by means of massive weaponry has to qualify as war even if the two parties are in the same nation.

In our day, the identification of our enemy is clouded by the fact that the US government pretends to be in alliance with World Government’s Army, such as NATO. The US also does the job of a world-government army, blasting other nations to kingdom come without so much as a congressional by-your-leave.

Being on the Side of the Angels


As often as not, the US does this sort of regime change on the basis of a claim to be giving humanitarian aid to an oppressed people.  The words of the Marine Hymn end with:

“First to fight for right and freedom

And to keep our honor clean

We are proud to wear the title,

The United States Marines.”

The Ballad of the Green Beret goes so far as to claim:

“Back at home a young wife waits

Her Green Beret has met his fate

He has died for those oppressed

Leaving her his last request.”

Note the confusion here.  The US armed services are seen by Americans as a force that defends America against external enemies – and therefore are given the praise and affection that would be due to a military fulfilling that role.

But in fact that is not what the US military does. It works for somebody else, at least most of the time. I can’t think of any occasion when we died “for those oppressed.” I can think of many when we do not help the oppressed. I can even think of many where America helped the oppressor, bigtime.

Where Does God Stand on War?

On the violence-nonviolence issue, more confusion is wrought by religion. Sometimes the God of the Abrahamic religion is merciful and even instructs “Love thine enemy.” But the Bible is full of one tribe smiting another. Reinhold Niebuhr has argued that we all possess a dual morality. In our individual lives we are encouraged to develop moral restraint. But when we are acting as a whole society, our “best morality” is to be vicious.

Not many religions have heeded what Niebuhr pointed out. If they did, they would have to say that it’s proper and virtuous to be kind in the home society, but that it’s proper and virtuous to make war against the enemy. Note Deuteronomy, Chapter 20:10-17:

When you march up to attack a city, make its people an offer of peace. If they accept and open their gates, all the people in it shall be subject to forced labor and shall work for you.  If they refuse to make peace and they engage you in battle, lay siege to that city. When the Lord your God delivers it into your hand, put to the sword all the men in it. As for the women, the children, the livestock and everything else in the city, you may take these as plunder for yourselves. And you may use the plunder the Lord your God gives you from your enemies.  This is how you are to treat all the cities that are at a distance from you and do not belong to the nations nearby. However, in the cities of the nations the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes. Completely destroy them….

Trust in the Lord (at Your Peril?)

In general, religion also contradicts the sensible position about “taking action” when there is an evil force in society. This is because the main theme of religion is goodness. It is especially a song to the goodness of the Creator – and His role in helping people cope with adversity.

“Stick with the Lord and all will be well.” This is the opposite of “Get out there and straighten things out.” I see the “person” known as the deity as actually a symbol for society. The “good” He preaches is the good of the whole group.

That’s fine when it comes to a society that does not have a major competing interest, a major social class that will treat the rest of the population as vermin. If the society does have such an entity within it, the “Trust in the Lord’s goodness” theme is harmful. It blinds us to what is going on.

It may be better to follow the Lord’ advice about dealing with enemies, as regards the people’s “domestic enemy.”

Call to Action

The hour grows late. We are making a huge mistake in “tolerating” the cabal, the evil ones, or whatever you want to call them.

In his famous “Give me liberty or give me death” speech in Virginia, in 1775, Patrick Henry said:

“It is natural to man to indulge in the illusion of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she turns us into beasts…. “

I think she is turning us into beasts.

–Mary Maxwell would rather know the worst. Please visit her at www.MaxwellForSenate.com




  1. As for the US, look up what percentage of time since its founding that it has been at war and how many governments it has replaced. From memory for only about 20 years it has not been carrying out criminal; inhuman uncivilised activities, killing and interferring.
    God bless America!

    • Well just fancy.
      0n 3rd Sept at 9.08 time line at;
      Is a map and list of those places the US has either invaded or interferred with.
      I just came across it.
      Now back to wrh for more useful information.
      Note the later article on search sites to use so as to avoid the google censorship.

      • But my point , Ned, is that those things are not done by American society. See? It’s so confusing one can hardly take it in. Our brains are meant to perceive a tribe as a tribe.

        Right now i am on a train hurtling its way thru the Carolinas. The conductor just said “When we get to Charlotte 242 people are getting on and we have only 240 seats so it should be interesting.”

        The po took a boy off the train back in Georgia. Not sure if he was an underwear bomber or if he just used the word “dam.”

        • American society (and ours and the rest) allow it to be done in their name.
          Try this thought; how many normal human beings would stand mute if another person was kicking a defenceless dog, tied to a lamp post, to death across a narrow street?
          How many would cry when a beached whale succumbs despite all the rescue efforts.
          Replace the dog and the whale with a family with children in a house in the Middle East being obliterated by a bomb from the US, SA or UK for example? Just so that their natural assets can be stolen by thieves.

        • On the contrary, Mary, as long as the society SUPPORTS the actions of their Government, they are just as guilty.
          It wasn’t too long ago we saw Trumps ratings plummet, then all of a sudden, with the launching of missiles against Syria, for an ALLEGED action, that was not, and has not to this day, been supported with real EVIDENCE, his ratings sky rocketed.
          Clearly, his actions, even if ILLEGAL, pleased the U.S. society no end.
          Unfortunately, there IS a MSM that does report the goings on in the M.E. and even Africa, all one needs to do, is look for them.
          From my personal experience, Americans cant even be bothered to do that. They simply accept the crap they have been spoon fed from the cradle.
          Sadly, watching any Australian news channel is also just as disappointing, they all fall into line and wouldn’t be caught dead diverging from the politically correct sanctioned news.
          You only need to watch this crap with the LBGT being shoved down our throats. Here’s the World a basket case on the brink of Armageddon and the best the Australian MSM can up with is a plebescite on gay marrage ?????

  2. It is unfortunate the teachings of Jesus Christ, unless He did not state the following is “To turn the other cheek” and the ideology of infinite forgiveness? if this interpretation is correct the meaning is the elite can work evil for ever and it is OK, surely if a systematic regime of liberal goodness is cool the incentive to change for a better world is not going to happen, it is time not to forgive as they know what they are doing?.
    What is worst is the gospels stating those who give up their worldly wealth for my sake? and after the adept having given up all worldly possessions, may be chosen or not, I suggest this random and bizarre fickleness that those who are wilfully committing evil are given better treatment than those who attempt good are side lined?
    The Bible needs upgrading by the people and philosophers and correcting this questionable document.

      • Spec, you know that one of Dr Day’s 1969 predictions is that people will subtly change words in the Bible. This already happened when the Revised Standard version was made.

        I am turned off by the above article saying “To keep up with this, subscribe to Newsweek”. I note the Guardian now asks for money and yesterday I saw this humdinger:

        “Democracy needs great journalism, and great journalism needs you”
        (Then in fine print: “Support the Washington Post.”)

        • James, Chapter 5.
          “Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail over the misery that is coming to you.   The wages you failed to pay the workers who mowed your fields are crying out against you. You have lived in self-indulgence. and you murdered the innocent one.”

          • I thought it was odd that Newsweek would publish such an article, but sometimes they do tell us things. I guess we’ll all interpret it in our own way. And that’s one of the issues, with a call to action. What exactly do you want people to do? I’ve been taking action for years, but it’s probably not the same action as you want to take or have someone else or everyone to take.

            (James is one of my favorite books — maybe my most favorite, by the way.)

    • Yes. I’m not a studious bible scholar. But I do know that the Scofield bible has been a kind of Zionist, Judeo (dare I break past the brainwashing and say Jewish?) infiltration corruption of anything good in the Gospels Jesus message. I’m not sure about the KJV but I’m sure that was reshaped, rewritten to the benefit of the elites against the every day man. Further and further and further away from any truth. (sorry if I’m wrong about the KJV but that’s my instinctive feeling)

      The message to ‘turn the other cheek’, is a joke and I reject it. But that doesn’t mean get provoked into violence, which is the trap the elites hope to tempt us into.
      Theres a lot of subtle rewriting and indoctrination and brainwashing going on, that seeks to disempower the common man in the stret, leave him weak, powerless, ignorant, stripped of any awareness of who he is where he is, any potential power he has.

      These so called elites have run rings round us for many centuries. I’m hoping this is all changing, and a tipping point is coming, when enough awake deprogrammed members of the public exist. WHo might not know whats really true, because so much disinfo is about.
      But they know whats not true. And they will lose all respect for ‘leaders’ and so called ‘elites’,parading around spouting crap. and without taking arms, give withering stares to our leaders and not believe anything they say. Wlites wont last long after that.
      Then the mind controlling magic over us will be broken and it will go exponential.

      Turn the other cheek, my stomach turned the first time I heard/read it

      • The fact that different bibles have a slightly different focus and various changes have been made over the centuries is why I like to go back to the earliest information I can find in order to build an idea of our actual history. Lots of it has been stashed in places like the Vatican and elsewhere, but I read what I can find and put that together with what I feel deep inside and other sources that seem trustworthy. I used to think most of it was nonsense, but I think there is a lot of truth in the Bible and also a lot of untruths and disinformation.

        • Good Newsweek link.Though I admit , I didn’t read every line but I read a lot. What jumped out at me, talking about the Pharisees. Against Christ. Whatever bible manuscript lies, layer upon layer, translation upkn translation. Where its a tital mess and totally distorted book. We might as well watch walt Disney cartoons in our quest for truth, with regrds looking at thr bible.
          Pharisees, Babylon. Colemainexprience.wordrpess.com. I thnk are all related interconnected. The evil that exists upto this day.
          Apparently, due to the google deep state Thrsa May clampdown. Colemanexperience blog owner has now changed it, to be a sign up membership affair. signed up member only affair to insulate itself.

          Pharisees. Anti Christ jewish jesus Christ hating movement. Satanic child sacrifice and general evil depravity. And has it morphed and survived right upto the 21st century, hiding in plain sight amongst many of our on the surface respectable elites? Just whats going on?
          Esther Rantzen BBC royalty. Relationship with hideous Scottish sir arcihe Fairbairn I might have the name wrong.

          Why am I mentoning such hideous Pharisee child abusing satanic people when I really shouldn’t? Because the worldwide satanic network needs exposing, much as I don’t like to talk about it
          Ill never ever watch another Nicole kidman film, knowing what shes now part of, her background, family, father, Fiona Bartlett etc

          • I don’t blame you for taking the position you have stated here. I just think there’s more to be learned that goes beyond and behind what we now know. In other words, we don’t have the whole story yet but we will get most of it eventually.

            But I have a question — are you saying you blame Nicole Kidman for her father’s deeds or you just don’t want to support her because you don’t know what her involvement might be or not be, or what? I certainly don’t have the same views about the entertainment industry that I once had. Since I can’t be sure who all the bad guys are and who the good guys are, I just don’t support them all that much anymore because I don’t trust any of them. I’m not as familiar with the Fiona Bartlett situation as I should be, but I am aware that she has made some allegations about Nicole’s dad. Also, I’m not familiar with the Colemanexperience blog thing or Esther Rantzen or the Scottish person you mentioned.

        • Hello
          In a way I think youre better off, not knowing being aware of such things. But i sense we are all drawn here, for various reasons, because something deep inside us. Just feels very ill at ease with whats going on, been going on a long time. being appalled at whats happening to children across the world. What alternative to we have but to speak out? In what small ways we can hoping to make a difference

          No, I don’t blame Nicole Kidman. Though I nwas disgusted reading on tapblog, when she was 15 approx. she watched smugly with her arms crossed, smiling, her dad mkultra programming child psychologist antony who ‘died’ in Singapore because Fiona Bartletts memory buriel programming failed. So I gather.
          Antony tied Fiona to a chair and was beating her and Nicole was looking on smiling. Do I blame Nicole for her Dads behaviour? No. In one sense, Nicole being born onto that set up, had no choice just like Fiona had no choice either.
          My sympathy runs out for Nicole with her smug out of touch arrogance on the red carpet giving film interviews. This whole discussion might be moot, if all Nicole kidman nowadawys are clones. But if we leave that complicating sinister factor to one side
          Id have much more compassion for Nicole if she showed some form of real compassion, humility, for the world around her, rather than the bubbelshe is in.
          Therefore where does the buck stop? I don’t blame her for her fathers sins. But taking that argument further, are we to forgive her father (alive no doubt) , for what his parents did to him?

          These are very profound things to weigh. Where does the buck stop? For a start I look for evidence of regret, humility, repentance, sadness at whatever she might have been part of

          Aside from that, I think its the righteous thing to do. To draw a red line in the sand, to set an example. Tough Love. To crack down hard on whoever is committing such evil sins today. Its not right for the children who are raped and have their bones broken, for nus to just hold our hand up in the air and say, the perpetrators are absolved because of ntheir parents.

          But this is a difficult subject I know. Its my twopenntehts worth

          • Yes, these are very profound questions. But the big thing to me is that we are in this situation now and forgiveness and blame are not the main issues. (I wasn’t aware of Nicole looking on while Fiona was being abused, by the way. So I can see why you wouldn’t want to watch her movies anymore, although it seems pretty clear that she was under mind control.) My feeling is first the perpetrators have to stop what they’re doing permanently and, hopefully after we’re all safe and we understand the whole picture, then we can forgive them so that we can release it and move on from the trauma of our past.

    • Orwell’s “Politics and the English language” pinpoints the divide between the bible & modern lingo:

      “Here is a well-known verse from Ecclesiastes:

      ‘I returned and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.’

      Here it is in modern English:

      ‘Objective considerations of contemporary phenomena compel the conclusion that success or failure in competitive activities exhibits no tendency to be commensurate with innate capacity, but that a considerable element of the unpredictable must invariably be taken into account.’ ”
      ― George Orwell, Politics and the English Language


      • Orwell is a genius, and few can be so noble as to reflect the quotes in your directive of Orwell’s genius on words and language, as he states words such as democracy and the assumed meaning as a sort of superior political system, is open to interpretation when one considers the simple ideology of one vote for a candidate and the best man wins the seat of power? of course what having been left out is the insider? that is the variants of power? such as propaganda, money, and the annihilation of some one in the way? and other factors, as Orwell indicates chance, and so on.
        In Orwell’s synopsis, he is highly educated which is beyond many to attain, I suggest looking at “Punk” within the Philosopher”s Zone, ABC, conversations I believe, a interesting philosophic interpretation with regard to professionalism and ideas such as anarchy, I believe this article is on authority and assumed authority.
        Considering say WW1 and 2, that highly civilized countries went to war as a example and trench warfare and gas chambers and so on, may be worth considering from civility to the macabre, may serve as a example of punk? that is the destruction of correctness and outright violence? this is a example I am using of Punk, and what is more I may be wrong.
        As I understand Punk came into being as a result of a reaction to the sophistication of bands such as The Pink Floyd, which most likely as most of the bands of the 60s came from roots of garage bands, the emergence of Punk I assume was a reaction against this institutional sound?
        Also individuals such as Ronnie Laing, who wrote Divided Self, then iconic, as we see within his experiment Kingsley Hall, in the East End, I having been their, was to my mind a failure of his ideas, he also had gone to India and found a Chillum smoking Guru, whom I checked out, I think he fucked Laing’s wife and other than that had little going for himself, and was extremely egoistical, Laing managed to package this Guru which exclaimed at Caxton Hall London, as his Guru extolled this Guru, who I think was a false claim, bearing in mind I was insignificant, would not have been able to challenge this legend with a convincing argument that Laing was lying?
        What I am saying is professionalism and status can be deceptive, and Punk has the possibility of being a dynamic force having value.

    • The “turn the other cheek” doctrine goes to the martial art “absorption” technique. Resisting a destructive force is always going to feed it to some extent; hence the Cross.

      • Turning the other cheek came before martial arts, you Berry are making a liberalized claim that has no merit, stop justifying Biblical text that has been made up by a cult, the Jews, look at how far biblical teachings go today in Israel? the Jewish cult is a manipulation and grab for power, Israel today is what South Africa is yesterday and possible today, a apartheid state.

        • The “absorption” technique was around milennia before Christ. If you can’t grasp the fact it was perfected in the the crucifixion/resurrection, the respective “good news” is bound to look like worthless nonsense.

  3. Don below.
    I have worked out why there are so many kindly self sacrificing people who are rich despite Christ’s entreaty to give to the poor, as the meek shall inherit heaven and the rich will have trouble even seeing the place as they will not fit through the eye of a needle. ( the small opening in the wall at ?….. camels had to crawl through)
    Now a rich man who gives everything to the poor is actually selfish. He gets to get to heaven and the poor bugger he gave the wealth to who dies rich but does not see heaven …..!
    So a true self sacrificing kindly soul would not sacrifice a poor person’s chance of getting to heaven by making him rich.
    No greater love can a person have, to sacrifice his life (and heaven) for his neighbour (and neighbour’s soul)
    Weird isn”it? In rugby it is referred to as a ‘hospital pass!)

  4. A very rousing and important speech by Patrick Henry. Unfortunately, that war didn’t keep us from slavery. We’re still under debt slavery to the same rotten bunch of so-and-so’s. This debt slavery really took hold during and following the revolutionary war. Looking back, it seems that war and debt gave the bankers their big opening into our government. Of course, we have to “fight” tyranny, but there are many ways to fight.

    During the past 70 years or so, the “elite” have used our taxes and labor to build their fortress with the most destructive weapons possible along with their veil of secrecy. They’ve tested many of those weapons on innocent people, and it’s likely there are still many others we haven’t even heard of yet. This is how they’ve used the people’s trust.

    We can’t fight them in the normal sense. They feel they’re now within close reach of their goals. Since they own the political system — not the Constitutional system that we thought was in place, but the system they’ve replaced it with — there can be no political solution that will benefit the people. Taking up arms in the ordinary way would be suicide.

    They do much of their work with symbolism — magic, if you will — that operates beneath our awareness. It only works when most people are completely ignorant of it. Large cities and churches especially are full of their symbolism. Understanding this is one way to “fight” them. Educating ourselves is key.

    There are many prophecies that talk about this time period. The gist seems to be that the people who have run things for the past very long period are not going to be running things for much longer. Religious works are somewhat confusing because they talk about the violence of “god” or the “gods” as if that’s normal and acceptable. Then other parts talk about an end of violence and wickedness and still “the lord” or whatever is pleased to destroy the violent people with violence. But even still, I find the final chapter of the Book of Enoch very interesting in this way. “Through your folly shall you perish,” it says. But somehow it feels right to me, at least for the most part. Some Gumshoers might enjoy it. Here is the final chapter of The Book of Enoch starting at 2:40:47: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6WM5Hkc26k

      • I vote for them going to the end that they’ve earned and us going our own way without them. Hopefully we and those who come after us can do a whole lot better without their influences. I think we can.

    • Good article 247, the control of the public also came about with inflation of property, so the public to get into the housing racket may sign up for slavery for thirty years to pay off the loan, with calibration of land release and negative gearing? the politicians getting personally into this scheme were reluctant to change slavery, the increase of rules and bureaucratic costs also contributed to oppression.
      As can be seen by our leaders and the money they extract from the system in often criminal or by abuse, their directive is to control the many and support the Elite, they are not concerned with morality other than lip service, today every aspect of living is governed by money, integrity is now dysfunctional and is like the appendix a organ now discarded through evolution, the financiers having for some centuries controlled the masses by varied means such as killing people in war being profitable, now because of mass destruction of our planet are unable to see the eventual outcome will be not a pretty picture bur a polluted inheritance that in spite of attempts for the Elite to have pure and uncontaminated living will inevitable be unable to obtain clean living as a result of mass pollution that will not be cleansed by nature for if not centuries thousands of years.
      The misfortune of divide and rule was very well in conquest of yesterday, but as science knows every thing is interconnected?

  5. I wasn’t sure where to put this, and didn’t want it to be buried in an old post, so thought id put it here. Please let me know anywhere better you might want these type of comments. But all things are interconnected and theres truth in everything that can unlock doors I feel
    It’s surprising how when discovering such simple concepts in the GEET plasma reactor system I’m building. That suddenly it comes into sharp focus, the appalling technology suppression with the combustion engine over the last 100 odd yrs. the engine has hardly moved on, despite lots of fancy improvements on cars.

    Once it’s grasped what Paul Pantones GEET engine generator retrofit technology does, how it extracts every last bit of energy from any liquid vapours, whether salt water, cocacola, urine, pickle juice or even pure water, acting like a kind of molecular sledgehammer. And creating a new fuel, plasma. Which is a magical Interdimensional process going on. GEET plasma fuel then goes into the generator engine and it runs and runs and even cleans up the engine.

    Leaving more fancy amazing Nikola tesla coil based free energy technologies aside. This alone is a quantum jump and shows very very clearly what a massive interlocked conspiracy exists. Witholding the truth from us on everything.

    Including the very nature of our earth, it’s lack/absence of curvature which makes the 1958 Antarctica and south pacific rigorously enforced militarised lockdown treaty very suspicious indeed. Could this be indiciative that we are not on a 3D planet but things are more ‘dimensional’ ? Considering multidimensions, and life forms in other dimensions, and spiritual activity acting interdimensionally around us. As well as many more amazing things.

    It becomes understandable how high priests/demonic so called elites have conspired to tell us we are a speck on a spinning ball where the curvature happens 6 miles at the horizon. Which is false and easily disproven.

    So I feel in every cell of my being. ‘Something is up’

    • Something is up alright! The Bible calls it Mystery Babylon. And God has promised to bring it crashing down. Their time is running out. Every institution in our civilization is part of the Babylonian system including all the churches. If God doesn’t save us, we won’t be saved. It’s way too late for a call to action. I’m convinced He will save us. What you are feeling in your spirit is hope. Jack

      • Churches are part of the Babylonian system because they’re inhabited by folk who practice a passive(corrupt) form of “salvation”:

        “Whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, AND THEY WILL DO EVEN GREATER THINGS THAN THESE”
        john 14:12

        • Churches are part of Mystery Babylon because they have all, for the most part, contracted with the government. 501 c-3, is the designation identifying a government approved non profit organization. Also, they push several doctrines approved by the state. Free will, works based salvation, and eternal torture, to name three. God doesn’t need our help to destroy Babylon. Jack

          • Religious text always appear salient because they refer to mans dilemma as existentially the problem for man is eternal, meaning being born on Earth.
            Forget the texts, rely on your own intuition, always the question will be as whether it from within or your indoctrination posturing as your intuition.

      • Hello Jack, I’m feeling huge surging forces through my spirit at this time, some beautiful and positive and uplifting and amazing, which tis gumshoe blog helps me get out and express any thoughts I hope are of value, how I can for others, plus for myself once ive typed them
        Hope is surging through me and I hope God is aware listening observing
        I’m sad too on one or two personal matters which aren’t devastating, but I’m hoping god and the helpful angels and interdimsnional forces, are doing all this, to help me evolve and motivate me now in sep 2017. to surge forwards wanting to do and help however I can. To allay loneliness if nothing else.
        Something is definitely up!

        • Loneliness is something I’m well aquainted with Adam. It’s what my Father has for me now. The love of my life died three years ago the 24th of last month, and for the first time in my life I am dreadfully alone. “The Lord gives the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord,” is easier quoted than fully understood. I see this world much differently now, and I have new empathy for “all the lonely people.” I’m sorry that you are one. I have a keen interest in the fall of Mystery Babylon. Its fall, which I believe is well underway, is the next major marker leading to the second coming of Christ, and what all Christians have prayed for every Sunday for almost 2,000 years, The Kingdom of Heaven come down to Earth. I expect to be reunited with my Beloved and to live happily ever after. How’s that as a tonic for ones Spirit? God bless you Adam. There is a bright morning coming! Jack. PS: The Earth is a level plane not a planet.

          • Yep it can be scary living on a spinning ball — especially when people are living in different time zones. Sorry that you are lonely

          • Hello Jack, thankyou
            I am sorry to read of your loneliness and loss, and soul tearing feelings of missing her

            I like how you explain Mystery Babylon and encapsulate our whole situation in very simple succinct terms. Its all making sense coming together now.
            The Kingdom of Heaven come down to Earth. From things ive been reading, and my best latest weighed distilled sense of things, is that this is literally true and happening, a physics fact. And is what the Babylonians have known is coming.
            It seems too Heaven coming to Earth also means the joining of our conscious, and subconscious minds, rather than them being separate, like they have been for thousands of years. I think events that might have taken place in the Book of Enoch, with interdimensional races with advanced DNA tinkering technology, have created this separation and furthermore. A reincarnation soul trap quarantine confined to this earth dimension.
            And the legal/legalese black magic system, and Babylonian money system, are all instruments of enforcing and draining off our Qi etheric energy, in and screwing us every which way basically, including cancer lies. And much more. In a kind of interdimensional/multidimensional quarantine slavery. To trick and force us to reincarnate back on this earth plane.

            My understanding is these are the ‘End Times’ for this quarantine, the astrology favours us and not the elites now. Aug Tellez says that End Times also means Time is going to start flowing differently for us now, and become more elastic. SInce it seems forward linear time itself, and aging, and the illusion of death, are all artificial quarantine constructs using advanced ancient technologies underground. And many old books and religions have sought to describe this multidimensional quarantine. So its surprised me our immediate Afterlife zone could be an artificial construct patrolled by negative entities/Gods our elite bloodlines have always been in contact with.

            I think it is a physics fact, that certain reunion with your wife is going to happen.

            Apparently, the 20th century secret projects/’space’ programmes, began discovering all this directly.
            God Bless you Jack!

          • ”The truth of the flat earth is the crack in the dam of the elite. They all know it’s a level plane not a planet, and they are frantic to hide that fact. ” Exactly bullseye!
            They are finished. Its the Achilles Heel weve been waiting for. And once the flat plane takes hold back in mens’ minds again, all the other lies will unravel and evil will stop


    • i hope you dont interpret my reply to you as rude adam, but,
      re curvature of the earth – http://silverton.org.au/mundi-mundi-lookout/

      many people claim to be able to perceive it when looking out over the vastness from the mundi mundi lookout, and when i was there, there was quite a crowd, all talking about that very thing.

      surely it is not unreasonable to suggest that maybe it be the “high priests/demonic so called elites” that have conspired to tell us we are not living on a spherical earth?

      as for your statement that a spherical earth is easily disproven, id accept that if perhaps, because i fail to fully understand the mathematical arguments for such a case, but simply, as there are aircraft that do scenic tours to the area, perhaps if there was a group of advocates and sceptics of such a theory, that they could charter such an aircraft for the purpose of documenting the edge.. so to speak, and that alone, should be the easiest way to sufficiently end any and all speculation?


      • Having flown to Mundi Mundi, I can assure you Fair Dinkum, the edge of the Earth has been seen by myself, I had flown in a Tesla aircraft that was fueled in this case tomato juice, I understand a variety of liquids can be used as a fuel and the corporations such as BHP, having been informed by the pilot of this craft the compass having been interfered by electronic rays that actually interferes with ones bearings and NWSE, no longer exists, this i why the edge of our Earth is not found and the illusion the Earth is round is because corporations having created the roundness that many now believe is true.

      • Hello Fair Dinkum, no not at all
        That’s very interesting what you raise about mundi mundi. That people there , were talking about it. They might have seen it. Did you, FD, see it when you were there? I have looked on youtube for a mundi mundi video showing curvature but haven’t found anything, but ill keep my eyes open on my blogosphere travels.

        Its interesting because, leaving fisheye lenses aside that NASA and various other people use. Non fisheye video cams have gone up as high as 100,000 ft in a balloon, perhaps higher, and haven’t found any curvature. This and a lot of other strange things certainly got my suspicions up that things aren’t as we have been taught.

        One example is the 120 mile suez canal, that does not have any locks.

        As you rightly point out, it is possible that the demonic high priest conspiracy, is to mess with our minds with flat earth. And I keep my mind open, entertataining various possibilities, and examining bits of evidence I can find, to try and stand back and make some solid inferences I hope.

        At the very least from what ive found so far, if we are on a spinning sphere. It must be absolutely supermassive. With land beyond Antarctica. So big, that this accounts for the strange things that don’t add up in the part the UN allows us to be aware of, the curvature is so miniscule, it is ripe for the claim of flat earth to be made. And one needs to go much higher to observe any curvature.

        If claims from mundi mundi are correct, this might either mean, it is some optical light effect. Or if its genuine curvature….in some bizarre way our earth must be misshapen, very flat in some parts then curving more acutely in others.

        The trouble is, it comes down to have they been lying to us about the true physics of reality? Water always finds a level. If we are on a supermassive spinning sphere, I do wonder how water that must be level, fits into that model. I know this is where, one might say, gravity and related laws fit in

        But then it therefore then comes down to, at a certain point in the past, perhaps originating 500 odd yrs ago. Were the seeds of a deception on these matters planted? All to take humanity down a flawed assumption based pseudo science, and stop the glaring obviousness of the spiritual multidimensional reality in which we live. Keep that knowledge for the select few instead?

        So like at a possible crime scene, its important to look for motive

        Is there any evidence that true physics has been suppressed, and a flawed hotch potch of not the whole truth of physics has bene used in our world instead? It seems yes. Free energy and secret black projects that have been going on (I would say secret space programmes, but it seems the secret projects in the 20th century have also learned about our history, and multidimensional existence, and some very strange things).

        That is a good point, getting an aircraft or balloon organised at mundi mundi, to try and see whats going on. Even better still, explore Antarctica. Except the 1958 Treaty prevents any of us doing so. I explore this idea here

        • no i wanst able to perceive any curve the day i went, maybe the weather wasnt good enough, but then on a clear enough day, i should be able to see mt everest from anywhere? Ill take a non fish eye camera with me when i fly to Sydney in a few weeks see if I have better luck. I dont want this to turn into a debate here on this thread, but ill just say, while Im sure theres much supressed information, as you say, the way i understand physics, limited as it is, it makes more sense to me, in fact proves to me, that building 7 was demolished on 9/11, and that we live on a globe, and that the idea of a flat earth is a psyop. Re suez canal, youd only need locks on a river, where water is flowing downstream to sea level, suez canal begins and ends @ sea level? cheers

          • Your comments about the Suez Canal completely defeat your argument for a spinning globe. The Suez is 12O miles long; it is as you point out, dead level
            and doesn’t need locks. That canal as well as all railroads, highways, and tunnels would be impossible on a globe. Jack

          • Also, now that I think about it, all rivers running down to the sea would also be impossible on a globe. If we really live on a spinning ball, some of our rivers would actually need to flow up hill for at least part of their journey. Jack

          • Sorry Fair Dinkum, one more point in favor of Earth being a level plane is the indisputable fact, that no one has ever seen curved water. Water seeks its own level. Curved water only exists on classroom and library globes and in the tortured minds of those trying to hide God. The truth of the flat earth is the crack in the dam of the elite. They all know it’s a level plane not a planet, and they are frantic to hide that fact. Once the truth gets out, and, as sure as God made little green apples it will, they will be finished. Their already finished, they just won’t admit it. Jack

          • Fair Dinkum — i agree. Maybe another blog is required to discuss curvature — how mass works, time zones, ships sink… lighthouses rise, shadows work in different parts of the work, photography, magnetism and everything else — 276 B.C. Eratosthenes, Ptolemy etc etc so this site does not get DISTRACTED

      • Hello again! I have been part of the ourspirit.com community for quite a while now. http://www.ourspirit.com/the-gabriels
        About 9 weeks ago tyla shared with me GEET dropbox things from a workshop held in late 2016

        The reason why, even though ive known about suppressed free energy since my red pill traumatic week 4 plus years ago now. Ive never gone forward with it until 2017. Is because its been hard to know where to turn on the internet, where who to trust. Also a lot of subtle cul de sac red herring rubbish free energy advice on the net. So I have hung fire

        Earlier this year when Tyla shared with me the GEET ourspirit community information. I was excited to realise, this was free energy tech information could be trusted, and I could spend my time, energy on, and buy parts to build the thing.

        This is underway now. Theres been a bit of a delay, I made extensive detailed notes from the dropbox GEET 2 day workshop Tyla shared with me. But many basic uncertainties and questuons arose. Tylas put me in touch with the people who can answer these basic pipework and other questions.

        Soon, once I am confident with, and functioning well with this GEET technology. And Interdimensional Free Energy Plasma Technologies Ltd has its first 10KW generator retrofit product line being made. I will be sure to post the new websiste here.

        In the very short term, I’m hoping to get paid not only for my expenditure on the generator, my labour, and the parts I buy.. But I think its a moral duty, so I’m not like JP Morgan how he spoke to Tesla, if someone buys a GEET free energy reactor I can prove works, I must include in the price a years inclusive advice to help and advise, any buyer, to make their own and teach it pass it on.

        In the short term, any money I make from geet wont be spent on service to self sybaritic arrogant things. Any money I make will help me, mae ends meet and help me consolidate resources and energy to spread things on farther afield. My mndest wanting to spread free energy to humanity. Was the whole reason tyla shared it with me as part of the ourspiriit community

        the evil suppression of humanity has gone on long enough!

        Apologies to the blog moderator for such a long comment

  6. “Beast” is just an old-fashioned word for animal, a living creature that’s entirely ruled by programming,genetic or otherwise.

    Animals don’t deserve to be compared to humans who disregard God-given legal & personal boundaries and don’t try to improve life for others in any respect.

  7. This article makes a lot of good points. I’ve tried for years to tell people what’s going on. My experience is the same as yours. There have been no instant converts. Usually, people either respond with ridicule or fear. Some of them come around on their own eventually. What I know is that there are people all over the world taking action in their own ways. As time goes on, more and more people are going to realize that they have been duped, and they will be angry and/or afraid. That may be a better time for action, depending on what that means.

    I know what these jerks are planning and it’s not pretty. I don’t believe they will be successful in completing their plans even though it may get worse for awhile. We pretty much know the who and how, but what we really need to know, in my opinion, is more of the what and why. We need to get to the very basics in a sober, honest, and fear-free manner, such as who and/or what is “god” or “God” and might this idea differ from the idea of “creator?” Have we been told the truth or is there another explanation that makes more sense? That’s why I’m on a quest to read as many ancient texts as I can find. I think that a better understanding of these issues will help us know what action to take. This is my current approach anyway.

    Yes, time is short. This gives us impetus to take action, and we all do what we can and what we feel compelled to do. I think this is a good thing. As others gain awareness of the problem, their impetus will probably be even stronger, clearer, and more urgent and insightful.

        • Youre welcome 🙂

          Laura Walker the astrologer at oraclereport said a very interesting incredible thing today that ties in corroborates other data points. Since for so long now , NASAs own SOHO and SECCHI type cameras/telescopes, or whatever theyre named, that are focussed on the Sun. Have shown strange, huge UFO type things around the Sun, doing odd things like apparently ‘draining’ the suns energy. or even flying into the Sun. Some of these UFOs which my understanding is, belong to the cabal Luciferian factions secret projects. Are huge, though I hesitate now to say how big in miles. Because the very size of and closeness to Earth, of the Sun and Moon, is now in doubt and being questioned, for reasons ill not go into here. Sun being much smaller and not 93 million miles away but only a few thousand, etc.

          My point is, Laura said that the Luciferian black magic cabal, are using their ‘crafts’, to cause solar flares/CMEs to happen, at certain astrological times, in order to cause a certain astrological ‘energy’, to hit earth. Which no doubt ties in with their false flag charlotesville/London/Harvey attempts.

          However everything seems to be backfiring for the cabal. And the Sun resisted their attempts, and caused the flare to come at a much better Pisces degree, that benefits humanity. Therefore its possible the Sun is a conscious being, linked into humanitys consciousness. And tremendous energies and forces are on our side. Even if Irma is devastating, the blowback effects are going to be even bigger back on the cabal.

          The Sun seems too to be a transdimensional portal into another universe, perhaps on some kind of hyperspace highway, which is why crafts are seen flying in and out of it.

          Why NASA are permitting such things to be seen on their very own Sun telescopes/cameras, is an interesting question.

          • Yes, this is very interesting. Laura often has very interesting things to say and I enjoy her work. I do agree with you that the Sun is probably a conscious being as well as the planets.

    • Any distilled salinet points, from your ancient text study, shared will be greatly appreciated. For a non deep research person, non academic non ancient text researcher, who doesn’t like huge long paragraphs and chapters and books to wade through. Which is bad of me I know.
      Bullet points are good wich I can run with and use them to connect more dots

      • Well, the main thing I’ve come up with is that the “God” of the Old Testament is apparently a guy with lots of hair and a long beard, an egomaniac and possibly someone suffering from mental illness, and who came from elsewhere. It was his descendants who ruled the world in ancient times and is probably his bloodline who still rules today from behind the scenes. I would guess that there may be some clear differences in their DNA compared to the rest of us, which is the subject of the next book on my list. Of course, there are many pieces of the puzzle. I’m planning on writing something up eventually when I have the time and have read more texts, but putting it into bullet points is not something I’m ready to do at this point in time.

        • Lol
          ‘a guy with lots of hair and a long beard, an egomaniac and possibly someone suffering from mental illness’

          I have an interesting point to make on a recent Aug Tellez article where he discusses the book of enoch, and what the secret projects hes been a part of, discovered But too tired tonight will dissect it tomorrow
          Aug Tellez, I sense is a well meaning genuine nice guy and I like him on his youtubes. . Molly at starship earth has warned me about him though, even if he doesn’t realise it himself, hes an agent. She got this info from Thomas Williams. However, my 6th sense for what its worth, tells me there are truths to be gleaned from what Aug Tellez says, amongst possible AI invalid timeline narrative

          • I don’t know these people you mention, but I suspect you’re right about there being some truth in what this particular person is saying. We don’t know what’s truth and what isn’t, but when we use our discernment we know what feels right or hits a bell within us whether the whole story is correct or not. There are things to be gleaned — that’s for sure!

  8. In this Age of Deception we are in. There are few solid reliable things we can take to the bank, since disnfo is everywhere. But this can be liberating and peaceful too, even though id rather it wasn’t like this and we were just told the damn truth about everything!

    My point is, I feel some quite good truth pathway forwards can be established by sticking to what we see and observe and can verify with our own senses. Such as:
    1- Some bizarre things that don’t add up with earths curvature
    2- The 20th century when it seems modern man (the elites I think?) had the first chance either with Newtonian rocket technology, or with suppressed Tesla type electrogravitic technology. Actually get up high enough and see whats what. I have a feeling the elites and Governments were astounded and in shock by whatever they discovered.
    3- The 1958 Antarctica off limits militarisation Treaty

    Just those 3 data points alone. It is interesting what inferences can be made! 🙂

    • Talk of Nazi bases after WW2 at Antarctica. Admiral Byrds trips searching for Nazis. May or may not be true. Probably are. but fwiw, my sense is, this aspect has blown up a lot in the alternative media and emphasised.
      When its really beside the point when one strips things back, to the 3 points above.

    • As those who have any sort of investment in the World System can’t afford to acknowledge that there are a lot of unknowns, untested theories are being inculcated as “science”. I think there’s a lot more truth in Answers in Genesis doctrines than the theory of evolution but there’s significant holes in both.

      • Hi, investment in the world system. Psychological investment, finaincial. Even if they don’t realise understand what they are hive minded locked down into, their brains compartmnetalised a part of. Good point.
        Nevertheless I think anyone who defends the ‘system’, even if its via unknowing hypnotic Tavistock reflexive action
        Is part of the problem.
        Nevertheless we must powerfully show compassion and help people awaken howver we can, using subtle Trojan Horse Tavistockian tactics ourselves, throwing their tricks back at them!

    • Very good piece. She strips things back to their fundamentals, the bare issues, asking very good questions. What is money?
      In the last few years, i did get sucked into believing, the BRICS gold backed curency and shift to the ”good east”, away from the ‘evil satanic corrupt west’ was great evidence that all is going to be well. I didnt really question gold, and she points out well its just the same old scam.
      But its interesting to reflect that the elites of this world feel the need to ‘shift’, the nexus of power east, and trying to fool awakening people, its all great, and the evil ones are on their way down. When its good cop/bad cop game being played
      (I actually do think the bad people are going down, but thats another issue)

      Eg from what i gather, Narenrdra Modi is a blackmailed homosxual (or worse) Rothschild person, and his war on cash in India is an example of the real BRICS NWO aims.

      In this sense, it means that things Ken on his blog Redefininggod says, is correct. That its all a sewn up NWO truman show theatre

      But, for whatever reasons, maybe a real phenomenon theyre trying to stop, of a DNA evolutionary ‘jump’ taking place on this planet amongst all creatures, thats long been known about. And the energetic constructed locked down reality around us unravelling, in response to peoples DNA activating and waking up. I dont think the word ‘End Times’ necessarily means something bad, but it does mean end times for the interdimensional enslavement on our dimension/plane/planet.

      My point is, the need by the evil empire to shift the nexus eastwards, must reflect their inherently weak position, and they need to make moves to stay on top, which will be in vain I think at this momentous time.
      Either that or its just a classic power consolidation tactic, like how Ancient Rome became the Vatican Holy See. Or WW2 was a very convenient thing for the UN to get established.

      But my point is about money. I think that the powerful decentralising force of simple, easy to build, cheap parts to obtain, Free Energy devices for homes and communities. Will start to powerfully repattern and reshape , and undermine, the God like role of money.
      Its almost like free energy technology, and money, have an inverse relationship to each other. Free Energy suppression allows the God of Money to thrive

      So I think this will be a powerful force trend. Another is 3D printers that are cheap, and open source software instructions for technologies, parts. This will powerfully decentralise supply chains, and take the burden off, and allow energy to be rechanneled elsewhere. SO people can focus on creating valuable commodities , however they can, but its not a hand to mouth existence, because technologies are there to support us.

      Like a very strong decentralised spiders web, like the Buckminster fuller geodesic dome. If one part goes down, (like Texas with Harvey affecting factories), our communities and economies will remain resilient and strong.

      Sorry for going on too much as I attempted to make my point 🙂

          • Thanks
            Ive found out today, theres a mass meditation/visualisation planned round the world, at 5pm BST London time, not long from now, 12pm Miami time, 8pm Moscow, and…middle of the night in Australia

            Its intention is to however anyone feels guided to, to visualise hurricane Irma losing its energy, and not creating destruction in either New York or Florida. Perhaps the best way is to try and use our minds to see it happening. I’m sure though it doesn’t have to be 5pm on nthe dot, a few hours later too I’m sure would help

            Its tempting to think none of this could possibly work. But this is part of how our own power, has been made unaware to us, our minds do interact with the very fabric of reality https://talesfromtheloublog.files.wordpress.com/2017/08/s-1-35-e1503283371681.jpg?w=690&h=475

            The Princeton uni global consciousness project GCP with random number generators becoming less random when the mass consciousness gets engaged with something, also is evidence

          • Sorry that piece is a lot longer than I thought, but it may be the best and most succinct information I’ve found so far.

            Thanks for the meditation information. I’ve had this idea since I heard about Irma and have been doing my own “work” with it. Where did you happen to see the notification about this meditation?

        • Even though I don’t like wading through books with massive volumes to assimilate, where ill get distracted. Unless its something I’m keenly interested in with a definite end point aim I’m trying to solve, such as free energy, or researching cancer lies, I seem to have the ability then.
          But longish articles on history or money or religion or secret project (‘space’?) programme issues, I enjoy reading when I focus so I look forward to reading that biblioteca one

          It was the Cobra 2012 Portal blog situation update today.
          Ive had some curvature issues with Cobra recently, as ive reflected on things hes said on his blog over the last few years. That’s lead me to think he might be a Jesuit agent for these end times. But still these guys do put truths in, and the meditation he suggested today I thought was good.
          We analyse the curvature situation and Cobra here

          • Thanks for this! I see there are others doing a meditation too.

            I really think it will be worth your time to read this bibloteca piece. It’s jam-packed with critical information.

  9. Hi. I realise all lies conspiracies and truth doorways are interconnected, But when making arguing a specific point, this might be a tool for confusion, to drag us down into a quagmire,

    Mentoning WTC 7 in this context, is interesting, but might serve to indicate youre a shill/troll? I apologise to this blog and to you if ive got the wrong end of the stick but things sent from my heart must be expressed where truths concerned. Seeing as I don’t want to mind meld quantum entangle with certain people, ill send this comment separately
    Your Suez Canal comments too make no sense 🙂

    No offence intended to this blog or anyone on it. But ive had negative experiences on one or two other blogs

    • the science/physics that disproves the official account of 9/11, is the same science that shows why suez canal needs no lock/s

      calling me a shill/trol for simply pointing that out, maybe the sort of thing that leads to you having negative experiences on other blogs. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  10. I was confused on the climate situation, since i know MMGW is lies. But natural climate disruption is real, cyclic, and were in for a period of cooling mini ice age possibly, from 2019. But it obviously appears the troublemaking cabal are using HAARP to tweak and make more devastating hurricanes that are happening anyway. Heres my answer from my Aim4Truth friend about this david dilley lecture


    • Sorry, she answered my questions, I mean. In the coming days ill say how I hope in comments, we can successfully weather and thrive in a mini ice age. Technologies and ingenuity and will to survive and enjoy life and smile and fall in love and have families, continues on I’m sure. The problematic factor has been a mafia cabal suppressing all life giving enhancing empowering technologies, decentralising technologies. Rovaniemi in Finland is a good example of a city near the arctic circle thriving in the ice. And they don’t even have free energy technology
      I’m unsure whether Australia will also be in for a mini ice age. More research needed. Open source sharing organic heirloom seeds growing will be important everywhere too. Big topic more to discuss another time

      • Dear Adam,
        Message from the Assistant Editor of Gumshoe. “Falling in love” is all well and good but if you plan to use Comments here to stage a new thesis about something other than the topic, it is customary to submit it as an article.
        Otherwise some folks may get the impression that your intention is to undercut the article, or its thread, if y’know what I’m sayin’. Our threads are usually quite focussed.

  11. Sorry Mary. If I had a blog, I would have reblogged the article — but then I’d worry that you could get yourself into some trouble with the “authorities.” I guess I could put it on other people’s blogs, but they may not like that.

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