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$3.6 Billion in Injury Payouts Is Not Enough Reason to Debate Immunisation

Has Minister Jill Hennessy (L) seen the light? — while Dr John Piesse (R) wonders why he can no longer provide “Inform consent”

by Dee McLachlan

Following allegations that Dr John Piesse had helped families avoid compulsory childhood vaccinations, his practice in Mitcham was raided last week by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and police officers last week. I wonder on what legal grounds?

Was Dr Piesse just following the (Hippocratic) Oath he gave when becoming a doctor? I’ll ask him next time I speak to him, whether he said, “…help the sick according to my ability and judgment, but never with a view to injury…”

Then yesterday the Medical Board of Australia suspended Dr John Piesse’s registration — making it illegal for him to treat patients.

The Herald Sun quoted Minister for Health Jill Hennessy:

“The fate of Dr Piesse should stand as an example to rogue clinicians who tout lies about vaccination. This decision is long overdue… It is completely irresponsible for clinicians — entrusted with the health of our community — to ignore the science and encourage parents not to immunise their children.

“There is no debate around immunisation. The science is clear: vaccinations save lives,”

Vaccination may save lives, but the real question in this debate is: “Do vaccination cause injury?”

Vaccine Injury

Why has $3.6 billion been paid out for injury in the US, if there is no debate?

That is the question I would like to ask Minister Hennessy, and have for nearly two weeks been communicating with her office with the request to interview her. Her Senior Media Adviser asked me to list some questions, which I did. My questions are:

  1. Many people purported to be anti-vax say they are not against all vaccines. Thus, should each vaccine be looked at individually?
  2. What research and information does the Minister rely on to affirm to us that vaccines are 100% safe?
  3. What do you say to parents who believe there children have been affected and “injured” by vaccines?
  4. Have there been “vaccine injury” payouts to anyone in Victoria?
  5. Should the film VAXXED be banned in Victoria?
  6. Do you agree that foreign doctors and the likes of Kent Heckenlively be denied visas to visit Australia?
  7. Should the likes of Dr John Piesse be allowed to practice medicine in Victoria? (She has already answered that one)

I am still waiting for an answer from the Minister’s office regarding the interview, and keen to hear her views about injury payouts in the US.

The (US) National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 limited the legal liability of vaccine makers by creating the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) in the Department of Health and Human Services. People injured by vaccines win damages from a government trust fund financed by an excise tax on vaccines. The first case was in 1988, and even though two-thirds of the 16,000 petitions since then have been dismissed, the amount awarded has been $3.6 billion.

Wait a moment. Is there injury or not? Surely we are using the same vaccines as the Americans. If there are injury payouts in the billions — surely this should be debated. I don’t see the Minister’s logic. Or is this a case of sacrificing a few for the safety of the herd?

Mandatory Wars

But, the mandatory wars have been going on for a long time. In Mary Maxwell’s article, “Vaccination – An Open Letter to the Privy Council” she writes:

“What is not widely known is that the original inoculations against smallpox were utter fakes. Writing in 1889, Charles Creighton, MD, exposed Edward Jenner, MD, as a fraud. In 1898, Alfred Russel Wallace, FRS, used a Royal Commission report to show that smallpox vaccines gave no protection, and that the unvaccinated fared better during epidemics than the vaccinated. Still, the Commission managed to find that vaccination should remain mandatory (in the UK)…

“In 1998, Drs Andrew Wakefield and John Walker-Smith discovered that a few children with bowel disease, who also had autism, were carrying some measles material in their body. They wrote that up, quite properly, as a “series of cases” in The Lancet. Their article clearly states that they have not proved any causal link between MMR and autism.

“Wakefield recommended that doctors use single shots of measles, mumps, and rubella until the combined MMR could be inspected. (The single-shot was subsequently taken off the market by UK authorities!) Since 1998, it has been constantly said by the media that Wakefield caused “a vaccine scare.” Of course it was the media itself that caused the scare…”


Photo credit: The Age and Herald Sun


    • And have not been for over 100 years. How does it feel to have an insurance company dictating your health outcomes. The numbers associated with iatrogenic disease in 2 years in the USA, today, are more than all Americans killed in wars since 1776. It is not the Military Industrial complex to fear but the Medical Industrial complex. Don’t want to believe the numbers? They are from confessions of the FDA and AMA, all there for those not “blinded by the light” to see.

      • If you’re the Robert I think you are, then you may know me as PB. You are absolutely right on this. We in Health are not allowed to have an opinion and to express it as part of our remit, no matter what we may have come to believe in our own researches. We are under threat of deregistration, such is the determination of Government to promote vaccination against everything, including the flu just gone that everyone got, including the vaccinated. I think it is poison, but I lose my career and livelihood if I say this to someone who attends a State-provided Health facility and asks me for an opinion. That’s how it now is. I give better opinions by refusing to give an opinion.

  1. 3 factors that should be countered into any “immunisation” debate:
    * Every epidemic has been caused, directly or indirectly, by wars and/or atrocious living conditions.
    * The only safe form of defense is quarantine (ALL medication, irrespective of the application, is potentially hazardous)
    * If proper quarantine measures were taken the current world system would collapse

  2. Berry, when I was a young fellow about 65 years ago and before, there was quarantine practised in Australia, for human health, animals, flora and fauna and all food items. However that has gone out the side door with world trade and not being allowed to offend other humans. Sacrifice our country for the benefit of being a good international citizen. Is it worth it?

  3. I have personally come to the conclusion that the health industry and the pharmaceutical industry have opposite agendas. Unfortunately the health industry have been taken over by the pharmaceutical industry using it’s mighty dollar to influence government policy over the health industry. Doctors have become captors as much as have patients.

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