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From Great Wars, Come Great Consequences


[Editor’s Note: Below are two extracts from Greg Maybury’s in-depth article on his website here]

By Greg Maybury

“Germany’s unforgivable crime before the second world war was her attempt to extricate her economic power from the world’s trading system and to create her own exchange mechanism which would deny world finance its opportunity to profit.”— Winston Churchill to Lord Robert Boothby, quoted in the Foreword, Propaganda in the Next War (2/e), Sidney Rogerson (2001).

With all the talk about a third world war, it isn’t just instructive but essential to understand the real origins and causes of the first two. Like the proposition it was Germany’s imperial ambition that kindled the First World War in 1914, the notion that the rise of Adolf Hitler was an aberrant manifestation of the economic, social, and political chaos prevailing in post-War Germany is one we still teach our kids in school, and embrace without question in our public discourse.

Both of these doctrines—to this day perpetuated by the custodians of the historical record on behalf of the Anglo-American-Zionist establishment—are the most enduring deceits and existentially dangerous delusions infecting the Western body politic. There seems no better time to begin appreciating the implications for humanity of preserving them.

The Protracted Affairs of Imperial Stratagems

By way of a fitting entrée into the main course of our narrative, the following anecdotes should serve us well. In his myth-shattering 2006 tome Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America Created the Third Reich, Guido Preparata recounts the occasion when Joachim von Ribbentrop, later to become Germany’s U.K. ambassador and then her foreign minister, travelled to Britain in May 1935 to ‘negotiate’ of all things, German naval rearmament ratios with the stewards of the Empire du jour. During his trip the then military attaché of the Japanese embassy in London, Captain Arata Oka, bent the ear of the former champagne salesman cum Nazi diplomat with this sage advice:

“Never forget….the British are the most cunning people on earth, and that they graduated to absolute masters in the art of negotiation as well as in that of manipulating the press and public opinion.”

As history tells it, neither Ribbentrop nor his beloved Führer Adolf Hitler fully appreciated the history behind Oka’s counsel or its implications.

And in what will doubtless resonate with folks critical of the present state of the world banking and financial sector and its amoral alchemists, on another occasion the following exchange took place between an unnamed American banker/financier and the then President of the Reichsbank Hjalmar Schacht, the Nazi’s banker and for a time the Third Reich’s ‘economic Führer’. In this most telling of historical tête-à-têtes, the American snootily suggested to the financial guru—one of three men pivotal to the Wirtschaftswunderthe fabled German economic miracle that enabled it to revitalize its economy after the turmoil of the Weimar era and the devastation of the Great Depression, and from there rebuild its formidable war machine—that he (Schacht) ‘…should come to America. We’ve lots of money, and that’s real banking.’ 

Guido Preparata — Author of Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America Made the Third Reich

[Greg Maybury concludes his detailed article with]

Having now looked deeper into the consequential role played by the Anglo-American establishment’s in the ‘incubation’ of the real Hitler, it is reasonable to conclude that the multitude of myths, frauds, and deceits fabricated by this insidious bilateral oligarchy to hide the real truth behind the so-called “Good War”, like the one that preceded it, are the most monumentally monstrous and self-serving ever perpetrated upon humanity.

Today of course, the heirs of the political and power elites who knowingly led us into the earlier wars are seeking—attended by similar motives and employing the same methods and means—to once again take us all down the same path. Like the two previous wars—both of which were flagged years in advance by the aggressors such that they virtually became self-fulfilling prophecies—the motives of these elites have little if anything to do with preserving our freedom or democracy, or saving the world from tyranny or oppression. 

In everything then from our conventional historiography to the content of our education curricula, the notion of the Second World War as modern history’s definitive battle between good and evil is well entrenched. It is perennially underscored in public discourse, in the popular media, along with the recurrent, solemn commemorations of the tragedy, and the countless tributes to the fallen and their selfless sacrifices.

Indeed, so “entrenched” in our collective psyche, and so protected by the gatekeepers of the historical record are these “myths, frauds, and deceits”, that if as a former history teacher I was suddenly thrust back into the classroom and attempted to expound the real truth behind these events, I’d be tarred ‘n feathered and run out of town in a New York minute! That this almighty, all-encompassing Manichean battle assumed then the mantle of the ‘Good War’ then is both a mystery of sorts and a bloody travesty, suggesting somehow in one fell swoop that is was inevitable, necessary, just, and right.

As British historian and author Paul Addison once noted (3), ‘the war served a generation of Britons and Americans as a myth which enshrined their essential purity, a parable of good and evil.’ In his 1972 book No Clear And Present Danger: A Skeptical View Of The United States Entry Into World War II, historian Bruce Russett also wrote,

‘Participation in the war against Hitler remains almost wholly sacrosanct, nearly in the realm of theology….Whatever criticisms of twentieth-century American policy are put forth, U.S. participation in World War II remains almost entirely immune. According to our national mythology, that was a ‘good war,’ one of the few for which the benefits clearly outweighed the costs. Except for a few books published shortly after the war and quickly forgotten, this orthodoxy has been essentially unchallenged.’

But like its predecessor, the so-called War to End all Wars, the designation “good war” qualifies as one of history’s cruelest deceptions and most bitter of ironies. It further adduces evidence of humanity’s unerring predisposition towards imperial dominion and hubris and underscores implacably the Hegelian apothegm that the ‘only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history!’

Again, as with the Great War, to suggest those who served for something much less than what they were told to believe is tantamount to a form of secular sacrilege, that one is churlishly impugning their sacrifice, their patriotism, their honour and self-respect, and their dedication to their country’s ideals, traditions, and values.

The notion that America especially—indeed that of the Anglo-American alliance – could conceivably view World War Two as a Righteous Cause (to paraphrase archetypal war monster and consummate blowhard Winston Churchill) is the real sacrilege. As he observes in his introduction, one of the key reasons a more detailed and accurate analysis of the emergence of Nazism is generally eschewed is because it might reveal too much; we might also suggest that since the ploy worked so well the first time, any widespread knowledge of this monumental gambit and awareness of its implications by the populace at large is unlikely to auger well for them repeating it again.

But for Preparata and a few others, the notion that the Nazis were an accident of history, or a creature of chance’, is utterly fraudulent. It is, he notes with unswerving conviction, the Anglo-American clubs that have ‘carried the day’, with their tenure having little to do with ‘human rights, free markets and democracy, regardless of what they may shamelessly profess’. After first declaring that ‘the Anglo-Saxon elites tampered with German politics with the conscious intent to obtain a reactionary movement, which they could then set up as a pawn for their geopolitical intrigues’, the iconoclastic author further lays out his stall in a way which should not fail to resonate with those of us in tune with the here and now:

“….When this movement emerged immediately after World War I in the shape of a religious, anti-Semitic sect disguised as a political party (that is, the NSDAP), the British clubs kept it under close observation, proceeded to endorse it semi-officially in 1931 when the Weimar Republic was being dismantled by the Crisis, and finally embraced it, with deceit, throughout the 1930s. This is to say that although England did not conceive Hitlerism, she nonetheless created the conditions under which [it] could appear, and devoted herself to supporting financially the Nazis and arming them to the teeth with the prospect of manipulating them. Without such methodical and unsparing ‘protection’ on the part of the Anglo-American elites, along with the complicit buttress of Soviet Russia, there would have been no Führer and no Nazism: the political dynamism of the Nazi movement owed its success to a general state of instability in Germany, which was wholly artificial, a wreckage engineered by the Anglo-American clubs themselves.” [Emphasis added.]

And it is at this point the real story begins. But space dictates that for the moment at least, it must end….Although not quite! The last word herein must go to the Saker, the pseudonymous expatriate Russian blogger. In his recent Letter to My American Friends, along with observing that if international law were to be applied each case, ‘every single American president’ would be deemed ‘a war criminal’, he then paraphrases the indelible verdict of Robert Jackson, chief American prosecutor at Nuremberg, by noting that ‘imperialism contains within itself all the accumulated evil of all empires’. Insofar as to who the good guys and the bad guys are, for The Saker his own verdict is unequivocal — for him:

“The best thing which could happen to this country and its people would be the collapse of this Empire. The support, even tacit and passive, of this Empire….only delays this outcome and allows this abomination to bring even more misery and pain upon millions of innocent people, including millions of your fellow Americans. This Empire now also threatens my country, Russia, with war and possibly nuclear war and that, in turn, means that this Empire threatens the survival of the human species.

Whether the US Empire is the most evil one in history is debatable, but the fact that it is by far the most dangerous one is not. Is that not a good enough reason for you to say “enough is enough”? What would it take for you to switch sides and join the rest of mankind in what is a struggle for the survival of our species? Or will it take a nuclear winter to open your eyes to the true nature of the Empire you apparently are still supporting against all evidence?”

–Greg Maybury has a website called POXAMERIKANA and the FULL article can be seen here.



  1. The real history of modern man has been hidden for far too long. Thank goodness for the internet and those good people who are not afraid to research the facts that are available, and then to spread the truth.

  2. Thank you Greg and Gumshoe (and Aussiemal) – I believe it’s called the AWAKENING

    Everything is rapidly coming to light and linking back to the global banking system and particularly the two World Wars.

    In the light of Donald Trump’s despicable UN speech advocating yet more genocide against the 25M people of the DPRK – and Iran of course – this article is topical:

    • Trump Threatens a Genocide – by David Marks, Consortium News
    • https://consortiumnews.com/2017/09/23/trump-threatens-a-genocide/

    It also highlights the common thread of awakening and cites this extract from Hitler’s speech to the Reichstag on January 30, 1939:

    “These other nations are continually being stirred up to hatred of Germany and the German people by Jewish and non-Jewish agitators. And so, should the warmongers achieve what they are aiming at, our own people would be landed in a situation for which they would be psychologically quite unprepared and which they would thus fail to grasp. …

    The German nation must know who the men are who want to bring about a war by hook or by crook. …”

    Reading other articles this morning you see comments like:

    “There was similar atrocity propaganda in WW1. Raped nuns, bayonetted Belgian babies, crucified Canadian prisoners, Germans melting down bodies to make soap, and much else in a similar vein. This was admitted to be lies afterwards and apologies were even made. WW2 just took this to ridiculous extremes. We see the same with Syria and all the lies peddled by the BBC and the rest of the MSM.“ [and now DPRK – and Myanmar]

    The phrase ‘ATROCITY PROPAGANDA” triggered this citation:

    “Atrocity propaganda is how we won the war [WW2]. And we’re only really beginning with it now! WE WILL CONTINUE THIS ATROCITY PROPAGANDA, WE WILL ESCALATE IT until nobody will accept even a good word from the Germans, until all the sympathy they may still have abroad will have been destroyed and they themselves will be so confused that they will no longer know what they are doing. Once that has been achieved, once they begin to run down their own country and their own people, not reluctantly but with eagerness to please the victors, only then will our victory be complete. IT WILL NEVER BE FINAL.

    Re-education needs careful tending, like an English lawn. Even one moment of negligence, and the weeds crop up again – THOSE INDESTRUCTIBLE WEEDS OF HISTORICAL TRUTH.”

    Sefton Delmer (1904-1979), former Jewish British Chief of `Black propaganda’: (Said after the German surrender, in 1945, in a conversation with the German professor of international law, Dr. Friedrich Grimm.)

    To further this awakening, I advocate all readers take the time to watch the following – things make so much more sense when you have a true history

    • Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told
    • https://youtu.be/3HWxKahieBY

    This is compiled from this epic series:

    • EUROPA - The Last Battle [Part 1/10]
    • https://youtu.be/IcH00ZC3Df0

    The closing moments in Episode 9/10 include this (dramatised) interview with George Orwell about his ‘1984’ –

    • A Final Warning from George Orwell
    • https://youtu.be/ox-shlDXKO4

    in which he concludes: “the moral to be drawn from this dangerous, nightmare situation is a simple one – DON’T LET IT HAPPEN – it depends on you“

    Thank you for bringing this to light, Greg.

  3. As Aussiemal states, we need to be thankful for the internet in spite of some propaganda but nothing compared to the propaganda of media before IT.
    We can agree America having such military resources are the most dangerous and distrustful organization in existence today.
    What ever crimes Germany committed in light of the history of cruelty, Britain would be hard to beat, to some extent Britain has reformed, with modern warfare such as what Britain, America and other so called advanced cultures embark on, you are saved the cruelty of vast casualties that would occur as a result of friendly fire, meaning if their is one terrorist in a building it would be of no concern to destroy this building by Allied forces even if it meant killing hundreds of civilians.
    The time for this destruction is now past the hour to change, it is not enough to remain silent on militarism and it evils having been justified by a cabal elite having no regard other than staying in power whilst our Earth needs healing.

  4. Considering the contradictions between the history/conditioning we are taught about our world and documentaries like Europa and the Greatest Story Never Told, more, one can get a glimpse of parallels between then and now. Evil has little to no creativity, because they do not have true care.

    Hence, they resort to the old proven ways to create chaos. If we can just laugh at them and ignore them, painful as it is, more people will have a chance to become conscious of what is really happening and then it is game over for Evil. I lurch from pessimism to optimism sometimes in a day sometimes in a week from my interactions with people. Optimism, at the present moment is winning.

    Time will show.

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