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The Strange Case of American Diplomats Getting Sick in Cuba (Acoustic Attacks?)

12″ battery device to detect Ultrasounds (against you), and (R) the US Embassy in Havana, Cuba

By Dee McLachlan

“The blaring, grinding noise jolted the American diplomat from his bed in a Havana hotel. He moved just a few feet, and there was silence. He climbed back into bed. Inexplicably, the agonizing sound hit him again. It was as if he’d walked through some invisible wall cutting straight through his room.

Soon came the hearing loss, and the speech problems, symptoms both similar and altogether different from others among at least 21 U.S. victims in an astonishing international mystery still unfolding in Cuba.” [Washington Post]

When I read of this story in the Sunday paper, it reminded me of my trip to Africa a few years ago — and what happened when I returned.

I was commissioned to direct an episode of a documentary series in Southern Africa. Most of the places we stayed had no WiFi and our final few days were spent at an extremely remote research station in middle of the Namib desert. The only connection to the world was one phone land line at an office some distance away. At night I slept blissfully.

On my return, I couldn’t fall asleep — but eventually did around 4.00 am. It felt like my head was humming (like it was being microwaved). At first I thought this could be jet lag or maybe I had caught a virus. But eventually I went to the doctor about my ears (they were fine). It did cross my mind that I was possibly being targeted — and would race out into the street at 2 in the morning in my PJs to see if I could spot any suspicious characters. It took about 6 weeks for the symptoms to subside, and I eventually concluded that maybe I was sensitive to Electromagnetic frequencies. After all, I had returned to a soup of WiFi and smart meter emissions.

The Acoustic Attack in Cuba

Up to 21 US embassy individuals have suffered strange health issues this last year in Havana, Cuba — and no one seems to understand what’s going on, leaving officials, FBI Agents, researchers and the Cubans perplexed.

The Guardian reports:

“The mysterious “sonic attack” on US diplomats based in Cuba… started in autumn 2016 and ended in April this year and had affected at least 16 individuals. Officials said that the symptoms, including hearing loss, headaches and loss of balance, appeared to be the result of sophisticated devices operating outside the range of audible sound. No device nor any perpetrator has been discovered…”

Gizmodo reports:

“…’a deafeningly loud sound similar to the buzzing created by insects or metal scraping” was also used to harass the American envoys.’

These are some of the details provided:

  • “attacks” began in the spring of 2016 and remained secret until this month.
  • The New York Times reports that at least six patients were flown out of Havana.
  • “a sonic wave machine” was believed to have caused the symptoms.
  • one person had developed a blood disorder.
  • several Canadians in Havana have also been affected.

Many reports are suggesting that Cuba is responsible, and a Newsweek article title asks the question, “Did Russia Attack US Officials in Cuba? USSR used Microwave Weapons Against American Diplomats during the Cold War”.

What is interesting is that the US kept this quite for a year. Why?

This delayed release of the “sonic attack” is possibly an indication that the cause was not known. Then why release the details now? Is it that the cause is now known — and all evidence of this has been “removed”?

I spoke to a well-informed person on Sunday evening, and he said that Cubans in Havana have also been suffering, but this was not reported.

Was this a weapons test gone wrong?

Active Denial System

Weapons Exist

The US Air Force has acknowledged that is has developed and tested “Direct Energy Weapons” and acoustic weapons. They “use sound across the entire frequency spectrum to kill, injure, disable, or temporarily incapacitate people”. But public knowledge of the tests and details of the weapons remains limited.

Wired (in 2013) wrote about the Air Force Bioeffects Division exploring how,

“…radiation from non-lethal energy weapons can causes changes to the body at the molecular level. [And the Air Force] wants to test: “directed energy, riot control agents, broadband light, acoustic sounds, and blunt impact materials.” An award for a $49 million contract to conduct studies, laboratory tests and field experiments is expected…

“Sound cannons like the Long-Range Acoustic Device use a combination of audio frequencies that are so loud and horrible it can make you vomit.”

Below I provide the video demonstrating the Long-Range Acoustic Hailing Device.


My Sunday evening conversation led to the subject of the spraying of chemicals and HAARP. We discussed nano particles (specifically aluminium) being released in the atmosphere, and this is absorbed through the lungs into the bloodstream. Then, with a little research I found this article by Russ Tanner.

Tanner believes he suffers from “HAARP Hum” — a low frequency sound that seems to emanate from inside his head. He says the varies in amplitude, seems to be on a schedule of sorts, and can cover quite a wide area.

He says, 5 years ago, there were two types of hum; one sounded like a pure sine wave, the other a rumble. He measured the frequency with a sine wave generator and found that it’s usually 72 Hertz in frequency. He does not know the origin of the hum.

Then Tanner makes this guess:

“My best guess is that metal toxicity in the brain and nerve pathways acts as an antenna. This results in electrical currents in the microamp range being induced into the nerves. These currents are interpreted by the auditory part of the brain as sound. The more metal your body contains, the more current is induced in your body.”

I consider that a very intriguing idea but do not at the moment have any way of checking its value.

Are Americans getting exposed to more toxicity from Chemtrails over the US — thus making them more susceptible to some wave tower in Cuba?

I guess, that we are only at the beginning stages of seeing more events like the one at Cuba, as unseen weapons are used more and more. Not a nice thought.

The video (below) demonstrates what is being proudly announced to “control” people. Imagine what we are not being told.

UPDATE: (30/9/17)

The US State Department is pulling out all families of employees and nonessential personnel from Cuba. US tourists have been told to stay away.



  1. A doubtful scenario, who or why would a agency want to incapacitate diplomate’s? reminds me of Australians having headaches and mental distress living close to wind turbines? now we hear nothing about this disease, also little info to non of this happening at the time of other countries having this problem.
    more to the point Trump requires sports people to bow down? for the country? what he means is they should bow down to Trump, the savior? it must be such a embarrassment to the intelligent of America to have such a weirdo for the highest office? those split in allegiance to their country as loyalty and having to worship a Dodo.
    The last possibility of a nuclear war desired? on the contrary the most desired possibility is to have a nuclear outcome, for what? Trump our savior, here we require input from Mary, to help us through this darkest hour.

    • Don, if people are physically affected by wind turbine noises, or if it is all in their minds, that can not be compared to specific devices that are made and in use today, to cause intentional targeted harm and distress.

      its documented history that fidel castro survived over 600 assasignation attempts, so maybe cuba doesnt really trust usa, but for whatever reason these 21 diplomats all coincidentally sufferred similar problems, saying they may have been targeted to me sounds like a very credible scenario.. could theorise all days as to who, what and why.. maybe it was just a test?

      the USA wanted to spray aussie soldiers with poison gas in queensland once, just to see what would happen, who knows the reasons governments do what they do, not likely they will tell us. but it seems they are never concerned about the amount of suffering they are willing to inflict and indeed, there is no limit to it, when they are in pursuit of their objectives.

  2. I believe there would be an interesting result if there was some way to survey what percentage of so-called educated adults around the World have a low enough moral standard to invent and work on all this harmful equipment that always seems to be for military, para-military purposes. I know there is sometimes a small benefit when used in other areas, but then it would not be economical to produce such machinery.

  3. I recently hear a radio inter view with some professor of ‘auditory science’ (or some similar
    I think his name was professor Russell (?) Cox.
    He rated the worst sounds that annoy humans.
    From recollection, the screech of the Tasmanian devil came in 11th. The challenge to listeners was to pick number one that can happen inside or outside.
    There were the the usual guesses: the mosquito, Sara -Hanson-young etc.
    I was waiting for some favourites: rap and loud music in Coles and Woollies,, barking dogs, etc.
    If you guessed a crying baby, then pass on and think of two or more crying babies who obtained a high rating. (Plenty of those in the Middle East!)
    I could think of a few opera contibutions, mothers in law (not mine) most footbal game callers etc.
    The winner was…………… 😭

    • Someone suggested a mini explosion just below the coxis, which was rejected.
      Had she mentioned federal parliament question time, she would have been closer to the answer….. in my opinion.

    • heres my guess Ned, from personal experience, where I live, every year, we are subjected to, quite often, the penetrating almost insanity inspiring sound of cicadas. If it gets too bad, we do have ways to escape it.. but id hate to be in a situation like Dee, with her description, where she had no clue as to the source of her distress, or a way to combat or relieve it..

      i reckon if i was subjected to such an attack, targeted or otherwise, as im so close to the edge already, wouldnt take much to give me a devastating nudge.

  4. As I’m convinced that life was literally spoken into existence:
    Genesis 1:3
    It stands to reason that sound would play a critical role in the destruction of the same:

    But I simply cannot understand how an inaudible force can be catagorised as “sound”

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