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Is ASIO Monitoring Gumshoe News?

Gumshoe articles over the background of the new ASIO building in Canberra

by Dee McLachlan

About 10 days ago, I transferred Gumshoe News from WordPress.com’s free hosting site to a self-hosted WordPress.org platform. Unfortunately, I was not able to pull over the subscribers and followers, but I am sure most will rejoin over time.

On the old design, I think on average about 25 to 50 articles were read each day — and it had been slowly rising as our ranking improved. However, a few days after we had migrated over,  I noted that many more articles were being read each day.

In the first few days about 160 to 200 posts were read each day, and I was delighted. I put this down to the new-look design that makes it easier to search and find content, plus moving away from WordPress.com. But then I checked the fifth day after the migration — the 20th September.

On that day, 442 different articles were read — with over 350 articles being viewed only once. For the few days around the 18th to the 22nd over 200 – 350 separate articles were read each day. It has now levelled back to about 100 – 125 different articles per day (many from Google searches).

I have discussed this with a few people, and it may be that someone was (is) monitoring Gumshoe — reading, or checking through the content. With just over 1,200 original articles on Gumshoe, it would have taken 5 or 6 days to go through them.

Well, I hope ASIO is reading through our material. They may be able to help us answer many of the questions posed in some of articles on false flags.

Your thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.


Someone does not want Ned to comment. So adding it here.



  1. If ASIO has not been monitoring you, I would worry.
    I also worry about individuals who fear the police, the armed forces, et al, because questing for knowledge in a civilized way is every individual’s innate desire, and so when clashes occur where the law-enforcing agencies need to come in, then it is the task of protesters to remain civilized and to educate with whom they are confronted.
    Most individuals in whatever they are doing, are also “imprisoned” by their personal needs and desires, and it is sad when I hear individuals who are sent to prison for whatever reason, then take their frustrations out on those whose job it is to look after them.
    I recall an individual whose concerns were so far removed from common worries that he misbehaved in court and threw a bag of paint at the judge for which he was imprisoned for contempt of court.
    He attended the subsequent court hearing before the judge via video from prison, and his barrister attempted to calm him because the fellow continued to rail against the judge, claiming that the judge was illegal, had no authority over him, etc. The judge remained calm and thanked the barrister for his efforts, then directly addressed the individual and his concerns.
    The judge said that if it were true that he had no authority, that he was an imposter in a kangaroo court, then the judge begged the prisoner to advise him who would then release him from prison. Upon that the fellow remained silent, and the judge ordered his immediate release!
    I know of another fellow who jumped about in court like a kangaroo and incited his followers to ring the Federal Police so that the “imposter judge” be arrested.
    I consider it an immature attitude of mind to play the secrecy game, and especially in our electronic universe we all have to stop playing the victim, grow up and openly mature and use our minds to make sense of our world during the limited time we all have in which to do it – usually, if we are lucky, three-score-and-ten!

  2. Of course they are reading your articles, that would be without saying !!
    Do I have to resubscribe now that there is a new system ?? (?i guess not if I received this)

    • Yes. The work of some past posters here suggest that if not MOSSAD, then at the very least the the Jewish Internet Defence Force or (for those with longer memories) the Megaphonies (Megaphone) are keeping tabs.

  3. I too would hope that ASIO the AFP and Australian Crime Commission are all reading our material so that they know, that we know, how they are operating quite often, illegally. They will also be able to realise that a certain percentage of the population is not as stupid as they would wish us all to be.

    • Thanks, Mal, and I particularly call the AFP’s attention to my articles on the 2014 siege of the Lindt Cafe, in which I believe they played an important role.

      Dear AFP, Repent! It’s not too late. You can do a fabulous service for Australia by not maintaining the myth of Muslim terrorism.

      Didn’t the Bella Vista screw-up cause you some embarrassment?

  4. How unastralian they are.
    They have the information (that we pay for)) and then lie to our dumb democratic representavives and their public for foreign agendas.
    Like! We have to make war. Dohhh; and kill!
    Ps: I have been previosly declined here and there may be a simple reason.
    I understand that the previous system of name first has been repaced with internet adress first.

  5. As Gumshoe isn’t doing anything other than fulfilling a moral obligation and as spook agencies only have as much power as you give them I can’t see that it would make any difference.

  6. Altruistic cops/judges?

    Well,some might appear to be less depraved than others but only a fool would overlook the fact that they all swear allegiance to the same idol.

  7. Putting aside any possible corrupting influence within every secretive organisation of paid workers, ASIO’s job is to protect the monarchy from revolution as it was formed out of MI5. (ASIS and MI6 and others protect the commonwealth from outsiders). ASIO are also involved with Royal Commissions which have only one job – to protect the Monarchy from revolution by either placating the masses or containment (neutralising reputation-threatening people who have been weeded out and brought to the surface via witness testimonies and police statements). Where does Gumshoe fit within all of this? I think it is within specific articles and more importantly how many cohesive mind sets could be formed in competition to the controlled MSM. I think more people only will be in the internet and so the competition is levelling out. Is the Monarchy under threat from revolution, stimulated by Gumshoe articles? We can only wait and see. 🙂 note: monarchy means different things to different people including the bank of england.

    • All protecting the powers above. Why the secrecy? We have been hoodwinked into believing they are justified in keeping ALL these secrets and we are not allowed to know the credentials of those harbouring these secrets.

  8. Oi! ASIO! if youre going to be montoring this site and who reads and comments here, least you could do is hit the donate button, takes a lot of work to put together a site like this – dont be leeches!

    PS I have a tip for you in case youre looking for where all the aussie terrorists are hiding out!, check Parliament House, Canberra. most of the worst ones have MP after their name! youre welcome.

  9. And while we’re doxxing ASIO and our Secret Intelligence Services, have a listen to this young Aussie Youtuber, Mr.Gunk, totally outing his friends’ father, (who works in “Intelligence”) as a suspected pedophile/child trafficker (his own child, nonetheless).

    We pay these pricks!! Time to end this nonsense.

    No doubt, Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) will disappear this video, pronto. No probs, I’ll just reload it.

    Keeping us safe from terrorists, my arse!!

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