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The Blame Game at GumshoeNews

Lawn Bowls caper: Minister of Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop about to bowl, with former prime minister Kevin Rudd (second from the right)

by Mary W Maxwell

So what is this website called GumshoeNews? Its editor, Dee McLachlan, says it is “News from Melbourne.” Well OK, but, as often as not, the articles contain a re-look at history. Is that news? Yes, it is astounding news. One of Gumshoe’s main missions is to figure out who is doing what to whom. Almost always it is not the persons we have traditionally blamed.

A stunning example of this is Greg Mayberry’s September 24, 2017 article (about Preparata’s book) on the blame for World War II. Carefully cooked up by the Anglo-Americans, Preparata says – not Germany’s doing. Mayberry had previously reviewed the important 2014 book about World War I, Hidden History, of which the authors are a schoolteacher and a physician in Scotland – Gerry Dougherty and Jim MacGregor. You never know where the new research is going to come from!

Let this article stand as a very brief review of some of the blame-letting that goes on at Gumshoe. (By the way, not everyone is familiar with the word “gumshoe.” It means a detective, a private eye, a Sherlock Holmesian sleuth.)

Wars in General

Michael Rivero, editor of the website “What Really Happened” has created a lengthy Youtube documentary entitled “All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars.” (Wow, I just mis-typed that as “All Wars Are Wankers’ Wars.”) Rivero’s thesis was recently trimmed down by Dee McLachlan into a 5-part series of Gumshoe articles. (here and here)

I recommend her final item in the series. It was followed by a recap as to the number of assassinations that have occurred when a responsible public official protested what was going on – for instance the death of Congressman Louis McFadden in 1932.

It should also be noted that Christopher Brooks, an extraordinarily self-educated farmer of New South Wales, has contributed an overview of how “the money power” controls us. His documents are stashed in the archives of Gumshoe.

Wars in Particular

Having mentioned, above, the revisionist “news” on the two world wars, I pass over those wars now, in favour of noting the blame game that goes on at Gumshoe with regard to more recent wars.

The Cold War

Every chance I get, I mention that the late Anthony Sutton proved that the Cold War did not really happen. He was a conservative scholar for the Heritage Foundation, tasked with looking at the economic development of the USSR. Lo and behold, he found that Wall Street, or American industry in general, had contributed “scandalously” to the build-up of America’s enemy. His book is called National Suicide, and you can see him discuss this on Youtube.

I note that it is vital to get rid of our false belief in the Cold War for two reasons:

  1. That war was used to justify all sorts of things. Recall, for example, that when Salazar’s dictatorial rule ended in Portugal in 1974, it meant the independence of two Portuguese colonies in Africa: Angola and Mozambique. Could these then do as they pleased? Of course not. Their fate had to be determined by an ostensible competition for control by the two superpowers. Pity the people of Angola who has a civil war foisted on them.
  2. This second reason why we should clean up our mis-knowledge about modern wars is that we should grab the chance to realize how unbelievably gullible we all are. If the Powers That Be (translate: the media) tell us that so-and-so is our enemy, we buckle under with a plan to attack that enemy. It really is pathetic. During President Trump’s speech to the United Nations last week, when he sputtered lie after lie, I was hoping some reasonably intelligent human being in the General Assembly would jump up and yell “Stop it!”

Did not happen, of course.  But it could! We could get a grip, after all these years. If you read Gumshoe regularly, you have already got that grip.

The Ukraine and the Crash of MH17

The aforementioned farmer, Christopher Brooks, who takes democracy seriously and loves to pester his MP (possibly to be a role model for his ten home-schooled children), went to Canberra, by phone, and asked why we are not told more about Malaysian Airline Flight 17. After all, 38 Aussies died in that crash. In a fantastic slip-up, a junior person on duty handed Christopher the smoking gun. I am referring to a letter in which it was admitted that the Australian government planned an investigation of the crash and promised in advance NOT to reveal the findings. Like wow, man.

Dee McLachlan then became the dog with a bone (as she often does: witness Building 7, Wesley Clark’s memo, ABC’s perfidy, etc). Dee then shared various alternate news items that showed the fate of the plane to have been determined not by a Russian missile – as US Secretary of State claimed — but by … um …  I’m not sure but the regime change in Ukraine does seem to have occurred at the wishes of the US.

Let me add my two cents here, but I’ll preface it by admitting that I’m ignorant of the Ukrainian business. I wish Gumshoe would not take Russia’s position on anything, if based on an idea that Putin is a good guy who wants to help the world. If Putin is that good guy I would be delighted to hear it, but my sense of World Control is that he could not have become Russia’s leader if he were not already to the liking of the controllers.

I think all prime ministers and presidents are hand-picked. If they ain’t – as is the case with Duterte in the Philippines – their days are sadly numbered. (But it’s not too late for us to protect Duterte, and we should do so. He is a world treasure.)

The “War on Terror”

Now to the war on terror, the biggest fake war of all time. (Hmm, maybe not. Greg Mayberry’s WWII piece shows that war to have been a fake, and it led to fifty million deaths.)

I have shown, in my 2011 book Prosecution for Treason, that the fake airport incidents beginning around 1970 were created to teach us that every Arab is a jihadist. (Never mind that many Arabs are Christian. Hmm. Say, could we Christians make war for Righteousness’ sake? It’s a thought….)

Even the 1995 bombing of Oklahoma City was apparently planned to be blamed on Iraqi refugees who live in OKC, but that got cancelled and the patsy Tim McVeigh was rolled in. This incident led, in 1996, to the first round of anti-terror laws — you know, restrictions on money-laundering, and providing funds for terrorism, that sort of thing.

The 1993 bombing of the basement of the World Trade Center (acknowledged as an FBI sting operation, although only .003% of Americans are aware of that) yielded more Arab names for us to ponder, including “Yosef and the Blind Sheik.”

The War on Muslims

The main “war on terror,” of course, dates to Nine-Eleven. No need to rehearse all that here. My point in this article is that GumshoeNews is deeply committed to the Blame Game. We therefore do our best to take the blame off the outrageously maligned Muslims. This means putting it where it belongs. For example, see my Cock Robin article regarding Israel’s fingerprints being all over 9/11.

The war on Muslims has mainly to do, in my opinion, with covering up all else that is going on. Of course it also reinforces the idea that there is a terrorist under every bed and thus you should not trust your neighbour; rather, you should trust Big Brother.

Gumshoe has gone as far as anyone in tracking down the false blame placed on a Muslin family, the Tsarnaevs, for the Boston Marathon bombing. The Gumshoe search engine can lead you to articles by Josée Lépine and Cheryl Dean on the Marathon affair, and articles by me expressing disgust with Boston – “the Athens of the North,” mind you – for its tossing judicial rectitude into the waste basket during the Tsarnaev trial.

Dee McLachlan has persistently aired the Pentagon plan to destroy various nation in the Middle East – Libya, Lebanon, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, and Iran – that happen to be Muslim. (The famous Wesley Clark list also includes Somalia but that’s not a majority-Muslin nation.) The usual way to get these nations “softened up” is to create division within them.

See Julius Skoolafish’s article on Tulsi Gabbard  of the US House of Reps, who has been a US soldier herself in the Iraq battlefield. She, and Rand Paul in the US Senate, are sponsoring a bill: the Stop Arming the Terrorists Act. It portrays, correctly the fact that such jihad groups, or “Islam extremist groups,”as ISIL and al Nusra, are funded as in days of old (think Mujahadin, circa 1980) by the US. I must say I am thrilled by this bill. Even if it is “only a piece of paper” — it is OFFICIAL stuff and it tells the TRUTH. (By the way, even Jahar Tsarnaev, your basic pot-smoking American college sophomore gets dubbed a “radicalized Muslim.”)

Go Tulsi! Go Rand!

Holocaust Revisionism

Gumshoe’s desire to place blame where it belongs in regard to war has led it celebrating an 87-year-old German lady, Ursula Haverbeck. She has shown how off-kilter is the story of the suffering of Jews in Germany. Her Christian family was forced out of Breslau, and according to the former West German leader Konrad Adenauer, 2 million Christians remain unaccounted for in regard to that exodus. Similarly, it has only come to be known through the work of the late James Bacque, a Canadian, that President Eisenhower ordered the death by starvation of a million German POWs in 1945. This is outrageous.

Although both that and the Breslau story are suppressed in Germany they do not compare with the huge taboo on raising the matter of new research on the Holocaust. (Ursula was recently charged with a crime for that, not for her Breslau complaint.)  See my Gumshoe article “Sir William Blackstone and the Fredrick Toben Case”.

I imagine I can get away with this insofar as I have no axe to grind against Jews. On the contrary I am very interested in protecting Jews, as I could swear all this anti-Jew business is preparatory for a major attack on them. Here in the US we “rounded up” Muslims wholesale after 9/11. Clearly there is no mechanism to prevent a similar rounding up of Jews.

(I hear you ask: Wouldn’t the tremendously powerful Zionist lobby in the US Congress prevent such a thing? Nope. I’ll bet they would underwrite it.)


So go on, Gumshoe, stick with the program. We now have the spectacle of a US president saying he will obliterate a nation (North Korea). Given that we have practiced so many genocides already (see hurricane-type genocide), the media apparently assumes the folks have been sufficiently conditioned to mass kill-offs that it’s now OK to proclaim them in broad daylight.

But one member of Gumshoe News recently ran for US Senate on the platform of the US’s constitutional prohibition of war-making without Congressional declaration. She, in fact, still believes in law and thinks that if the peeps were to start wielding this particular, age-old weapon, we might actually have a decent future.

If no joy there we could always discuss a Christian War of Righteousness. God knows there are plenty of righteous wars in the Bible.

–Mary Maxwell’s motto is ”If you can’t get through on the reasoning channel, try something closer to the basic biological model.”




  1. Personally, I’ve always been more focused on cutting off the energy supply: “Just don’t give the monster ANYTHING”.

    But in the early stage of sticking to that course a certain Education Dept officer did, in fact, accuse me of “blaming” !

    • I think it’d be hard to find anyone who hasn’t, at some point or other, fallen into the trap of complaining about a certain behaviour whilst continuing to feed it. Family relationships are generally fraught with the phenomena.

  2. A perfect complement to the video “All Wars are Bankers’ Wars” is the 1967 speech made by Myron Fagan. A recording here with current relevant visuals:

    • THE DEEP STATE - 50 Year Old Recording Explains Why The World Is Going Crazy
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6X_xB1JJ_Es

    The full pdf transcript can be found here:
    • The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations (Myron Fagan)

    I also commend this recent article by Philip Giraldi on the Unz Reiew (rich with comments):
    [UPDATE On the morning of September 21st Phil Giraldi was fired over the phone by The American Conservative, where he had been a regular contributor for fourteen years.]

    • America's Jews Are Driving America's Wars – Philip Giraldi (The Unz Review 19 September, 2017)
    • http://www.unz.com/pgiraldi/americas-jews-are-driving-americas-wars/

    which concludes:

    “Call it like it is. And if someone’s feelings are hurt, too bad. We don’t need a war with Iran [just] because Israel wants one and some rich and powerful American Jews are happy to deliver. Seriously, we don’t need it.”

    It should also be noted that Trump has just extended the no-travel ban to include DPRK and Venezuela – go figure.

    Footnote: the unrest in Myanmar does not appear to be what are being told (the usual modus operandi – the “Rakhine Maidan”?) – despite what Erdogan et al would have us believe).

    • The issue, as I see it, is that Myanmar is not, and never has been, a Nation. An abandoned colony with a Ruler who’s essentially old-school brit-to-the-core is bound to be a thorn in the NWO.

  3. I went looking for Sutton on Youtube now that I have a few minutes of WIFI (very hard to get here lately), so I see I was wrong, it is Hoover Institute not Heritage Foundation, sorry. I also found this item by Ken Rasmussen:

    “It was Dr. Sutton, once again, who revealed that there were three (3) powerful secret societies that were working to establish hegemony sometimes working together, but oft times working independently to bring about their goal of a New World Order. The “All Souls Group” at Oxford, England, essentially the promoters of the British Empire, the “Illuminati” at the (former) University of Ingolstadt and the Russell Trust Association (Skull & Bones) at Yale University.

    The “All Souls Group” succeeded with the establishment of the British Empire, now known as the British Commonwealth of Nations, the Illuminati succeeded in fomenting the French Revolution of 1789, and the successive 1848 Revolutions, that brought about the eventual removal of the European Monarchy as the former political powerbase and framework of the European mainland.

    The effectual result of these campaigns resulted in the gradual creation of a democratic (socialist) oligarchy known as the European Union, the longtime goal of the former Congress of Vienna, recently achieved. Underlying all of these activities was the tangential and collaborative work of the International Banking Fraternity.”

  4. You may not have an axe to grind with them Mary, but enter US politics while speaking truth and they will soon have one to grind with you. Once your political profile rises above “marginal” (in their eyes, not ours of course) they will seek to recruit you or destroy you.

    • “This just in.” The 2 top vote-getters in “my” election were Luther Strange and Judge Moore. They faced off today and Moore won. This is very good. Pay no attention to his zany ideas about LGBT. That can be dealt with later.
      He arrived at the polling booth on horseback.

      I sent him a “telegram”:

      “And down by Kosciusco, where the pine-clad ridges raise
      Their torn and rugged battlements on high,
      The man from Snowy River is a household word today
      And the stockmen tell the story of his ride.”

      Yay Banjo. Yay Australia. Yay odd-man-out Judge. Yay Alabama.
      Yay Ten Commandments. Just generically Yaaaaaay!

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