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Greg Buck Talks About Cancerous Growth and How “They” Have Lobotomized Capitalism


Over the week end, I interviewed Greg Buck, a Gumshoe regular, on the state of the economy. He discussed how the system, that is controlled by a few, has eliminated the natural feedback systems from all of us — and how “they have lobotomized capitalism.”

This has led to a position where interest rates can’t rise — and thus unstoppable growth. The system, too, does not take into account the consequences (the other side of the economic ledger), and so any growth is good — regardless whether it is totally destructive or not. He concludes:

“We have allowed a system where a lot of people are allowed and have become fantastically wealthy, from doing nothing but destroying.”




  1. Greg Buck at around 11:15+: “The cost has gone off balance sheet … and it’s [financially] in the form of derivatives”

    The first half of this latest CEC report by Robert Barwick and Jeremy Beck explains this very well:

    • The CEC Report 22 September 2017 - Derivatives Debt Storm
    • https://youtu.be/SpGPpNn7P04

    It explains how the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) has just decided that these derivatives [foreign exchange swaps et al] are now to be reported ON balance sheet [see chart at around 8:20].

    … voilà! – our 20 $Billion-ish debt is simply redefined overnight as a 1 $Trillion-ish debt … but these politicians still promise to ‘repair the budget’ while never mentioning the D-word [“derivatives”].

    Which makes me wonder – who briefed Scott Morrison a month or two earlier?

    • Scott Morrison warns of trillion dollar debt if budget not repaired
    • http://www.abc.net.au/7.30/scott-morrison-warns-of-trillion-dollar-debt-if/7786724

    I am afraid the only thing ‘growing’ is DEBT … by careful design, of course.

  2. Greg,
    I note your statement that market forces can no longer send signals to right a situation up. This strikes home in regard to my recent life in America. You go into one of the giant stores such as Walmart or Target, and you see a new range of products some of which are unidentifiable! Maybe you only want to buy a spoon or a belt, but no, you have to buy the new stuff as they no longer carry the publically-desired spoons and belts. Before you know it, you are “accepting” the new stuff (as there is no option).

    Likewise, there are no “market” forces guiding political elections. In the article I link below, about the Alabama race, see how the “people in charge” are counting seats in the Senate as though the talent of the person in that seat has not the slightest significance. Does not even get a mention. This is like your remark that the market can’t constrain the behaviour of the wealthy. In Alabama, the “Senate Leadership Fund” – a PAC — poured $5 million into electing Luther Strange. No amount of grassroots effort (ahem, ahem) even registered on the scale in media’s reporting. “Maxwell never happened.”

    Your video is brilliant. You portray a dual world – the real human one, and the absurd one (in which many people enthusiastically participate, even if they are only on a salary!). Thanks.


    • Mary, I had to edit out quite a bit. But I might put it in another video. Greg says… we vote for politicians who promise “A, B and C” — then deliver “X, Y and Z”.

      We had hoped Maxwell would be in the Senate — she would have delivered A, B, C and D… to jail.

  3. Greg and Dee ,
    thank you for being good speakers for truth .
    The obvious is easy to understand IF we choose it .

    Population of Sydney almost double since the olympics . In the same time frame , the biggest middle class (by percentage) decimated to the shadows of workers debt existence , in the “lucky country” . I repeat all our leaders , in all fields , are complicit in the creation of the communist world order ruled by the hidden hands of the underworld of crime corruption malice and deceit .

    • “… the creation of the communist world order ruled by the hidden hands of the underworld of crime corruption malice and deceit.” [and also in support of Phil’s comment below]

      Here is another superb series on this very topic. It is entitled “The Synagogue of Satan”, in seven 40+ minute parts.

      [But let me just qualify one point on semantics. The etymology of the word ‘Satan’ itself is quite revealing. The concept of ‘Satan’ has been ‘demonised’, shall we say – but that’s another story.]

      • Andrew Carrington Hitchcock youtube channel – “The Synagogue of Satan” (7 parts)

  4. Global debt has almost doubled since the GFC to somewhere near $240 TRILLION. So, to whom is the debt owed? China only owns about $1.5 Trillion, The Saudis about the same, Japan- who knows, but it sure doesn’t add up to $240 TRILLION (not including Derivatives)

    Think the Central Banking community. So who owns the Central Banks? Think Rothschild, Rockefeller and their mates and masters. We’ve been so dumbed down that we can’t see the giant elephant in the room. We’ve been looted by the banking system.

    Central Banking’s just gotta go! (and soon)

  5. Should the framework discussed in the link below be the foundation for our thinking about our existence in the artificial world? This framework appears to be robust and enduring in its structure over millennium.

    The Real Matrix Hidden in Plain Sight | Babylonian Debt Magick System & How to Break Free https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUV76YDwppw

    For us to perceive what and how we are allowed to exist in the artificial world, made by the hand of man, as apposed to being wholly living in the natural world is becoming much more difficult because of the ease of travel and flow of information.

    It seems near impossible to escape from the artificial world and it is troubling because when humans use their free will to go against Nature there are unknown consequences. Will an attempt to go back to Nature, driven by the human spirit en mass, eventuate?

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