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‘No Jab, No Play,’ and the Hippocratic Oath — What Does Minister Jill Hennessy Say?

Victorian parliament buildings

by Dee McLachlan

This article is an update on the vax situation in Victoria, Australia. For the benefit of outsiders I note that our Federal Parliament passed a law making it mandatory for kids to get the full schedule of vaccinations, or be deprived of Centrelink (welfare) payments.

To date I have not heard of any lawsuits, although it seems that such discrimination against the poor might be sufficient to bring a case to court. Parents who do not receive welfare are able to make choices about having their children vaccinated.

The present article serves to lay out my correspondence (so far) with Victoria’s Minister for Health, and Ambulance Services, the Hon Jill Hennessy. Or should I say, my correspondence with her media coordinator, Ms Elisa Fernandes.

The Fate of One Doctor

Gumshoe News has also been reporting on the fate of a GP named John Piesse who has helped parents get exemptions (which is lawful now, but in the US is being curtailed). I repeat this quote from The Age, dated 31/8/17:

Dr J Piesse, (adapted photo from The Age)

“Embattled anti-vaccination GP John Piesse has agreed to temporarily stop practising as a doctor after he was advised that his medical registration could be suspended… he was helping anti-vax parents sidestep ‘no jab, no play’ laws.”

I have never been in favour of financial coercion to manipulate people like this. The merits of mandatory vaccinations should be able to withstand scrutiny and open debate. I thus wrote to the Minister requesting an interview. (I have also asked Dr Piesse for an interview.)

I outline my correspondence with the minister’s office below:

To The Hon. Jill Hennessy MP [4 September, 2017]
Att: Media Coordinator
Dear Sir/Madam.

I would very much to video interview Minister Hennessy for our news site, Gumshoe News (based out of Melbourne) with regard to Mandatory Vaccinations.

We understand that Dr John Piesse is presently under investigation, and would like to hear from the minister, the government’s view on why vaccinations are essential for a safer society. And why the mandatory roll out of vaccinations has been a good idea. I would like to ask the minister on her thoughts regarding the vax – anti-vax polarity, and that maybe we should we consider each vaccine on its merits.

I would most appreciate the opportunity to interview the minister – and would limit the time to 15 to 20 minutes of her busy schedule.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards, Dee McLachlan [etc.]

[Monday, 4 September 2017]

Hi Dee, I hope you are well.

If you would like to please send us some specific questions we’ll be able to get a response for you.

Thank you,

Elisa Fernandes, Senior Media Adviser, Office of Jill Hennessy MP

Many thanks, Elisa, [Monday, 4 September 2017]

These are some questions:

  1.       Society has been divided into pro-vaccination and anti-vaccination. This has divided society. Many people purported to be anti-vax, say they are not against all vaccines. Thus, should each vaccine be looked at individually?
  2.       What research and information does the Minister and the government rely on to affirm to us that vaccines are 100% safe?
  3.       It is claimed that concerns about vaccines rely on unfounded and misleading research. What do you say to parents who believe their children have been affected and “injured” by vaccines?
  4.       Have there been “vaccine injury” payouts to anyone in Victoria?
  5.       Should the film VAXXED be banned in Victoria?
  6.       Do you agree that foreign doctors and the likes of Kent Heckenlively be denied visas to visit Australia? (Minister Hennessy may not want to answer a Federal question)
  7.       Should the likes of Dr John Piesse be allowed to practice medicine in Victoria?

Much appreciated. Sincerely [etc.]

[Wrote several times, 12, 14 and 18 September 2017]

Elisa, Let me know if you have made any progress re: an interview with Minister Hennessy, Many many thanks [etc.]

[Monday, 25 September 2017]

Hi Dee,

My sincerest apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Please see below response:

Quotes attributable to a spokesperson for Minister for Health Jill Hennessy:

There is no debate around immunisation – the science on vaccination is clear: vaccinations save lives.”

“It is completely irresponsible for people – particularly clinicians entrusted with the health of our community – to ignore the science and encourage parents not to immunise their children.”

“The fate of Dr Piesse should stand as an example to rogue clinicians who tout lies about vaccination. The decision to suspend his license is long overdue.”

The message purported by anti-vaccination movements is dangerous. We urge Victorians to refrain from attending anti-vaccination events and screenings, and instead look to those qualified for advice on immunisation and its benefits for their families and the whole community.” [my emphasis]

“The Andrews Labor Government will continue to support the proven benefits of vaccination and we urge parents to ensure their children’s vaccination is up to date.”


  • By failing to vaccinate their children, parents are putting their kids and others in our community at risk of terrible diseases or death. Our ‘no jab no play’ laws for childcare and kindergarten aim to protect our community – the more Victorians we have vaccinated, the greater the protection for everyone in the community.
  • Parents can get more information on immunisation from our Better Health Channel: https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/healthyliving/immunisation. [End of email]

I then called Elisa, and in our discussion, I pointed out that the US has paid out $3.6 billion dollars for vaccine injury. As we use the same and similar vaccines, surely this is an issue that should be debated, or at least discussed. I posed the question, “Is there vaccine injury or not?” I again requested a time to interview minister.

[Tuesday, 26 September 2017]

Elisa, Thank you for talking to me yesterday.

And I thank you for saying that you will check if there have been any vaccine injury payouts in Victoria.

I understand that the Minister believes the science is clear, but, 1) Could the Minister indicate what study, or studies confirm this belief? 2) Indicate what lies were touted by Dr Piesse?

I do not see the anti-vax group as one entity. Even from my humble experience, this group is divided into a range of views: from people cautious of one vaccine (the MMR combination) to those on the extreme end, anti-all-vaccines. I see that the minister has lumped this diverse group, as if they had only “one message” (re: her comment, “The message purported by anti-vaccination movements is dangerous…”). 3) What is “the message” that she refers to?

I was brought up in South Africa where opposing views were banned. Surely all views should be aired, to test their validity? 4) Is the Minister in favour of any opposing views (films such as VAXXED) that may provide ‘checks and balances’ to present and NEW vaccines that are added to the mandatory list?

I again urge you to ask the Minister for a simple discussion interview, so that we can at least feel like we are living in a democracy.

Many thanks, Sincerely [etc. END OF CORRESPONDENCE]


This Must Stop

As readers can see, this is going nowhere. The minister has apparently been instructed not to talk. That in itself is outrageous. Australians must not let it continue.

Luckily, there is a helpful and indeed ancient “saying” applicable here. I mean the famous part of the Hippocratic Oath that requires the doctor to care for the welfare of the patient. In most medial schools, the graduating doctors take the oath.

An oath is an oath. If Dr Piesse believes a particular vaccine is harmful, he should not give that vaccination to a child. And the government should not be playing bully towards the parents.

Mary Maxwell has suggested to me that one does not have to wait till harm is done to file a lawsuit; it would be normal procedure for a worried parent to file for an injunction, seeking to restrain the government from forcing the policy of mandatory vaccination.

This would at least bring the judiciary into the controversy. In any event, the courts should be on record as to the constitutionality of this strange curtailment of our freedom.


  1. Dee, medical freedom and the law, what a joke. Here’s one that I’m very familiar with Cansema/Black Salve for skin cancer. The stuff works, however, it is illegal in Oz. You used to be able to get it for animals, but people were using it on themselves, so the Government stepped in and banned it outright.

    I was advised about it from a friend who had a tumor removed from his leg by surgery, but the tumor came back. He put on the Black Salve and the tumor dropped out. I used it on a couple of spots on my back that looked questionable, they dropped off without a problem. It only attacks cancer, so healthy tissue doesn’t react to it.

    I also told a friend in my Permaculture class about it. She was terrified of having the multiple cancers surgically removed from her face as she was scared of the eventual scarring. The last time I saw her she had removed the worst spot and was then tackling the others.

    I know a person, who knows a person, who knows a person that makes the stuff. I got another little jar and just removed an ugly cancer from my shoulder.

    So much for the ‘health’ system in Oz – and you know my attitude towards the legal system when seeking justice.

      • You may have to find a friend who knows a friend, etc. Typical Oz government thinking, ban something that works and mandate something that is detrimental. They really know how to instill confidence in the political class.

  2. “There is no debate around immunisation”

    apparently the useless flu vax is now so useless, they are bringing in the all new SUPER VAX!!!

    our politicians are unaccountable, the idiots on the idiot box dont do their jobs, and this Jill Shill is happy enough to hide behind stupid letters her staff writes.

    they wouldnt last 30 seconds in a face to face interview with the likes of Dee or anyone else with an ounce of common sense, it is as simple as black and white, Vaccines can & do cause harm, FACT! The debate around immunisation has not yet begun! – Be afraid Jill, you Dill, be very afraid!

  3. The obvious and embarrassing failure of the flu vax model this year stands as a brilliant testament to he nudity of the Medical Emporer, but still they double-down with excuses and exhortations to push for even more vaccinations. Most my colleagues and our patient group dutifully had their vaccinations and proceeded to get Influenza A. I refused the vaccination (so far we still can) and I didn’t get so much as a cold.

  4. Theses people who sit in their sheltered “work-place”, government, enabling legislation that they have never read to be passed, then demand that the public obey their stupid commands, send shivers up my spine. Then these same inept beings refuse to debate on the subject.

    This is democracy in Australia. Do what overseas dictators demand or go without any basic living standards.

  5. Doctors are supposed to swear a Hippocratic Oath to be able to practise medicine, but as soon as they put that oath into practice they may be de-registered, by the same group that insist on the oath in the first place. What a dilemma !

  6. Unfortunately, the ripple effect of No Jab, No Play will travel upward and I fear anyone who gets even one single cent from centerlink will be faced with a choice to either vax or go without the money.

    Strange thing about this No Jab, No Play is that it sends out a message that indicates that if one is wealthy enough to be independent of centerlink, then they dont have to vax. However a problem arises as this does not sit right with the arguement that ‘the whole herd has to be vaccinated in order for individuals within the herd to be vaccinated.

    I keep hearing this claim and if its true then the govt must have the centerlink independant in their sights too because they are putting the vaccinated poor at risk.

    But hang on!…. Why would the govt put the more affluent at risk just to keep the poor effectively immunised and safe. This is contra desired by the dole haters in govt, its keeping the useless eaters alive?

    The only explanation for this as I see it, is that the vaccinations for the centlerink dependent are not safe and that the govt intends only the centerlink dependent to have them. If that’s the case, I think we can be quite certain the vaccinations to be given to the centerlink dependant are intended to cause death within 3-5 years.

    3 years is enough time to enable the govt to deny the vaccinations were the cause of death or even a factor in it. Plausible deniability comes to mind.

    It’s odd how this seems to fit in with raising the pension age to 70 years because it restores the 3 years of retirement status quo, of retire at 65 but hopefully die before 69 years old.

  7. We have the free will to go against nature but we do not have the free will to go against nature without consequences. If we want to know the truth, go to nature. There are no contradictions in nature, no vaccines, no GMO, no chemical farming, etc you can add to the list.

    For example, we go contra nature when we live in the artificial world with the comforts of air conditioning, all the mechanical labour saving slaves, the highly processed foods etc have, over time severe impact on the physiology of most people.
    The Australian artificial world is becoming more dictatorial using fear to and threats to force unsafe vaccines on its population.

    Now is the time we must use the most powerful word in the Universe, No!

    Hutterites, Amish and Mennonites, I am told, never vaccinate.

    • That’s a great idea, DDave. All judges are immune from responsibility for the consequences of rulings they make and all legislators are immune
      in regard to laws they pass. That seems reasonable. But is Jill immune in regard to her hiding info from the public? Or giving false answers?

  8. Heard by me in a supermarket in America yesterday, over the loud speaker (but in a friendly voice):

    “It’s time for flu season and you can get a free shot at our pharmacy counter. We also can prevent pneumonia.Pneumonia is not just a winter disease. Research has shown that you can get pneumonia also in spring, summer, and fall.”

    • The pneumonia statement they make is just plain wrong. Pneumonia is a condition of the lungs that can exist from multiple causes, including non-infectious agents. That is disinfo, appealing to the ignorance of the layperson.

  9. “Thirty years ago 1 in 15,000 children had autism , based on current statistics , in the near future 1 in 2 will have it and 80% will be boys “.

    Let’s pray it won’t happen .

  10. So what “Centrelink” payment is at stake exactly ?
    And what percentage of families are affected?
    I can’t find any clarity anywhere.

    Which, no doubt, goes to the fact that the issue is merely the periphery of a much broader one.
    I mean, given the current state of the so-called “economy”, why isn’t every Aussie over the age of 16 getting a basic maintenance payment ? Because “Centrelink” is rooted in the same“less eligibility” manipulation that’s dogged GB for 100’s of years perhaps ?

    Maybe we should thank Ms. Hennessy for reminding us that, without poverty, the entire world system would collapse.

  11. If ex-Prime Minister Abbott won’t be rushing out to get his daughters vaccinated, neither will I, Jill.


    Who is topping up your paycheck? Just like Tanya Plibersek pushing for the Gardasil vaccine for girls AND boys (last I heard, boys don’t have cervixes). Meanwhile India and Japan and others banned Gardasil


    Lawsuits coming Jill. Better pass those “immunity from prosecution” laws quick.

    Damn it’s good to see the sheeple slowly waking up.

    • If there is no actual prosecution against Dr.Piesse re his “assistance”, wouldn’t that suggest that the manoeuvre is simply not legally enforceable ? And if not, wouldn’t it amount to criminal harassment ?

  12. Good friends ,
    we all need to know when Australia started to become a communist state . I think it’s been in the making for the past 25 years . Party membership greed (and fear of the innocent majorities numbers beginning to awaken from the scam) is probably why the agenda has been accelerated .
    Injections , Monsanto food supply etc , weather and geo engineering , increasing living costs debts taxes and continuous overseas wars are implemented to bring the guidelines to reality .
    In their vision there is only 8500 individuals at the top , an additional 150 million party elite and maybe 300 million slaves . The rest of us five and a half billion are a threat to their sick utopia .
    Look around the signs are everywhere . The internationals are destroying everyone and everything in their path .

  13. Australia began its descent into communism in 1959 with the passing of the Banking Act,1959 which established a Rothschild controlled central bank.(aka as The Reserve Bank of Australia) It continued further down the path towards outright communism with the establishment of Medicare. State controlled health care.

  14. Alexander Dugin (31 August 2017):

    “When we read scientific literature written in the 70s, liberal, left, and right, we’re immersed in a world of openly honest people. They can be mistaken, say untrue things, but they are all genuinely dedicated to the logos. And then there’s some kind of frontier, when they all started to lie, which in my opinion is connected to a shift of liberals to the left. Suddenly, Western society began to become very stupid; it became narrower and narrower.“

    • interview with Russia’s conservative philosophy icon Alexander Dugin

    As one who has attained a PhD in Theoretical Physics and who knows what truth in science actually is, I would suggest that Jill Hennessy notes the earlier comments here.

    Response per Jill Hennessy:
    * “It is completely irresponsible for people […] to ignore the science.“

    I wonder WHY this person is so committed to ignoring the science, not only on this matter (“particularly [with regard to] the health of our community”), but on all crucial matters of our time which will affect our and her future generations (GMO (banned in Russia), Climate Change, 911 etc).

    With regard to the 911 NIST report, does Ms Hennessy also consider that “it is completely irresponsible for people […] to ignore the science.“? [See articles here at Gumshoe]

    In the words of President Putin (Speech to UN 2015) – “Do you realise what you’ve done?”

  15. Dee, I think you should send your letter to all the political parties. Some of the minor parties would support choice which would make the mainstream parties worry about vote loss!

  16. I found this an interesting study: Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity? Neil Z Miller and Gary S Goldman

    The infant mortality rate (IMR) is one of the most important measures of child health and overall development in countries. In developing nations, IMRs are high because these basic necessities for infant survival are lacking…
    The World Health Organization (WHO) attributes 7 out of 10 childhood deaths in developing countries to five main causes: pneumonia, diarrhea, measles, malaria, and malnutrition…. An impaired immune function often leads to an increased susceptibility to infection. …Despite the United States spending more per capita on health care than any other country, 33 nations have better IMRs. Some countries have IMRs that are less than half the US rate:

    In 2009, five of the 34 nations with the best IMRs required 12 vaccine doses, the LEAST amount, while the United States required 26 vaccine doses, the MOST of any nation. According to the US CIA, which keeps accurate, up-to-date infant mortality statistics throughout the world, in 2009
    there were 33 nations with better infant mortality rates than the United States.

  17. Another study — Pilot comparative study on the health of vaccinated and
    unvaccinated 6- to 12-year-old U.S. children by a bunch of professors etc… found that from a sample of 666 children the vaccinated were less likely than the unvaccinated to have been diagnosed with chickenpox and pertussis, but more likely to have been diagnosed with pneumonia, otitis media, allergies and Neurodevelopmental Disorders.Oh I forgot… no debate required. (or allowed??)

  18. best journalism on the topic i have seen in Australia. Keep up the good work! I am donating to support Gumshoe, with thanks.

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