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NRL Grand Final ‘Same Love’ Rapper, Macklemore, is — or was a 9/11 Truther


by Dee McLachlan

The US rapper Macklemore, who won four Grammys in 2014, has been caught up in a NRL (National Rugby League) Grand Final squabble over his plan to perform his ARIA chart topping song Same Love as part of his set. The hit song is about marriage equality and is now being called the ‘LBGTIQ anthem.’

This has turned into the perfect storm — twisting the sporting event into a political football, further dividing Australians over the same sex marriage debate.

Well, I am NOT going to get caught up in this emotional DISTRACTION today. I will focus on the fact that Macklemore is, or was once, a 9/11 conspiracy theorist — and how this may play in the mainstream media. A Gumshoer from Sydney called me this morning to say it was being discussed on 2GB radio.

A 2009 Tweet 

This was reported in the Chicargo Tribune, “Macklemore may have just won four Grammys [2014], but his 2009 Tweet claiming that ‘911 Bush knocked down the towers,’ isn’t winning him any awards.” It did, however, get over 32,000 likes.

Daily Beast wrote that Macklemore, formerly known as Ben Haggerty, “…achieved fame and fortune preaching acceptance, before buying into some weird conspiracy theories… [and] has said and done some stupid things in the past.” I think the article may have been referring to his 2005 album, with the rap lyrics: “Where’s Dick Cheney at? Probably off in Iraq / Findin’ some oil to tap, tell ’em I got up on that / And y’all still think it was bin Laden / When it was us and the Masons, plottin’ on oil profits.”

And in 2014, Fox News reported the angry responses about the musicians old tweet:

“How can you disrespect the memory of those lost on 9/11? How about you stick to making crappy music and leave the forward thinking to those of us with half a brain,” and “delusional and disrespectful.”

Macklemore with President Obama

His 9/11 tweet was not enough to deter the Obama Administration from embracing him as a political ally in the battle against opioid abuse and addiction.

I read somewhere that Macklemore may have apologized for this past tweet, but I could not find it. I think the Rapper has decided to keep his rapping mouth shut when it comes to conspiracies. My guess is that he finds it much safer spreading the same sex love message, than talk about his (past) belief that 9/11 was an “inside” job.

The Inquisitr sent (2014) a typical MSM warning, “old tweets have re-surfaced that could damage the musician’s career.” He had tweeted over 15,000 times (back then) — but this one tweet could damage him? Wow. Such is the power of silencing dissent.

Macklemore’s old tweet is a diversion anyway, because Bush (that is President Bush Jnr) did not have the smarts to knock down the towers. It was the shadowy people that propped him up as a puppet that did.

I doubt that the mainstream media will want to bring up the 2009 tweet — except to possibly speculate that he had ‘lost the plot’ or was maybe hallucinating when he tweeted back then.


Photo credit: Japan Times, and Celebuzz


  1. When Qbama ‘s daughter started university he cried real tears, strange so many died under his administration, as far as I know he never cried over any death of the innocent, that indirectly he murdered, we live in such strange times?

  2. What a hoot, poor Ray Hadley of Sydney radio 2GB in Sydney still is spruiking the official 911 conspiracy theory that 19 Muslims did 911 and vilifying those who are not as srupid as he.
    He calls reality physics scientist idiots. ( my interpretation )
    Maybe poor Hadley and his 2 GB team (owned by smh Fairfax) might call the 440 proffesors at http://www.patriotsquestion911/ idiotic conspiracy theorists.
    Not to mention the ex military and government followers. ( patriots not updated since 2011)
    One has to suspect that Hadley mentored Jonathon Faine ar ABC radio in Melbourne who bulied Kevin Bracken on or about 10-11 october 2010.
    Do not get me wrong, Hadley is useful, he hates paedophiles even more than Senator Hinch, but he does not consider, it would seem, that those protecting killers of children (based on ‘whoremonger’ lies.) in the Middle East are more evil than paedophiles.
    He represents a sad, exposed lying msm whose credibility is down the drain in a denialist wet dream.
    Poor Ray, poor Faine, poor smh, poor ABC, poor 2UE (also owned by the Fairfax fakery) thir day is a coming.
    How will they eat?
    Per kind favour, Would someone who could bother, send this off to Ray.
    I received the Faine-Bracken bulyboy response when I tried to raise 911 with Ray.
    He is a drot.

    • Ok.
      Just checked the reference to patriotsquestion911com. linked above and it did not work.
      So just do a general ‘googlecia’ search and even Ray and his 2GB staffers could find it.
      Poor Ray, poor staffers.
      Who is going to employ them when their “17% ratings” realise that they have been covering for killers and that smh is fake?
      Well, Faine and Frydenberg MP may be able to console them with a flat earth theory!😀

    • Ned, you might like the article planned for Monday or Tuesday — all about ‘YOUR’ ABC and their “trustworthiness, honesty and fairness.”

    • Add Steve Liebmann of radio 2UE in Sydney on the day or after when Frydenberg MP asked a question in the Australian parliament. of PM Gillard about Bracken seeking to debate 911 with ABC Jonathone Faine.
      Liebman did a bulling hatchet job on bracken raising irrelevant matters to bully his listeners away from considering Bracken’s valid questions on 911.
      A simple search will come up with the fake msm reporting at that time.
      Fairfax who own 2UE (and smh) have not the guts to keep Liebmann’s bullying diatribe on their website.
      Frydenberg is now PM Turnbull’s enviroment minister.
      A minister who has a technical scientific portfolio who apparently could not recognise a demolition of building number 7 if it fell in his backyard.
      We are run by drongos. (Or criminal killers?)
      Our msm shock jokes are ignorant serial bullies……. seems that it is in their nature and they are employed therefore, to be primitive in mind and character.

    • And it comes from!
      Arranged advertising is their laundry.
      So the black ball is in the listener’s court.
      The customer is the 99.9%,
      Simple solutilon is at hand.

  3. Rugby League is a working (middle/lower) class game. It was born out of rugby union players disenchantment at being stiffed by the upper class financial controllers unwillingness to cover players’ injury expenses out of their gate takings. Like the labour union movement before it was taken over by money rugby league has stood in proud testament of a success the oppressed has had over their oppressors. That twenty years ago rugby league was also successfully turned from a sport into a business is fortunately still lost on most of their supporters even as they cough up for the extortionate ticket prices and television subscriptions. Every grand final these supporters sit patiently as a no talent wannabe they have mostly never heard of screams their producers style of discordant and undecipherable gibberish for the pregame entertainment of those suited leaches in the corporate boxes who if the truth be known would rather be with their moneyed peers at the eastern suburbs Swans or north shore Rugby. That would have been the same this year except the media turned up the megaphone and made sure everyone, even for those who couldn’t give a toss, knew this show was a campaign for SSM. And a guilt trip for the poor unaware suckers in the stands. Shame on the NRL for being part of the deception. So instead of go Cowboys it is go the hell NRL you vile muck rakers.

  4. “How can you disrespect the memory of those lost on 9/11?……

    This is how it works. “Support the Troops” is exactly the same principle. Asking questions about how we killed people is disrespectful to the people we killed.

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