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Once Upon A Time in The West There Were Four Little Fairy Queens

(L to R) Hillary Clinton, Marine le Pen, Theresa May, and Angela Merkel.

by G5

Once upon a time there were four little Fairy Queens.

Nutty: Hillary Clinton.
Goody: Marine le Pen.
Dumby: Theresa May.
Bady: Angela Merkel.

They all decided to run for election, believing all the children loved them, and that the Big Bad Wolf would protect them. Except for poor little Goody, all the elections were manipulated by dark corridor globalist Big Bad Wolves.

Nutty lost (8/11/2016) to a kind but stupid elf named Donny. Her handlers’ electoral interventions backfired, so they blamed a Russian Collusion Delusion, mobilised the livid celebrity princesses, the shill media liars, and dragged along a comic ill-informed minority.

They had a lot of baggage — from institutionalised paedophilia and permutations of perversions, to thievery on a grand scale. They had even reached the highest secular levels of Indulgences and Dispensations. The Vatican was livid.

They used Deep State Government, power and authority for personal gain on a scale that had not been seen. (The illusion of Power Base.) Tens of millions of innocents died and even greater numbers were displaced by the meaningless expendables, as they dutifully followed the orders for the insanities that they could never comprehend.

The years of Sick Willy Clinton, Barry Obama, and Nutty Hillary, are etched in American History — which cannot be retraced, but must never be permitted to occur again.

One must not question one’s chosen superiors. Civilisation would fall. The Clinton and Obama Foundations having their streaked underwear exposed had no meaning to the brigades of expendable brain-deads. Defending that which lost all relevance over a century before.

She destroyed The Democratic Party and their empty foundations. They have no Meaning, Message, or Champion. Signing off on a ghost written book of fiction, is a pathetic, but just, ending to a pathetic career. Scenarios that only the long lost empire of America could entertain.

Goody lost (7/5/2017) to an evil little elf named Puppet Boy Manny. Goody’s evil Puppet Father, knifed his own daughter in her Presidential aspirations. She wanted to change NWO Europe, and repair the French economy. The Big Bad Wolves would have none of it.

Dumby lost (8/6/2017) and was pushed into a face saving coalition. Her 50 day snap election turned her majority party into a minority, reliant on opposing forces, obstructionist to the agendas of her mission. Her Thatcherite presumptive ability to stare down the opposition has been returned to its unlit origin. As was Thatcherism.

Boris lurks to assume his rightful mantle. All is not well in the Thatcherised-Clintonised Tory Party. She was a bad choice, used to ferret down the holes of Brexit and the stupidities that only Cameron could own. But a token nonetheless.

Britain began its journey to a self-immolated loss of soverignty at the hands of a murdering paedophile — who lied. Who would believe it. The Official Secrets Act being dusted off to hide the insular barbarity, to the very top.

The journey of the once great empire travelled the insane path to the 1972 European Communuties Act. The UK squandered its sovereignty by a combination of blackmails, desperations to hide — and the politically ubiquitous thirty pieces of silver. Britain never had anything to gain by bowing to the false god of the disguised NWO. A further layer of apparatchik insanity is never a source of economic rationality. On what planet does economic stability and growth derive from an over-arching parasitic administrative paradigm that knows no correlations between activity and economic value.

Non-Compliance with the Maarstrict Treaty saved The UK. Compliance destroyed Greece.

Greenland — dragged in with Denmark, broke loose and rejected the EU insanity as soon as it could.

The Treaty of Rome was a mutual trading treaty. Too good to resist. In a blink it became the greatest apparatchik pig’s breakfast imaginable. Devastation by Expertism and Centralism. The final proof that economic and bureaucratic theories can never intersect reality.

Monumental economic wastes and swerves, as commodities and manufactured goods in excesses were subsidised and thrown away, as massive shortages of the same occurred parallel. A world where poverty and socio-economic devastation were created, that we’re previously being alleviated.

The very definition that Centralism is the evil to humankind that it is.

Dumby’s (May’s) desperation in leaning to The DUP [Democratic Unionist Party] as a coalition essential, was an error. The DUP will demand, there is division in Tory ranks, and the slighted SNP [Scottish National Party] will see its day. The combined realities will see May packing her smalls for a quick exit — much as Thatcher. Although the latter seemed not to be able to comprehend the stench she had created herself.

There are some 20,000 pieces of statutes, regulations, statutory instruments, and allied garbage, needing to be expunged. Thames sewer blockages greater than those recently encountered are anticipated.

On what planet were the non-entities of BeneLux powered by permanent Works in Progress, Studies in Still Life, Sheltered Workshops, Artificial Intelligence, Ideological insanities, and Intellectualised morons capable of setting guidelines for anyone. Weren’t their own histories ever viewed.

The art of causal socio-economic devastation by numbers. Omphaloskepsis [navel gazing] as a life form for the chosen.

The current ‘European Union (Withdrawal Bill)’ — not May’s stupidity of ‘The Repeal Bill’, is the issue. The SNP has The Sewel Convention and Holyrood’s mandatory Legislative Consent Motions. Labour and Tory breakaways are the Westminster reality for a smooth and meaningful Brexit, not May’s mashup with The Irish and a crossed finger for Tory unity.

The stupidity only deepens. And this is now a real numbers power game — not a feed the children more stupidity syndrome.

Bady lost (24/9/2017) and was pushed into a face saving coalition. Her election turned her majority party into a minority, reliant on opposing forces — obstructionist to the agendas of her mission.

What the children didn’t know, was that Nutty, Puppet Boy, Dumby, and Bady all work for the same Big Bad Wolves.

Goody, Donny, and Vlad, do not.

Moon emerged for South Korea and knows the importance of the unification of Korea. It carries the trade link with China and Russia. North Korea for decades, has manufactured ‘Made in China’ consumables. As Hong Kong was the trading port for China.

China has taken the lead to douse the dead end suicidal rhetoric from America. As America’s largest creditor, it is protecting its interests. In the denied real world, America is militarily impotent, and economically bankrupt.

Cutting through the cute and kiddy take away concerning North Korea, China has given North Korean companies operating in China up to January 2018, to close. It has also instructed joint venture Chinese companies in North Korea to close. China says it has reduced textile trade and is renegotiating coal, steel, and oil. Will any of this occur as the kiddy take away reads… No. America is standing on its hands as a result of its own spiraling rhetoric. China and Russia are kinder to America than it deserves.

The turning point was North Korea stating that America has declared war. Which is the point of the current actions by China. As a consequence of the 1953 Armistice, it falls to Russia and China to firmly put America back into its box –as they did in 1953 and 1975. But this time to permanently disarm America. (Don’t be deluded by American populist rhetoric.)

Both The Russian and Chinese navies, stand in the Asian seas. Their Air forces are at hand. They don’t need the gross stupidity of mobile airfields. It’s not mobility and flexibility. It means you do not belong. Their armies can swiftly move, in unheard of numbers, along the land paths of their interests.

Albeit America bankrupted itself by illusions of empire. The problems are the tail endings, the imbecile sucklings which followed the stench, as some form of moral, self-defense, and dysfunctional humanitarian madness.

What level of mass retardation do American administrations need to play to. All the answers are there if you look in the right directions and apply the correct filters.


  1. A profound insight into our dilemma today, I presume here we are discussing a loss of any moral direction by those in power? and also incriminated vast numbers who are subject to the propaganda machine and are complicit in voting and general denial of what the system is, how to cooperate with the system and the mass destruction of the environment for profiteering for the few and stagnation of wages, the women mentioned are all front leaders to ensure the oppression of the many.

  2. Brilliant, G5 – thank you.

    Arirang – I’ll get there in a minute.

    I don’t want to mention Blood-on-his-hands Terrorist-patron Boris – what an unthinkable, yet likely prospect to take the presiding seat as Dumby shatters the mirror seeking answers the question “Who is the fairest of them all?”.

    And I note your statement “Goody, Donny, and Vlad, do not.” Maybe two out of three? Not so sure about Donny anymore. Plenty to say about Vlad and his ‘persecution of the oligarchs’ another time.

    But I just wanted to pick up a key trigger phrase:

    • “Moon emerged for South Korea and knows the importance of the unification of Korea.”

    Which brings me to Arirang. Koreans (the ‘expendables’, that is) long for unification. The song Arirang is the symbol of this yearning and of their past mutual suffering and enforced artificial division. It represents the soul and spirit of (all) Koreans and is regarded as their mutual defacto National Anthem. It is traditionally a very solemn piece and some say represents ‘Han’, embodying their suffering and spiritual survival.

    • Han (한), a Korean Cultural Trait
    • https://thekoreanway.wordpress.com/2010/07/15/han-%ED%95%9C-a-korean-cultural-trait/

    “To Koreans, han has a very complex meaning. So when translating the word, the context in which han is mentioned is important being that there is really is no one definition for it. It’s sorrow, regret, grief, resentment, a dull ache of the soul. Yet han is passive; not seeking revenge but instead waiting patiently and hoping that the injustice will be righted.”

    Over the years there have been many versions of Arirang which has also come to represent the triumph of that unified Korean spirit.

    I attach a few versions for our mutual listening pleasure:

    To set the mood

    Some visual perfection – Music to Ice Skating featuring Yun-a Kim (2009 World and 2010 Olympic Champion – “Queen Yuna”)

    • 아리랑 (Arirang) - Korean Folk Song
    • https://youtu.be/b8zxi_yCOJ8

    Symphonic versions:

    The KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) Symphony Orchestra
    • “Arirang” (Symphony Orchestra Music) – Korean Folk Music

    Or if you would prefer the NY Philharmonic (performed in Pyeongyang no less, in 2008).
    • New York Philharmonic plays “Arirang”

    The stunning Moranbong Band (DPRK) performs it in their modern (‘revolutionary’) style:
    • Moranbong Band – Arirang

    and finally, now that we’re in an uplifted mood, here is a jazzed up big band version featuring the extraordinary guitarist Song Un Sim. This version is introduced by Leon Allan Davis who recommends “turn up the volume” …

    • The Reunification Arirang Song – introduced by Leon Allan Davis
    • https://youtu.be/q6AkGiTPm5M?t=428

    The first comment on the above link enlightens us about this version: “Unification Arirang dates from 1998, which is the year when the Sunshine Policy between North and South Korea started, and when there were high hopes of some sort of peaceful settlement between the countries. It contains the mood of that period, and the musicians perform it excellently.“

    Peace between the DPRK and South Korea? … Not if the US can help it …

    BTW – search the history of the legendary Kim Jong-suk , Kim Jong-un’s grandmother. She was a quite a freedom-fighting legend. I can see the family resemblance.

  3. What we have discovered is another massive lie put up by the One World Government. They told us decades ago that if we had women in positions of power, because they are (were) the gentler sex we would not have the dyfunction in government that we have when men rule the roost. However it has been shown that this leading ladies, do as they are told as do most of the gents. Unfortunately, once again, the public do not seem to have woken up yet again.

    • Regardless of gender, colour, race — all leaders, as soon as they get elected, start behaving like trained muppets.

  4. Hey Mal,

    As to whether the sheeple are waking up, I think the Catalonians are being red-pilled severely. Their Civil Guard gave many peaceful voters a good thugging last night. Government brutality at it best.

    And the world was watching on. Gotta love those cell phone cams.

    Those riot police thugs can’t seem to get at those voters quick enough to crack a few heads. (I think they love their work)

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