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Questions on The Gunfire Sounds, The Silent Hour, and Stephen Paddock’s Actions

The alleged photos that were leaked from Stephen Paddocks hotel room

by Dee McLachlan

Australian politicians are flooding the news with talk of strengthening terror laws, and bringing in mass facial recognition technology — “to keep us safe.” In the aftermath of the terrible Las Vegas tragedy, I hear almost no debate that this technology might be used in the future to discriminate against certain sectors of the population — whether this be against environmental protesters or parking violators.

With all this talk about making us safer, let us review some of the evidence and reports on the Stephen Paddock massacre. Is it possible that Stephen Paddock was an arms dealer — and the perfect pasty?

The ABC wrote this morning:

“The gunman responsible for the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history “meticulously” planned the event and spent decades acquiring weapons while living a secret life, Las Vegas police say… first shot was fired at 10:05pm… [and] lasted nine minutes.”

What Happened in Las Vegas?

59 people were killed and over 500 injured.

64 year-old Stephen Paddock sent his girlfriend, Marilou Danley, on a holiday to the Philippines — sending her $100,000 to buy a house. She was very much in love, and hoped that he was not breaking up with her. Devastated by the events, she says he was a kind, caring, and quiet man.

Paddock booked into the Mandalay Bay hotel using Danley’s ID — then later requested room 32135 — a room with a view.  The MSM claim that he changed his room so that he could fire upon the festival goers. But, hang on. Paddock was a regular concert-goer. Maybe he just wanted a suite so he could experience the concert from the luxury of his hotel.

Why did the hotel let him check in with her name? Did he reject all room service during his four day stay? The regular concert-goer was gambling about $10,000 a day, but had recently boasted of a $250,000 poker windfall.

Eric Paddock, the shooter’s brother, told CBS News that Stephen was “not an avid gun guy at all… where the hell did he get automatic weapons? He has no military background or anything like that,”  Even though Paddock has no military background, it feels like it was a military operation. There seems to have been extensive planning.

Is It in His Blood?

His father, Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, was a well-known bank robber and on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list from 1969 to 1977. The question is: Did Paddock desire notoriety?  E.g. Did he want to follow in his father’s footsteps? But he never knew his father.

If he was a patsy, it would make his actions much more convincing. There is natural reaction to believe that he’s just bad, and that it is in his blood.

The Islamic State claimed responsibility, and Antifa literature is found in the room. But Paddock has no on-line presence, so how would he have been indoctrinated?

There also seems to have been a note in the room. This will be disclosed at some point.

Why so many guns?

Authorities claim he owned 42 guns (in the hotel and at his home). He had to get 10 large suitcases, with 22 guns, to his hotel room. Is there surveillance of this? And twelve rifles in his hotel suite were outfitted with a “bump stock,” a device that enhances their ability to shoot more rounds. Is there a record of him practicing on the range, or re-building guns?

Why would Paddock risk taking so many weapons into the hotel? It would have increased the chances of being caught before the attack. Why did he not just use 2 or 3 of his trusty weapons? It would make sense if he was trading in guns.

However, the variety of weapons used demonstrates that “all these weapons” need to be under consideration by the anti-gun lobby. It adds weight to this argument.

He allegedly shot himself with the smallest weapon he had.

Gunfire Analysis Required

The sound track of the gunfire needs analysis. The gunfire has two distinct sounds mixed together — a high “clack” coupled with a lower “duu.” These sounds are not always together — so you hear some clacks, then clacks and duus together.

Were there two different weapons being shot in semi-unison? That what it sounds like.

The Mandalay Bay hotel is a stones throw away from the local airport. Was Paddock’s plane at the airport? This is an excellent and nearby escape route for any perpetrator. Is there a record of any planes leaving the airport after 10.30 pm that night?

Broken Windows, a Witness and a Service Cart

There are TWO windows busted on that floor – some distant apart. Why bust out two windows far apart with the same view? Did he run from one window to the other? I don’t think so.

When did the smoke detectors go off? Is there another door from his room through to an adjoining suite?

Witness Brianna Hendricks, who was at the concert, told Mail Online that 45 minutes before the shots were fired, a woman had been behaving strangely — and was telling people that they “all going to f***ing die.” She was escorted out of the venue. I first thought that this could have been his girlfriend, but it was not.

There were reports of two cameras outside the hotel room – one attached to a service cart. Would the cart not have been cleared away by staff that evening?

The Time Line

The gunfire was from 10.05 to around 10.14 – 10.19.

Let us review what CNN reported:

“A team of six officers that approached security… went up the elevators after discussing the situation with the security… they checked each floor by floor until they located where they believe to be the room”. A first responder radioed in: “I’m inside the Mandalay Bay on the 31st floor, I can hear automatic fire coming from one floor ahead…  one floor above us and obtaining intelligence.” [that must have been just before 10.19 pm]  “Subsequently they approached the room, received gunfire, they backed off and SWAT responded…” [at 11.20 pm]

A guard was shot through the door. There is very little reporting on this. I remember hearing a statement that he was shot when Paddock was still shooting, but have not been able to find that report. Were festival goers being shot outside while the guard was being shot inside the passage? What time was the guard shot?

And did the fire alarms not identify the room during the shooting? This is what one police officer said.

The Silent Hour

There is a one hour DELAY – an hour of “down-time” after Paddock stopped shooting. What was happening during this period, between 10.19 and 11.20 p.m?

At 11.00 p.m, a Police scanner details multiple shooters at other Strip hotels. The reports are later proved false. Was this the typical false flag diversion (like the Port Arthur drug bust)?

After the first responder reporter the location of the gunfire on floor 32, who was in the passageway over the duration of the next hour? It was only at 11.20 pm that police “swarm[ed] the 32nd floor room where the shooter was holed up, or dead inside.” The SWAT team entered to find the that Paddock had committed suicide.

Why did Paddock stop shooting? Did he run out of ammo? If the troops did not enter, why did Paddock not keep shooting?

Did Paddock wait until the SWAT team attacked before killing himself, or was Paddock already dead shortly after 10.20 p.m?  Did they hear the shot before entering? At what time did the final shot ring out? Is there a chance that Paddock was assassinated in this “silent hour”? What is the coroner’s estimated time of death for Paddock?

Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid

If he had the desire to shoot so many the people (at the festival) in a vengeful action — why would he not wait and shoot shoot at the responders in the passage of the hotel? Maybe Paddock was struck with remorse, and killed himself before the SWAT team entered — but why?

I would have thought that with such an impressive collection of guns, he might have been motivated to do a “Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid” and show-off his huge arsenal of weapons — and go down blazing. He could have held off the SWAT team for hours.

Paddock’s motive is unclear.

Two Possibilities — Both Feasible

1 – Paddock was a psychologically disturbed killer.

The MSM tells us that Stephen Paddock had meticulously planned his vengeful attack on the festival goers for some time. He had secretly modified his vast array of weapons, sent his loving girlfriend away and prepared for the slaughter. He changed his room, so that he could get a good vantage point for the shooting. He waited patiently for four days, then set up surveillance in the passage. For just over ten minutes he then murdered as many people as he could. He saw a guard on his surveillance video — so shot him through the door. He must have then waited for almost an hour — then shooting himself just before the SWAT team entered.

2 – Paddock (the arms dealer) was a patsy — for gun control.

Having a father with a criminal history is a bonus. It will make people believe he had bad blood running through his veins — even though his foreign girlfriend says he was kind and caring. But we are unable to assess Paddock’s mental state, as he had no on-line footprint. All we know is that he was a gun collector and regular gambler. Was Paddock an arms dealer? (See this report) It would explain the many dollars he earned and that he was gambling to “clean” this income. He thus would have been easily persuaded to bring some of his guns and show them off to someone (for whatever reason) in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay hotel. And as a regular festival goer, he might have changed his room to experience the festival (for free).

There is the possibility that in the early evening two shooters entered his hotel room with ammunition — and killed him before 10 p.m. They would have used the smallest gun on him, so as not to draw any attention. They then broke out two windows and fired in unison on the crowds below (matching the soundtrack of the gunfire). One would have kept watch on the temporary cameras stationed in the passage. An unexpected guard arrives — and is shot through the door. With the surveillance cameras, they would have been able to evacuate the room safely, and get off floor 32.

There is an hour hesitation and confusion, more than enough time to get to the airport and leave Las Vegas by the time the SWAT team enter the hotel room to find Paddock dead.



  1. I just want to add. The MSM are all talking the same script now — and I suspect that the photos of the hotel room were deliberately leaked.

  2. The second photo of the gun with the bi-pod over his left leg is interesting. I wonder if he laid down in that position before he shot himself. Or, did someone place the gun there to make it look incriminating.

    So a hotel security guard was shot through the door. Where did you find that information Dee?

    Who was the ‘security’ guard that was being pursued by other security?

    Hopefully they will release the security video tapes, otherwise there may be suspicions like at the Pentagon on 9-11.

    • Just after I wrote up the first report — I remember a policeman being interviewed and saying a guard was shot — through the door. But that was on the TV. The guard was reported shot by Brian Hodges who had a room next door too. At first I thought the guard was killed, but I remember hearing that the guard alert others below. But there is very little written about where, when and what happened to the guard.

  3. The Las Vegas saga is incongruous in the political ideology of of the government saving us? I do not want to be saved by the government, what to me is exciting is I can be walking down a street and be killed at any time? I do not have the luxury of climbing Everest as a thrill or dinner party conversation? for a start no one invites me to dinner parties or and such social events.
    The problem with my society saving me is why am I that important to be saved? on the contrary the ideology that I am precious to be saved is peculiar as I live in a militaristic culture who ship arms and items of death with impunity to overseas and with America their own, how have we got to a condition that my and some others who are deemed good and others are statistics?
    Having met a couple of Americans who were employed by me in my restaurant were completely mad, on attempted to burn my restaurant down and the other threatened me with a axe.
    I do believe that America does have geniuses and brilliant minds contrasted by a population that has a huge amount of the insane, it is no surprise the shooter has wealth and is not what is called a loser, the fact a individual can have everything going for himself shows that life in America is compromised by that I mean a country that has lost its way morally and having a President that having promised to lead the disenfranchised out of the wilderness, and yet having his foot in Wall Street, the bewilderment of values as such show a general insanity of the American population.
    The quest of America lust for power now shows the cracks within a society, the resolution of conflict resolved by a police state and if necessary military, what America has to know is it will not collapse from exterior force but the destruction of forces within.

  4. ” the goal is to promote the sale of security technology .”
    It’s good to know that our Malcolm announced it as it happened , not .

  5. “Never let a crisis go to waste” – Rahm Emanuel (Obama Chief of Staff and now Chicago Mayor, a Gun Free Zone with the highest rate of gun violence in the US), an Israeli/American dual citizen and retired member of the Israeli Defense Force and general all round scumbag)

    Gun control plus increased electronic surveillance everywhere.

    Are these lunatics setting the stage set for a Stalinesque/Maoist/Nazi-style purge of their opposition? That’s a lot of people.

    Guess what I saw driving down Victoria Road, Sydney a month or so ago?

    Left hand drive MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected).WTF????? $400,000 a piece. I’m feeling safer every moment.

    And now we have Malcolm Turnbull tightening the noose on us with his Home Office amalgamation of the Intelligence agencies,(headed up by Peter Dutton an ex-QLD Drug and vice copper-jeez) and his call for a national drivers license photo registry together with facial recognition software.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Ask the Germans…………or the Russians, Chinese, Cambodians, Romanians, Saudis,…need I go on??

    • its all happening so fast too, It is like they had the legislation all written up ready to go with this facial recognition idea, just waiting for the right time to announce it. patriot act rings a bell ..

      “Imagine the power of being able to identify, to be looking out for and identify a person suspected of being involved in terrorist activities, walking into an airport, walking into a sporting stadium,” Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull told reporters Wednesday.

      imagine the power..

      also wrapped up in this legislation is the ability for police to access the database for help in cases where the penalty is greater than 3 years. but of course, that can obviously change in future, as the one week detention without charge has now been increased to two, how long before its three, or indefinite? so how long before traffic wardens will be given access to the database for parking tickets?

      for our own safety of course.

      the fact that our own government and allies created, trains, arms the very terrorists they are suppossed to be protecting us from, is not as scary as the fact that so many of us eagerly gobble up the propaganda and bullshit they spoon feed us every day.

      so scary is the fact that people are so afraid that they accept anything the government wants to do to us now, with barely a whimper. I wonder if there is a point, a line in the sand, that even the most pliable amongst us would say, “hey, wait a minute! thats going a bit too far!” – and what it is exactly that would finally make them say such a thing.

  6. Satanic celebration of the Bolshevik revolution Oct, 1917. The U S population must be disarmed before the Communists can take over.
    Once this happens the rest of the world can be forced into line,

    Hope I am wrong about this grim outlook, all that can change it is prayer.

  7. John,

    I applaud your faith in the power of prayer, but what if more is required? God isn’t going to do all the hard work for us. He gives us the ability to “be awake” and spread the “word”. He gives us many advantages (we give ourselves disadvantages by allowing these freaks to get into leadership positions)

    As someone said once, “the pen(word/ideas) is mightier than the sword (MRAP).

    The trick is to survive the process of spreading the word, unlike Kennedy, Breitbart, Mike Hastings, Dr.Jeff Bradstreet, et al.

    • Yes Phil, it is important to spread the word but very difficult [near impossible] with the controlled MSM.
      There must be a way found to get around this.

      Forgot to mention in my last post, Oct 5, 2017 the 100th anniversary of the start of the Bolshevik revolution.

  8. One ex-US intelligence guys (ex NSA and Vietnam service) considered analysis of the Las Vegas event. Television and media hoax.Multiple agendas. They couldn’t pull this off without the complicit media. Remember Jane Standley and the BBC early reporting of the collapse/controlled demo of WTC&??? Not the Beeb?

    Have a listen from 11 mins……

    I’m with him.

  9. Just rewatched Toni Gambino interview 2017-gone whistleblower since trump came to power-
    long winded but connects many dots

  10. correction recorded in 2007-

    Bert Rossi mentor to Krays told his story earlier this year–telling of his good friend Gambino
    Rossi died after a fall aged 94, July 2017 just days after the publication of his gripping memoirs, Bert ‘Battles’ Rossi: Britain’s Oldest Gangland Boss.- knew many members of my family.

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