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False Memories, Part 1: Explaining Martin Bryant’s Mind Control

Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron (1901-1967), graduate of Glasgow Medical School

by Mary W Maxwell

Readers of Gumshoe are familiar with what we have been calling “The Fodder Note.” Cherri Bonney found it on the Internet.  It’s an undated and unsigned page of commentary on Martin Bryant, written long before the Port Arthur massacre. It seems to have been written by someone who knows the ropes of the MK-ultra program but who does not approve of doing these things. I’ll get to the Bryant situation below.

Recently, thanks no doubt to the fact that Fiona Barnett has revealed too much about The Powers That Be, there is a new re-hashing of the False Memory gig. This was a CIA-media effort in the 1990s to tell the public that the stories being told by abused children are not true but were “planted in the kid by well-meaning therapists.” Oh my. So allow me to present a 3-part series putting paid to that ugly claim. In this part we look only at Martin Bryant. I’m making a guess that he was a victim of the Deep Sleep program in Australia.

Deep Sleep

A bad doctor named Harry Bailey ran the Chelmsford Hospital, a private clinic, in Sydney. His harming of many people led to the holding of a Royal Commission. Its final report focussed on Bailey’s unethical sexual behaviour with patients, and did not make criminal findings about his use of the Deep Sleep method.

So what was the Deep Sleep? It was a CIA experiment in how to grasp a person’s mind so completely that they would lose all his or her memories. Pretty amazing, huh? The person might even lose functions such as walking. The instigator, or at least the first practitioner we know about, was Ewen Cameron (1901-1967), a Scottish doctor at the Allen Memorial Hospital in Montreal. He pretended to use this technique as psychiatric therapy.

The One and Only Lawsuit

One of the famous slip-ups in covert work occurred when Cameron accepted a patient a lady who was married to a member of Canada’s parliament.  She, Valerie Orkilow, had a post-natal depression. He gave her the full Deep Sleep treatment. It included electroshock, sleep deprivation, and “psychic driving.” This involved playing tapes into her brain nonstop, with repeated messages, possibly about her lack of worth.

Mrs Orkilow later sued the CIA in Canadian court and won a settlement. The judge then invited other persons to come forward if they had suffered similarly. (This indicates that Canada was at that time not fully under control as was the US.) Many claims were paid out.

My Credentials (Or Lack Thereof) and Ellen Lachter

I do not have credentials entitling me to say that Martin Bryant had Deep Sleep. But I think I can recognize a likelihood of it, based on a combining of The Fodder Note and what is now known about the Three Stages of the above-mentioned treatment.

A Gumshoe friend sent me a list of types of mind control, composed by Ellen Lachter, PhD a therapist/psychologist who has had much experience with victims of mind control. Her article is called “End Ritual Abuse.” It was published 10 years ago. (In it she credited the website Ulster.net, but it no longer exists.) Her list has 12 different types of mind control. She calls one of them “Psychic Driving.”  I lump it into the category of Deep Sleep. That’s what Ewen Cameron called it in Canada, and Harry Bailey at Chelmsford also called it Deep Sleep. I quote Lachter:

Electroshock, according to Dr. Cameron’s protocol would do the following (Emery, 1977):

  • First Stage: In the First Stage of electroshock amnesia, the subject loses much of her recent memory, “yet she still knew where she was, why she was there, and who the people were who treated her.” (J. Marks, 1979, p. 135). That is called keeping your “space-time image.” The subject knows where she is, why she is there, and recognizes familiar faces. Names are harder.
  • Second Stage: In the Second Electroshock Amnesia Stage, the subject loses that space-time image and is aware of the loss. That awareness causes extreme anxiety. The subject wants to remember. At his stage the subject asks repeatedly, ‘Where am I?’, ‘How did I get here?’, ‘What am I here for?’
  • Third Stage: In this final stage, the subject becomes bizarrely calm. All the previous anxiety is gone. At this point the patient was moved back to their room where a speakerphone had been placed under their pillow, a tape recorder with a continuous loop played repeating the same command over and over again. While in this state, patients showed incontinence of both urine and feces.

Much of these inhumane “treatments” appear to have originated 50 years earlier in Pavlov’s abusive experiments with dogs. [emphasis added]

Each Stage

I hadn’t realized that the Cameron business had been analysed to the point where we knew about separate stages –although it’s 40 years since Dr Emery actually published his work (the 1977 comments, that Ellen Lachter paraphrased above).

You can imagine my surprise when reading it today. I immediately heard bells go off in regard to what was said about Martin Bryant when he was approximately 21 years old.

Fasten seat belts, please, and read this part of The Fodder Note. We gave it that name (for a show at the Adelaide Fringe) to reflect the outrageous fact that a young Martin Bryant is referred to in the note as “child fodder.” You know, like soldiers are cannon fodder; some children are fodder of these mind-control experiments!

Quoting The Fodder Note

Anonymous in South Australia said this around 1988:

Martin Bryant “randomly picked” as secret services “child fodder”, meeting 1988 Unley, South Australia, at his handlers’ orders, chaperoned by [redacted] who introduced him as a ‘cook’, he wants to kill people and tried to paint him as worthless and disposable. He showed no sign of mental incapacity, psychiatric condition, retardation or PHTs. His body language indicated apprehension.

We established that he had been drugged unconscious for the trip from Tasmania, following the usual – expressly forbidden – practice and injected with the usual antidote immediately before being ushered into our office.

[If anyone knows what forbidden practice is being referred to there, please let Gumshoe know.]

[Martin] obviously was bewildered by the strange environment. We tried to allay his fears. His verbal communication was understandably reticent but his body language quickly indicated a trusting, open nature.

Specifically questioned on the allegations of wanting to kill people, Mr Bryant was coherent, clearly denied, showed fear… [about] what was reproached him. We ascertained unreservedly that he was sincere, peaceful … in a word ‘normal’ and probably not PHT’d (yet). We offered protection… but his handlers immediately rushed in and whisked him away.

[Possibly PHT means post-hypnotic trance, not sure.]

A few weeks later he was again brought to us. He could not walk unaided. He had clearly been severely electroshocked and overdosed on neuroleptics, displaying an absent gaze, with an attention span of five seconds or less, constantly stooping head …. He was unable to recognize the interviewer, had lack of muscle coordination (e.g., inability to close mouth and control flow of saliva), and symptoms congruent with very heavy dosage of benzodiazepines. He had some uncontrollable jerking of limbs and body rigidity.

His handlers [said] in his presence, and in very menacing tones, that they had “done it”, that he was “gone”, that they would kill him, and that we should take as proof of his worthlessness the state he was in and the symptoms which they declared to be epilepsy!


I now compare the patient, Martin Bryant, to Dr Emery’s 1977 description of the stages of “Psychic Driving” or Deep Sleep.

Martin was bewildered by his environment”. This fits Stage Two. I repeat the Emery Stage 1 and 2 here:

First Stage: In the First Stage of electroshock amnesia, the subject loses much of her recent memory, “yet she still knew where she was, why she was there, and who the people were who treated her.” That is called keeping your “space-time image.” The subject knows where she is, why she is there, and recognizes familiar faces. Names are harder.

Second Stage: In the Second Electroshock Amnesia Stage, the subject loses that space-time image and is aware of the loss. That awareness causes extreme anxiety. The subject wants to remember. At his stage the subject asks repeatedly, ‘Where am I?’, ‘How did I get here?’, ‘What am I here for?’

As I said, I have no credentials in the psychology field. Maybe I am wrong about this. But a Gumshoe reader mentioned a while ago that Bryant may indeed have been a Harry Bailey patient. We do know that in his adolescence Bryant was a patient of the Tavistock “ambassador to Australia” Eric Cunningham Dax. Dax was the founding professor of Psychiatry at University of Melbourne.

That is all I have to say about Bryant at the moment. This series is a reaction to the news that the Australian government (the media, really) is now about to “educate” the folks to the idea that kids’ accusations of abuse are a result of the implanting of false memories.

Just think if how it was a goal of Ewen Cameron to remove a person’s memories!

A Few Words about Port Arthur

Newcomers to Gumshoe may be unaware of who Martin Bryant is. He is, as just indicated, one of the many victims in this world of the CIA’s MK-Ultra program.  And how is it that the CIA, or the Tavistock doctors in England, can get away with doing these mind-control activities that involve the ruining of lives, such as Martin Bryant’s life?? Because we let them, especially by declining to believe the whistle blowers.

Martin Bryant never blew the whistle. He was selected to be the “gunman” of a massacre in Tasmania, in which 35 people were killed. He did not actually do it, but who cared? The media presented Australia with a complete story about how Martin had done the massacre and that was that.  He is now in his 21st year of incarceration. For supposedly killing 35 people he has been given 35 life sentences.

It makes sense to me that the killer should be punished like that and of course I would like to see the killer identified and apprehended. As of now, there’s plenty of evidence to exonerate Bryant from crime, but our “Deep State” (or as I prefer to say, World Government) blatantly defies every move towards the truth.

It must be that the politicians of Tasmania feel great protection from some hidden source – they don’t appear nervous about getting caught. Please see my recent article, “The Port Arthur Version of Who Killed Cock Robin.” And it’s the same with members of Commonwealth parliament. No amount of exposure of the real goings on at the 1996 Port Arthur massacre has been seen to have caused a blush or a nervous twinge in any of them.

If we can pin down how this “assurance” works, we will have a good chance of squelching it.

–Mary W Maxwell is the author of Deliverance! (2017), which combines information about Pizzagate with some of the findings of Australia’s ongoing Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse



  1. Mary, whether Bryant is ‘mind controlled’, ‘Fodder noted’, ‘electroshocked’, etc. is IRRELEVANT to his guilt. HE DIDN’T DO THE MASSACRE!

    All you do by going on about this stuff is cloud the issue. He’s innocent. It doesn’t matter how he was induced to play the patsy at Seascape. He could just be a mental retard that couldn’t figure out he was being set up (which seems the likely explanation).

    I tried giving one of your ‘Enough is Enough’ books to another lawyer and he couldn’t figure out what you were trying to say. “What’s this shit about mind control about?” He understands the evidence when talking to me, but your book took him around in circles about your mind control fetish. I didn’t bother offering the book to anyone else.

  2. wow Terry you speak with such authority–and your colleague lawyer also seems to be an expert.

    For me this is bigger than innocence or guilt it is about lies and cover ups and hidden agendas–the big picture.

    Thanks for the post Mary I have researched Trauma based mind control and psychological warfare from many perspectives and hope to contribute to this post further – an opportunity to become educated and to educate each other about that which seems unimaginable for our “civilised’ minds.

    Mary re [Possibly PHT means post-hypnotic trance, not sure.] Pretty sure it refers to PRE not POST-hypnotic trance–state—survivors of MC and RA such as Wendy Hoffman, Carol Rutz, Sarah Moore, Fiona Barnett and many others speak of this–handlers present their subjects to master programmers in this state—mengele–cameron–were master programmers.

    • Diane, how is any of this relevant to Port Arthur? Whether Bryant is a mental retard that is conned into believing he’s helping the Police, or he is a mind controlled zombie, electro shock, drug induced individual who sees rainbows coming out of unicorns butts – it is just his state of mind.

      His state of mind is irrelevant to the murders. Take the Broadarrow Cafe, the killer finishes slaughtering all those people, he walks out – how is Bryant’s state of mind relevant to that? It isn’t.

      The killer picks up the .308 and kills people in and round the buses, kills the Mikac family, the people at the tollbooth, in front of the General Store – how is Bryant’s state of mind relevant to that? It isn’t.

      His state of mind could go to MITIGATING circumstances if he committed the crimes, but he didn’t. He’s innocent of the crimes.

      All this is is ‘noise’. When you have a signal coming in on a radio frequency, you try to tune it, increase the signal to noise ratio. When you eliminate the noise, the message is clear.

      • Terry and Diane, I plead guilty to having a fetish about mind control. I think mind control is the reason the media was able to tell us 21 years ago who did the massacre.

        The psychological-warfare share of the US defense budget is impressive, too.

        But as for signal-to-noise, I said this I my Cock Robin article at Gumshoe:

        “I declare the Port Arthur case closed, or as near as dammit. The police, working for shadowy persons in Canberra, did the 1996 massacre.”


  3. Good friends , let’s not be upset with each other . It seems as if the truth will soon be erased and will not be permitted to be spoken by anyone anywhere . Everything changed after nine eleven . They know we know but they don’t care . They have all the guns because the evil one has given them the power to lie cheat steal and murder the innocent . Usury and taxation is the means by which they feed the military industrial with trillions so as to execute never ending wars bloodshed and suffering . They hate Jesus ( Isus ) because if we all agree to live by His teachings , their insane perverted methods of the strong doing what they can would end overnight . We are the only species , on this planet , shackled by economic enslavment .

  4. Diane, one of the first articles I helped Gumshoes with was on the Chelmsford Hospital mind control experiments. I sent both Dee and Mary an email explaining my research and how it all came about. The search function on this webpage hasn’t allowed me to locate that article, but it is a very relevant article to mind control in Australia. Perhaps Dee can locate that article and post a link.

    Now that is something that you can research, it is BIG. It was done right here in Oz with the government’s approval and subsequent cover up. It is not conjecture, it is real, the evidence is solid.

    If you want to discuss mind control in Oz, that is a topic worth discussing, more people need to find out about it. The mild mind control techniques used in the media pale compared to what went on at Chelmsford.

    • is this it Terry?

      If someone is accussed of a crime, if they are lucky enough to have it heard in court, the prosecutor or defense, i imagine, is often asked to explain motives – or why a person behaved how they might have.

      with the las vegas shooter, asking him anything is impossible now, and though Martin Bryant didnt die, asking him anything seems just as impossible.

      it may well be noise, but people always ask why. I think it all adds weight, but it does take a heck of a lot of time to sift through it all, and im glad Mary has done some of that so I dont have to.

      wikipedia says MKULTRA was officially ended in the 70s I think, so they say, but we all know, it isnt shit, its an actual thing.

      for me, building 7 is enough proof that the whole 9/11 story is a fairy tale, but theres also so much other evidence, that would take years to go through, that adds a lot of noise, but in the end, it all adds extra weight to the argument.

      Im sure whenever a false flag is planned, the planners count on as much noise as possible, to put people off. I truly appreciate everyones contributions here.

  5. As the entire P. A. trial process was arrogated by pseudo-psych journalism I’d have to say I agree with Terry.

    I’d also have to say:
    * No one can can control anyone’s mind without their full consent.

    *There’s nothing unusual about being easy game;being incredibly vulnerable is the norm not the exception

    *Those who appear to be calling the shots are more enslaved than anyone

  6. Everyone who went to a govt. controlled school is under a spell to some degree.The procedures recounted in Terry’s 15 Aug’15 comment used to be a means of re-capturing escapees. Current policy leans far more toward the “more – subtle – the – programming – the – greater- the – hold” principle.

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