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Jesus To The Rescue

Mandalay Bay hotel corridor

by Dee McLachlan

Jesus Campos was the first person to locate the “sniper’s lair.” Armed with nothing more than a baton, he raced towards the shooting. Reports state that the stairwell door was barricaded (locked?) so he came up in the elevator.

It is said that Paddock saw the guard on his surveillance camera and fired 200 rounds through the door into the passage. Jesus was shot in the leg, but I wonder what was left of the door?

The main door of the suite has a view all the way down the passage, and is also adjacent to the door leading to the fire escape stairwell.

Jesus’ Time Line

10.05pm: First shots fired. Jesus goes searching for the location. At 10.12pm two officers arrive on 31st floor and announce gunfire above them. It is at some point here that Jesus interrupts the shooter.

10.15pm: Last shots are fired. Were the last shots fired, fired at Jesus?

10.17pm: First two officers arrive on 32nd floor. When did they first look down towards Paddock’s room? And at 10.18pm, Jesus tells the casino dispatch (which then relayed the message to the police) that he is shot and gives them exact location of suspect’s room. (There is a discrepancy in the times from various reports.)

10.26-10.30pm: Eight officers arrive on 32nd floor and move systematically down the hallway, clearing every room and looking for injured. (Reports say they move this way because they no longer hear the gunfire.)

10.55pm: Eight officers arrive in stairwell near “sniper’s lair.”

11.20pm: An hour has gone by before the officers entered the room. They observed the suspect down on the ground and also saw a second door. At 11.27pm they get into the second room.

So why did the shooting stop?

The MSM write about how “creepy” Paddock was, and maybe the interruption was a sign for him that the game was over. He stops killing, and then shoots himself.

I presume that when Jesus was shot, he backed off — out of sight, and out of line of the suite entrance door. If the shooter was prepared to blast 200 rounds at the first guard — why stop with one unarmed guard, and then commit suicide? We will never know.

Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo says Paddock had plans to escape. So why did he not attempt escape? He was a few meters from the stairwell. Lombardo also seems to think that Paddock did not act alone. He said, “You’ve got to make the assumption he had help at some point. Or maybe he’s a superguy who’s working this all out on his own.” Is it possible that there was another shooter that did escape down the stairwell right after Jesus backed off?

There are reports that “Senior law enforcement officials [said] that [a Stephen] Paddock… had rented a room at a Chicago hotel, and also researched locations in Boston… had booked a room during the Lollapolooza festival, but failed to show up.” But Paddock landed up in Vegas, and I keep wondering… why explosives in the car, and why so many guns?

Anyway, praise to Jesus for ending the shooting spree.



  1. Sorting out fact from fiction and speculation is a giant task.
    Even the official exposures are complicated, vague and contradictory.
    Dee, is giving it a go.
    Just a few ‘puzzlements’ I have come across. From memory over a few days.
    Was Paddock a past, at least, government operative. Reports suggest he was a gun runner with a pilot .licence and access, at least to two aircraft.
    He had millions and was a gambler? Laundering his money?
    Authorities presented his vehicle’s incorrect registration plates and date of entry to the hotel. There is an alleged photo of his vehicle in the hotel car park from a day or so before reported booking and the licence plate varies from officialdom.
    Access was gained to his room when his vehicle had left the carpark and before return.
    There are reports of shootings at several other hotels that evening. MSM not reporting.
    Some other fellow (gun runner) was arrested at 4 am in another city with weaponry without serial numbers. (CIA?) The sleuth puts him too far away to be a LV shooter but he could have been in LV in the days before. He will not speak to the fbi. There are pictures of him and his armoury.
    A phone charger located in the ‘lair’ does not match Paddock’s phone/s.
    Paddock’s father was a serious professional criminal with significant connections.
    Paddock had a visitor.
    Some authority official admit that they have no idea of motive, history or how many shooters there may have been

    Another mystery turned up today. Trump told journos that it is the calm before the storm. Just search the topic.
    The storm? North Korea, Syria and environs, the pending October release of the papers on Kennedy’s murder disclosing what ……. truth? If the truth be exposed expect sparks and internal conflict and vengeance,
    Some expected world disasters?
    Some countries have been advising citizens to prepare and stock up (e.g., Germany) .
    We know that some countries have citizens in dispair ……. latest is Puerto Rico.
    Cyber attacks on banks etc. ………. no access to cash?

    Watch the tide and enjoy the ride.

  2. I for one, believe America’s down fall has begun from within. All it’s assets deployed externally, will make that down fall escalate quicker. I also do not believe that there was only one shooter involved in this event.

    • America’s downfall gathered steam during the Bush II years when it became clear that the functions of US Government, including its military and financial system, had been hi-jacked and put to purposes that were only to the benefit of the Zionist element.

  3. I don’t think we’ll be hearing much more from Sheriff Lombardo now that he’s floated the idea of a larger conspiracy involving more people than just one lone shooter. Good of him to try though, but he won’t be given a chance to follow up.

  4. Interesting, about Kennedy information being released, why not have a false flag to take people’s mind off that event, by activating a new catastrophe that never was?

    From rense.com last night. Even though hundreds of bullets supposedly fired from machine gun by “supposed killer” ,very few empty cartridge shells in his room. Around the “supposed killer” are two lots of blood. One has soaked into carpet and dried. The other fresher blood over part of old dried blood. (?) Cartridge shell in blood pool has blood smear on top of shell. How come? Blood from glove of person who placed the shell, of course! Where is all the blood on the street and pavement or bodies of hundreds of victims? When a machine gun is used many of the victims would have serious wounds, such as leg, arm and stomach sliced apart, which would have produced enormous bleeding. Where in the videos is all this blood?

    In an interview, a person is supposed to have had his buddy who was shot several times, die in his arms. However this person had no blood on his hands, arms or clothing. If there had been the TV personalities would have pointed it out with great excitement.

    How many ambulances were used to take victims from scene? Hundreds? I would think that each ambulance could only transport two casualties at a time. How close are the hospitals, to the killing scene?

  5. Who told us of the ISIS claim for responsibility? Some of the biggest liars known, CIA, FBI or the news media.

    After having a plan of the building, how could anyone believe that one person was involved, moving from one window to another, firing onto street, the number of bullets required for the number of casualties in so short a time span?

  6. This all a hoot.
    MSM is 0.000009 bullshit percent up against 99,99999 percent sleuths.
    Fail msm.
    Tell us again about 911 and Iraqi weapons of mass desruction and why Gaddafi had to be murdered because he was to introduce a gold based currency in North Africa.
    So who do we attack and kill next to wipe out the banker’s debts?

  7. And they can’t explain the phone charger that does not below to Paddock, that was found there. And his room keycard was used while he was in the car park (or something along those lines). Opps.

  8. I just viewed a video of the Mandalay Hotel with various windows removed for cleaning. Apparently, the windows can be removed, so the 4th floor shooter videos have more support as some people were arguing that there were no broken windows on the 4th floor.

    • All we need now is for someone to come forth with projectiles/bullets from the casualties or the concert area that demonstrate that they could not have come from the guns in the ‘shooter’s nest’. My bet is that any evidence about the spent projectiles will never even be mentioned.

      Yep, it’s a psy-op. It’s interesting to see how many people have turned into conspiracy sleuths compared to 20 years ago. There really is an awakening.

  9. It does look darker than the areas around it. Is that screen grab from the taxi driver’s video? She drove right underneath it so it is the closest video to the 4th floor muzzle flashes and gunshots.

  10. ‘ ……. marketing trick…..’ ?
    Marketing is selling.
    One would think that to market something it needs public exposure.
    There should be sufficient supply to profit from demand created.
    I dismiss marketing (1 blanked out copy in a library) and suspect censorship and dumbing down of education and knowledge.
    Of Dr Day’s many predictions in 1969 is the one that selected works would be removed from libraries AND EDUCATION DUMBED DOWN.
    This book is a must to censor and deny students knowledge and thought.
    For new readers look up ‘Insider exposes NWO 1969’ at rense.com and here at gumshoenews.com under Dee and Mary’s book: ‘Truth in Journalism’, from about page 94 to 115.

    • With some more thougt Dee, this topic needs a full report and separate article.
      We have ‘to roll” for our children’s sake.
      To prepare, may I requistion all, when the book and author are disclosed, go to the local library and book store to see if it is available, the quantities, and the publisher.
      If the publisher is Penguin, seek and inquire
      if there are any other publishers and the present copywright owner/s, if relevant, considering the limitation periods.
      Please pass on your experiences to gumshoe for a considered analsys.
      We have to ‘roll’ the bastards are flying the plane.

  11. A little more for our survey.
    Gather all details on whether this censored book is on any senior student’s schooll curiculum…… state by state.
    Quiz your children and granchildren.
    Have a word with the teachers on the subject, report responses to your inquiries.

    • Youtube is irredeemable

      This was ‘fun’ watching – the comments are really hotting up (understandably – as decent people are sickened by this cultural maxism filth)

      • Response to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki on Starting her own Channel
      • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=le-x4uIPWEA&feature=em-uploademail

  12. Murder for profit .What a sick world our oppressors have groomed . Osi.systems .

    “You know who you’re rulers are when you dare not mention their name .”

    Went to mass yesterday at local parish . The retired fill-in priest mentioned that lack of water is the cause of the Syrian war and refugees (glad he’s only temp.) Felt like telling him that Gadaffi had it pumped from rainforests of Africa to create the great oasis that Lybia was . Free education health loans . That was no central banking system . He even gave money to his people . Look what “our liberation and democracy ” has done to that nation . “All wars are banksters wars.”

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