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The fortification of Canberra, October 2017

by Dee McLachlan

What has happened to the Australian spirit? It’s embarrassing. Were our yellow-bellied parliamentarians shaking at the knees for their safety when they decided to encage themselves behind a massive security fence?

At least some angry politicians are describing the fence a “monstrosity” that is to surround Parliament House in Canberra. With the fence costing around $126 million, and with at least 20 mature trees removed, fortifications will only be complete around mid-2018. What were our representatives thinking? Were they were all duped — again — to enact more security measures?

One can understand that there would be a fence in Kabul, Afghanistan. It has gone through more than a decade of epic conflict. And Kabul is still a dangerous place.

Parliament, Kabul

In March 2017, a Military Hospital was attacked by gunmen, killing about 49 people. In May a truck bomb exploded near diplomatic buildings killing around 150. An attack in July left 31 dead, and in August another suicide bombing not far from the US Embassy killed more people. Yet, the fence being erected in Canberra looks more robust and “secure” than the fence around the Afghan parliament building.

More people die in Canberra from bath slips and bee stings, than from terrorism. But beware, lightning is a hidden terror for any politician living in Canberra.

Please Ban Fishing in Canberra — It’s Dangerous

The Canberra Times reported that “Anglers live dangerously with high risk of being hit by lightning strikes.” They wrote:

“Frequent bouts of lightning during recent storms in the Canberra-Monaro region highlight a danger of which some anglers may be unaware. Often, an angler fishing in an open area is the tallest object in the vicinity and thus a tempting target for a lightning strike. To make matters worse, most modern fishing rods are made of carbon fibre, which is an excellent conductor of electricity… several fly anglers fishing in a Monaro stream reported tingling in their fingers and hair standing on end after a nearby lightning flash.”

It sounds bloody dangerous. So why don’t they ban fishing.

Fortunately, the road accident deaths are below the national average in Canberra, so maybe our politicians will continue to use road transportation, and get chauffeured about in bullet proof cars. In 2015, amid a heightened terrorism alert then, the Sydney Morning Herald reported on the new fleet of AK-47 bulletproof BMWs that cost $6.3 million.


Reaction in South Africa

South Africa was once a police state, and people understand how freedoms are removed. This is what the Citizen wrote, in 2016, about plans to fortify the South African parliament with perimeter fencing, bullet proof glass and body scanners. In the article, entitled, “Creating ‘Fort Parliament’ expensive and undemocratic,” the Democratic Alliance (the opposition party) were quoted as saying:

“We will not allow the securitisation of parliament, which further separates the people from those who are supposed to serve them. We are deeply concerned over the increasing securitisation of parliament…”

A Fence Won’t Fix Broken Politics 

Senator Nick Xenophon resigned from the Senate — ahead of the High Court decision about dual nationality. He is heading back to state politics in South Australia, despondent about “the malaise of the state and our broken political system,” and driven by the fact that both major parties “disappoint me to the brink of despair.”

It seems that Australian politicians are now so self-absorbed and drunk on their self-importance, that they are unable to look at anything with clarity, or any semblance of logical thinking.

The fence at Canberra could parallel a caged canary down the mine. It might be a gauge for our politicians, that are soon to suffocate from the stench they are creating – and Xenophon, sniffing the changing winds, well get out just in the nick of time.



  1. The fence has become a global symbol, it shows how the world is becoming more fear orientated, the root insecurity is as a result of loss of leadership as paid lobby subvert true leadership for corporation deals amalgamating power to the few.
    A constant erosion of the many requiring money to be extracted from the many for indulgent expenditure as bullet proof BMWs, as expenditure on police and military costs, its my belief this direction is in the main directed by male energy, it is my hope more women will exert a influence on the prevailing direction a driven male testosterone obsession of violence whether on a individual level or a macro violent situation as the destruction of the Middle East.

  2. We trust that the fence will be a rabbit proof fence.
    We must keep them contained within because they only breed bureaucrats that will continue to devour the rest of the country’s resources if they escape.

    • Bed ,
      You beat me to it . I was going to suggest a pad(L)ock to keep the nutters in their asylum . Sadly , that fence is not for terrorists but to keep us the 99% out .

      Something is going on because they are more paranoid and delusional by the day .
      When the kids realise the trap that has been set , no fence will save them .

  3. For the past few years I have been attending the Gathering of Nations meetings that have been held in Old Parliament House Co hosted with the Tent Embassy. There is much to be learnt at these events and the purpose of the Fence is well understood in the terms of the lore and law.
    It is not what is above but what is below and why. I posted a link to David Icke and what’s going on in the cloud–see Mary,s post -Theresa May– also came across this in my copious files https://www.amazon.com/Tavistock-Institute-Social-Engineering-Masses/dp/163424043X

  4. “In 2015, amid a heightened terrorism alert then, the Sydney Morning Herald reported on the new fleet of AK-47 bulletproof BMWs that cost $6.3 million.”

    Sounds like an admission that their ‘gun control’ plans didn’t go as well as they hoped.

  5. I like Dee’s, may be, unintended pun in her last line referring to “nick”.

    Ned you are a gem at times.

    A fence in Canberra is a planned complete waste of taxpayers finances. These idiots walled up in Canberra, I am sure spend most of their time, (our time for which we pay dearly) dreaming up ways of how to screw the treasury of tax payments. I wonder if the contractor of 1.6 million dollars has a contact within the now fenced area?

    If they really wanted to eradicate terrorism possibilities in Australia they need to close down ASIO, and make sure that the CIA, Mossad and MI 5 &6, are never able to infiltrate our Nation.

  6. Don, I have never known you to get it wrong.
    I am completely in agreement with you about the male thing.
    And yes, women should get in there and do something about the guys.
    Come on, girls, forget the glass ceiling crap and save the world.

  7. On a side note . Osi.systems up 23% since February .Wonder how much our connected leaders have invested . Profit for the rich has never been easier . Sure beats money in the bank . Murder to maximise earnings and bring in a police state .

  8. The newer of these two court buildings mirrors Canberra’s paranoia:

    A barricade against air & land vehicles, but what about internal security?

    With the exception of the toilet cubicles every square inch of the place appears to be under surveillance, but when a book belonging to my son inexplicably”disappeared” the head Registrar’s word for word response was, quote,
    “well you can’t leave anything lying around here, there’s all sorts of undesirables around here,ha ha ha, aboriginals, maoris, hahaha”

  9. The below-referenced courthouse is a regular dive for privately employed security officers doing all sorts of thing’s they’re not authorised to do. Such as acting as proxy registrars and carrying out selective body searches at the beck & call of a local magistrate. Problem is that most folk don’t want to know that magistrates aren’t authorised to order anything outside of a court session. Fear rules.

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    • Diane ,
      so sad to see the hidden hand spreading their tentacles everywhere .
      I try to tell family and friends , but they say I’m insane . The communist technocracy has taken over and most people love embrace and worship it . Tragic .

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