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The Mighty Has Fallen — The Downing of a Movie Mogul

Harvey Weinstein (photo – Variety)

by Dee McLachlan

For decades many people knew that Harvey Weinstein was using his Hollywood power in a predatory nature.

Why did it take so long for this to finally surface? Well, when you’re God, and that’s what Harvey was in Hollywood, it takes a little longer. Being in the film industry, and having lived in Los Angeles for about seven years, I am familiar with how the dice roll there. One “break” can lead to a million dollar career — along with fame, and all that Hollywood offers. It is totally seductive in every way.

But careers can as easily be broken, too. You’ve probably heard of the saying, “You’ll never work in this town again.” So true. Asia Argento, an Italian film actress and director, did not speak out, until now, about how Weinstein forcibly performed oral sex on her, for fear that Harvey would “crush” her. To quote her: “I know he has crushed a lot of people before… That’s why this story—in my case, it’s twenty years old.”

Hollywood, the hub of the entertainment industry, is run by a handful of studios and agencies. If they sniff scandal around someone, they will abandon that person quickly and set them adrift. So, there really is safety in numbers.

Andrew Bolt writes:

“The most shocking thing about Harvey Weinstein is that so many people in Hollywood knew he was a sexual predator and said nothing. They included stars, producers, staff, reporters and, obviously, the victims themselves, at least eight of whom accepted money from the famous producer to shut up…

“…13 other women who say Weinstein sexually harassed or assaulted them, and three claimed he raped them. (Weinstein denies that.) The New York Times says it found six more victims…”

There are probably many powerful people in the entertainment industry playing a similar game. That’s part of the culture. So why Mr Weinstein? One commentator suggested that there might have been a power struggle within the company, or within the Hollywood elite, and by leaking information, facilitated his downfall. Maybe people just got sick and tired of God.

The Bigger Issue of Power

At the moment, this is an issue about Mr Weinstein’s predatory nature, and how he might be prosecuted. But I think there’s a bigger learning here, and that is: Understanding how the powerful operate — and how they have the ability to deprive others of a livelihood, or what they deserve in life.

We need to work on methods of exposure and prosecution. And here I am not talking just about the Weinstein factor, I am talking about corporate cover-ups, government crimes,  false flags, high level pedophilia, and medical corruption.

People, in general, are fearful to speak out. It has been ingrained into us — into society, that those who speak out will most likely be punished in some way. We need to understand this, and break the fear cycle.

These Weinstein revelations have been called a “bombshell.” Far from it. It would be a bombshell when people in powerful positions are arrested for 9/11 and other false flag crimes.

Below is a 2013 video of actor Seth MacFarlane, when he, in front of several hundred million television viewers, figuratively kicked Weinstein in the balls.






  1. Those who have been follwing internet reports for a decade plus, knew that Hollywood was a fake whitened sepulture run and controlled by the rotting.
    THe Harvey corpse has scarpered out of the the cesspool it is reported …….. to join with his fellow sicko control freak corpse, Roman Polanski avoiding Justice and protected by his sick followers?
    Now for exposures of the politicial subhuman perverted fellow travellers in the swamp.
    The Epstein sex (blackmail) Island surely has to have its clients dealt with.

  2. Of course he is a sick pervert…. the whole of hollywood is the vipers nest…one wonders why they’ve thrown him to the crowd….meanwhile avoiding the elephant in the room, Paedophilia. It could be his connection to de niro and the $100,000 vaccine challenge. ALL The worlds a stage

    • Ok.
      Just tested the link and found it is not avaiable so just search: kangaroo court of australa ( shane Dowling) go back to the channel 7 (Sydney) reports.
      Shane, it would seem, is restricted presently by SERCO. 😯
      By the way, I think Shane’s bee in his bonnet is in many ways on the wrong daisy.
      But bees are useful.

  3. Re:corporate cover-ups, government crimes, false flags, high level pedophilia, and medical corruption – Yes time for exposure and prosecution.
    Re people not speaking out–hundreds/thousands of people have been speaking out for years–thousnds haven’t–many have been persecuted, ostracised, threatened and killed

    I quote from Fiona Barnett’s blog—

    My statement concerning my 13 ‘Hang on for the Ride’ posts:

    My reasons for posting this information is as follows:

    With the exception of the 2 detectives who took my statements in Sydney on 2-3 November 2015 – the NSW Police force have refused to protect me from my neighbour who moved next door from Wollongong 10 years ago. Ever since then, he has assaulted my family, poisoned my dog, constantly harassed and intimidated and threatened my family including 2 children. Further, police have targeted me for harassment during the past 10 years since I advocated for the many children abused by the Tweed Shire pedo ring.
    I know from past experience that the 2 good officers who took my statements will be prevented from doing their job and investigating my claims. Dr Reina Michaelson attests that she witnessed a good female officer’s career destroyed by her command, because she pursued claims of ritual abuse and VIP pedo network in Victoria involving politicians, police, Channel 10 making kiddie porn, etc. I do not want these good officers attacked from within like Peter Fox was. Peter Fox’s police command rang his private doctor and insisted she declare Peter Fox medically insane.
    Many victims of the same VIP pedophile network that I described to police have contacted me in the past month. Not one of the stronger capable group of these people have publicly supported me by joining me and speaking out. Consequently, the pedophile network have severely targeted me. I believe my life is at risk because the police and Royal Commission have failed to support me with witness protection.
    I am exhausted. I have no other means of protecting my family other than sharing the information that places my family at risk as long as it remains a secret. It is out now – perhaps now my husband and children are safe.
    I share this information so that other victims may recognise their own abuse experiences and know that they are not crazy, not alone – that YES this did happen to them.
    Most importantly – I speak out to give a voice to the 100+ children I witnessed raped, tortured and murdered throughout my nightmare childhood. I saw children bred in captivity beneath Holsworthy to be used as human guinea pigs in horrendous unethical medical experiments – all in the name of national security. THESE CHILDREN DID INDEED EXIST!!
    I would like to thank my supporters, including SNAP and others – they know who they are.
    And now, on a deeply personal note – I acknowledge that many victims have been abused in the name of religion. God is not reflected in churchianity, Hillsong, the Roman Catholic Church, or any of the other infiltrated organisation. I know that many victims reel when I mention God, which is why I have avoided it. But many people ask me, what is the source of my strength and hope. My strength, perseverance and survival are a testimony to the existence and authority of God and His only Son Jesus Christ. That is what I believe. That is all I have to offer besides my witness testimony. That is all I had to comfort me throughout my abuse.

    • Thank you, Diane, and Fiona.

      For book-length reports of what happens to children in Holsworthy-like settings, in the USA, see Carol Rutz’s “A Nation Betrayed” and Kathleen A Sullivan’s “Unshackled.”

      The whole thing is astounding but we should not let the astoundingness hold us back from pursuing these sick men.

      “You could be next.”

  4. The exposure is the punishment for some other transgression within his own in-group. Harvey has pissed off some people who are using this as a form of punishment and warning to others who don’t toe the line. No-one cared before, and they still don’t care. The use of media exposure is the club being used to beat him up for some other reason. This is the same (((media))) who said nothing about his peccadilloes until now, and you can safely say they all knew long before today.

  5. In the Hollywood Harvey Weinstein was probably one the most powerful people with the ability to create and resurrect careers. So many writers, producers and directors – for decades – tried to be in his favour — to be part of the Oscar winning films his company produced or distributed. I think this is a case—people got tired of ‘god’. Competitors might have facilitated a power vacuum which many others want to fill.

  6. Here, here.

    The only matter that’s worthy of attention is that,without a fan-club Hollywood would not exist,ditto the attendant underworld

  7. As encouraging as that interview might appear to be it’s critical to remember that the ABC doesn’t aspire to anything more than being on the winning team and that it continues to be a major investor in the Region’s sycophantic festering pool.

  8. I’d comment on the face-value factor of this story, but they just make it so easy to notice the rancid bagel in the room, and then you get called an anti something.

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