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Solving the Marathon Bomb Mystery, Part 1: Braintree Cab Driver Matanov

A nice, hot bowl of borscht

by Mary W Maxwell

Please help me get “Marathon” out of my life! It is so distressing. How can I walk down the street in Boston knowing that many of the people walking near me have fallen for such a horrible scam?

Note: I never claim that “nobody got hurt at the 2013 Marathon.” I only publish things about which I have at least a modicum of knowledge and I haven’t a clue about the victims. (Except one, Jeff Baumann, whom I am sure is a fake victim, as I explain in my 2017 book, Marathon Bombing.)  My current state of hyper-hyper is based on my recent trip to Canada, during which I had a long visit with Jahar’s Tsarnaev’s Aunt Maret.

She told me more stuff that I can hardly bear. For now I’ll just talk about a guy named Matanov. You may recall Cheryl Dean telling us about the several friends of Jahar who got “kidnapped” by law enforcement, and are now in jail.  Most of them were foreign students at UMass Dartmouth.

Another one who is now in the klink is Cabbie Matanov. I must call him by that nickname as his real first name is a douzie. It is Khairullozhon. Think about it. Could take you a month to conquer the spelling. He drives a cab, so let’s just call him Cabbie Matanov.

When Cabbie saw the picture of Bomber One and Bomber Two on TV, he walked into the police Station in Braintree. Good thing it was Braintree, not Boston, as the FBI had not yet got control of the outlying areas such as Braintree.

Matanov was doing what you or I would do. He was saying “Hey, Coppers, y’all done got the wrong man. My friends the Tsarnaev brothers would never do a bombing.”

Furthermore, he said, “I was with Tamerlan and Jahar only hours after the stupid Marathon on Monday and Tam was sporting a beard.  So, the guy you posted a picture of, on TV, strolling down to the finish line, is clean shaven. What’s up? How could a guy be clean shaven around 2pm and have a nice thick beard by 5pm when I saw him? I’ve heard of 5 o’clock shadow but give me a break.”

Or words to that effect.

The Braintree police took his written statement, so it exists somewhere.  But of course it was not to see the light of day, as it TOTALLY MESSES UP THE PROGRAM. Like this was catastrophe city for the FBI.

So what to do? Go on, use your cerebrum, cerebellum, and medulla oblongata. Concentrate. I know you can work it out. How can the police or FBI handle this young cab driver in their hour of crisis?

Very good! You guessed right — they arrested him. They waited a few months but then they pulled him in. He is behind bars even as we speak. Otherwise he’d have had to be car-crashed, right?

But wait. Cabbie didn’t just mouth off to the Men in Blue. He got on the wire to Uzbekistan (his home country). He, being a cabbie, also told every passenger what was on his mind. He told Jahar’s friends and the entire array of cousins and aunties. One auntie in particular. Her nibs in Canada.

The Borscht

So that’s where I come in. But now let me explain the photo above. Maret made a nice meal to welcome me. But the fact is, I have an uneducated palate and did not want to taste Russian (actually, Ukranian) fare. So I looks at Maret and says “Since when do I eat borscht?”

This brought gales of laughter, as Maret knew the pun that was intended. You see, on the evening of April 15, 2013, after everyone in M’assachusetts was in shock (before they got miraculously “strong”), friends from all over started phoning their Boston contacts to ask “Are you all right?” People always do that. (There’s a fire in Melbourne? People would call me in Adelaide to see if I’m OK.)

Even Tamerlan’s family called him, from darkest Russia to Cambridge, M’ass. His Dad, Anzor Tsarnaev, said “Are you and Jahar all right? Didn’t get hurt by the bombing, did you?” Sonny says to Dad “Since when do we go to Marathons?”

I heard that story two years ago from Maret.  So of course I was pleased when she got hysterical over my little joke “Since when do I eat borscht?”

Getting to Jail

You will want to know how Cabbie Manatov’s arrest turned into imprisonment. He must have had a trial, right? Josée Lépine has no doubt scooped up the transcript of it, in her usual way, right?

Not exactly. There is another way, in The Great Republic, to get from arrest to imprisonment, one that the Founding Fathers did not put into the Constitution — as it never crossed their li’l ol’ cotton-pickin minds.

I mean plea bargaining. Who needs a Bill of Rights when you’ve got practically every crim nowadays “volunteering” a guilty plea in exchange for a reduced sentence?

They did not arrest Cabbie in April. They waited many months, till they had got all the key friends of Jahar under control. Then they found something to charge him with.

I do declare they must have got it straight from Blackstone’s (1769) Commentaries on the Laws of England, Volume 4. Yes, they got him for O-B-S-T-R-U-C-T-I-O-N of  J-U-S-T-I-C-E (as in interfering with the investigation).

Enter, Rupert Murdoch, or the Ghost of Randolph Hearst, Whichever

Now we shall see how the media took care of the Cabbie problemo. And this is why you never heard that a young man had marched his-sef into the po-lice station. And why you never, till this minute – or me till October 5 – knew that there was a “beard wardrobe malfunction.”

It’s because the media – who probably wrote the whole bombing plan anyway – had nary a prick of conscience about telling the Braintree story in a quite different way. Let’s see what The Boston Globe had to say.

Google announces the Globe headline:

“Tsarnaev Friend Scheduled To Plead Guilty To Misleading Investigators.” (Pretty funny, they’re talking about the “misleading investigators”.)

Oops, the Globe ‘s website says I have used up my 5 free visits and have to pay. Never mind, I’ll take my business elsewhere. Ah, NBC has it:

Mar 24 2015   Matanov, a cab driver from Kyrgyzstan who’s been in the U.S. since 2010, was arrested a few weeks after the bombings. The FBI said that on the evening after blasts, he had dinner with both Tsarnaev brothers and spoke by phone with Tamerlan several times in the days after. But when he was interviewed by police, Matanov claimed to know the brothers only casually and later deleted a large amount of data from his computer, prosecutors charged.

The FBI also said Matanov participated in a variety of activities with Tamerlan Tsarnaev, “including discussing religious topics and hiking up a New Hampshire mountain in order to train like, and praise, the ‘mujahideen.'”

Surprisingly this fairly small matter was also covered in the high-brow New Yorker but it’s no longer online.

Can you stomach The Guardian?

Try this from theGuardian.com:

“Guilty”, Matanov, 24, said in an afternoon hearing at US district court in Boston when asked how he pleaded to three charges of lying to investigators in a federal investigation and one of destroying evidence, for deleting files on his laptop.

Matanov, who appeared in court with his ankles shackled, was arrested in May 2014 and charged with lying to investigators; he has been held in federal custody since that time.

A deal with prosecutors could result in a sentence of two and a half years in prison, less time served, said US district judge William Young, who did not immediately accept the deal. If convicted at trial, he could have faced up to 20 years in prison.
Young scheduled a sentencing hearing for 18 June.

The Judge (and You Wonder Why We Have Tragedies)

Reuters’ narrative has more, including AN APOLOGY FROM MATANOV, and “tears in his eyes,” too. And a quote from US District Judge William Young to Cabbie:

“All we asked you to do was give a hand. All we wanted you to do was help us out, but you didn’t do that,” Young said. “You had a duty to humanity and you failed in that duty.”

Wow. I see Judge Young graduated from Harvard College in 1962 and Harvard Law in 1967.

“Fair Harvard, thy sons to thy Jubilee throng, And with blessings surrender thee o’er  – etc, etc.”

He has worked on two of my favorite dishonest cases. Wikipedia (CIA) says:

“Judge Young has heard many famous criminal cases as a Massachusetts state judge including the Boston Strangler case.  After his federal appointment Judge Young sentenced Richard Reid, better known as the shoe bomber, to 3 life terms plus 110 years in prison.”

I must look up my Gumshoe series “Getting a Judge.”

–Mary W Maxwell is the author of “Marathon Bombing: Indicting the Players”. It is a free download at www.MaxwellForSenate.com



  1. Marylyn Munroe (?l called Hollywood a brothel. I dare say it is the largest brothel in the US.
    The FBI might be called the largest collection of gangsters under the one department, although the CIA may be similar.
    The Boston Bombing affair is just one in a series of official criminality and corrupt Justice.
    For years Mike Rivero at http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/ has published photographs of the ‘victim’s’ backpack that does not match parts of the remains of the backpack containing the bomb. Yet that evidence was not presented by defence counsel to the court. The real perpetrators are dressed in khaki trousers and black jackets.
    The US system may be classed as evil by that evidence alone.
    Now we have the Las Vegas false flag murders. There is a good article on the latest of the falsification of the LV criminal coverup at zerohedge.com.
    Just note the comments as well. Even the alternative media was locked out of shonkey Joe’s press conference, Jesus has been gagged and a honcho stands outside his house being a security guard for an alleged security company that is reported not to exist in Nevada.
    The whole system in the US is being exposed as crooked, prostituted and criminal.
    The alternative media, by exposing this material and questioning the integrity of governance in the US must lead to complete failure of trust in the integrity of the US worlwide…… but it already has for the informed.
    The US is stuffed and I have not even mentioned the Kennedy murder and cover up plus the 911 mass murders.
    Regrettably, our Federal government pollies and msm have not the backbone, the stomack or the brain to be distant from the evil possessing the US and likewise will face a greater loss of trust and confidence than it has been losing for decades.

  2. The discovery of this sort of information, proves that “private enterprise” ownership of the news media is probably worse that than the Communist Government propaganda machine of the old USSR.

  3. The Blackstone in me has only just noticed that the prosecutor who agrees to drop many charges as part of a plea bargain, is showing contempt for the law.

    He/she is guilty of obstruction of justice thereby — never mind what the prosecutor also did in lining Matanov up for the unjustified charge of “interfering in the investigation.”

    Though, with any luck, Manatov’s good work WILL interfere with the “investigation.”

    You go, Manatov!

    • Ahem, Ahem.
      42 USC 1985 (the civil rights law) says:

      If two or more persons conspire to deter, by force, intimidation, or threat, any party or witness in any court of the United States … from testifying to any matter pending therein, freely, fully, and truthfully,… [“Hey, my buddy wore a beard type thing”]…

      the party so injured or deprived may have an action for the recovery of damages occasioned by such injury or deprivation, against any one or more of the conspirators.

      Jeepers, Manatov, this could have CASH VALUE!

  4. Hi Mary, I knew you would have new articles soon after your visit to Canada. You are right on about everything, but just want to say that Matanov has been out of prison for some time now. He is back in his home country and seems to be doing very well, however he is now silent on the fate of his friends and the whole case. I wrote to him a couple times while he was incarcerated and he wrote bac k to me saying that himself and the brothers were innocent. The feds had deployed a big drone to follow his every move until they arrested him. He said-it was like huge hawks circling a tiny sparrow just waiting for the perfect time to swoop down and devour that little sparrow for no reason at all just to be cruel.

      • Robel is still in jail, should be released in January.. There were many friends (don’t have an exact count) that were deported for no reason at all, they knew nothing but feds didn’t want anyone left who might testify on behalf of Dzhokhar. Todashevs girlfriend was deported as soon as they killed him. One friend was jailed then deported because he wouldn’t wear a wire for the feds to spy on another friend. Of course Dias and Azamat.

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