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Space Dominance, Moon Rocks, the Van Allen Belt, and Blowing a Hole in the Ozone Layer

Tim Peake (UK) relaxes in space, reading cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin’s autobiography. (photo: ESA, Nasa)

By G5

There is a simple little video [here] of British Astronaut/Cosmonaut Tim Peake, returning to Earth on 18/6/2016, after 186 days on the ISS [International Space Station]. The three were returned by a Soyuz and landed in Kazakhstan. Two Russian Cosmonauts, including the one to his left, spent over 800 days on the ISS.

Not a Space Shuttle in sight. Another great technological Hoax, perhaps. [Video on Soyuz]

The UK paid The Russian Space Agency [RSA] some £80 million to have one of their’s in space. Questionable PR value, even though he conducted some 250 experiments of soughts — whatever that means. 

NASA quietly pays the sanctioned [sic] RSA some $70 million per ride, to and from the ISS. While Elon Musk is touting domestic rocket journeys, within seven years, he and Branson are signing up imbeciles for Martian journeys. And all while Space-X keeps having launch explosions, NASA is not capable of flying to or from Low Earth Orbit. Yet we suffer the song and dance, that America strutted the moon some half a century ago. Are the herds off their medication?

The International Space Station and Dominance

Two years ago, amid Sanction Serenades, NASA was going to fly to and service the ISS. There were trapped people with dwindling supplies, while America was playing games of posture stupidity. NASA had two launch explosions within days. Without notice and niceties, RSA flew to, docked with, and delivered all the supplies needed — while NASA was still contemplating its navel, and ways around the idiocy of Obama’s Sanctions Serenade.

The correct decision was adopted. America stepped back and Russia conducted what was required. But the retard herds were not advised, the reality of which could make America look rather silly. We couldn’t have that. And we couldn’t have the delicately stacked Belief Systems of the retard brigades, compromised.

There are higher requirements than foot stomps, fist waves, poutings, and tough talk, from a loon as Obama. Especially after he was exposed for running up dark alleys, such as Crimea. Sure, Russia was going to walk away from Sevastopol, because America said so. Russia is terrified by The American Military Machine, and is deeply concerned about American Public Opinion, Social Media, and MSM anchor comments. So with all that great pressure, Russia went down to Crimea and told the campers to get out. And from there Obama had two options: a really big online petition, or a Sanctions Serenade.

The NASA Shuttles of course being long exposed (Just like Sandy Hook, and the Boston Marathon). Not a conspiracy, just a hoax. The people did not die.

Now what happened to the narrative of American Space Dominance — which leads to the mythology of Full Spectrum Military Dominance. And which in turn leads to the illusion of an operational Missile Defence System. Which in turn ends up with an illusion of the capability of pre-emption. Just as well America is an impotent military and economic power.

So we were not just ‘Seeing Things’ when the press corps on the deck of the USS Hornet, actually did see the Apollo II capsule dropped by parachutes from the back of a USAF freighter. It was certainly not hot (no steam in the water) and showed no signs of re-entry burn (that was added later).

So it would be reasonable to suggest that Russia always had and maintains the dominance of space.

Rocks, Libraries and Operation Paperclip

Except for that slight diversion way back in 1969/70, when America had 12 of its heroes suddenly walk the Moon. Then nothing happened. The Moon Rocks were gathered by SS von Braun (Peenemunde, Mittelwerk) from Antarctica. It was the water and mineral analysis that proved America lied — yet again.

Mittelwerk also allowed Nazi Germany to house that slave labour force below ground. Out of reach of Allied bombing raids. There were certainly a lot of deaths caused by Britain’s Ruhr Valley Dam Bombings, among others.

But we don’t need to discuss that true history at this time. It might upset the official ‘religious’ versions. And besides it’s all there for the curious. Unfortunately in this modern digital world, you need libraries of real books. Now libraries are dwindling these days.

We have a ‘paperless world’ looming. And of course we have Climate Change to consider. Libraries are high on design and low on substance. So they regularly hold sales to dispose of old books, nobody wants.

And as for a reading haven. Well, libraries are now after school meeting places for the noisy, meaningless, and thick of brain. Very few would have access to real libraries of say, Oxbridge Colleges. So the world is dumbing down very nicely.

Operation Paperclip seemed a huge effort that returned nothing enduring. Not a Space Race Victory, not a Military Pre-eminence, not an Economic Pre-eminence, not even an enduring Propaganda Pre-eminence.

Well, we all believe the Moon Walks don’t we? The problem with American Propaganda, is the fact that, as the years pass, all the propaganda — Space, Military, and Economic — really starts to smell rank.

So if the RSA “controls” Space, what happened to NASA?

From the time of Operation Paperclip, and the funding poured into NASA — that was actually diverted to the various American Missile Projects — something went wrong. It couldn’t be that America began believing its own unsustainable propaganda. Surely.

The Saturn V could not fly with the weight stated. The flame colour on launch indicated problems concerning lift weight, fuel mixture, and engine configuration. It was a Hoax. The capsule shape was unbalanced and would tumble on re-entry. The craft allegedly orbiting the Moon, and that which landed and allegedly flew to dock with the one orbiting, all defies logic.

Van Allen Belts

And of course there are the Van Allen Belts, through which human life cannot pass. And most of the equipment that America claims to have sent into deeper space, also could not pass, undamaged.

Space research also harks back to satellite and missile technologies. So if there is one massive over-arching need concerning space, and a desperation to push that illusion of ‘Dominance’, then clearly something is wrong.

But surely someone from an opposition camp would make noises and MSM would question? When Reality is presented, it’s a Conspiracy Theory. And MSM is linked umbilically to Government. So who are the losers — but the captured, and who cares.

The second clip is interesting. It is also now buried on the net and heading for extinction. Like many other thruths. It states that human life cannot pass the Van Allen Belts, and that The American Orion Project is investigating this. So if they have already walked the moon, why is there, a half a century on, a need to investigate The Van Allen Belts?

Starfish — Blowing Away the Van Allen Belts

The previous American Junk Science logic of Operation Starfish, had America detonate nuclear devices in the Ionosphere, in a belief that The Van Allen Belts could be blown away — like attempting to blow dust in the air. But explain that to American Junk Science Experts.

The result, of course, was blowing a hole in The Ozone Layer, which takes centuries to replace. It was blamed on CFCs. From one American driven stupidity to the next. The Van Allen Belts are deep active particle layers from the Sun, that cannot be moved away. [Note this article and video]

Back in the summer of 1962, the U.S. blew up a hydrogen bomb in outer space, some 250 miles above the Pacific Ocean. It was a weapons test, but one that created a man-made light show that has never been equaled (source, NPR screen grab)

Well at least American Experts had recognized why they could not reach the Moon. Apart from having zero technology to accomplish it.

So: If you can’t make it, fake it. And, Bullshit baffles brains. The philosophies that have made America what it is today.

We have in one move: America never walked the Moon, half a century ago. And of course, American Satellites and Missiles are also in the category of The Emperor has no Clothes.

The arguments that mommy saw it live on TV, or 400,000 worked on the project, and none of those would lie, are all non sequiturs. Mommy was shown a fiction. The 400,000 on The Apollo Project, were as those working on the Manhattan Project. None of them knew what they were working on.




  1. G5 thanks for letting me know about the blasting of a hole in the Ozone layer. I will have to write a special article on this one. I always wondered — why a hole? Just near and over Oz. Why was it not thinning all over? They did this back in 1962. You can only wonder what these lunatics are up to in 2017. Actually you can’t. No sane person can have such a catastrophic imagination.

  2. I have been trying to inform people about the impossibility of travelling through the Van Allen Belt for years, only to be laughed at.

    The other problem is, how when sunlight travels in a straight line, and the hole in the Ozone layer is over Antarctica being at the bottom of the Earth, in relation to the Sun as it were, does the extra radiation get through that hole? For the light coming from the Sun to enter that hole in the Ozone layer, the rays of sunlight would have to bounce off or be reflected by a body in space. (????)

    • So is all the extra radiation that is supposedly hitting Earth through the hole in the Ozone layer really the radiation, released by all the nations involved with hydrogen and atomic bomb testing? With the addition nowadays from nuclear power plants and especially those of Chernobyl and Fukashima.

    • Mal, re being laughed at… I call that making waves.. I love my boat, and the way I know Im making progress, is when Im making waves 🙂

      Berry Commented on another article, so Ill just add a friendly snip here,

      “The truth is that most people need some sort of personal adversity in order to wake up:”

      I was chatting with friends the other evening, and one referred to my opinions as “conspiracy theories” – but they meant it in the best possible way – I said I didnt mind that term, however wrong it is, as all my opinions are based on public facts, public knowledge, though not common knowledge. it does get a bit tiresome though.. if I say, if i could show you all this information to back up everything I say, readily available online, that you can check and verify for yourself, would you be interested in even looking at it? the answer … more often than not, is no answer.. a shrug perhaps

      back to Berry, and ill add, theres a whole lot of apathy out there, Im alright jack, so .. well I dont care.

      I remember my mum telling me, son, one day youll go to school, and learn so much.. and so i did, the next day she told me to get out of bed, as I had to go to school again.,. “AGAIN?” I asked.. “you said ONE DAY i would have to go to school! ( not really, its an old joke ) – but really, im so mad, i spent all that time being indoctrinated, instead of educated.. what i waste, I could have been a contender!

      remembering again…Id not been in school long when my dad called me in one day to watch man walking on the moon, we were lucky enough to have a television. I looked, sniffed, and walked out, thought nothing much of it. why couldnt we be on the moon? we had cars, trains, aeroplanes, tv’s…

      it was in all the papers, all my teachers were talking about it at school..

      i imagine what might have happenned if i turned up at school after armstongs giant leap proclamation, and exlaimed myself.. “man on the moon? are you effing kidding me!?”

      I imagine id have felt the sting of the cane, a little sooner than I actually did. Im glad they beat me then.. at least it made me get out of the system a bit earlier than i otherwise might have. school… pffft, they couldnt learn me nuffink.

      thanks for the article G5

  3. Why would NASA be doing exploration trips to Mars supposedly to eventually set up a colony for human life, when this will always be an impossible task. The environment on Mars is absolutely hostile to human habitation in so may ways.

    The answer to my question, is I believe, so that the military industrial complex can have another avenue of ripping off the taxpayer. For every dollar spent on the equipment, investors and management in the companies that are part of the military industrial complex, receive a huge percentage of that dollar in commissions and rip-offs.

    • You obviously heard about Gumshoe’s Space proposal. The idea is to set up a prison on Mars so we can send those who have committed crimes against humanity — off in space ships to the new penal colony. The first prison shuttle is the Aboukir. And we’ll get $10million per prisoner to send them off into space, with no return ticket.

  4. In due course we all will die, happy will be those of us laughing ourselves to death at; the pollies, journos, shock jokes, ABC’s Jonathon Faine and all the herds of dumbed down dupes and fools.
    Enjoy the experience, then when the time comes: Dying laughing, Oh, what a feeling!

  5. After seeing building 7 collapsing simmetrically into its own footprint at the speed of gravity, I now question everything I used to think I knew. Simple physics says this cannot happen without an external force.
    I really want to believe in the moon landings. The astronauts and engineers to this day are huge heroes of mine and what they achieved is unreal which is perhaps a poor choice of words.
    I have looked at several arguments for and against the moon landings but none of them have convinced me either way. Although I don’t really understand the Van Allen belt, I can see that there are many questions and anomalies. However, one question that I have seen no discussion about is where is the fuel tank to get the lander to and from the moon from orbit.
    A space rocket is a massive machine that mostly consists of a fuel tank in order to put the tiny payload at the top into orbit. The more fuel that is required equals more weight which means more fuel and bigger engines so the size of the rocket goes up exponentially according to the payload and gravity. The moons gravity is far less than earths but a sixth gravity still requires a lot of fuel to control the vehicle descending and ascending. I have looked at photos of the lander as well as full scale models in museums and I cannot figure out where the fuel is stored.
    Can anyone help me understand the simple physics of this?

    • What has left me wondering was the camera work from the moon. The module blasts off from the moon, and the camera (stuck on the moon, presumably on a tripod) is titling upwards in sync as is shoots up. I post this for the cameraman

    • I like these sites john..

      photographic studies of apollo – but the main site has a lot of other information..

      and this site http://moonfaker.com/home.html – that lad sure seems a lot smarter than me, and delves into the science of everything.

      after believing all my life we had landed on the moon, I now accept a different reality, that we didnt.. it didnt happen overnight, but after looking at all the arguments against it, and like you say, the same people that tell us it is true, are the same ones that tell us colossal lies re 9/11 etc etc etc, so , I simply cant accept anything they tell me now without a whole heap of proof.

    • John,
      Untill about a decade ago I could not be bothered about moon landing questions and still don’t care…….. although project Orion has caused a giggle.
      Anyway, way back I saw a video of your ‘heroes’ in their first press conference after their ‘heroic’ and ‘life thteatening’ exploit.
      If ever there was a lin-up of miserable ‘heros’, it must be worth an academy award winner, their whole presence exhibited naught achievement……. best bit of nonchalance (?) ever filmed.

      • Sorry about a couple of typos.
        I just had a couple of minutes to view the start of the press conference and it is better than I remembered …….. definitely an academy award is deserved for a scene of nonchalance.
        The version I saw had about three and a half thousand comments…… wonder what was written about the heroes, no time for me.
        Dee, would you please put in a link to the press conference.

          • I have limited download provisions and wish I could view these interviews fully.
            But the first minute or so corroborates my suspicion that there may be some successful space activities that are truly secret.
            HInts turn up in various reports other than with this moon hoax stuff.

        • yes Ned, how extraordinary that was! not a shred of achievement.. pride, wonder… just going through the motions.

          even Neil Armstrong, “thats one small step for man, one giant leap ( of faith? ) for mankind!”

          lucky i wasnt an astronaut or todays kids would be learning, the first words that man said when he set foot on the moon were, “unf&^%$ng believable! whoohoo! yay! Im on the f&(^NG MOON! for FU$KS sake! THE F()^(*&^%(G MOON!!!!! AAAARRRRGGGGHHH!!! WHHHHOOOOEEEEEEEEEE!!!!”

          • I have suspected for some time that you are a fair dinkum Australian.
            You have just passed your Australian citizenship test.

      • Ned, you’ve never been a military aviator. Every one of use wanted to have the nonchalance of Chuck Yeager. Even when things got REALLY ugly, you just stayed cool on the radio. It was part of the persona of being ‘The Right Stuff’, just business as usual, yawn…

        Great movie by the way.

  6. It is written, that ozone hole was more likely caused by a patent expiry than the splitting or fusing of atoms that might get hot but don’t go bang. It’s all to do with mushrooms and clouds: fogging up the physics as well as keeping us in the dark and feeding us b/s.

  7. In ’69 , told my grandfather that Armstrong landed on the moon . When I said that he called it bullshit . Took me a few decades to realise what a sixty four year old man knew without even having to think about it . He knew cause he suffered hardship war and communism . His feet were firmly standing on the ground he worked to feed all in his family . Different time and place .

  8. Ok, i am a conspiracy cynic.
    I accept nothing from government without proof.
    I suspect all government discourse.
    Poor a glass and think.
    The bastards are, calculating, brilliant , manipulative and most likely, evil.
    So we have some NASA dimwit telling us fhat the Van Ellen radiation belt needs some review. Is he a idiot or setting us up as part of the apollo hoax?.
    As a cynic, is it reasonble to propose that the moon hoax is a exposed distraction for the truth that they dare not expose to the herds?

  9. Further to the above.
    So G5 witnessed with other press people the Apollo capsule being off loaded by a transport.
    Give me a break.
    The plan was that in due course it would be exposed.
    Thus we now have the planned debate on the apollo hoax to obfuscate what is really happening.
    Sorry G5 but there is too much bs to entertain, as you would appreciate.

  10. The Apollo moon landing I viewed on my telly, way back, might have been more impressive to me today if I could actually see anything. The quality was abysmal, even for a black and white TV. Ive learnt that the quality deteriorated, as it was transmitted and then retransmitted around the world, but apparently, the raw footage, was crystal clear.

    Would you like to view the RAW footage of the landings? well, youre too late! because theyve just passed by, I mean, NASA deleted them. Never again will anyone be able to see, let alone scrutinise, the original footage.

    What many say, is the historical record of the most incredible achievement of mankind ever, NASA deleted, why? because they needed the tapes for something else.

    Its like recording over your wedding video, or a childs birth, to tape the footy grand final I guess.

    NASA Astronaut Don Pettit says “We Can’t Go Back To The Moon, We Don’t Have That Technology Anymore” – that was also destroyed, and it is too hard to rebuild it. (????)

  11. Is Don Pettit for real? and if so is he speaking on behalf of NASA. “We destroyed the technology and can’t do it anymore” or words to that effect. What crap! If they don’t have that technology how are they going to have more advanced technology?

    It like saying we don’t have the technology to fly jet aeroplanes but we are going to fly a man to the moon using a rocket. Or we don’t know how to build a two storey building, but our next venture is to build a high rise tower complex. I say bunkum!

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