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Greg Buck on Obamacare


Andrea Buck did a spontaneous (audio) interview with Greg Buck on Obamacare on the week-end.





  1. Completely true other than the inference that a “diabolical problem” will eventually just “blow-up”.

    What really needs to be spelled out is that the momentum of a humanely devised system can only be broken via specific repudiation. Waiting for a patch of bad weather to blow over isn’t the same as keeping the wolf from the door and nobody else can do it for you.

    • Not quite. If something can’t go on forever it won’t. Capitalising the cost onto the loan, which is what all of this borrowing from the future amounts to, only works until the future arrives. The debts are getting so large, so quickly, that “the future” is turning into “now”.

  2. Pigs rule in the barnyard . Healthcare same script as banking .
    200% net profit on mortgage . To be a banker , loan a million get back 3 million .
    Take it further , multiply it by 5 million loans . And they still want more in taxes to pay for military industrial war complex . Then in retirement , pay them 80k a year for a room in nursing home .
    The system is a bloodsucking vampire , profiting to infinity , on the perpetual debt of the suffering 99% mass .

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