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The Lunatics Running the Show — “Let’s Blow Sh*t Up” (and See What Happens to the Ozone Layer)

Is this a picture of a 1962 postcard? It certainly looks like one

By Dee McLachlan

This was published in npr.org (July 2010):

“…the hydrogen bomb… literally created an artificial extension of the Van Allen belts that could be seen across the Pacific Ocean, from Hawaii to New Zealand. In Honolulu, the explosions were front page news. ‘N-Blast Tonight May Be Dazzling: Good View Likely,’ said the Honolulu Advertiser. Hotels held what they called ‘Rainbow Bomb Parties’ on rooftops and verandas. When the bomb burst, people told of blackouts and strange electrical malfunctions, like garage doors opening and closing on their own. But the big show was in the sky.”

When G5 wrote to me the other day with the article about space, it included a paragraph about Operation Starfish and the Ozone layer. Well I was blown away. I’ve always thought that the Military Industrial Complex is on a dangerous path with weapons testing, but learning about the atmospheric nuclear testing proves, to me, that we need urgently to shut them all down. Such people are leading us towards extinction.

To recap G5:

“Operation Starfish had America detonate nuclear devices in the Ionosphere, in a belief that The Van Allen Belts could be blown away — like attempting to blow dust in the air… The result, of course, was blowing a hole in The Ozone Layer, which takes centuries to replace. It was blamed on CFCs. From one American-driven stupidity to the next.”

I had always wondered why the hole was down over the Southern Hemisphere, when most of the fridges, spewing out CFC’s, were up in the Northern Hemisphere.

Atmospheric Nuclear Tests, Starfish Prime 

The US completed six high-altitude nuclear tests in 1958 (Operation Fishbowl), and then decided to do more. They wanted to investigate the electromagnetic pulse generated, and the auroras associated with high-altitude nuclear explosions. Supposedly (think Congressional funding) they needed to understand better blackout of radio communication, or if the Van Allen belts would move a blast down the bands to an earthly target (e.g. Moscow!).

So, on July 9, 1962, Americans conducted a big one — the high-altitude nuclear test code-named Starfish Prime. It was said to be a joint effort of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) and the Defense Atomic Support Agency. I (reluctantly) quote from Wikipedia:

The light show from Operation Starfish

“It was the largest nuclear test conducted in outer space… A Thor rocket carrying a W49 thermonuclear warhead and a Mk. 2 re-entry vehicle was launched from Johnston Island in the Pacific Ocean, about 1,450 kilometres (900 mi) west-southwest of Hawaii. The explosion took place at an altitude of 250 miles (400 km)… produced a yield equivalent to 1.4 megatonnes of TNT.”

This is allegedly just one of over 300 atmospheric tests.

CFCs and the Ozone

When you Google “What caused the hole in the Ozone?”, you get this answer:

“What are the causes of ozone depletion? When CFCs reach the upper atmosphere they are first degraded by the very high energy of UV (ultra-violet) radiation. Degradation of CFC leaves a free chlorine atom. The basic cause of ozone layer depletion is that this chlorine atom then breaks up ozone molecules. Ozone then disappears.”

We all fell for it, at least I did.

Chlorofluorocarbons and ozone

This is on NASA’s Ozone Watch site:

“CFCs escape into the atmosphere from refrigeration and propellant devices and processes. In the lower atmosphere, they are so stable that they persist for years, even decades. This long lifetime allows some of the CFCs to eventually reach the stratosphere. In the stratosphere, ultraviolet light breaks the bond holding chlorine atoms (Cl) to the CFC molecule. A free chlorine atom goes on to participate in a series of chemical reactions that both destroy ozone and return the free chlorine atom to the atmosphere unchanged, where it can destroy more and more ozone molecules.”

They continue to explain the hole over the Antarctic.

“…in the long months of polar darkness over Antarctica in the winter, atmospheric conditions are unusual. An endlessly circling whirlpool of stratospheric winds called the polar vortex isolates the air in the center. Because it is completely dark, the air in the vortex gets so cold that clouds form, even though the Antarctic air is extremely thin and dry. Chemical reactions take place that could not take place anywhere else…”

I have no idea whether that’s true, and this is making me very nervous as to the ease with which NASA can give us a “story.”

The Reckless Mindset

Well if you want to figure out how something works, why not just blow sh*t up, and see what rains down? That’s what we did as eight-year-old kids — put firecrackers under empty cans and see how high they’d go.

The Soviet Project K nuclear tests were done over central Kazakhstan during the day to avoid eye-burn damage to the population. But these explosions, and the American ones, which done at night, created the greatest light shows ever witnessed. What did they think might happen or go wrong?

Please – these people are insane.

Bill Hartley

Several years ago, a scientist based in Punakaiki (on NZ’s west coast) had come up with a theory that Starfish Prime (one of the 1962 US experiments mentioned above) had caused the hole in the ozone layer.

He witnessed the 1962 blast from Westport, New Zealand, when he was 12. He saw a huge ball of light with rays coming out of it in the sky to the north. In greensagainstnuclearpower, he says:

“The light show was something unearthly and huge. For fun some weeks before, I had read Revelations, so I was shocked to see the moon glowing red in the now pink rays of light expanding from the central ball of golden light.”

He said the rays got brighter and faded after 30 minutes. He only heard later on the radio and the announcer said some people on the West Coast  had witnessed the test. Was this Starfish — all the way from Johnson Island, or another test?

He joined the dots in the 1980s after reading Earth’s Aura – a layman’s guide to the atmosphere. Author Louise B Young discussed the destructive effects atmospheric nuclear testing could have on ozone. Hartley believes the global warming phenomena is probably connected to ozone depletion — yet fingers are pointing to fossil fuels.

Typical. Leaders and governments destroy something, then blame it on the rabble.

Although the ozone hole was initially above the Pacific it migrated slowly down to its present position over Antarctica.

In South Africa, we were sun and surf kids, and I recall when I arrived in Australia in the 90s, I literally felt my skin sizzling. I blamed my fridge then.

The theory I am reporting here is that when the nuclear bombs were detonated, the powerful light activated the massive release of chlorine, creating a gigantic hole in the ozone.


I wish to contact Dane Dane Wigington from Geoengineering Watch, for his opinion. He writes:

“We have known for some time that the UV levels were getting rapidly worse due to the ongoing atmospheric spraying. Anyone that is even slightly awake and aware has noticed that the sun feels incredibly intense on the skin. Most varieties of plant life are showing at least some signs of stress in most areas. In many regions, whole forests are in steep decline. And it’s getting worse by the day.”

Wigington says that high UV exposure to plants,

“Can stop sprouting of seeds, Stunts growth, Reduced foliage, Effects photosynthesis… [and] All aquatic life is particularly vulnerable to high UV levels.”

The powers that be that have experimented on our fragile planet. I’m sure they realize they screwed up — big time, potentially threatening our future survival on the planet.

Are they desperately, and secretively trying to correct this disaster by atmospheric spraying (chemtrails) to cover-up a giant man-made, military-made blunder?

Paris, Prayers, and Antacids

This was written up in  Science Alert in December, 2016. In an article entitled, “New Light-Reflecting Particles in The Stratosphere Could Cool Earth And Fix The Ozone Layer,” Peter Dockrill writes (now a linking error):

“Honouring the commitments made at last year’s historic Paris climate deal will take a huge international effort to lower carbon emissions – but scientists say there’s another way we can help reduce rising global temperatures at the same time.

“In a process called solar geoengineering, light-reflecting particles could be introduced into Earth’s stratosphere to bounce the Sun’s rays back into space and keep the planet cooler. [Hasn’t this been going on for long time Peter?]… Solar geoengineering usually refers to dispersing sulphate aerosols (sulphur-rich particles) into the stratosphere. but they produce sulphuric acid in the stratosphere, which damages the ozone layer.

“Light-reflecting particles be introduced?” Oh-oh, are they trying to justify, and condition us to, the “spraying” that is going on? .

Dockrill’s article continues:

“…after extensive simulations, they [atmospheric scientist Frank Keutsch] discovered that calcite – a constituent of limestone… ‘we ended up with an antacid for the stratosphere,’ [says Keutsch, and]…  ‘The primary purpose is that they are a base and react with strong acids in the stratosphere – it makes salt, which would rain out. That would reverse the problem of the ozone hole’… While that might be good for the ozone in the atmosphere, we don’t know what the environmental effect of salty rain would be on oceans and soil.”

Crimes Against Gaia and Humanity

Is the damage caused by these blasts the big climate lie? We need to have honest science — and we need to punish those that are threatening our existence on this planet.

Immediately we need to start pointing fingers in the right direction.

Come on, decent scientists, start pointing.



  1. Lunatics and filled with a death wish, I guess.

    Thanks Dee, you got ’em on the CFC-from refrigerators story . And to think how we “educated” types all parroted that line.

    Arrrgh. How many other “facts” are we parroting?

    I wonder what Werner von Braun really had in mind. I wish we could interview him.

    Thanks to G5 also.

  2. Yes , the lunatics have been running the nuthouse for generations . Now it’s heading for a chaotic crescendo of epic proportions . One million dollar mortgages plus for the youth with 20k marble bench tops , outside bar-b-q made from 3×2 treated pine ,foam on ext .walls etc .
    What jobs are left are taken by third world youth , that just came off the plane , in search of a better life . Meanwhile our young women (in combat gear) are sent to displace people from their native lands . All local industries tanked except for building which is standing on “feet of clay” .
    Mass immigration to western cities to create serfdom and perpetual debt in the one world communist state .
    Evil is destroying the people and the world by design .
    We have become aliens on our own planet because everything we do today is alien (unnatural) to this earth .
    Greed is the opposite of goodness .
    Pray for peace love and understanding for everyone .

  3. Of recent I heard a scientist disturbed by a public having misgivings about scientists, with simple philosophic equations the lay public question why there is a constant deterioration of soil nutrients and the public asks why are we thinking of colonization of Mars?, the fact is the public are no longer so interested in gravitational waves? the conquest of space? they have concerns of abuse of our planets resources and the erosion here of our planet, as such, our scientists have done so little of what our real concerns are, it is time for academics to get out of there cloistered enclosures and connect with people.

  4. I cannot even attempt to think of something funny to say.
    We have to padlock that fence around parliament, keep them in, give them a hoe and some lettice leaves and not hear of them again.

  5. There are mainstream websites that claim (CFC) HC-12a is heavier than air. As such it settles near the earth. HC-12a was replaced with (CFC) HFC-134a when the HC-12a patent expired. That happened to be at the same time the ozone hole was discovered. The vast majority of chlorine in the atmosphere is released, like carbon dioxide, from the oceans and volcanoes. Unfortunately, like evidence against global warming theory we won’t read that at mainstream sites. If the science is settled on e=mc2 no one told Einstein.

  6. Just spoke to Dr David Etheridge (CSIRO). He doesn’t think the H bombs did the damage — that they monitored the atmosphere after the bombs.
    He forward me an article which I will link to, but this is an extract:

    The explanation emerges
    The hypothesis that CFCs were the root cause of the ozone hole3 was puzzling: How could CFCs, mainly
    released in the northern latitudes, cause large depletion
    over Antarctica? The general features of strato –
    spheric circulation were known, and ozone depletion
    was expected in the upper stratosphere, at altitudes
    of about 40 km. Nobody anticipated it would be
    the interaction of stratospheric photochemistry
    with Antarctica’s unique meteorological and physical
    processes that eventually explained the ozone
    Atmospheric transport of CFCs follows the
    Brewer–Dobson circulation pattern.5 First hypothesized
    by Alan Brewer to explain the extreme dryness
    of the stratosphere, the flow connects the tropics
    and polar regions: Rising air in the tropics is transported
    poleward and downward in the so-called
    extratropics at latitudes above 30°.
    In the 1970s atmospheric chemistry studies
    established that CFCs released at the surface are
    broken apart by photolysis into free radicals that
    catalytically destroy ozone. The rate of their destruction
    increases exponentially with altitude. In
    the lower atmosphere, CFCs are protected from destruction
    by the ozone layer until they are lifted
    above it; significant losses begin at about 24 km.
    Their concentrations could thus be tracked to reveal
    the stratospheric circulation pattern.
    The basic pattern soon emerged. Although anthropogenic
    CFCs are emitted mostly in the Northern
    Hemisphere, they are well mixed throughout
    the troposphere over the course of a couple of years,
    and air that enters the stratosphere in the tropics
    carries with it tropospheric levels of CFCs. Once the
    circulation lifts the air above about 24 km, nowvulnerable
    CFCs are photolyzed by UV radiation at
    wavelengths of 190–230 nm. The extratropical upperstratospheric
    circulation carries CFC- depleted air
    poleward and downward. The tropical uplift of the
    Brewer–Dobson circulation is slow, only about
    0.4 mm/s, and air density decreases exponentially
    with altitude. Hence most air that enters the stratosphere
    is transported poleward below 24 km. Only
    a small fraction (about 1%) of the mass of air in the
    atmosphere rises high enough each year to experience
    significant CFC breakdown, which accounts
    for atmospheric lifetimes of 52 years for CFC-11 and
    102 years for CFC-12. Observations of tracers show
    that it takes five to seven years for air to circulate
    from the tropics through the stratosphere to the
    Antarctic lower stratosphere.

    • I see an alternative to months of sifting through loads of data id have no hope of understanding anyway.. that is, if you speak to Dr David Etheridge again anytime soon Dee, please ask him for me, for his opinion on “persistent contrails” – or if he has a scientific explanation for Building 7s collapse at freefall acceleration.

      His answers to those questions would help me discern how much credibility to give to the fact that he seems to believe that atomic weapons are able to be deployed above our atmosphere with no negative consequences. ~ ta! 🙂

    • No, it proved to me how science can be so bogged down by language and data.

      For me to sift through the data and arguments could take months. I would have to go to the very original data taken by the military to find an answer. But I’m not sure that data would even be available — or even be available to scientists. They are working from “provided” figures.

      This leaves the logical brain to evaluate what is happening. Thus will write a separate article on this sometime.

      Nat Geo says this:
      “Scientists had theorized since the 1970s about the chemistry that could lead to ozone depletion. But in May 1985 scientists with the British Antarctic Survey shocked the world when they announced the discovery of a huge hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica.”

      • Dee, zat u quoting Nat Geo?

        I now quote them, as reported on Gumshoe two days ago:

        “On the roof of a local hotel, they found the lid from a pressure cooker—a clue that the bombers [Jahar! Jahar! Tamerlan! Tamerlan!] had used the cooking implement to construct a homemade bomb—and on the street, recovered ball bearings that had been inside the explosive devices.”

        swearda God, they said that.

        • What a better place to find it.

          I actually watched the first explosion in slow motion. There’s a piece of debris (size of a lid) that flies up very high… but the projectory is away from the building and it lands in the middle of the road.

          But the craziest story is the PRESSURE COOKER in the BACKPACK. If you view both Jahar and Tamerlan’s backpack — They are not carrying a big round object (unless it was a small flat cooker). The defense (sorry there was no defense) should have demonstrated this by stuffing the same size pot in a similar backpack. They would have had to dismiss the whole story.

          What size pot was it Mary? Cheryl?

          I will do photographic match to prove it.

  7. Why do we listen to “scientists” at all. It seems that the only ones who are truthful in their research do not get published.

    Above is another scientific explanation. But why is there no Ozone hole over the Arctic or North Pole.?

    Have re-posted my comments from previous “Starfish” story, in case our readers missed them.

    Aussiemal October 20, 2017 at 5:55 pm

    I have been trying to inform people about the impossibility of travelling through the Van Allen Belt for years, only to be laughed at.

    The other problem is, how when sunlight travels in a straight line, and the hole in the Ozone layer is over Antarctica being at the bottom of the Earth, in relation to the Sun as it were, does the extra radiation get through that hole? For the light coming from the Sun to enter that hole in the Ozone layer, the rays of sunlight would have to bounce off or be reflected by a body in space. (????)


    Aussiemal October 20, 2017 at 6:04 pm

    So is all the extra radiation that is supposedly hitting Earth through the hole in the Ozone layer really the radiation, released by all the nations involved with hydrogen and atomic bomb testing? With the addition nowadays from nuclear power plants and especially those of Chernobyl and Fukashima

  8. Mary just watched Mr Burien’s presentation. Very good video. Was he sitting in on the Port Arthur and Lindt Café courts?

    I have just realised that the 2nd transcript from the Coroner’s Office has on every page, “PUBLIC VERSION”. I wonder why? Is the public not entitled to know ALL that is going on in their courts?

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