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Who “Intercepted” the Investigative Mind of Journalist Jeremy Scahill?

Jeremy Scahill in Somalia

By Dee McLachlan

The 2013 documentary Dirty Wars follows investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill, the author of the international bestseller Blackwater, into the heart of America’s covert wars — from Afghanistan to Yemen, Somalia and beyond. A friend recommended I watch it, and I found it riveting. I quote the film’s website:

“Part political thriller and part detective story, Dirty Wars is a gripping journey into one of the most important and under-reported stories of our time… a global investigation of the secretive and powerful Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC).

“As Scahill digs deeper into the activities of JSOC, he is pulled into a world of covert operations… [where] teams ‘find, fix, and finish’ their targets, who are selected through a secret process. No target is off limits for the ‘kill list,’ including US citizens.”

It is an emotionally draining film, and I was impressed with Scahill’s tenacity to hunt down and name the perpetrators of the ever-expanding war crimes (including President Obama). He also reported the American drone strike of 16-year-old Abdulrahman, a US citizen. He was joining the dots, and discovering the untold atrocities.

I did feel that there was too much focus on Scahill’s face and dreamy eyes, enhanced by his haunting voice over. By making Scahill the protagonist of the story (probably the idea of the director, Rick Rowley), it then became perfect material for the Oscars — for which it was nominated.

I was somewhat alarmed at how he reported the death of Osama bin Laden in the film, and that’s why I googled him. What came next was a surprise. After a very brief search, I discovered that Scahill believes 9/11 was done by the 19 Arab hijackers. This is the man who had gone into dangerous territory to chase down JSOC activities.

Jeremy Scahill and 9/11

This Youtube clip was published in March 2015. It’s only a minute, so please check it out.

At a forum, Scahill is asked the question about 9/11 truth. He answers:

“I can get asked this every day… I believe that the United States was attacked by al-Qaeda on 9-11 by men who flew airplanes into those buildings, and I don’t say that without having watched Loose Change, and without having read David Ray Griffin’s work… [etc]”

But Jeremy, what about the third building? He concludes with:

“I don’t buy it for one minute, and I think it’s insulting to the people who died on 9-11.

Those are the EXACT words in the email I received from Jon Faine, the 774 radio host on the ABC, when I questioned him on the topic. Don’t say that to Bobby McIlvaine, whose son was killed by an explosion in the North Tower foyer.

I then found an article entitled, “Jeremy Scahill is a Douche Bag” by Scott Creighton (posted May 9, 2010) — but referencing the 2015 Youtube (The article must have been updated?). Creighton says there are so many questions he could put to the “arrogant prick”, such as NIST’s Building 7 report, first responders hearing explosions, free-fall acceleration… etc. He understands why Scahill sticks to this view. It is because if he questioned 9/11…

“…ALL of his TV APPEARANCES… his BOOK SALES… his Nation magazine CONTRACT, goes away… Yes, he takes on Blackwater. But nothing changes when you take on Blackwater, except their name. They are still getting contracts, still cashing the checks. In fact, they are bigger and more powerful since Jeremy wrote his now famous book [Blackwater]… In a way, you can say… the longer the ‘War on terror’ goes on, the longer Blackwater will be gaming the system, and THEREFORE… the longer Jeremy Scahill remains an employed literary hero.

Scahill reported for Democracy Now

Creighton continues, saying that if all the journalists went after 9/11, then

“The Global war on Terror is over… the militarization of the nation is over… the investigations start… the plea bargains start… Once the truth comes out, people are going to eventually start asking why all our ‘serious’ investigative journalists like — Jeremy Scahill — missed something so goddamned obvious.

Yes, how can a serious “investigative” journalist suddenly lose all his or her logic when it comes to 9/11?

So who “intercepted” the mind of Jeremy Scahill?

The Formation of The Intercept

Many of you might have visited a news organisation called The Intercept. As Wikipedia tells us, it was

“launched in February 2014, the first project of First Look Media, a news organization created and funded by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar. The publication initially served as a platform to report on the documents released by Edward Snowden.” [G5 says ‘Snowden was fed by the CIA in its war with the NSA’]

The three founding members with ebay rich-man are: Glenn Greenwald who left The Guardian, Laura Poitras, who won a 2015 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature for Citizenfour (about Edward Snowden), and Jeremy Scahill.

Omidyar funded The Intercept (and the First Look Media venture) with — wait for it —  $250 million. When I read that a couple of months ago, I feel off my chair. And they still have their “Support our non-profit newsroom” on the front page. As consolation however, I think Gumshoe’s design is better and easier to read, and search for articles.

A 2003 Iraq Stunt?

I also found a long and disturbing comment on kennysideshow about Scahill — posted from someone “Anonymous”. The commenter claims to have a first-hand back-story from someone who was in Iraq with Jeremy Scahill, during the lead-up to the bombing of Iraq in 2003. This is a very short extract from the comment:

“He [Scahill] entered Iraq with an anti-war group [Voices in the Wilderness] who got him an Iraq visa upon his promise to cover the effects of the US bombing on Iraqi people. …We were told [by the Iraqi Government] unequivocally NOT to take pix, as they could be used by the US to bomb targets, and not to go off sightseeing un-escorted…

“So what does Scahill do? A few days before the invasion, Scahill and an army photographer Joel Preston Smith go out – in the middle of the night – set up tripods around various sites in Baghdad… They were soon arrested by the Iraqi authorities …and summarily deported. End of alternative coverage of US war crimes.” [my emphasis]

Men In Black

Men in Black with their “zapping” instrument

Do you remember the 1997 film, starring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith as two agents of a secret organization called the Men in Black?  It’s a crazy science-fiction comedy where the they supervise extraterrestrial lifeforms who live on Earth, hiding their existence from humans. If anyone sees the aliens, the Men in Black come along and “zap” the humans — causing them to forget what they have seen.

When I had a discussion with FEMA Consultant and fire expert, Professor Jonathan Barnett years ago, it felt to me that he and his team had been “zapped”. He seemed to have lost any logic with regard to the collapse of Building 7. He said that, even though Building 7 looked like a demolition, there was no need to investigate because it was NOT a demolition — that it could have just as easily been visitors from Mars. What?

My question is: how can tens of thousands of investigative journalists across the world be ignoring the facts surrounding 9/11?  Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, wrote (in 2013) “Hypnotizing the nation is easier than you think,” and that “every Obama speech is a hypnosis ritual, and every broadcast on CNN is a hypnotic induction.”

We have someone like Scahill, who on the surface seems to be oozing with integrity — exposing terrible war crimes, naming companies, naming people — even the president. Yet, at the same time, he BELITTLES anyone questioning the science behind the “astonishing” collapse of Building 7.

Though I say this in jest, the one side of my brain says it in all seriousness — maybe these people have been “zapped” by the men in black.



  1. Quoting the above article:

    Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, wrote (in 2013)

    “Hypnotizing the nation is easier than you think,” and that “every Obama speech is a hypnosis ritual, and every broadcast on CNN is a hypnotic induction.”

    I’d like to know more about that.

    I’d like to have my freedom back please.

    • I think I should a separate article on this. He references these stage hypnotists of past decades. I remember them well. In the 70s and 80s I recall the stage hypnotists being advertised quite often. I never went to one, but recall people being called on stage and being easily hypnotized — in seconds. Darren Brown perfected this in various television series. But why has that craze subsided?
      But Mary, I think you are a book worm, and do not watch TV — especially CNN — so you have nothing to worry about.
      But the great news is — that if CNN hypnotized their audience, then there is a key to SNAP everyone out of this mainstream trance.

      • Gosh, that is great news.

        I also think there’s a cure for autism. Since “they” made it, “they” must know how to fix it.

        Quote unquote Dr Day “New diseases will arise that will be hard to treat FOR A WHILE.”

  2. May be Jeremy Scahill was always a servant to “The Powers That Be”, even if he did not, does not know it. We know that most of the information that we are being fed, has a little bit of truth to it. Once the public has been hooked by a journalist or broadcaster, that is when the completely false story is released.

    Anybody who still believes and spreads the word that the Arab hijackers flew planes into the buildings on 9/11 has no credibility at all. There is an avalanche of evidence against such a possibility.

    • I believe these specific event (e.g. 9/11) are a litmus test. Scahill fails instantly, by the absurdity of saying it’s an “insult” to investigate a murder of 3000. This means it is an insult to visit a dead families relatives in Afghanistan (which he did) and try work out who killed them. Let those poor families grieve in ignorance Jeremy. What BS. And I agree with you Mal – you probably doesn’t know it.

  3. This is a video of “An unsuspecting Journalist gets Hypnotized!”
    The description says: Taylor Reaves thought she was coming to my office to get an interview… and then she forgets her name. Whoops!
    This is listed under “comedy” —

  4. “and I think it’s insulting to the people who died on 9-11.“

    The memo must have come in the form of a silver bullet in an envelope.

  5. “insulting to the people who died on 9-11” ?

    Well I guess it’s not too hard to figure out what unsolicited advocacy is all about.

    As for the ABC, I’m not sure if it’s getting worse or my perception is getting sharper. I mean, carbon emission sermons being preached by a channel with a working environment that allows the hosts to don summer frocks in mid-winter! How does that work? Are we being mocked or are these people genuinely incapable of putting 2+2 together?

  6. How long (or what) will it take for the majority of people to realise that our leaders , visible and hidden , are the terrorists . Awaken to another day of mass murders and patsys .

  7. Sen Rand Paul has 5 fractured ribs. The guy who hit him is an anesthesiologist (or so we are told). I thinks it smells like the baseball game — at which Rand and the others played dumb.

    “Rand Paul Has Five Fractured Ribs, Uncertain Timeline for Return to D.C.” rollcall.com

  8. Hypnosis is guided meditation. Even quacks of psychiatry who practice hypnosis admit the person retains their will and control. Suggestibility, on the other hand, affects us all. Hence the power of the media and educational institutions; experts and think tanks: science and history. All institutions that push orthodoxy. Which as Orwell told us means not needing to think, unconscious. Unconsciousness being just what the controllers want of us so we remain suggestible to their well thought out ideas. Like having us worry about the carbon atom to distract us from that big as Texas size garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean. It’s a sure bet when the garbage starts washing ashore the orthodoxy will be more subsidised windmills to blow it back out to sea and of our sight and minds.

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