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Operation Gladio, the CIA, Creating ISIS, and the Caspian


Sean Stone, Oliver Stone’s son, converted to Islam in 2012, and now hosts a television show Watching the Hawks on RT America. He’s seen above interviewing author Paul L Williams, who was, for seven years, a consultant to the FBI.

Williams has written numerous books, from Al-Qaeda: Brotherhood of Terror (2002) to Osama’s Revenge: THE NEXT 9/11 (2004). But then he visited the paramilitary camp in New York State, Islamberg — and did a back-flip. The Neocon had a revelation.
Now he’s written “Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance between the Vatican, the CIA, and the Mafia” (2015) — seemingly exposing the BS in his past books.


  1. My download is limited but I observed about 4 minutes……. already know the rest, I suspect.
    Someone please send this link to professor Clive Williams, our Aussie foremost expert on terrorism and his 19 box cutter gang doing 911.
    Search him: his address to the skeptics association doing an address to the gullible skeptic mob in Canberra, replayed on our ABC ‘the drum’ years back.
    Oh I forgot to also remind readers of our federal MP Frydenberg and his fellow traveller, ABCs Jonathon Faine abusing Kevin Bracken about 10 the October 2010.
    One would have to now accept that we have a parliament of aliens in Canberra, not one of them is bright enough to see reality, they are from some primitive planet and to be a species to crawl upon land and develop human intellectual traits.

    • I cant seem to get a definitive answer to this, but re a parliament of aliens, Turnbull got all fiery when questions were asked bout his entitledment to Hungarian citizenship, because as a jew, his family has sufferred enough, and therefore asking questions was simply outrageous.

      but as a jew, isnt he entitled to israel citizenship, and therefore in breach of the constitution?

      The PM was also asked if he was also entitled to the same, he responded saying that he hadnt given it much thought.

    • “we all have to pay money into terrorism whether we like it or not, so what?”
      we dont have to be quiet about it. we dont have to just accept it without getting angry, hopefully getting a few others fired up enough to also voice their objections.

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