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ABC Media Watch “Beggars Belief”

(photo – ABC)

by Dee McLachlan

Last night, on Monday as usual, ABC’s Media Watch program rattled out another establishment piece — this time about Russia’s interference in the US election.

“Hello, I’m Paul Barry, welcome to Media Watch.

And what exactly were the Russians doing that Americans failed to see? Tonight, in a special program, we’re going to look at how Facebook and Twitter allowed their platforms to be used by Russia to swing the US presidential election and divide America.”

You can view, and read about the program here (Media Watch, 13 November, 2017).

I posted a comment on Media Watch about two hours ago (when it said 0 comments — or no comments yet moderated). Later, I noticed that there were a total of NINE comments.

I have published all below. It seems the ABC is failing dismally to convince it’s viewers of it’s honesty and integrity.


  • steven adams :

    14 NOV 2017 10:08:57AM

    This is yet another absurd attempt to free the DNC and Clinton from their failures and corrupt behavior before, during and after the election.
    How our ABC still tows the Establishment line on Russia beggars belief.
    Shame on the ABC. Shame on Paul Barry.

    Dee McLachlan :

    14 NOV 2017 9:39:41AM

    Interesting that you would highlight Russia’s interference with such vigor.
    Russia fired off tweets into the US.

    What about some “media watching” on how the US behaves — INVADING countries, not with tweets, but bombs. And dragging Australia with it.
    REPORT on gen. Wesley Clarke’s disclosure about destroying 7 countries in 5 years. (Mission nearly completed).

    Now that’s probably not in ABC charter to report the real criminals.

    Peter B :

    14 NOV 2017 9:10:22AM

    So 0.004% of Facebook ads and posts were from Russia. 138 million Americans voted. Let’s assume an absolute worst case and that every single one of them was a swinging voter capable of being influenced by a Facebook post. Then the number influenced by the Russian Facebook posts was 138 million x 0.004% = 5000, far too few to affect the election outcome.

    In this day and age of sophisticated technology, any intelligence agencies smart enough to hack an election would be smart enough to cover their tracks (and implicate their enemy). Suggest you focus your next investigation on Israel or Saudi Arabia.

    Paul Collins :

    14 NOV 2017 8:54:23AM

    Oh the irony…When you start your segment quoting Rachel Maddow as truth, you might as well disregard EVERYTHING that follows. ABC bias has become so blatantly obvious. I am embarrassed for Paul Barry.

    Julian de Ross :

    14 NOV 2017 8:46:16AM

    Soooo… it’s the RUSKIES.., oh wait.. I mean the ‘evil’ Ruskies…. hmm did Trump need the combined efforts of Facebook, Twitter and the Russian secret service to know that an Audience at one debate included Bill Clinton, AND the girl who claims he RAPED her, not to mention various other sordid episodes that are on public record world wide….

    Err..nope…he didn’t need any of that, and did he also need the combined efforts of the FBI and CIA to uncover the fact that Hillary Clinton had signed off on selling the Russians a large chunk of their Uranium ?
    Actually..’yes’…it was needed because the chaotic Clintons had developed at least 3 layers of plausible deniability, for this sin.

    But that aside… Hillary Clinton was THERE, as was her scumbag Husband, as was his accuser of rape, …in the debate. Trump pointed this out (rightly so) and Hillary just blazed on as though “Nothing to see here”…. and you wonder, you actually wonder, why your ‘comprehensive and detailed’ accounts of ‘da Ruskies dun it!’ is nothing more than a sad joke?

    Peppered with phrases like “US diplomats ‘believe’…… Give me a break! You insult your readers by apparently regarding them as not have a brain! grrr

    Douglas :

    14 NOV 2017 1:06:51AM

    Media watch always entertaining with its wry sarcasm and insights .. usually useful and often important !
    Tonight’s summary of the power international reach, impact and vulnerability of new digital media , and how it impacted the USA elections 12 months ago perhaps its most important piece so far !

  • Bardi :

    14 NOV 2017 12:47:22AM

    The ABC is once again presenting the unproven allegations of Russian Federation Government interference in the US Presidential election as fact. There is no verifiable evidence presented to date that would prove that allegation. What has been presented is a woolly aggregation of assertions, innuendo, rumour, and immaterial facts to cobble together an impression of nefarious behavior by some non-specific entities, conveniently labeled “The Russians”. Poor show Media Watch – lift your game!

    Tony :

    13 NOV 2017 11:42:09PM

    There needs to be legislation. If it is left to the company to provide a safety net it will always be sub optimal because it will only be made through a the calculation of a risk to profit. Therefore when the public scrutiny is gone it will do exactly the same thing.

14 NOV 2017 9:02:42AM




  1. I have to be suspicious of “Douglas” — after a number of comments slamming Media Watch, good old Douglas comes in with a suspiciously troll-like looking comment, plus a typo glitch, and with Media Watch’s program “perhaps its most important piece so far !”

    And — with what Media Watch like to think… “its wry sarcasm and insights”

    I wouldn’t put it past the ABC, to do it’s own Russian-Dem-Party hacking… and give itself a pat on the back, and a marble polish — when nearly all other comments are digging the grave.

    Paul Barry, I am writing to Media Watch — requesting a full disclosure of who Douglas is, and that he does not work for Media Watch.

    NOTE: when I posted a comment — there were 0 approved… but Douglas made his at 1.00 am (before all the disparaging comments) Was Douglas pre-timed (easy to do) so it appeared earlier.

  2. It has been PROVEN, a physical impossibility to down load the data that was down loaded over the internet. There’s no way in hell, that amount of data could have been downloaded over the internet, simply because the speeds and data storage were far too excessive.
    Many I.T. Specialists have gone on record, that the only way this could have been done would via a memory stick and USB access.
    The problem with that is, if they still wish to blame the Russians, it would mean a Russian would have had access to the Computers physically to download the data, chances of that, are similar to a snowball’s chances in hell.
    The above information has been widely distributed by the I.T. experts who stand by their findings, yet strangely, the MSM seem to be totally unawares of this fact, OR deliberately ignore it, because it does not fit the narrative.
    That’s why I pay very little attention to the MSM these days, NOTHING they publish or say, can be accepted as valid.

  3. Surely by now there can be no argument against selling the fake ABC, thus placing capital to help pay off Australia’s debt and saving a billion per year in borrowing from the bankers with interest.
    Paul Barry and his team can go get a job with head fake news, CNN.

  4. I received this from a Gumshoe reader — who also wrote to Media Watch:

    Dear Dee,
    I refer to your message to media watch today concerning Paul Barry’s disgrace last night 13.11.17
    Good one, the b’s probably will not reply.
    They never replied to me over the last decade about their tin foil hat brigade official unscientific 911 conspiracy theory.
    Sell em! The ABC is an expensive fake that the Australian taxpayer cannot afford or rely upon.
    Also. It does not have the integrity or guts to inform the public about the pre 911 US plan to invade and murder the citizens of 7 countries in five years as exposed by General Wesley Clark to Amy Goodman In March 2007. The relevant segment in the interview video takes 2.10 minutes and the fake ABC has been referred to it previously.
    They are deceivers and helped to get our decent soldiers killed and maimed in the Middle East over the last SIXTEEN YEARS
    How many children has it helped kill by being deceitful to us who pay for it?
    Clearly the warmongering running dogs have surpassed, many times over, the crimes of protectors of perverted paedophiles.
    The ABC is lower than fake, the hypocricy is evil.

    You can write to media watch mediawatch@abc.net.au

    • The problem with letters to the ABC is that there is no public exposure of correspondence.
      Thus complainant missives can be hidden by ABC controllers.
      Thus taxpayer’s observations of our ABC go down the drain.
      Well we can fix that.
      If you wish to write to the ABC, just send a copy to gumshoe of your correspondence and lack of reply to be registered here at gs.

    • Brianna,
      You there?
      Be interesting to read a reply from Brianna or from our Paul.
      Bit of a hoot, media watch loves having a go at simple media that does not respond to its inquiries of its victims ….. just an attempt to present as being ‘mediawatchful’ and justifying their public budget.
      Oh well, one rule for the esteemed and another for the peasants who are billed with the media watch stipend.

  5. Sorry Paul, you think you can sell bar fridges to emperor penguins.
    Nah, the penguins have awakened, go shove your ABC fridge.
    Glad I do not watch ABC commentary…… I would have to clean up all the glass.

  6. Brianna from Media watch wrote to me and said:
    Dear Dee,
    The commenter is not a Media Watch employee.
    Brianna from Media Watch.

    • Well, that is the first reply I have ever seen from media watch after a decade of correspondence.
      Brianna, seems that you are behind on the job.
      Let me guess. Just finished year 12?
      Best find a real career I suspect, do not be suckered with ABC bullshit.

  7. Dee-to study this media watch program and the comments: Episode 40 2nd November 2015
    may identify some trolls–patterns and Paul Barry’ spin.

    Very relevant right now with the final report and recommendations coming out in a couple of weeks.

    Media Watch: Approach some claims with caution (02/11/2015) – ABC

    This is the only media watch episode that I sent a comment to—in support of Fiona Barnett.

    Worth a look I think.

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