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Australia Celebrates the “YES” Vote — But I Feel Conned

Front page of The Age 16/11/2017

By Dee McLachlan

I voted Yes in Australia’s Same-Sex Marriage survey. I probably won’t be using the proposed legislation, but I am very happy for friends, who feel they have been liberated — given a gift, and a ticket to happiness. And I am also sad for others who feel their world is eroding before them. I just have a wish that all live happy lives.

I did not watch the live announcement, but when I listened to the news, and read the papers this morning, I was stunned by the impact the outcome had on the population. The MSM focused on Penny Wong, the first openly gay politician, as she broke down in tears, and there were massive thronging crowds waiting for the outcome to be announced. It felt like a world war had been won. (For some, I’m sure it had.)

But, I was left with a very hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach. It felt like we, the people, were celebrating the crumbs that had been brushed off the table. Like a dog being thrown a bone, to stop it barking.

Our confused politicians have distracted us, and themselves, FROM the real issues. Australians have been entranced by the same-sex marriage freedoms, whilst on the other hand, all manner of freedoms are being removed.

No one wants to hear that a murderous crime occurred on September 11, 2001 — resulting in legislation that eroded our civil liberties. Australians don’t complain about a corrupted mainstream media, and most show little concern that Australia was alongside those killing millions in a foreign land.

We seem ignorant, and unconcerned, that we are at the mercy of a global Military Industrial Complex, and a private banking fiat system designed to enslave most of us.

A dancing cat and Rainbows are more interesting to the people, than our destiny under psychopath “global order.”




  1. I truly feel Dee, this wasn’t a ‘Legit’ vote! I sense it comes from power to gain their brownie points. It happens in America and Australia! Abbott went hard to stop it BUT!!
    For me personally, I don’t think being married is a ‘right thing to do, I feel very sorry for children who don’t seem to have rights anymore! then grow up in a confused, messed up world, ( whose Mum? whose Dad? whose my Auntie? whose my brother? ) and I’m not talking religion here either! adults and children are suffering enough.

    I know in America and soon to be in Australia, kinder garden kids have transvestites teaching under 5 year olds how to be in a same sex marriage! they teach same sex/ gender role play, ask to dress the opposite way, reading books designed to teach same sex relationship’s! then a few years down the track, we all ask ‘what’s wrong with that kid?” where were the parents? How dare they control and disrespect our growing kids!! and yet by law , this is allowed! What!

    The New World Order is all for changing our roles as human beings, numbing us down, changing genders, killing our way to think for ourselves, we act on gut reactions instead off our true hearts. The matrix is the spider web, our young kids and adults alike are being caught daily for the sake off power and prestige. Ask the Rothschild’s, Bilderberg’s, Clintons, Regan’s, Illuminati, Satanists if they care!

    Silence I hear!!! ……………………….

  2. The Tavistock of Human relations London, must laugh at how gullible the general public have been and are, how does this work for a institute to manipulate human consciousness to lose yourself in issues of such trivia, as Dee states the hysteria of now becoming a endorsed group of freedom? once it all settles down it will become the same as before, if I had of voted I would say No, the transformation from hetero to same sex is all very well as the fashion which in time when the dust settles will be the same boring thing from what was thought to be a escape from normality.
    I am well aware the hetero sex has been to some extent a muddle, with the focus on male domination and violence, I think the male testosterone is becoming tamed, the history of the male having to go out and be summoned to become violent in war and general fracas,as we now see see Dads in public are now cooing to their babies and happy to put the apron on and settle down in domestic bliss.
    As many may have seen men who are in relationship with prostitutes do draw the line as to how far their partner goes, and particularly on drawing the line in porno, the male still has his place in protection, the documentary I saw the wife definitely was prone to go further than the spouse demanded censorship, but the male did not beat the woman, we are becoming more tolerant? are we becoming too liberal and accepting and the price we pay is becoming too accepting of lower income? accepting wars, all this is going to far for our health, of not just ourselves but the health of our planet.

    • Agree with your comment, 100% Don.
      This bullshit vote demonstrates how Australians can be led by the nose and involve themselves in a matter that really, is of no consequence whatever. All these idiots gathering in the streets and hystericaly waving their flags on an issue that really has no bearing on the realities happening around the World today.
      We have earthquakes happening on a daily basis, somewhere around the World, a frequency unheard of in our modern history, we have strange noises reported in the skys all over the World without adequate explanation and it appears, no one is interested in investigating from whence these noises are coming from, we have the U.S. basicly declaring WW 3 to persues it’s aims of hegemony, no matter how many lives it will cost, or the damage cause to the only World we have, we have people starving to death and even have the Black Plague killing people by the hundreds, yet. It has just been announced the the European Union is going to Govern the whole of Europe and Integrate the militaries of all member states, basicly form the N.W.O. in our faces, and WEIRDLY, all the Australians can think about and talk about is same sex relations ????????????????
      Fat lot of good those relations are going to do us, when the World is going down the gurgler.

  3. Thank you for informing me of the real reason for this.

    I knew there must be one but I just could not work it out because the whole thing was not necessary. Defacto relationships have been legally recognised going back to the 1990’s.

    “A dancing cat and Rainbows are more interesting to the people, than our destiny under psychopath “global order.”

    Your right, sadly this tells us just how easily it must be for these people who plan these things, to access the best brains in mind control, marketing and influencing because they would not have this degree of sophistication left to themselves.

    A total waste of $124 million. When I go into my local centerlink office I see posters exhorting us to beware of welfare fraud. Funny that.

  4. Nothing surprising as per the nwo agenda exposed by Dr. Day to Dr. Dunegan in 1969.
    See the agenda here by researching NWO exposed by insider.
    The plan is to destroy the connection of family and children.
    Think; Nazi policies.
    The plan is to disaociate sexual indulgence with procreation.
    The plan was/is to promote homosexuality as normal.
    Thus, as part of the agenda is to ‘normalise’ same sex activities under the guise of ‘ we are a married couple’.
    Well, what has changed?
    Such associations have existed since (and way back) ex high court Judge, Michael Kirby, set up with his partner decades ago. So, who cared?
    So Kirby is now to marry if he desires.
    So ex high court justice now is hijacking the definition of the traditional meaning of marriage.
    Well, such a definition does not describe my relationship with my wife.
    Perhaps there should be another term for ‘husband and wife’ to re-identify our traditional and personal status.

    • I entered this comment without knowledge of all the comments above.
      See the timeline.
      Most encouraged, thank you above.
      We are entitled to a opinion and not silenced.

  5. In this day and age I wonder about the legitimacy of the count. Where there truly independent scrutinieers from the pro and anti camp who could watch the votes on the table and challenge something they through to be invalid?

    Joe Stalin once said “those who vote decide nothing, those who count the vote decide everything.”

  6. I am amazed that firstly the YES vote was a majority, and then by the size of the majority. Has all normality gone from our society. I don’t care if same sexes want to live together as a unit, but it should not be called marriage. That term means something special. Marriage is a commitment between a man and a woman, which in the process, is usually societies’ way of continuing to exist.

    Two people of the same sex cannot procreate. This is part of the reason that the Globalists are pushing this barrow.

    I read recently that in Thailand bestiality has been made lawful. Is our next downward spiral into a similar area?

    Mary, on a different subject. I have posted a internet address at yesterday’s story regarding your request.

    • When factoring in the Australian Bureau of Statistics participation rate of 79.5% to the count the yes vote was made by a minority of 49% of eligible Australians.

  7. When I was growing up in South Africa it was ILLEGAL to hold the hand of someone of colour if you were white. Anyway I was made to believe it was ILLEGAL. (And you’d probably get a police beating in the process, courtesy of the Apartheid regime) It was illegal to marry. What a terrible thing it was.

    I suppose you can see where I’m coming from. (I look back now — with relief — and see many happy couples of every race being more happy than they were. My brothers kids have friends of mixed families of every race, colour and gender back there now, and they are better off for it.)

    I did NOT get into this debate because it has been mashed up in the CONFUSION of gender identity and sexual preference. They are completely different issues. Love preference is one thing — Identity issue is another.

    I think people probably don’t realize that transexualism goes back THOUSANDS of years. And if you don’t have any internal conflict then you wouldn’t know what that was. I agree about not influencing the kids — but don’t impose anything on anyone else — this goes both ways (both sides are guilty).

    This vote was whether someone could have a love preference in the institution called marriage. And the full stop should be added. All the rest of the debate is the next debate.

    Living where I do in Melbourne Ports — and listening to those people in the coffee shop and everyone else I speak to — I’d have to say the vote is correctly reflective of what was reported for Melbourne Ports. (about 80% I think) Blame it on Melbourne Ports.

    That’s all from me. I’m moving right along.

  8. Am so pleased you posted this Dee—I feel shattered by the whole process- keep searching for some positives- they are there but there is another sinister agenda–and tomorrow the report on the NT RC into youth detention and child protection–and I feel ill—

  9. Dear Dee,
    Racial aparthide has nought to compare with the present debate….. this is about sex and its purpose……… procreation versus social fascist totaltarian control.

    • Yep. youre right there. I added that as — as I said — it shows you where my perspective is derived. I was brought up in a society that restricted so many people’s happiness.

  10. Dee, Your reference of mixing the races, reminds me of something I was told many years ago, by an indigenous full blood Australian. I was 12 or 13 years old at the time.
    We kids used to visit the aboriginal’s camp down our back block and listen to their stories. One day the conversation came up about white men cohabiting with Aboriginal women, I’ll never forget the words this old guy spoke.
    He told us there can never be a good outcome from such a union, as any aboriginal woman who willingly laid with a white man, was breaching her indigenous law, and thus insulting her totem and everything connected with it.
    He went on to tell us, the same goes for the white man, in the majority of cases, the white man is of lower intelect, and most times under the influence of alcohol, thus not the best example of the white race, so then we have the worst of the Aborigines mating with the low life’s of the white man, how can anyone expect the outcome to be of a higher quality ????
    That’s why, under tribal law, such women are outcast from the tribe and banished for ever.
    Today, when I look around me and see nightly in the news the crimes being committed by such people on a daily basis, I am reminded of this old man and his words.
    Sorry, I digress of the subject matter, I agree with Ned’s and Don’s views on this issue. I couldn’t care less, if these people wish to live together, BUT, despite their claims, it is NOT a marrige, no matter how many folks would like to claim it is.

  11. Penny Wong also talked about racist speech directed at her when she arrived in Australia. Everyone gets sledged when they arrive arrive here, Poms, Sepos even South Africans. It has that tavistocky feel about it, the social conditioning was important here and a chance to keep the address records current. Aborigines are ones that cop the real thing.
    Ned i sometimes get confused with large cast of character’s, but was Kirby implicated in the boys club, also made a speech about love between man and boy then bailed to a international court or was that another Judge.

    • Do not know.
      But for some humour.
      Years back there was a appeal to the Australian High Court from a decision of the NSW Court of Apeal, Supreme Court which included Justice Kirby on the bench.
      Relating to the differing attitudes below on a matter of law, counsel adressed the HC and their Honours to the effect that in the C of A, there were “two camps” (i.e. on interpretation of the law)
      One mischievious HC justice raised an eyebrow and replied; “We/I know of one. Who is the other”?
      Love it.

  12. Since the PR disaster that was AIDS in the 1980s, the “gay” lobby has been run highly professionally by Madison Avenue PR companies.
    It has been super well-funded and clever in its arguments, choosing its words carefully to avoid negative connotations.
    They certainly don’t talk openly about every day gay issues like early mortality rates, sodomy or adult nappies for prolapsed rectums.
    Growing bolder with time and successfully brain-washing liberals, they mis-appropriated the rainbow from Christianity.
    Yes campaigns all over the world out-spend No 25-1.
    Given that only 2.5% of people are gay, you have to wonder whence the zeal for “gay-ness” in the straight community.
    Big tip – it’s all part of the adversary’s ongoing spiritual war against God’s creation.
    When you realise that it ALL makes sense.
    Dr Day’s 1960s speech was a pointer that the dissolution of the family was a key issue for them.
    Paedophilia, incest, bestiality and necrophilia will be next – in that order.

  13. My wife and I have many gay and lesbian friends. She used to work at the Opera House and was in with the ‘Poofter Mafia’, we went to many parties with some interesting people. You would likely be surprised at some of the celebrities that are gay.

    When the ballots showed up in the mail, she told me to throw them in the trash, she said the vote was already counted (the fix was in). It didn’t matter if we voted one way or another.

    If it was a legitimate referendum count, they would do it openly, like during a regular election with the ballots being counted with scrutineers. – Could you imagine having a political election where your ballot was sent in to unknown people to allegedly be counted?

    I’m sure the government will say it was a legitimate referendum, after all, look at all the money they pissed away doing it.

    This is worse than the Dybold machines in the U.S.

  14. I can’t help wonder “Why Now” to have this Gay Marriage distraction thrust upon the psyche of Australia?? Perhaps to distract us from the biggest economic and financial collapse in human history? Probably.
    And I can only echo support for Richard’s comment above :”Paedophilia, incest, bestiality and necrophilia will be next – in that order”. Fiona Barnett warned us 2 years ago who runs this “paedophile haven” known as Australia.

    I’m optimistic that at last the adults have taken charge of the asylum.(1187 Sealed Indictments in the U.S. pending-something’s going down). And I hope these perverted freaks are getting just a little bit nervous about their prospects for future liberty.

    Trump knew about this problem years before we did….


    Got to do something about these missing chidlren grabbed by the perverts. Too many incidents–fast trial, death penalty.
    6:13 AM – 8 Oct 2012

  15. Talking about elite paedophiles, Cardinal George Pell is un-married, “a pillar of society”, and was No. 3 in the catholic heirarchy. James Alefantis (Pizzagate infamy) is openly gay, un-married and the 49th most influential person is Washington D.C.
    Being gay or straight seems to have nothing to do with paedophilia. So it must be something else. Probably satanism. Go figure.

    • Yep–Phil. Just pedophiles. Satanism yes.

      I think there is a change — not leading towards more acceptance of pedophilia but actually away from it. 30, 20, 10 years ago… it was brushed under the rug… but now it seems people no longer tolerate this. A long way to go. We need to expose the full evil of this.

  16. Just for the record — when Dee said, in the the title of this article, that she felt “conned,” she didn’t mean because the referendum returned a verdict of “Yes.” She meant because the question put was not about Building Seven.

  17. I agree with some of the comments. The elites don’t care about the LGBTW xyz people they just want to distract the sheaple from whats really going on in the world. Lies about 911, Port Arthur, fake mass shootings in US, even facts such as heroin crops have doubled in Afghanistan since US intervened (see Information Clearing House). Also the continued coverups of elite pedophiles in the West and the list goes on!!! LOL.

  18. It became very obvious to me the as a gay man that gay men have a lot more important issues such as ethical/moral issue to deal with then gay marriage, for me personally ive spent my life being different and getting married will never happen. Personally it become clearly obvious to me a long time ago that the whole gay agenda has been subverted and so have gay men and most do not see it, just pick up a gay newspaper and you will see what i mean.
    Gay men think its a life style choice but its not really. Being gay is a sexual interaction well you dont live your life in sexual interactions you live your life like every one else you eat, sleep you go to work pay mortgage/rent go out with friends have BBQ do ya shopping ect ect ect and finally shit like every one else. No gay in any of that.
    s nothing like exceptionalism to replace true freedom.
    Gay, straight or whatever dose it make you exceptional.
    Not really.
    All they have done is replace true freedom with exceptionalism but hey ask Penny Wong shell tell you its a great outcome until of course all the exemptions in the legislation come thru. And whether this actually stops discrimination and hate on the ground, i doubt it, probably make it worse.
    Can already see Penny Wong
    s next election slogans.

    Please do not get me wrong im not a christian but no where in the bible does Jesus scold any one over there sexual choices so yeah maybe christian`s need to grow up too. In fact half the bible obsesses with sex so maybe worrying about what another person does in bed is really the issue here and maybe if your worrying about what 2 consenting adults do in bed you probably need to get a life.

  19. “really the issue here and maybe if your worrying about what 2 consenting adults do in bed you probably need to get a life.”

    I’m straight and never understood how a guy could find another man’s butt as exciting. However, during my wild years, I ran into my share of freaky women with sexual interests that could best be described as ‘non-mainstream’. We come back to the ‘consenting adults’ issue.

    Does anybody really believe a 16 year old girl (or boy for that matter) can be a ‘consenting adult’? I’ve never run into a 16 year old girl that had her head screwed on tight. The ramifications for her ill thought out sexual activities can be life changing. I feel the age of ‘consent’ should be raised. Perhaps that could have been a more important issue for a sexual based referendum.

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