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Are the Powerful Likely To Collapse?


by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

In a recent article I reported a very positive development — at least it seems positive, and it’s definitely not negative – regarding my new-found ability to get a foot in the door at Boston federal court. (That is, for the appeals case of the Marathon non-bomber, as an amicus curiae.)

In my heart of hearts, I feel that nothing can transpire that would free Jahar Tsarnaev, or even allow me to talk to him, as that would bring down the throne “and we can’t have that.”

But now I’m thinking Why stay in that mental trap? Why not look around and see what the prospects are?

In opining that “talking to Jahar would bring down the throne,” I mean he would be able to tell us who put him in the boat. Low-level authorities would thus be “outed.” They, in turn, would point to the next level up, and presumably this would continue all the way to the top.

Note: Let’s presume that some structure of law still exists to help this process occur. Or, if not, that we can find a way around it. (More on that below.)

In Australia, “talking to Martin Bryant” would be similar to talking to Jahar. (Bryant has been incarcerated for 21 years, partly in a quasi-mental hospital and may have lost his mind by now.) We could ask him who told him to go to Seascape on April 28, 1996. If he identifies the cop who used the code-name “Rick,” others would be freed up to say a lot more. Up and up it would go. It wouldn’t stop at Prime Minister John Howard. He, if threatened with a bit of waterboarding, would identify whom he took instructions from internationally.

Step One: Naming the Running Dogs

Pretend that the Appeals Court in Boston make it possible for the amici to finger the FBI, the US Attorneys, the Massachusetts governor (himself a former US Attorney), doctors at Beth Israel Deaconness, and the editor of the Boston Globe. Anyone who has researched the case knows that those parties are guilty of the terror event known as the Marathon bombing.

Step One will include the sequelae of that out-ing. That is, the aforementioned guilty parties, realizing that they can no longer get people to believe in their innocence, will “sing.”

I must say I can’t think of a historical precedent for this sort of thing. (Maybe when STASI members got outed after German Reunification in 1989.)

In order to have an easy label, I’ll call all of the persons referred to above as “running dogs” of the Powerful. I think we’d find that many other persons, who had no connection to the Marathon event, will also get named by the “singers”– for example, academics, politicians, clergy. Those typically play along with the official story of such events. They’re on-call running dogs, so to speak.

Step Two: Discovering How the Powerful Do Their Work

We need to establish a base of accurate knowledge about what the Powerful are getting up to.  Hopefully, Step One, Running Dogs, would bring us to Step Two – Discovering How the Powerful Do Their Work. It must take immense coordination for them to stay on top – and to stay hidden – which they have done successfully for a long time.

In recent years there have been many published guesses as to where the powerful originally came from and what they do. Some guesses are:

  1. That it’s a money game, stemming from money-lenders’ ability to control governments (and, therefore, that it goes back only as far as 1770 or so when Rothschild’s sons fanned out over Europe — or maybe when “the black nobility” organized banking in Venice, say, 1550-ish).
  1. That it’s a consortium of industry CEO’s all acting in cahoots to control such things as drugs, weapons, oil, agribusiness, communications, medicine, education, insurance, transport, electronics, (and therefore it goes back to, say, the 1920s).
  1. That it’s a typical male secret society, in which persons who look suitable get recruited to membership and then feel the peer pressure to do what is asked of them. In other words, a big club (maybe starting with the Knights Templars of the 1200s).
  1. That it has, as its raison d’être, the control of all people’s minds and behaviour – a sort of Pavlovianism gone wild (and thus dates back to, say, Pavlov’s work in 1890s) and is overseen by Tavistock in England.
  1. That a group of men in ancient times — Persians? Romans? Hebrews? — found out how to use deception of the populace, such as through religion, as a means of control (thus we are looking at the third century AD, or earlier).
  1. That some smarties in ancient times, having discovered astronomy, imagined a universe filled with occult meaning, and use this as the means of drawing select people into an elite group (dating back to the Egyptians of the 5th century BC).
  1. That at some point, maybe in the 1700s, a cult of Satanism, within the Jewish religion or the Catholic religion, decided it had the key to wisdom, though using not very impressive slogans such as Aleister Crowley’s “Do as thou wilt is the whole of the law,” and generally turning the Christian message upside-down.

Even without knowing which (if any) of the above theories is correct, one can plainly see that the US government today is controlled from above and that’s amazing. Who does the controlling? It’s strikes me that the controlled Congressmen, judges, etc, do not know whom they are obeying or why. Perhaps it is sufficient that they feel too intimidated to speak up against “the going reality.” (Gee, thanks a bunch, Legislators!)


Next we ask What is the interaction among those seven listed groups? For example:

If you are into the occult, do you also need to be wealthy? If so, must you control banks and industry, or at least be a clever parasite on those who have accumulated a lot of wealth?

If Tavistock is the central controller of the world, how can it get, say, the electronic inventions to match up with its agenda. For example, do all the new techniques of social media or Google suit the Orwell-type plan of the Tavistockians? (I think they do!)

Are major religions today – Judaism, Christianity, Islam – handmaidens of some other powerful set of people? Do they cause their followers to accept what, say, the CEOs of industry want them to accept?

If Satanism is the kingpin, do persons in the Satanic group use the weapons industry and the drug industry to demoralize people per the dictates of their “theology”? Would this require that the CEOs of major corporations be devout followers of Satan?

Is There One Top Ruler?

I’m not interested, here, in finding those connections.  I want only to demonstrate that, if all seven theories have some basis in today’s real world, each of them can’t be “doing its thing” independently. Each would fail if it acted alone; the others would devour it.

Personally I am inclined to think there is One Group that “owns” the whole thing. Media moguls must be intimately connected with that group, so as to keep the public uniformly educated about whatever it is that the One Group wants us to believe.

As to the mailed fist of the whole operation, it must be NATO. In the past it was whatever military resources the various empires could muster. The fact that it can be done now by a NATO-type entity is yet another demonstration of the fact that rulers of particular nations are servants of someone above them; hence they all work as co-operators.

Since I cannot magically come up with answers as to who rules us, I’ll now switch tack. For the rest of this article I nominate the following inquiries:  What are their current plans of the Powerful for us? What would we like to do, in lieu of conforming to their plans? How can we bring our wishes to fulfilment over their (or at least have a good fight with them)?

Step Three: Discerning What Their Current Plan for Us Is

It is clear that the 1949 predictions by George Orwell and the 1969 predictions by Dr Richard Day have mostly come true, down to the fine detail.  So I venture to forecast that more-of-same will be our lot — unless the Powerful get tired of the game, or unless we stop them.

For example, they track our lives to the point where we have no independence or dignity, they make us distrust our neighbors, they take away the difference between male and female, they  rewrite history and toss any trace of reality down the memory hole, they change our language to diminish our ability to reason.

They try to “make home ownership a thing of the past,” they develop new diseases, they control the production of music, making it deliberately unpleasant, they cause earthquakes and use other weather-altering methods to change climate, and so forth.

Orwell predicted that the world will be organized into three parts: Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia, with two of them always at war, for no particular cause — except to keep people loyal and busy.

Today, it is also claimed that the persons who make these decisions will use genetic changes to alter the species – this is called “transhumanism.”  I have seen some Youtube videos that I don’t trust, claiming that they have already gone very far with artificial intelligence. I also do not believe one iota of what they say about citizen space travel.

Please don’t think the Powerful’s futuristic plans can be gleaned like that from open sources. But Orwell’s and Day’s stuff has had time to be tested — they are solid.

The Powerful’s Plan B

Note: when I say “these are the things the Powerful plan,” I mean it is what they hope to do if they can get away with it.  However, if someone blocks their road to victory it will be different.

Here I ask: what is their “Plan B” if people challenge them?  Already we have found out more than we were supposed to know about them and their weird ways.  How can I tell? By the way disinformation agents imitate us and gate-keep us and so forth.  Silly billies, they think they can make us un-learn what we have already learned.

This shows that, happily, there is “concern at the top.”  I say “happily,” but of course it could have a very unhappy ending.

Step Four: Asking What Would You Like in Lieu?

Odd, isn’t it how seldom we talk about what we would prefer, over the Current Plan? I shan’t attempt that endeavor here – but I’m on record saying that I urge us to turn back the clock. Nuttin’ wrong with the way humanity was, in fact it was sensational. But your ideas may differ from mine.  What are your preferences for your great-grand-children? How should we live?

I can safely bet that your wishes for the future do not look like the world that Orwell and Day describe. That world is filled with pain, monotony, and us being as obedient as trained animals.

Step Five: Fighting the Good Fight

Hmm. When you figure out your “in lieu” preferences you have to address the “little issue” of how to stop the Powerful from continuing what they are doing.

Maybe they are not really so powerful.  Could be bluff. They need bluff to keep us at bay.  But see the many articles by Dee McLachlan at Gumshoe News that describe how ordinary persons in the media seem to be hypnotized.  That is a very powerful trick of the Powerful, to get media persons to be in a state where they cannot disobey as their neurons just won’t go there.

To recapitulate this article, the headings were:

Step One: Naming the Running Dogs

Step Two: Discovering How the Powerful Do Their Work

Step Three: Discerning What Their Current Plan for Us Is

Step Four: Asking What Would You Like in Lieu?

Step Five: Fighting the Good Fight

It’s high time we started to talk about fighting the enemy. They, of course, prefer that we fight one another — and we surely do oblige them on that score all the time. But the trick is to be able to say that a group that deliberately harms you is the enemy, regardless of the odd fact that that group is “the authorities.’

Wonderfully confusing isn’t it, but not impossible to penetrate. The guys wearing badges and carrying guns tell us they are there to serve and protect. Righty-ho. They ARE there to serve and protect – but just not us.

Sounds wrong on the face of it, but think about it.

–Mary W Maxwell wishes to lure you into Brahms’ Wie Lieblich. You won’t regret it:




  1. Nice concise post. I feel a bit better now we can see a modis operanti, and use it to break down events in real time(Martin was in the news for years but the vegas shooter news fell apart almost immediately ).
    I also try to use the tool for atticipated actions, even at the risk of attaining to much foil upon my head.
    The three mickeys are exciting and terrifying at the same time, plenty have your backs though

  2. Good article Mary. I cant do it all in order as you would like, but I truly believe that money could change all evils. Imagine if everyone who owned a cell phone, cancelled their plans and smashed their phones. There would be chaos like no other among the corporations and the gov. Money talks. Imagine if no one used public transportation or flew anywhere, if no one bought a house, etc. This would be a silent but extremely powerful protest. People could say what they want to happen, have a list ready. People have so much power together, we could change anything. In the end I think that all most people want is to live their lives with privacy and peace.

    • Remedium malorum est cupiditas? Not a bad idea, Cheryl.

      To all holders of Seppo cell phones, I say Don’t go to Canada. I took mine there for 5-day trip and could not even call Uber in Montreal, but when i got back over the border I was billed $58.00 for roaming charges!!!

      Am considering filing a criminal complaint against AT&T for extortion. Robbers.

      Do you know there is currently a move to merge At&T with Time Warner?

  3. MM, This is the thinking needed. Maybe we need to do what they are doing in Zimbabwe. Not a coup, but the dictator, Mugabe, is under “house arrest” at the moment while they attempt to get government back in business.Fascinating developments.
    I think we can learn from Africa. e.g. Reconciliation in South Africa.

  4. If he hasn’t been convicted of acting on behalf of an established insurgency how can “counter-terrorist” measures be legally imposed?

    And why have such measures been imposed on lone nutter, Martin Bryant ?

    • Good point, Berry. In the Code of Federal Regulations (US) we find 28 CFR 501.3 – Prevention of acts of violence and terrorism. – GovRegs

      “Upon direction of the Attorney General, the Director, Bureau of Prisons, may authorize the Warden to implement special administrative measures that are reasonably … necessary to protect persons against the risk of death or serious bodily injury …”

      Hmm. I will check further. As for Bryant, i think the “measures” are not provided for. Anybody, please correct me.

  5. Much to learn from First Australians also–Truth then Reparation
    as Aunty Beryl Carmichael said Your answers lie within Us

    Sovereign Treaties under International Law

    Sovereign First Nations hold the Law of the Land, the continental common which has never been taken away. No-one can legally take a country through genocide and massacre.

    Commonwealth of Australia rules in right of the Crown of Britain, that’s why all laws are assented to by the Governor-general and State laws are assented to by Governors, representing HRH Elizabeth II.

    The ‘Batman Treaty’ was the only documented time when Europeans negotiated their presence and occupation of Aboriginal lands directly with the owners. – Wikipedia (link is external)
    Commonwealth of Australia does not have its own sovereignty but depends on Britain’s sovereignty.

    Treaties under international law are between Sovereign Nations.

    So at the moment Sovereign First Nations can only negotiate with Sovereign Head of Australia which is the Queen, through the Privy Council and the British parliament.

    Mabo High Court case ruled that First Nations have a proprietary interest in land and Australia never gained a BENEFICIAL root title to land.

    To negotiate Treaties with Australia currently is a complete farce because First Nations would only be treatying with a federation of COLONIES.

    Any negotiations between First Nations and Australia cannot be legitimised until Britain and Australia sever ties over sovereignty.

    The legitimacy of the 1986 Australia Act is questionable in terms of its constitutionality.

    Until 1986 Australia Act is properly examined by the International Court, First Nations would loose too much because any agreement with Australia would be a domestic contract able to be changed by the Australian parliament.

    Turnbull and Shorten must consult with the people of Australia if they are intending to separate from Britain and become a Republic; and must negotiate with First Nations.

    Some Sovereign First Nations have already made Declarations of Independence (UDIs) and are treatying with each other. First Nations have a right to do this under international law. There is no arbitrary rule here.

    Any treaty/treaties negotiations with the Commonwealth or member States are premature.

    Ghillar, Michael Anderson, 4 September 2017

  6. I am refer to number 6 and a connection to 5, in reference to ancient times and the occult and religion, such as the star guiding the 3 wise men and so forth, bringing us to a update on what I consider modernism of the astrological occult happening now.
    With reference to Q and A, 13th November, and professor Brian Cox, I am well aware baby face is a pop star, and is eloquent in explaining as a contemporary physicist in explaining to the public latest developments in space, such as gravitational waves and how they came about some billions of years ago.
    My problem with Brian is when he gets excited about his enthusiastic news on latest break through’s he then informs us that trillion dollar corporations are now in existence to return from space diamonds, gold and high value cargoes from outer space and a a footnote came up as what companies can he invest in shares, I am saying formidable exercises as such are highly speculative and may even be a ponzi scheme, although I appreciate such enthusiasm for us to divert our attention from the nitty gritty of daily news bulletins of over whelming news of the latest violence and calamities that are a daily occurrence.
    Is exactly my problem, although gravitational waves may have occurred several billion years ago by two neutron stars colliding, although I find this all very well I as a individual having a concern existentially of those who are my unknown relatives such as those in the Middle East of greater importance, in particular many now maimed and those killed would have a far better brain than myself and this to me is such a waste of minds that had they lived would contribute to a better world that I have no doubt even if it sounds selfish would benefit me to have a holiday in say Lebanon’s beaches.
    So many professors hard up to get a job having to connect up with military such as NASA, as their are not that many jobs around for scientists and having to get money have to team up with military as that’s where the money is, and this is why many scientist have their hands tied and are not able to speak out on military as they will be flagged for crossing the line.
    To summarize, the exciting probe and outer space imaginations of mind are not going to compensate for so many who are trapped in traffic jams going to work and the constant cost of living and stagnation of wages,and the rich getting richer and Trump also in Australia corporations being given tax breaks, the space out there is so vast few if any can comprehend it what we can comprehend is chicks put into meat grinders alive and chicks boiled alive, we need change besides a one way ticket to Mars as a incentive to live in dignity and health.

  7. Softbank chairman Masayoshi Son is in talks with Uber about a massive $US10 billion investment in the company. I read somewhere he has $100 billion to invest into companies that will advance AI. We are approaching strange times.

    SoftBank Group Corp. is leading a $93 million (about ¥10.4 billion) investment in a startup that simplifies for companies the use of machine learning or deep learning applications at scale.
    “While all of the big technology companies, from Alphabet Inc.’s Google to Facebook Inc. and Amazon.com Inc., are racing to develop ways to use artificial intelligence, there are few examples outside that sphere of significant applications built at any meaningful scale, Petuum said.”

    The fund led a $114 million investment in Brain Corp., a San Diego-based firm that specializes in developing self-driving technology for robots.

    These people believe in robots not people.

    Maybe the powerful will be brought down by the robots they are introducing.

  8. Further to Berry’s query abiiut SAM’s:

    “These special administrative measures ordinarily  may include housing the  inmate in administrative detention and/or limiting certain privileges, including, but not limited to, correspondence, visiting, interviews with representatives of the news media, and use of the telephone, as is reasonably necessary to protect persons against the risk of acts of violence or terrorism. The authority of the Director under this paragraph  may not be delegated below the level of Acting Director. 

    (b) Designated  staff shall provide to the affected  inmate, as soon as practicable, written notification of the restrictions imposed and the basis for these restrictions. The notice’s statement as to the basis  may be limited in the interest of prison security or safety or to protect against acts of violence or terrorism. The  inmate shall sign for and receive a copy of the notification.
    (c) Initial placement of an  inmate in administrative detention and/or any limitation of the  inmate’s privileges in accordance with  paragraph (a) of this section  may be imposed for up to 120 days or, with the approval of the Attorney General, a longer period of time not to exceed one year.

    Special restrictions imposed in accordance with  paragraph (a) of this section  may be extended thereafter by the Director, Bureau of Prisons, in increments not to exceed one year, upon receipt by the Director of an additional written notification from the Attorney General, or, at the Attorney General’s direction, from the head of a federal law enforcement agency or the head of a member agency of the United States intelligence community, that there continues to be a substantial risk that the inmate’s communications or contacts with other persons could result in death or serious bodily injury to persons…

    Holy cow, Berry! Thanks for asking.

    • So have the same restrictions been placed on Charles Manson? After all he still has a big fanclub.

      Patricia Krenwinkel, Leslie Van Houten & Susan Aitkins all claimed political motivation re the Tate/Biannca murders and countless interviews have been, and continue to be,published.

      Anyone who wants to listen to convicted terrorists Sandra Goode & Lynette Fromme is also free to do so.

      So why does Jahar Tsarnaev merit a blanket ban?

      • So “interviews with representatives of the news media” are a “privilege”!

        And the above crew are more deserved than Jahar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • So “interviews with representatives of the news media” are a “privilege” !

      And the above crew are deemed more deserved that Jahar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Dear Diane, I find your statement (I realize you did not write it) to be helpful re the queen and also the state governors. I see them having great power even though people say “But they don’t use it.” Power on paper is power.

    On the matter of treaties, please explain. Which nations are recognized as sovereign within Oz?

    Or is it contract, not treaty, you are thinking of. Within a country, contracts are enforceable by the courts.

    Internationally, treaties are not enforceable. I mean they don’t get enforced. There is no authority. There is such a thing as the International Court of Justice at the Hague but I consider it a joke. Or worse than a joke if it leads people to think it will solve issues between the powerful and the unpowerful. Ditto for the International Criminal Court, also at the Hague.

    I await word from you, but can wait plenty of time till you give us the Dondale Report first. Yay.

    • Yes Mary they are not my words they belong to Ghillar, Michael Anderson, 4 September 2017
      as you may have noticed I am a great “cut and paster” my words are many but have not yet found the right audience -they support others stories, people who are experts in their field and Michael is one.

      Contact: Ghillar, Michael Anderson 0427 292 492
      Convenor Euahlayi Nation Executive Council and Sovereign Union

      as I have referenced before there is a wealth of information to be found on http://www.sovereignunion.mobi

      I have selected
      Ghillar Michael Anderson – Rebuilding Nations & UDIs-Gathering of Nations 2015
      that might address some of your questions.

      Ghillar Michael Anderson, Convenor of the Sovereign Union presents the keynote address to the Gathering of Nations held in Old Parliament House, Canberra, on 21 & 22 November 2015. video Eleanor Gilbert

      “He very clearly articulates the internationally accepted process for assertion of sovereignty by Nations and Peoples subjugated by a foreign power. He also expands on the need for the Australian Commonwealth government to begin the process of decolonisation. Australia was criticised by 110 UN Member States in the November 2015 Human Rights Committee meeting in Geneva for its treatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and also its treatment of refugees. Australia is also listed on the UN list of countries that need to decolonise.
      Ghillar also explains some of the steps the Euahlayi Nation took when making their Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI) based on their pre-existing independent and continuing sovereignty, which has never been ceded to a foreign power..
      Freedom and security is a right of all Peoples on the planet.
      The Sovereignty Movement led by the Sovereign Union of Aboriginal Nations and Peoples in Australia is very different and must not be confused with the so-called Freeman movement of sovereign citizens.
      The Sovereign Union is founded on the continental Common Law, the First Nations Law of the Land which has been partially recognised by the High Court in the Mabo (No. 2) case.
      Further info: sovereignunion.mobi

  10. So what, if any, response was issued to that letter ?

    My perception is that such bigwigs have virtually no control over anything and that the situation is more frankinsteinian than cabalistic

  11. has anyone considered that the orders/handlers/corroboration isnt spoken. isnt a conspiracy or marching orders haded down. What if it is back-door archetypes speaking together totally subconscious to the person. DNA memories of survival ‘messaging’ the current ‘host’ Reomote viewing may offer some of these answers: viking-z.org

    • “What if it is back-door archetypes speaking together totally subconscious to the person.”
      I wouldn’t rule it out, Kev.

      But DNA can’t do something it hasn’t done in billions of years, I don’t think.
      As for remote viewing, my MK-Ultra friends believe in it, and I usually accept what they say — but on evolutionary grounds I can’t accept this one.

      To think how perfectly formed are the sensory perception mechanisms of each species — according to the environmental specifications. Why would us big fat mammals (sorry, I’m speaking for myself there) have evolved the ability to see beyond what we need to see for survival?

      “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

  12. I do not think a change of significance can happen by informing the public at large of informing them of the Twin Towers as a insider job or The Boston Marathon, as being subversive acts of government agencies, the media having been infiltrated by propaganda put out by the ruling establishment.
    America may eventually exhaust itself by cost of military, this will take some time to happen, as America cannot be defeated as a repressive power by exterior forces and can only be destroyed within by the guns held privately by mass or guerilla warfare attacking the police forces and the secret police, to achieve this rising cannot have a central organization and can only work by understanding who the oppressive forces are.
    This revolution can only work by comprehending the rich are the enemy of most who populate our planet, the understanding the rich are destroying the planet by calculated wars, the poisoning of the planet and mass destruction of our resources.
    The main enemy and the location is British establishment such as parliament and Israel who controls Britain and America, this revolution by uprising of those devoted to this cause cannot come from Britain nor Israel because their is not enough weapons to achieve this goal.
    It is not possible to negotiate with these powerful cartels as they are unapproachable from a platform of reason owing to a long standing of a genetic deformity within the genetic code, similar to dogs having been bred within the brain hard wired to having no choice other than being obedient to a program that cannot be changed or if possible would take generations to change.
    Germany could play a significant part within change, although this would take some time to develop.
    Either one prepares for violent change or the cartels and establishment will eventually destroy all life as we know it.

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