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What Can We Learn From Zimbabwe

Robert Mugabe is the oldest statesmen in the world, born on February 21, 1924. Queen Elizabeth II was born on April 21, 1926 and is the longest serving monarch in the world.

By Dee McLachlan

It was in the 80s when I traveled up from South Africa to Zimbabwe to make a wildlife film. We shot in the bush for about two weeks with tame lions, managed by a movie animal wrangler. As we were about to leave, he looked down at the tires of our vehicle and said, “Can I buy the tires off your van. We can’t buy tires here.” We swapped tires, and we drove back with his very well-worn tires.

Then my cousin married a Zimbabwe tobacco farmer and moved up there. I think they forfeited part of their farm in the early days, so were largely left alone in the compulsory white farmland acquisitions. They are still there, part of a small group of farmers that remained.

This week-end she wrote me an email saying, “…we need Mug to stand down graciously and —off. Everyone is sick to death of his crap.” She attended the protest march on the week-end. There were about 100,000 people and no incidents.

There is something very special about how the African people solve problems. They are very tolerant, and tolerant to hardship. Too tolerant. And as a result many people have been taken advantage of. In Zimbabwe, 70 percent are classified as poor (really poor — not Australia-poor).

The people don’t usually rise up against dictators. It’s usually foreign nations, possibly wanting resources, that initiate bombings, coups, killings, slaughter, war and mayhem. There are also privately funded movements that initiate revolts. So Zimbabwe’s example right now, I think, should be a lesson for other nations.

“Gucci” Grace Mugabe – a nickname given her extravagant taste

The military went and put Mugabe under house arrest — and are desperately trying to resolve it in the most dignified way as possible. I think the country had little option. The alternative would have allowed Grace Mugabe — still young and totally corrupted — to lead a Mugabe dynasty well into the future. The country would have faced a dismal future.

So the military was hoping he’d resign. He didn’t.

The ruling party ZANU-PF was expecting him to announce his resignation on Sunday, when he appeared before the cameras. But he didn’t stick to the script.

The party tweeted:

“We gave Robert Gabriel Mugabe every chance to have a dignified exit. But he is mad,” it said, adding: “Actually, all the old man needed to do was to stick to the script. Now we must remove him.” Another tweet pointed out: “We have been kind.”

I quote The Australian:

“Earlier, party leaders said impeachment proceedings would go ahead as planned. The 93-year-old has been given until noon on Monday local time (9pm Monday AEDT) to stand down or he would be impeached.

“The once-formidable Mr Mugabe is now a virtually powerless, isolated figure, making his continued incumbency all the more unusual and extending Zimbabwe’s political limbo. He is largely confined to his private home by the military, the ruling party has fired him from his leadership post and huge crowds poured into the streets of Harare, the capital, on Saturday to demand that he leave office.”

There is one essential difference between Africa and the West.

In Africa, corruption is open, blatant, flaunted. Corrupt leaders build palaces and seem quite comfortable showing their gains.

When I visited South Africa in 2016, President Jacob Zuma was facing a possible criminal trial, with South Africa’s High Court declaring that he “should” be charged with 783 counts of alleged corruption, fraud and racketeering. Surrounded by “his people” Zuma runs his government operation like a mafia don. The scale of corruption is extraordinary — and it is out in the open.

In the West, it is hidden, often in consulting deals, take overs, public-private partnerships etc., with deception and trickery also on a massive scale. I guess the Intelligence agents would have some understanding of the processes, even possibly acting as helpers. And if leaders don’t oblige — they are assassinated.

The difference:

In Africa, the leaders sense that power equals corruption (or almost does), so become part of it.

In the West, the prime minister and presidents are put there by the “power brokers” or by the shadow governments, and are obliged to do their bidding. The corruption is hidden. Is the corruption is on a much grander scale? Maybe I
wouldn’t really call it corruption. What would you call the Federal Reserve? A ponzi scheme and a deception of mammoth proportions.

Maybe we should take a leaf out of the book of the Zimbabwe military — and put Canberra and ASIO under house arrest, until a delegation representing the people are able to understand what is happening behind closed doors — closed, possibly, even to the prime minister.



  1. Just wiki ing the Mug. They say his mother was jesuit trained. I thought i remembered him attending Rugby or Eaten in the UK. Oxford also comes to mind as Cecil Roades was not dug up and removed from Zim
    cleaver Jesuit long game maybe.

  2. ” ……… UNDER HOUSE ARREST…..”.
    I thought that was the hidden reason for the fence around parliament house with no gate…….. it is just a place for all those covert banker aliens and their running dogs who cannot even: add up, store our beans or plan and plant a decent crop for the people’s future needs.
    Then we could go about our lives in peace, growing our own beans.

  3. Dee is noted, as to the method of attempting to oust Mugabe with a face saving method.
    But note what is happening in Saudi …….. heaps of arrests of high flyers for alleged corruption etc.
    Pay up to 70% of assets to get out of the Ritz Carlton alive.
    Hey, the Saudis are broke and Salman needs the money….. after all, killing Yemenies is not cheap.
    Same will happen to us when we are forced to bail out the banks and governments with more beans…. as in Malta and Greece.
    Then there were the French and Bolshevik revolutions …….
    People take for granted what they have and indulge in without any thought for the vipers crawling into their underpants.
    At kingworld news today there is a report of someone seeking to take delivery of his own gold stored with a Swiss bank. The bank refused to hand it over. He seeked that the refusal to be confirmed in writing from the bank and said he would report the matter to the police. They handed over his gold…. this time!
    Those who are complacent are going to be bitten whilst they sleep…… things seem to be developing world wide as the banker bean counters pocket our beans and want to take our crops……….. communism, fascism, totalitarianism, collectivism ….. call it what you want, but the result is the same …… serfdom by debt and a flogging by the corrupt.
    Happened before, ask Jesus Christ.

  4. Ned the current saudi issue timing is interesting to me, as they all went to the same schools, guard change or more cyclical rollover.
    A SA guy made the base aussie in me laugh at
    Q is Caster Semenya a transathlete
    A she is a woman
    Q would you marry this woman
    A she is not that kinda woman
    Julius Malema hips Trannsvaal to Zim, but to a outsider I struggle.

  5. In Victoria —Opposition Leader Matthew Guy has pledged “the biggest traffic congestion-busting project in Victoria’s history” and will spend billions of dollars grade-separating major intersections.
    Funding would come from a roughly equal three-way split … third from the sale of Snowy Mountain Hydro Scheme.

    • just wonder about the timing of the bringing down of the power/tram lines–first I thought the shut down for 8 hours may have been to install -some secret security-to “keep us safe”- now think it might be to promote the biggest traffic project in Vics History. Watching the coverage right now think both of the above are correct—and more will be revealed

  6. I suggest that our officers in the Military study the Australian Constitution and then arrest every politician who steps outside the law within. That would mean that all of the current Cabinet would be charged initially, then any following replacements would need to legislate via the Constitution or have referendums passed to alter the Constitution.

    I am not saying that the Military take over and govern. Just to put under Military arrest those now in power and have them replaced by alternative politicians or arrange for a new election, with the stipulation that whoever forms a government will rule under the conditions of the Constitution, or face the same arrest situation.

    Once the Nation is governed by the Constitution we will have got rid of the yoke of the Globalist banks and other multi-national criminals.

  7. I have just looked at the above clip. What this officer says happens or should happen is not put into action. Otherwise there would not have been an Iraqi war, there would have been any military action in Libya or alongside Isis in Syria.

  8. If I may, for all n shut up. Our pm has interests in rain making tech (patented tested in South Australia) Ltd Pty. You need rain for hydro, intesects with funny clouds. US defence to control weather by 2025. Bresinski projections, food control, HK still walking the halls.
    I have not looked at the clip, and I do not want to miss info or distract from this fine site, so I will watch and learn as I have here

  9. Sorry.
    I trust that Her Majesty’s dress was buried in the Kew/Kiew (sp) gardens and in the following spring was awarded a prize for her blooms.
    I have tried to resist, but be uncontrolable.
    Sorry. Realy!

  10. They have a facinating documemted history. The Jesuits, to be clear. My turps radar says there might be some undocumented as well
    i dont have a dog in this fight and i am not nemisis

  11. Debt is how money is created here . Sadly , it is the only industry left .
    With globalism (mass migration) the more punters the bigger the profits .
    We are governed by greed of the strong doing what they can !

  12. It’s much easier to control a population that has a delusion of autonomy. In the West technological know-how is manipulated accordingly.

      • Nah, he’s not Nemesis (or as I preferred to call him “emesis”…look it up, you’ll love it). He could be based in the same building though.

        The Jesuits do seem to be a thing worthy of some attention in itself, but they are hardly the main game now, and not really of a profile great enough to use as an effective deflection tool. I think he’s interested in them, but places too much store in their presumed power.

        Simon, go read the Protocols of Zion. Its all there. there’s always a hidden hand behind every hidden hand.

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