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Why The Interest in Barron Trump?

Barron and Melania (photo – Daily Mail)

By Dee McLachlan

Why would ISIS suddenly be interested in Barron Trump?

Something doesn’t ring quite true. On the surface, this sounds like a new ISIS strategy coming out of the blue. There were photographs of Melania and Barron unpacking the Christmas tree the other day, and it was back in 2016, that the MSM reported ISIS’s desire to assassinate the then presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

The Washington Beacon broke this news about Barron in their article, “ISIS Calls for Assassination of Barron Trump,” reported:

“Pro-ISIS internet channels are calling for the assassination of President Donald Trump’s son, Barron, and have shared personal details of the child’s life on its social media networks, including the address of his school… according to the Middle East Media Research Institute, or MEMRI.

They were using the hashtag ‘handle the son of the mule of America.’

So who is the Washington Beacon?

I quote Slate: “Conservative Website Was First to Hire Firm Behind Russia Dossie”:

“We already knew that it was Republicans who first hired Fusion GPS, the firm behind the now infamous dossier that claimed close ties between Donald Trump and the Russian government. But now we know that Republican group was the Washington Free Beacon, a conservative website that is largely funded by hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer. Turns out the Washington Free Beacon hired Fusion GPS in 2015 to dig up information about several Republican presidential hopefuls, including Trump.”

And Bloomberg reported on August 7, 2017, “The World’s Most Feared Investor.”

“Aggressive, tenacious and litigious to a fault, Paul Singer may be the most feared activist investor in the world—by hedge fund rivals, companies and even countries…

“Singer… started with just $1.3 million from family and friends in 1977, and the fund’s investments in equity and debt have since led to at least $93 billion in corporate asset sales and share buybacks, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.”

Breitbart wrote in on the 31st of October, 2017:

“Billionaire hedge fund managers Paul Singer and George Soros define the ideological boundaries of the globalist opposition to the Trump agenda. Neither hesitates to use his substantial financial resources to stymie the populist conservative economic nationalist policies of the “Make America Great Again” coalition.”

Is Singer another Soros?



  1. If Singer was only investing, why would he be feared. His investment return is not possible. Soro’s about 1974 bet againt the UK pound also not possible (who chequer of exchange then). Warren Buffett’s returns not possible, Bernie crossed somebody.
    haha heard Barron is here to retrieve a IBM 5100, as they need it in the future

  2. So sorry Soros run in 1992, i have intertwined my conspiracy theories.
    The same puppets in the back always, but so sorry on the link to the impossible Soro bet to 74

    • Is it possible that THOSE WHO DIRECT OUR MINDS VIA THE MEDIA are yet again trying to stir up the theme that Muslims are radicalized jihadists who not only behead people, but assassinate children of leaders?

      Have they sat at their little desk and worked out a scenario of murdering le dauphin? Even if it is only a vague hint, even only a joke, we cannot afford to treat it as “don’t worry it will go away.”

      Who’ll trace the origin of the rumor? Go to your local authorities and stir them up with requests for help. Remind them that this is what you employ them for.

      State openly that this could be yet another Lousitania – or whatever – a way to drag us into war. What American wouldn’t be eager for war if Barron were killed?

      If you think Israel is behind it, say so. Ask Bibi what he thinks. Go on, ask.

  3. I’ve seen it could be part of the tit-4-tat going on between Trump and the CIA(/ISIS). First the Trump Fiji water bottle death stare, (false) reports of a raid at the Langley base, bombing of CIA drug labs in Afghanistan etc. Roy Potter on Ytube(https://www.youtube.com/user/roypotterqa) has been interpreting mysterious posts on 4chan by Qanon. I can’t keep up with it all.

  4. Maybe that’s how they try and keep Trump in line. Interesting this rears its head as Trump starts talking with Zion’s enemy no. 1: Putin.

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