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Sharks vs. Measles, Victorian Minister vs. Sweden, and Vax vs. Playgrounds

Jackson State University study found shocking statistics about vaccination (photo – Immunity Education)

By Dee McLachlan

Am I reading this correctly?

The Herald Sun reported today:

“Three children were removed from the father and mother’s care following serious concerns for their welfare, but the couple are now fighting a decision made by a children’s court that the children be immunised while in the care of the Department of Health and Human Services.

When I read this article quickly, I was wondering whether the children were removed because the parents were anti-vaxxers. It is ambiguously written — and I think this was deliberate. To scare people who are reluctant to vaccinate their children.

One is left to wonder why the children were taken into the State’s care? It seems strange that the parents would be fighting this all the way to the Supreme Court if they were neglectful parents.

To continue:

“A Dad fighting in court to prevent his children being vaccinated has claimed they have more chance of being killed by a shark than the measles.”

In recent years an average of three people died from shark attacks in Australia each year. In 2015 it was two people, but in 2014 it was allegedly five.

Is this Dad correct then? It appears so.

The Australian government claims, “In the past, measles infection was a common childhood illness but as a result of national immunisation campaigns is now rare in Australia.” Between 1986 to 1992 there were an average of two deaths per year. And even though there are still measles outbreaks, the last recorded death in Australia was in 1995. The authorities credit vaccination.

Compare this to cancer. In 2017, it is estimated that 719 children aged 0-14 years will be newly diagnosed with cancer in Australia. Just over 10% will die.

But back to the parents and their three children.

Vaccinating Kids in State Care

It’s been reported that an interim accommodation order was put in place by the children’s court, and the siblings were taken into temporary DHHS care. Then a Children’s Court magistrate later placed a condition on the order that the children could be immunised by the department. This outraged the parents, who argue the court does not have the power to do that.

Dr Ian Freckleton QC is representing DHHS and argues the courts can make a decision based on what is in the best interests of the child. Now the fuss is also over the fact that the parents are using Victorian Legal Aid — legal support funded by the taxpayer.

Surely everyone has the right to have defense? Not if you an anti-vaxxer, it seems.

Victorian Minister for Families and Children Jenny Mikakos (photo APP)

Victorian Minister for Families and Children Jenny Mikakos slammed the move (for the issue to be brought before the courts and the use of legal aid). She said:

“We don’t take advice on the health of our kids from quacks pedaling lies and misinformation about vaccinations… We follow the experts — not dangerous ideologies. The science is absolutely clear — vaccinations save lives…  We act in the best interests of children, whether they’re in the state’s care or not.”

But not so fast, Minister. Look at what Sweden did.

Sweden Bans Mandatory Vaccinations

In May this year, it was reported that “Sweden Bans Mandatory Vaccinations Over Serious Health Concerns”. This was reported in yournewswire:

“…that it would violate our Constitution if we introduced compulsory vaccinations… [and] there’s a massive resistance to all forms of coercion with regard to vaccinations.

NHF Sweden also shows how frequent are serious adverse reactions … In addition, one must take into account that each age group will receive the MMR vaccine twice, so the side effects are doubled.”

Kids in Sweden (photo – yournewswire)

The report continues:

“…we have even included an extensive list of the additives found in vaccines – substances which are not health foods and certainly do not belong in babies or children. We also included for lawmakers a daunting list of studies that demonstrate vaccination is a bad idea.”

The Science is Not So Clear

A professor of Epidemiology and Public Health at Jackson State University (and colleagues) collected data on the health of 405 vaccinated and 262 unvaccinated children ages 6 to 12 from four different states. Although it’s a pilot study, this is what they claim to have found:

  • Vaccinated children were 30 times more likely to suffer from nasal allergies
  • Vaccinated children were 4 times more likely to suffer ear infections and were 6 times more likely to catch pneumonia [These results are especially shocking since two of the childhood vaccines are designed to be preventions against ear infections and pneumonia (Hib and Pneumococcal).]
  • ADHD and other Learning Disorders were 4 to 5 times more common in the vaccinated group compared to kids who did not receive vaccines
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder was also 4 times more common in the vaccinated group

Minister even if these stats are half wrong, we should be extremely concerned. And, maybe you should BAN all PLAYGROUNDS in the State of Victoria (Australia).

Playground Danger

The Sydney Herald reports that in Australia, there will be about 149 deaths for children aged 16 and younger. 680,000 children will be hospitalised from injuries — and injury is the biggest killer of Australian children.



  1. When I was a kid I had measles, no biggie, just stayed away from school for a while until I got well (everybody did it, it was accepted, like having the flu). I also had mumps, I remember a picture of my brother and I with swollen cheeks, we looked liked a couple of pumpkins. Then there was also chicken pox.

    After my experiences with those normal ‘childhood diseases’, a parent would have to be a clueless twit to have their kids injected with the poisons in the vaccinations of today.

    Just give the child proper nutrition and let their immune system clean it out.

    • Similar history.
      But the chicken pox did not hit until the day before my address to the jury.
      His Honour offered a discharge, but being the third trial on the same indictment after two hung juries I soldiered on.
      I think they convicted him because the jury realised I was sick when addressing and my client slept through it.
      ‘Why”? I asked. The reply: “I was up all last night with the sick kids”.
      Lesson. Observe the client’s predicament and ignore one’s own.
      So we obtained a bond the next sitting day for just a few alleged plants beyond his back fence up the steep hill!!
      Then I drove off for hundreds of ks to sit in bath with a evil smelling black substance.
      That was life before the pharmacy conglomerates took over with the baying shock jokes and politicians.

      • Ned, been there, done that. Big trial, you have to appear, the only excuse – you could be dead, but you couldn’t be sick.

        I’m amazed I lived through some of it. Just trying to keep it together until the weekend so I could collapse.

        • Terry,
          We have to look back and laugh at the present.
          The world of snow flakes have to melt when reality warms them , they think they are iceblocks……. poor sorrowful, journos and shock jokes, born yesterday in complete denial of history prostituting themselves to the globalist corporate fascist agenda.

  2. I too had chicken pox, mumps and measles while at primary school, along with almost every other child, but nobody suffered other health effects. Not one child died or almost died. We had natural immune systems, built up by being allowed to play in Mother Nature’s backyard, known today as dirt and sand.

    It is about time these professionals that listen to these so called “scientists” ask how these scientist came by their false conclusions. And how many of them are gaining financial advantage from pharmaceutical companies, that make and supply these sometimes deadly and disease causing vaccinations. This situation is known as “conflict of interest”.

    Can any politicians point out in both the Federal and State Constitutions whereby governments can enforce involuntary vaccinations upon the public. And while we are about it, can they also point out how implanting the public with microchips involuntary is legal?

    • Young Nurses flogging vaccinations to Staff through Infection Control Units have never seen these diseases in the wild and are certain they are deadly childhood illnesses that vaccination has saved us from. As much has been said to me.

  3. We liked getting chicken pox as it meant missing school, and the parentals might buy you a sympathy gift. My Dad bought me a magic slate for 29 cents. I’ve just found one on Amazon for $5.35.

    Also you didn’t want to have just paltry red spots for measles, you wanted really big impressive ones.

    Ned, your pox seems to have happened a bit late in life….

  4. “The state has the right to act in the child’s best interest.” What’s the jurisprudence on this? I think it is only for cases of a parent refusing treatment for a sick child, based on religious beliefs.

    I think that jurisprudence is not relevant to vax — such as a current case in America of a religious parent not taking the baby to the doctor when it had pneumonia:

    “Our laws recognize that you have a duty to care for your child’s health and welfare, and we cannot justify a parent not seeking health care for their children when their children are ill,” said Berks County District Attorney John Adams.

    Hmm. We need court rulings on vax, and fast. Is there no case challenging the “No jab no pay” (from Centrelink) policy? Dee, is it policy or legislation?

    • The State has a “right” ? Talk about a Freudian slip !

      A few years ago my son managed to thwart a legislated DEEWR manoeuvre that clashed with the extant Privacy Act simply by writing to the Minister. I’m sure the same principle is being expounded every day of the week re other issues, particularly vaccination; interesting that there’s virtually no publicity.

  5. Dee; I think you read it exactly right.

    The only thing left is the question is why? Why are they so desperate to get everyone vaccinated?

    The fact that the welfare dependent are particularly dependent tells me, these vaccines are all about bringing about long term ill heath, infertility, reduced life expectancy and reduced quality of life.

    Would be interesting to discover the vaccination rates of families in the top echelons of business and government and rest of the financially life time comfortable.

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