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Vax Catastrophe, Part 1: What Does Walt Want and Why Does He Want It?

The Simpsonwood Conference Center, Georgia, USA (photo – patch.com)

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

We often read that the government’s demands for opportunities to vaccinate the population in Australia is increasing. This takes the form of such things as:

“No jab, no pay” – a family on welfare can’t be paid for any kid not fully vaccinated.

“No jab, no job” — nurses lose their job if they don’t get vaccinated (and lately, day-care workers have been added to the list).

“No jab, your doctor won’t accept your kid into his practice.”

In each of those cases there’s an out. The family can stay in poverty, the nurse can become a shop assistant, the family will go to a chiropractor or naturopath instead of an MD. But we all know, don’t we, that these steps in be direction are leading further into the same direction: universal vaccination. “No Jab, you’re arrested.” “You’ve broken the law and now you go to prison and of course prisoners get vaccinated.”

This article has one clear message: we must not tolerate this. We should not have tolerated, in Australia, the “no jab no welfare payment.” But it wasn’t us, so who cared. We were fools to let this happen. And parents who did not yell at their doctor when he/she refused to treat unvaccinated children should stand in the stocks for an hour (the parents, not the doctor – at least 10 hours for the doctor).

It Is Totally Malicious

The vaccination routine is made to sound nice “Oh yes we want kids to be immunized against various diseases – we’d be doing them a disservice otherwise.” Hmm. Do you know that many doctors do not allow their own children to be vaccinated?  Do you know there is much research to show that immunization does not do what it promises to do?

I happen to know that the practice of vaccinating was malicious from the very beginning. If you are getting into a panic reading this, I think that’s good.  It has to be better than switching off.

And so now I’ll move the solution up to the front of the discussion, OK?  You have to act. You have to act now.  You have to act in solidarity with others.  That means you have to invent solidarity however you are able to.

Gather Together

Do you belong to any clubs? Any associations? A church group? Do you have a favorite shopping center? A local library? Go there and hand out a one-page INVITATION for people to meet you at such-and-such a place. They won’t hate you. And they can always ignore the invitation.

If you own or rent a house you can put lawn signs galore on the grass. If only an apartment, put a nice sign in the widow – making it beautiful helps you not to look like a negative element.

If you have a body, as most persons do, you can wear a sign.  This can be a laminated piece of typing paper with a simple message such a “Please talk to me about vaccination.” Just tune the font up to 35 or so, for nice thick lettering. Hang it on a lanyard, or pin one to your back.

You can also go to a home improvement shop such as Bunnings and buy, for maybe 50 cents, a thin piece of plywood to use as a stick for holding up a sign.  When campaigning I bought a 6-foot stick of very lightweight plywood so I could perch it on the ground near me (or leaned it on my shoulder) and still be hands free to give out papers.

Note: in my recent campaign for the US Senate, the speech-item I got the most thanks for was my mention of vaccination. I had not gone deeply into it as there were many other topics to cover, but that one brought instant gratitude.

Several people told me how they get rebuffed when they try to fight for their rights. But they would not be rebuffed if they had enough support and enough anger and enough knowledge of what vax is really all about.

What Walt Wants

In 2000, Robert F Kennedy, Jr wrote an exposé on The Simpsonwood Conference. The gist is that there was a meeting supervised by Dr Walter Orenstein, to discuss what folks were saying about a connection between thimerosal and autism. Thimerosal is one of the many ingredients in vaccines; it is related to preserving their shelf life.

Orenstein was at the time the director of the National Immunization Program for the CDC. The CDC, Centers for Disease Control, in Atlanta, Georgia, started as a private entity but now belongs to the US Department of Health and Human Services. Kennedy’s article “Deadly Immunity” appeared in Salon.com in July 2005.  I think Salon has since repudiated it – always a good sign. Kennedy made two points:

  1. the CDC turned its database on childhood vaccines – which had been developed largely at taxpayer expense – over to a private agency, America’s Health Insurance Plans, ensuring that it could not be used for additional research 
[not to mention Freedom of Information requests], and
  1. Regarding the Simpsonwood Conference:

“According to transcripts of the meeting, the committee’s chief staffer, Kathleen Stratton, predicted that the IOM would conclude that the evidence was ‘inadequate to accept or reject a causal relation’ between thimerosal and autism. That, she added, was the result ‘Walt wants’ – a reference to Dr. Walter Orenstein. The IOM [Institutes of Medicine] declared the case closed and – in a startling position for a scientific body – recommended that no further research be conducted.”

Why Does Walt Want That Result?

You would have to be thicker than thick to not see what the point of the Simpsonwood Conference was. It was to refute (and mock) the claims of many parents that their child had developed autism immediately after getting a vaccination. Often it was the MMR jab, for measles, mumps, and rubella.

The cause may or not have been the thimerosal; it could have been some other ingredient. But no physician in his right mind would say that the research was final — and give away the useful (taxpayer-funded) database.

Orenstein acted maliciously. Even if the autism illness were not nearly as bad as it is, and did not affect nearly as many kids as it does, his behavior is way out of line and is inexplicable.

Autism Was the Desired Result

In my book, Consider the Lilies, I explained the malice that has been going on in medicine since 1798. I virtually said that the disease we call autism, which is unbelievably cruel, was cooked up and deliberately spread to children.

I am sure I am correct. However, no one wants to hear this.  I sometimes make hints in the Comments section of the website Age of Autism. No one picks me up on it.  The “demographic” that would be best suited to get angry and to warn others – namely, parents of autism children – are definitely not going to be in the front lines.

And why should they have to do the work? We should do it for them. Hey, Everybody, just swallow this, please: there are people in this world wicked enough to cause diseases.

(Autism is not the first one they have tried.)

(Autism is not the first one they have tried.)

Go on, swallow it — and get angry — and act on your anger.

–Mary W Maxwell wants you to download Consider the Lilies from her website maryWmaxwell.com




  1. Founder Of Autism Non-Profit Found Dead In Canal


    – Jeana Beck – died approximately November 17th near an Oregon hotel room where she had been staying.

    Beck was the founder of Unlocking Autism and was traveling with her 23-year-old autistic son for a work trip and staying at Rodeway Inn.

    She reportedly went outside for a smoke break and never returned. She was reported missing. Tragically, her body was found the next night in a canal behind the hotel.

    Strangely, police almost immediately ruled out foul play, according to health writer Erin Elizabeth of Healthnut News

    • Political Cult vs religious cults???

      Cults trick new recruits into joining the group and committing themselves to a cause or lifestyle they don’t fully understand. Politicians commit to a system when they don’t fully understand how money and debt creation work and how this private elite is controlling society.

      Cults mislead new recruits/members as to the true expectations and activities of the group.

      Cults may hide any signs of illegal, immoral or hyper-controlling practices until the recruit has fully immersed himself in the group.

      Induced Dependency – Cults demand absolute, unquestioning devotion, loyalty and submission. There is no free time to think or analyze.

      Cults may not allow unsupervised contact with the “outside world.” (Try ask a tricky question during a press conference)

  2. @Berry I’m a single parent and I receive Family Tax Benefit A and B (“hand out”) and have never been asked about vaccinations of either of my children. It is not a requirement of the payment – as you can see from the link that you posted. So I guess not all welfare recipients are not socially engineered according to some bigger plan yet.

    I have two children – both have been fully immunised. With the growing proportion of parents choosing not to immunise their children – I would consider it negligent not to immunise.

    For years “non vaxers” have taken advantage of the fact that diseases such as Measles and Mumps have nearly disappeared – and believe that their children will be safe against these diseases because the majority of other children are immunised. But this reached a tipping point a few years ago in Melbourne- and we saw for the first time in many many decades outbreaks of whooping cough and measles in schools and child care centres because not enough children were immunised to prevent it. At that time I was grateful that my children (and myself) were immune against these diseases.

    It is my personal belief that ‘proponents of non-vaccination’ exploit and rely on other families to vaccinate their children and anticipate that this will prevent the spread of disease. Their model absolutely relies on the bulk of the population being vaccinated. The risks of not getting your child vaccinated in this environment is much lower than in one were your child might actually get measles, or mumps or polio (which is becoming the case where vaccinations are optional). In this regard many are poorly informed by no vax campaigns. They are not made aware of the risks to their children not getting vaccinated e.g. getting a disease, only the risks associated with the vaccines (which have since been proven incorrect).

    I doubt very much that non-vaxers would want a world where no one was vaccinated. That would pretty much spoil things for everyone.

    • Cynthia I direct you to yesterday’s post which mentions the Jackson University Study. I and the kids were vaccinated, but I worry that we, society, are not told the full story. So many thousands of videos about parents whose children were harmed by vaccines. Also the US has paid out over $3 billion for vaccine injury.

      • My main argument is that vaccines should not be lumped (MMR)… and each vaccine’s safety should be treated separately. There seems to be a blanket acceptance that all vaccines are safe. Regardless that they have toxic substances in them. Whereas we know that traditional drugs kill hundreds of thousands a year from misuse and accidents.

      • Well Cynthia,what you say certainly lines up with a complete failure to grasp the purpose of the Welfare system. It kinda goes without saying that if you haven’t given any thought to the relationship between Family Tax Benefit and the destruction of the Country’s economy you’re hardly going to acknowledge that Healthcare is a minefield.


          Immunisation requirements How we check
          We’ll use your child’s Medicare details to check with the AIR that your child meets immunisation requirements. You need to give us your child’s Medicare details when you claim.
          You don’t need to tell us when your child:
          • is vaccinated
          • is up to date, or
          • starts a catch up schedule
          Your child’s immunisation history statement will show what’s recorded on the AIR.
          REF: https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/enablers/immunisation-requirements

  3. My main objection to the content in the article posted is that it raised no evidence that vaccinations are harmful – it just started with that premise and asked everyone to start raising awareness. Neither did it cite any research references (Jackson study- what is the citation?). I would like to see cited research, facts. Also the blanket (anecdotal at best) comment that doctors don’t vaccinate the children is ludicrous – what is this based on? I asked 3 of my doctors last week if they vaccinated their children and they all said yes (one had 5 children).

    I’m not sure if these things were removed to keep the article brief, but it is difficult for me to ‘get angry’ when I’m not completely sold on what I’m supposed to get angry about.

    • So what’s the issue here, conflicting medical opinion or personal choice?

      Because once coercion rears it’s ugly head in any shape or form there really is no scope to debate anything

      • “Well my kids are thriving in school, ra ra ” : I’ve heard it all a million times before

        If you were really convinced that compulsion was OK there’d be no need to justify your slumber

        And the contagion argument just heralds the underlying insecurity

    • Cynthia sounds all very soccer-mom doesn’t she. I guess once this information gets explained by David Campbell on Sunrise she’ll then understand (maybe).

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